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Direct Mail Solicitation in Five (Easy) Steps

NonProfit Hub

Now it’s time to build a direct mail piece that has the same outcome. Step One: Understand Direct Mail. Step Two: Catch Their Eye.

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How the Web Makes Direct Mail Better

Connection Cafe

On Sunday the cost of sending mail via the US Postal System goes up ( see exactly how much ). Certainly for those of us mailing things, this is a bummer but it doesn't mean we should stop our mailing efforts. Direct Mail + Internet = Integrated Success. Consider designing your direct mail with the following in mind: 1.

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Direct mail is alive and, well.changing

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With that great online success, does direct mail still have a future in fundraising? Research shows that direct mail is alive and well and has an important fundraising future. What is changing is the centrality of direct mail to the marketing mix. Giving a check by mail is by far the most common giving method for Matures.

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Sturm und Drang – Ode to Saturday Mail Delivery

Connection Cafe

While the ultimate outcome is unclear, here are some thoughts on the impact of the loss of Saturday mail delivery for nonprofits.

[Cool Infographic Friday] You’ve Got Mail!


I think I’m getting old. I LOVE these “history of” infographics, can’t help myself. This one’s h/t Wyzowl via Instiller.

112 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail


Direct mail is a major workhorse for all nonprofits. 112 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail. Creating a plan and scheduling your mailings.

Snail Mail Still Works for Thank You Letters

AFP Blog

Snail Mail Still Works for Thank You Letters : Do you send a thank you letter by mail after receiving a donation online? Of course, the donor who gives online (and there are more of them all the time), does receive an immediate emailed thank you. That is built into the online donation system, whichever one you use.

If Our Donors Aren’t Listening, Are We Really Communicating?

Connection Cafe

Take your last newsletter (print or online), your latest Facebook posts, your direct mail or eAppeal, and even your receipt and thank you letter.

How To Manage E-mail To Lessen Daily Interruptions

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Those interruptions come from e-mail alerts, instant messages, cell phones and handheld devices that constantly buzz. Productivity drops.

Three New Ways to Delight Your Donors

Connection Cafe

Direct mail is not dead …but it is going through a mid-life crisis. How can nonprofits rectify these two competing realities? Get snappy.

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How To Make E-mail Communication More Effective

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Are you leading an organization where e-mail communication is ineffective? E-mail should bring closure to work , not create more work.

11 Ways To Make E-Mail In The Workplace More Effective

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Are you leading an organization where e-mail communication is ineffective? E-mail should bring closure to work , not create more work.

How to Convert Your Snail Mail List Into Facebook Fans

John Haydon

A direct mail asset can be awesome for building an email list or a Facebook fanbase -if you’re smart about using it… Should You Convert Your Direct Mail List To Email Subscribers or Facebook Fans? With e-mail, someone has to enter their name and e-mail into a form, and grant access into their inbox.

It’s Results that Matter in Fundraising

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If you remember nothing else from reading this post, remember this: It’s the … Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising #nptech end of year fundraising fundraising Online Fundraising writing for fundraising

Channel Surfing: A News Roundup


There are not just pure “online donors” and “direct mail” donors – there are donors who choose to mix it up.

Data Hygiene: Is a bad address costing your organization?

Connection Cafe

Analytics Data Hygiene direct mail direct mail fundraising I spent the entire week updating deceased information and addresses.

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Best Practices E-mail Guidelines For Effective Communication

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Are you leading an organization where e-mail communication is ineffective? E-mail should bring closure to work , not create more work.

The Surprising Truth About Online Donors and Offline Fundraising


to learn more about the turn to online fundraising, the need for a multichannel approach and how direct mail is still alive and well.

It’s a New Day for Fundraising. Or Is It?

Connection Cafe

Don’t abandon direct mail. Nonprofit Fundraising direct mail fundraising ideas fundraising tips millennials storytellingI remember the meeting well. We were very concerned. How are we going to motivate the next generation to support our nonprofit cause? The year was 1980. This requires involving them in our discussions. For example.

Personalize Your Text Messages using Mail Merge

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Want to learn more about personalizing your text messages using mail merge? We’re all familiar with getting form letters and emails that are addressed to us personally. For example, “Dear Benjamin, we have a special offer for you.&# But did you know you can do that with your text messages too? Just email us at

My Favorite 2012 Marketing Campaign

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Retention Service Delivery direct mail end of year fundraising marketing

Four Quick Tips to Boost Online Actions With Direct Mail

John Haydon

Direct mail seems to be a common way for nonprofits to promote their events and fundraisers. Who is receiving the direct-mail piece?

Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015

John Haydon

Nonprofits are planning on sending more email and direct Mail appeals in 2015. And it’s here! 96% of participants have a Facebook Page.

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Opting Out of Junk Mail and Phone Directories to Save Paper

Tech Soup Blog

It's hard to get companies to stop sending junk mail and catalogs, but it is a colossal waste of paper. Getting rid of junk mail is worthwhile not only for sanity. Francisco-based nonprofit, Forest Ethics , more than 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the U.S. completely stop your paper-based direct mailings.


Finish the year with a fundraising bang!

Connection Cafe

Annual Fund Direct Mail end of year fundraising Social MediaAccording to Network for Good’s research, 33% of all donations are given in December. Here are three things you can do now to end the year strong.

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Technology Challenges Nonprofits Face


Beyond the social sphere, nonprofits see less activity from mailing (i.e., direct mail and email).

The Dangers of an Inactive E-Mail List - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

AFP Blog

How Weinstein Hospice Uses Smart Segmentation to Identify Key Donors

Connection Cafe

When it comes to fundraising, having the right information about your donors is critical. How much time do you spend prospecting for donors?

February Update: What to Expect in Our First Major Release of 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

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How To Use E-mail Effectively In Your Company

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are some wise guidelines that Verizon Wireless has used to promote effective, efficient and responsible e-mail use within its company.

Take Charge of Your Mailings with Pitney Bowes

Tech Soup Blog

New at TechSoup: Save your nonprofit or library time and energy by sending newsletters, bulletins, and other mailings with discounted postal rates and meters from Pitney Bowes. But: the real savings in moving your mailing services in-house is getting back the time it used to take to presort mail and apply postage by hand.

GreenDimes: Stops Junk Mail.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One of the most important gifts I'm celebrating this holiday season are the things I didn't get: many, many pounds of junk mail catalogs, many of them duplicates. And, it's accomplished through a great social venture: GreenDimes , whose motto is Stop Junk Mail. So, the Greendimes folks mailed us the postcards to sign and send in.

The 14th issue of NTEN: Change is Out - "Fundraising in the Digital Age"


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Thousands ‘like’ idea ? Anderson Independent Mail

AFP Blog

Thousands ‘like’ idea  Anderson Independent Mail : hat compulsion to communicate, check in and comment was good news for organ donation registries around the country, as many reported new donors signing up in record numbers via the new Facebook feature we told you about earlier this week.

Will You Be The Next Blockbuster, Borders, CDs or Mail?

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Fortune reported that: The U.S Postal Service is on track to lose $6 billion this year. Cellphone text messages sent are up 1,200,243% from 2000.

The Secret Science of Email Deliverability


E-mail email delivery Communications Laura Packard. Partner. PowerThru Consulting. Are your emails reaching your supporters? You might be surprised…. I work with a wide variety of nonprofits around the country.

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Study: More People Donated to Charity in 2012 Than 2011


Direct Mail Metrics Mobile Online Fundraising TrendsOlder donors gave the most amount of money in each of the countries. One-Time Donations.

How to Write a Healthy Direct Mail Appeal

NonProfit Hub

Proposed: I am NOT writing direct mail to tell “a” story. Tom Ahern is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. Or “our story.”

See Dick microfinance - The Globe and Mail

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See Dick microfinance - The Globe and Mail: "An associated website,, is a virtual marketplace for easy-to-understand microfinancing. Participants play interactive games that earn them beads, which they 'lend' to various Third World entrepreneurs, whose stories are also featured

List-Pulling Worksheet: Download for Your Next Mailing

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The post List-Pulling Worksheet: Download for Your Next Mailing appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Sound familiar? Donor Retention Featured