Sports as a Platform for Social Good

Connection Cafe

The gathering brought athletes, owners, athletic directors, media and others to the stage to share stories of sport as a platform for change. It’s not hard, reading these vignettes, to see how sports either provided an answer to a challenge or a platform to be able to do good.

Platform Power: Scaling Impact

Museum 2.0

The Lost Childhoods exhibition is a platform for 100+ partners to share their stories, artwork, ideas, projects, volunteer opportunities, and events. Nine years ago, I wrote a post called The Future of Authority: Platform Power. Museums could make the platforms for those experiences.

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6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever – Guest Post by Joe Waters. Eager to make my point, I polled my fellow Gen-Xers on which fundraising platforms have had the most disruptive impact on charitable giving since 2000.

What do you think about your community platform?


Across the world, right now, thousands of community managers are about to decide which platform is best for their organization, but there’s no single source of honest community platform reviews, from real community managers, for them to research peer reviews.

How You Can Use Twitter As a Visual Marketing Platform


Twitter has gone from being a fun microblogging platform to taking on a life of its own. Non profits have found incredible success there, able to connect directly to their audience thanks to the platform being so open-ended. Base Visual Content On What Works For The Platform.

Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why is the up and coming community platform


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps!

Infographic: The Right Crowdfunding Platform For Your Nonprofit


There are more crowdfunding platforms online than your nonprofit can shake a stick at. The post Infographic: The Right Crowdfunding Platform For Your Nonprofit appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform

NonProfit Hub

Choosing the perfect crowdfunding platform is a lot like buying a new car. Before you begin your crowdfunding journey, here are seven questions to ask yourself to help you choose the perfect platform for your needs. What is the platform’s history? Is the platform flexible?

Exciting Changes in the NTEN Community: Our New Community Platform


Recently we took a survey of the NTEN community to get your opinions about online platforms and how you like to engage online. We looked at the survey results and also looked at the concerns raised about our existing community platform.

Public Good's Unique Platform for Attracting New Donors

Tech Soup Blog

Public Good is a new donation platform from the people who revolutionized grassroots online giving for the 2012 Obama presidential campaign. Public Good is a new online donor management platform that was designed from the ground up to reflect how people organize around causes.

5 Tips for Choosing a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform


Our thanks to Mark for outlining these considerations and helping people understand their P2P platform choices. Today, there are a wide range of P2P fundraising platforms. Domain : Does the platform have product-specific (e.g.,

The Top 5 Membership Management Software Platforms

Wild Apricot Blog

With almost 200 different membership management software platforms, choosing which is right for your organization is no easy task. To help you pick, here are the top 5 as chosen by Capterra. Membership management top-5 capterna

Spendrise: New Platform Helps You Spur Change Where You Shop


I recently discovered Spendrise , a platform for creating positive change everywhere you spend money. Running the Women S tartup Challenge and our social change web agency, Rad Campaign I get pitched a lot of different products.

Are Crowd Funding Platforms the New Patrons of Independent Media?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And, this month, Sam is raising money to support a new documentary called Wisconsin Rising on the kickstarter platform. Social media has provided a unique platform for independent producers to get their stories out and to raise money for their work.

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

Tech Soup Blog

What platform you choose really depends on the size of your nonprofit and what sort of campaign you plan to run. The Scoop: Perhaps one of the most buzzed about crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter is a way to fund projects. as a platform fee.

Seven Tips for Using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

NonProfit Hub

LinkedIn’s publishing platform provides an opportunity to expand your reach in a major way. But since all LinkedIn members have access to the platform, it’s important to share high-quality content that differentiates yourself from the rest. If you haven’t taken advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform, or even realized there is such a thing, it’s easy to get started. An awesome feature of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform is the ability to earn followers.

How do you engage online? Results of an online platform survey


We recently surveyed the community to get your perspectives on online platforms. Although we ask for feedback about NTEN''s programs and services each year in the Community Survey, this survey focused generally on online platforms and community engagement so everyone could share specific comments and suggestions based on the tools or online networks they use. This is a common attribute to platforms where “up rated” threads or responses are moved up the page.

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

Tech Soup Blog

What platform you choose really depends on the size of your nonprofit and what sort of campaign you plan to run. The Scoop: Perhaps one of the most buzzed about crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter is a way to fund projects. as a platform fee.

Lessons from IGS16: The How-To’s for Applying the SDGs to Grantmaking

Connection Cafe

The SDG Indicators Applied,” along with Irene Pritzker, President of the IDP Foundation and Karolina Mzyk Callias , Policy Specialist & Team Leader, SDG Philanthropy Platform, UNDP.

Groups: A Review of Five Platforms to Build Community


But which platform is best for your group? Some nonprofits like the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation are using platforms like the new Facebook Groups to foster ongoing discussions with their members. Here’s a list of the different types of popular platforms that offer group functionality that your nonprofit should consider if you’re thinking of going down this route.

What You Need to Know to Launch a Grassroots-led Campaigns Platform


Suddenly, platforms that allow anyone to start a petition and run their own campaigns are everywhere. But many are also asking what it takes to successfully run a grassroots-led campaigns platform. What lessons can we learn from, 38 Degrees CampaignsByYou, and other platforms worldwide? Michael Silberman. Global Director, Mobilisation Lab. Greenpeace.

On Uncommon Ground

Judi Sohn

Here's the simple truth: Common Ground's secret sauce was a balance of platform, business expertise and service. Platform: First, you have the fact that Common Ground was developed as a native app. Of course, my bet is still on the Salesforce platform.

Multiple Platform Social Media Strategies: Recap from #StateandMain14


I took part in the panel: Multiple Platform Social Media Strategies , which explored ways nonprofits can use social media more effectively, and sought to answer the proverbial question: "If a tree falls in the social media forest, how can you make sure anyone hears it?". Mobile Commons : a platform that helps nonprofits reach their communities through text message.

Volunteering platform Do-it relaunches

AFP Blog

Volunteering platform Do-it relaunches : "Online volunteering platform Do-it has been relaunched today by its new owner, the Do-it Trust, with more emphasis on sharing volunteering opportunities via social media. Do-it was started by YouthNet in 2001 and was sold to a partnership involving volunteering bodies, Believe.In, Blue Dot, Prospectus and Vivo." ''via Blog this

10 tips for picking your social networking platform

Connection Cafe

In the past year an onslaught of social networking platforms have emerged targeting the association and nonprofit market, leading many associations to wonder which is best for them. If you intend to have any kind of “members only” content on your website, you’ll want to look at how well a platform can handle permissions and groups. Make sure to have your vendor demonstrate the platform’s integration capabilities, because not all platforms behave the same way.

Google Plus Will Replace Blogging For Many People

John Haydon

I made this comment after posting what I think qualifies as a blog post , and wondered how Google Plus would compete with blogging platforms – in additio n to Facebook, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn. Google blogging conversation Facebook platforms Twitter

Facebook Ad Platform

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Facebook Ad Platform November 13, 2007 It always takes me a bit to digest new Web 2.0 news, so I’m just now blogging about last week’s news that Facebook launched a new ad platform. The platform contains two parts, which I’ll talk about individually. Will this advertising platform alienate users?

Web 2

Success By Design: Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform

Byte Technology

Two of the biggest and most well-known e-commerce platforms—Shopify and WooCommerce—have taken market share as of late and really dominated the market in website design for profit-driven businesses.

Facebook Tests Giving Platform - TheNonProfitTimes

AFP Blog

Facebook Tests Giving Platform - TheNonProfitTimes : Facebook Tests Giving Platform - 01/24/2013 Facebook rolled out an experimental giving platform that allows users to donate $25 to any of a dozen charities. The social networking platform might expand the program later in 2013.

The Future of Authority: Platform Power

Museum 2.0

And in a world where visitors want to create, remix, and interpret content messages on their own, museums can assume a new role of authority as "platforms" for those creations and recombinations. The platform is what's important.

New to TechSoup: The TINT Social Media Display Platform

Tech Soup Blog

TINT is an online platform for displaying user-generated and branded social media content on a single website or screen. To enter, simply post why you love your nonprofit to any social media platform supported by TINT with the hashtag #TINT4Good.

The NTEN Community just got a facelift!


The NTEN Community platform recently went under the knife! After a transplant and a few initial scars, we''re excited to report the new platform is alive and rejuvenated with a fresh new face and a host of new features to help you engage in the community.

New TechBridge Crowdfunding Platform Launches for Nonprofit Technology Projects

Tech Soup Blog

It is the first crowdfunding platform exclusively for nonprofit technology projects. There are some nonprofit-oriented crowdfunding websites which include: Causevox is a charity crowdfunding platform for nonprofits and individuals to raise funds for their causes and projects.

ERP Software for a Nonprofit – a Case Study

Vertex Systems

LOUDER, a collaborative campaigning platform

Amy Sample Ward

And that’s the leading tag for a new campaigning platform called Louder. The platform just hit open beta today, so create an account and start playing (hey, it’s Friday, right?). “Together we are…LOUDER!&# It’s true!

Security and Control: Early thoughts on Google+


Privacy within the platform can be on a content by content basis. But it allowed for some really organic networking across the platform with functionality that Facebook later dissolved. You were also able to see a more general flow of data on the platform.

Reaping the Benefit of Open Platforms

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

As a full-time user of both Firefox and Thunderbird, I’m really enjoying the benefits of these open platforms, and the immense creativity of people who create add-ons.

AIRS Annual Conference: Innovation Platform for I&R


Every year, I&R industry experts, cross-sector partners, and friends gather in a major city to present, share new technology, connect with friends, and discuss ideas shared in conference sessions or sketched out on paper napkins in the hotel lobby. These gatherings also provide an opportunity for a crash course on the latest technological and cultural innovations impacting the human services environment.

6 Ways Content Marketing Platforms Can Net Your Nonprofit Volunteers


This positive online persona can be achieved through an intelligent content marketing platform that incorporates your nonprofit’s website, blog, and social media feeds into one coherent strategy. Image courtesy of The Cause Project.

Traveling Couches and other Emergent Surprises Courtesy of an Open Platform

Museum 2.0

Instead, they've been driven by community members who see the museum as a platform for their own creative pursuits. How do community members make your institution better?