Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


They operate their own platform site called CrunchBase which was launched in July 2007. The platform site consists of investors, startups, funding information, founding members, leadership positions, events, industry trends and many more.

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Google Analytics - Site Search

Connection Cafe

Google that you can add to your site to give you information about how. Your site probably has search functionality, so use Google analytics to track it. If you find things that people are searching for, maybe they need to be promoted more heavily on your site.

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Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


They operate their own platform site called CrunchBase which was launched in July 2007. The platform site consists of investors, startups, funding information, founding members, leadership positions, events, industry trends and many more. TechCrunch and Crunchbase have targeted different audiences by having their own platform site and updating the most up to date tech products and news happening around the world. What made this tech site recognized on the top 20 list?

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Picture This: Automatically Add Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

There’s no denying the overwhelming popularity of Instagram and the impressive place it holds among social media sites. So how do you go about adding Instagram photos into posts on your WordPress site?

Under Attack: Why WordPress Sites Are So Popular with Hackers

Byte Technology

That’s how many websites tech security experts and analyze estimate are hacked every single day, a staggering number even when you consider there are some 644 million active sites operating at any one time. 30,000.

On Alert: Signs that Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

Byte Technology

Many WordPress site owners and administrators have no doubt experienced an unease or wariness at one point or another when it seems that something just isn’t right with their site. Chances are that if you see this or other problems, your site has been hacked or otherwise compromised.

Get Networking: Using a CDN to Speed Up Your Site

Byte Technology

Most people operating WordPress sites today have no idea what a CDN is or what exactly it does, but they’d no doubt find it pretty helpful. And for only about $9 per month it also helps you manage SSL certificates to ensure your site is safe and sound for you and your users.

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Cleaning Up: One-Click WordPress Site Optimization

Byte Technology

Those who have been operating a WordPress site for a good amount of time have, probably unknowingly, accumulated lots of useless information and data such as outdated comments, spam, unneeded post revisions and the like. All of this “trash” puts a drag on your site’s speed and responsiveness by increasing your database size and making backups hog more disk space, which in the end hampers the user experience.

Working Together: Great Social Media Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

When it comes to WordPress sites, many of the themes also work around the idea of assimilation and integration with other online resources. have the potential to slow down the operating speed of your site.

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Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising - Forbes

AFP Blog

A Forbes article on Crowdfunding sites. Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising - Forbes : Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising

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Welcome to Benetech's New Site! (and.)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

With this new site, we hope to better share our story and the impact of our work in a clear and consistent way across our four program areas , which encompass a diverse set of initiatives, products and services. One last important note about our new site is regarding its accessibility.

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The Q&A: Great FAQ Plugins for WordPress Sites

Byte Technology

And yet, if your site has one of those always helpful “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) sections, so much time and trouble can be avoided for both the business owner and the person making a purchase.

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Picture Perfect: Building an Image Gallery on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

When it comes to building your WordPress site, there are myriad options for creating a unique look that really defines you and your message, your product or service, your specific cause and so on.

Optimized Mobile Donations Now with Apple Pay

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

According to Business Wire , e-commerce sites that have implemented Apple Pay have seen an increase in checkout conversion rate of up to 2x on mobile, and customers are able to checkout up to 60% faster with Apple Pay than with a credit card alone.

Playing it Safe: Why Encryption Makes Sense for Your Site

Byte Technology

From Target to Home Depot, Chase to eBay, Living Social to Zappos, virtually every big-business entity has been the victim of some sort of malicious incursion into their site, resulting in serious data breaches that have put consumers most personal data at risk.

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Smart Selling: Tips for Creating a Successful E-Commerce Site

Byte Technology

And now, you’re ready to take your wares into the virtual world by launching your first e-commerce site. To begin, make sure your site has a blog component, and post great content on a regular basis. They help you get traffic and garner attention to your site and your products.

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How to Use Infographics to Bring Traffic to Your Site


When your site is too complicated, visitors don’t stick around for long. Other than it being a way to simplify concepts and ideas for your readers, there are several other reasons to use infographics on your site. Readers are drawn to your site. You can be a more useful site.

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Eight Crowdfunding Sites For Social Entrepreneurs - Forbes

AFP Blog

An article on Crowdfunding from Forbes Eight Crowdfunding Sites For Social Entrepreneurs - Forbes : Eight Crowdfunding Sites For Social Entrepreneurs

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Recovery Room: Quick Tips on Fixing Your Hacked Site

Byte Technology

And because of the overwhelming popularity of WordPress around the globe, when a bug or flaw in the security protocols is discovered and disseminated, WordPress sites become very attractive targets to unscrupulous individuals who now have literally millions upon millions of pages on which to wreak havoc, driving away important site traffic and harming your most loyal subscribers and visitors. And, in worst case scenarios, can stand the chance of losing all your site data.

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What’s Your Type? Adding Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

Ask yourself this question: what’s one consistent element of every outstanding and beautifully designed WordPress site you’ve ever seen? The problem many WordPress site owners find is that the theme they chose has an unfortunately limited set of types to work with.

Take a Load Off: How to Be “Lazy” with Your Site’s Images

Byte Technology

It’s no great secret that, sometimes, WordPress sites slow down a bit, become sluggish or take what feels like an eternity to load pages. Thankfully, sometimes all it takes to speed up your site is something simple and easy to execute, like learning to deal with your images in a new way.

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Current Affair: The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated

Byte Technology

When it comes to WordPress, the Holy Grail of do-it-yourself Content Management Systems (CMS), updating isn’t just a good idea: it’s a critical component of using the site in the most efficient and secure way. It seems that, because WordPress is so big—it’s makes up a quarter of the Internet at any one time—it’s naturally a target for those who want to insert malicious codes, steal personal data or simply disable sites.

Picture Perfect: A/B Split Testing Your WordPress Site Imagery

Byte Technology

The version that gets the more favorable reactions from users wins the prize and gets to stay prominently positioned on your site. That done, simply publish your post and visit your site; the optimizer program will randomly select and display either one of the two images to visitors. Of course this is the simplest and most rudimentary way to perform A/B split testing on WordPress site imagery.

Money Matters: Creating a Donation Form for Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

Of course, the quickest way to grab donations from your site would be to add that all-too-familiar Paypal button, but that’s not always the right choice for everyone as the options for customizing the form are nearly non-existent, meaning your donation page will look exactly the same as millions of others. The post Money Matters: Creating a Donation Form for Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog.

Feel the Heat: The Best Firewall Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

No matter whether you’re a newbie to the WordPress platform or a seasoned professional, one thing that should never be forgotten is the important role security takes in regards to your site. All of a site’s traffic is routed through cloud proxy servers and all things sketchy instantly blocked.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Membership Site Platform (+5 sites to try right now)

Wild Apricot

Over the last few years, I’ve helped dozens of membership organization get set up and running quickly with membership site platforms. I’ve condensed all my experience and their advice to help anyone else looking to quickly choose the best membership site platform for their needs

The Fast Lane: More Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

And that slowness can mean a lot to a popular blogger trying to retain a loyal readership or, more critically, to someone running an e-commerce site where dollar and cents are vital to staying in business. And with such hosting you also get better support if your site ever goes down.

The Fire Has Been Lit! The Importance of Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Connection Cafe

However, when it comes to your site’s search rankings, what Google has done is changed their search algorithm on mobile devices to down rank sites that are not “mobile friendly”. Get your site onboard with Google’s algorithm changes and the overall trends of mobile browsing.

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2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

A microsite is an individual webpage that functions as a separate entity from the main site, while ultimately existing within and complementing the overarching brand.

4.8 billion reasons for a mobile site

Connection Cafe

Author: James Burden. Last week an important anniversary crept by — barely noticed. The humble SMS had its 20th birthday. It is now estimated that more than two-thirds of the world’s population have access to SMS. With 4.8

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Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

And those users who choose to submit material will do so directly to your pages, never having to access your sensitive admin information, write any sort of code or otherwise gain any sort of control over your site.

White Label CMS Multi Site Tool Optimizes SEO and Marketing

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Our hub and spoke CMS system is a unique system that offers something different: a white label CMS multi site tool. Instead of same-server options, which doesn’t do much for search engine optimization, we provide the best solution for SEO and marketing management for more than one site.

Why We're Blacking Out Sites: PIPA and SOPA

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We're not alone: far larger sites like Wikipedia and Google and hundreds of others (if not thousands). In November, I wrote a blog post entitled: Why I’m Scared of the SOPA bill.

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4 Alarming Stats Regarding Your Nonprofit’s Mobile Site


80% of mobile users leave a site immediately if it’s not optimized. If someone is landing on an unoptimized mobile site and is forced to zoom in, then zoom out, scroll left, then right to see the entire screen, chances are good they wont be on your page for long.

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Are Tablets Hurting Your Site’s Usability? : Retail Online Integration

AFP Blog

Are Tablets Hurting Your Site’s Usability? Retail Online Integration : "They won''t always be easy to execute on, but the compromises you''ll need to make will be clear: sacrifice descriptions in favor of creating distinct, easy-to-tap choices; use the real estate for easy navigation in favor of complete details; and leverage vertical scrolling — i.e., worry less than with desktops about what''s "above the fold."" ''via Blog this

TechSoup’s New Site Design

Robert Weiner

TechSoup , the nonprofit tech web site where I host a discussion forum, went live with a redesigned home page over the weekend. This is Phase 1 and only affects the home page--most links take you to pages on the old site, with a the old design and the old navigation. While these upgrades should improve your experience on the site, the phased approach also has its challenges.

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Taking Care of Business: Some Great WordPress Themes for E-Commerce Sites

Byte Technology

Will you be able to expand the theme and hence your site as your business evolves and grows? Lastly, the multi-purpose Elbrus theme has a gorgeous animation feature that works as a visitor to your site scrolls down through your content.

Making the Sale: Great Business-Centric Themes for Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

It also features custom widgets and navigation menus—a nice asset to help people find their way around your site—as well as specially-designed sections to add employee profiles, photo galleries and examples from your company’s portfolio.

Google Will Penalize Popups on Mobile Sites


Nonprofits raise a lot of money off of homepage and interior page popups and overlays, especially during year-end fundraising and urgent campaigns.

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Is your site optimized for mobile?

Connection Cafe

Continuing the theme of "busy mom" from last month , I wanted to take a moment to talk about the need for organizations to optimize their sites for use with mobile devices. After viewing a couple of sites, you'll be convinced. First, go to one of my favorite sites - Wikipedia.

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Oldest Crowdfunding Site For Nonprofits Looks To Future

AFP Blog

Oldest Crowdfunding Site For Nonprofits Looks To Future : "CEO and co-founder, Mari Kuraishi, explains its vision, ”The whole reason the GlobalGiving community exists is not only to connect local world-changers to people around the world who have funding to support them, but also to provide access to information, ideas, and tools so that nonprofits can use their funding more effectively.

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Interesting sites I’m looking at (weekly)

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Streaming POPVOX comments on YOUR site | April 27th, 2011 | POPVOX – Blog. tags: congress bills tools toblog. POPVOX – Your Voice. Verified. Quantified. Amplified. tags: congress bills tools toblog. Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here. Blogs I read

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Social Media Best Practices: 12 Tips for Making the Best of Any Social Site


Knowing that a good portion of your supporters already participate on the social Web, and with the continued growth and popularity of social media, it’s very likely your nonprofit organization is focused on figuring out how to best utilize sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.