Direct Mail Personalization Pays Off

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As a nonprofit, every penny spent on direct mail needs to be accounted for. That simple thing is direct mail personalization. Direct Mail Personalization direct mail direct mail personalization

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Postalytics Launches First Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation Software

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Nonprofit marketing teams and agencies can now automate the creation, integration and tracking of direct mail marketing campaigns with innovative new software that has just launched in the U.S.

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Direct Mail or Email? Win Over Donors With Both Channels

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Despite being a frequently debated topic, there is no "versus" between direct mail and email. Copywriting Direct Mail E-mail direct mail Email WritingEach is an indispensable partner to the other. Regardless, it's essential to approach them differently with your writing.

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Does Direct Mail Work for Nonprofits?

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At first glance, direct mail may seem outdated and ineffective. You aren’t alone in wondering if direct mail actually works for nonprofits. Direct Mail

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Direct Mail Fundraising During the Great Paper Shortage

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Direct mail is a vital component to fundraising. Direct Mail Paper direct mail paper shortageHowever, we continue to face paper shortages that will last well into 2023. As you approach the big fall and end-of-year push, here are five tips to ease the paper situation.

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Solicitation Mailing


The post Solicitation Mailing appeared first on Bloomerang

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Steal this E-Mail! A Sample Year-End Fundraising E-Mail for Your Non-Profit

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Today, I want to present a sample year-end fundraising e-mail for a fictional non-profit organization. Lots of fundraisers ask me what a great year-end e-mail appeal should look like — well, here it is. This sample e-mail is based on several very successful year-end e-mails I have used for real-world organizations in the past, but the names and identifying information have all been changed. The non-profit has a large donor file and e-mail list.

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A Direct Mail Fundraiser’s Best Friend Just Might Be Digital

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Direct mail fundraisers, this blog post is dedicated to you. The tendency to think about the offline and online channels as separate sandboxes is inadvisable for many reasons, but today we’d like to focus on a direct-mail-centric reason — one that is costing you revenue.

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American Leprosy Missions’ Award-Winning Direct Mail Appeal Replaced Lapsed Grant Funding

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With the understanding that the Infectious Disease Research Institute was stopping the progress of early research, American Leprosy Missions created a direct mail piece that would target donors with a higher giving propensity. Direct Mail Video

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Getting Forward to Normal: What Ketchup Packets, Yeast and Nonprofit Mail Pieces Have in Common

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Direct MailDuring the pandemic, it seemed like every week there was a shortage of something you just assumed would always be available. There's even a Wikipedia page called "Shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic," that includes not just the titular ketchup packets and yeast.

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Apple Mail Privacy Protection Changes: 7 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Respond

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20, just as nonprofits were launching or preparing to launch their year-end fundraising email campaigns, Apple implemented its Mail Privacy Protection along with new features that fundamentally alter how organizations conduct their email outreach. E-mail MobileOn Sept.

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What actually happened: Apple Mail Privacy Protection


About this time last year, we all started talking about Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection , a.k.a. Apple Mail Privacy Protection works by pre-loading email content — including open tracking pixels. That’s the “Privacy” part of Mail Privacy Protection.). Read time: 8 minutes.

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Best Practices for Donor Acquisition and Retention Through Direct Mail


Best Practices for Donor Acquisition and Retention Through Direct Mail. Sending a personalized, well-written appeal via direct mail can be one of the most impactful ways for schools to fundraise. But what about people who say that direct mail isn’t worth the investment?

Marketing Matching Gifts With Direct Mail Outreach

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While electronic communication is a speedy and efficient outreach strategy, some donors prefer communication via direct mail. That’s why we recommend taking a multi-channel approach to marketing matching gifts with direct mail outreach and online engagement efforts.

Marketing Matching Gifts With Direct Mail Outreach

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While electronic communication is a speedy and efficient outreach strategy, some donors prefer communication via direct mail. That’s why we recommend taking a multi-channel approach to marketing matching gifts with direct mail outreach and online engagement efforts. Direct Mail Inserts.

How Storytelling Can Help Personalize Donor Communications

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Direct Mail Donor Relationship Management E-mail Donor communications Donor engagement Nonprofit storytelling StorytellingStorytelling can entertain, educate and entice people to act. Nonprofits have more stories at their fingertips than any other organization.

Why You Should Still Include Direct Mail in Your Donor Engagement Strategy and How to Make Your Efforts More Personal


While you should continue to send online appeals and meet them where they’re at online, you might want to consider reaching out to them in a more traditional way: direct mail. However, receiving an unexpected letter in the mail can offer a completely different experience.

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Direct Mail Is Here to Stay (and How)


In today’s digital age, it might seem somewhat nostalgic to talk about direct mail. While it’s tempting to default to cost effective communication channels like email and Facebook, direct mail is still very much in play. Today, direct mail continues to be an effective way to prompt donors to take action. You started out in direct mail almost 17 years ago. As conventional wisdom had it, mail out as much as you can to as many people as you can to maximize your returns.

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Raising More With Direct Mail Fundraising: A Guide

One Cause

While it’s true that direct mail isn’t the preferred venue for conversation between friends any longer, it’s still an effective channel to fundraise for nonprofit organizations. With our guide, you’ll walk away with all the knowledge you need to launch your direct mail campaign.

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The Importance of Direct Mail in Nonprofit Fundraising

Joy of Membership

However, in order to truly maximize your fundraising efforts and better engage with the individuals who help fund your mission, direct mail marketing is an immensely transformative option. .

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Direct Mail in a Multi-Channel Fundraising Strategy


This type of campaign uses a combination of various digital methods and/or direct mail. . At GivingMail, we’re experts on using direct mail appeals to help organizations big and small improve their fundraising numbers and achieve their goals. Direct Mail. But why direct mail?

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The 5 Rules of Successful Annual Appeal Fundraising Letters

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The reason for this is that it gives the charity a good reason for contacting donors for general operating funds as opposed to asking for designated dollars, and it is a great opportunity to cast a wide net through an easily scalable medium (direct mail).

Be a Smart Small Fundraiser

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While the concept of fundraising via e-appeals and mail may sound so last century, I assure you it is an important foundational piece for a fundraising program of the 2020s. Direct Mail Direct Response E-mail

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How Automation Can Clean Your Mailing List for You


The golden rule of data science holds true: junk in, junk out–aka, there will be no successful communications campaign without cleaning your mailing list.

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Building Donor Relationships With Direct Mail In A Digital World


There was a time not too long ago when digital channels like email, social media, and text messaging were seen as complementary to direct mail: the cornerstone of any robust donor communications strategy. And yes, that includes direct mail! Yes, direct mail can be personal!

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How to Use Mail Merge to Create Custom Membership Cards

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Here's how to do it using Microsoft Word's mail merge feature Need to easily create and print membership cards for your members?

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Book Review: Creative Deviations

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It’s finally here: a new handbook on direct mail called "Creative Deviations." Direct Mail Fundraiser Education Book Review Creative Deviations direct mail John LeppIt’s heavy, it’s filled with 286 pages, with nice large print, easy-to-read typeface and lots of “yous.”.

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10 Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising Success in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it might actually be a great time to fundraise through direct mail. Here are our best tips for making sure your campaign is a success

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Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things With Your Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

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Creative Direct Mail Multichannel direct mail MarketingA nonprofit marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be about raising funds. It is also essential to raise awareness while ensuring you are standing out. Here are five tips to develop innovative nonprofit marketing campaigns.

Millennials and Direct Mail Campaigns: A Crash Course


direct mail campaigns. benefits of direct mail. direct mail and digital marketing. Benefits of Direct Mail. In fact, digital marketing’s prominence has actually caused direct mail to feel more distinct to donors of all ages. . Direct Mail and Digital Marketing.

Mail vs. Email: Pros & Cons of Each Fundraising Channel

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The two most prominent fundraising channels for nonprofits are direct mail and email. Here are the pros and cons of mail vs. email. . Direct Mail. Direct mail has been around for a long time, and it’s been the biggest fundraising channel since it’s inception.

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Integrating Your Digital and Direct Mail Strategies: A Guide

DNL OmniMedia

Guest post blog submitted by: GivingMail, a leading provider of direct mail solutions. Direct mail is one of the most successful methods of fundraising for nonprofit organizations in the United States to date, especially if you want to directly pursue your supporters.

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Digital Marketing Tactics to Combat a Looming Recession and Declining Donations

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E-mail Grants Search Engine Marketing Declining donations Digital marketing Email Recession SeoWhile economic health can be unpredictable, there are tactics you can employ to help ensure your organization operates efficiently and effectively through uncertainty.

What Makes Donors Respond to Marketing?

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E-mail Segmentation Social Media Marketing StrategyYour story is essential, and people want to hear it. Let’s review what makes donors respond to your marketing and how you can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Why Nonprofits Need to Stop Turning Their Direct Mail Appeal Into an Email Appeal

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Your direct mail appeal is written and approved. Mail and email are, to state the obvious, different. So how can you leverage the good work you’ve done for the mail channel? . We’re not here to besmirch the good name of Direct Mail. To let Direct Mail be Direct Mail. .

20 Best Free Fake Email Generators For Temp Mail Address

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The post 20 Best Free Fake Email Generators For Temp Mail Address appeared first on Do you want to stay anonymous on the internet and provide your email address with maximum security against spam?

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How to Save on Postage When Rates Increase in July

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It’s not all bad news since direct mail is still very effective and driving response. Direct Mail PostalUSPS postage rates are set to increase on July 10, 2022. This is a large increase. We just have to get more creative to save on postage.

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4 Ways to Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Charity Auction


This post was contributed by GivingMail. Guest Blog

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Tips for Creating Compelling Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Email Content

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There are a lot of effective ways to communicate with your peer-to-peer fundraising participants, such as social media, apps and push notifications, SMS and direct mail – to name a few. E-mail

Constant Contact Launches Integration with Stripe

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E-mail News/Stats/Studies Constant Contact Integration Stripe Stripe AppsConstant Contact announced a new integration with financial infrastructure platform, Stripe. This integration combines Stripe's easy-to-use platform with Constant Contact's powerful digital marketing tools.