4 Reasons to Focus on Donor Appreciation


Without a concrete item or service to offer donors in exchange for their support, what can you do to ensure they feel satisfied with their experience and continuously return to support your programs? Increase donor retention. Encourage donors to give more. Mid-level donors.

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4 Strategies to Increase Donor Loyalty


Did you know as many as 81% percent of new donors don’t return to give again? And only 43% of all donors remain loyal? Do you know what your retention rates are or how to increase donor loyalty? Yet too many nonprofits still don’t prioritize donor retention strategies. .

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Donor identity: you should care about how donors see themselves

Hands on Fundraising

Understanding donor identity will strengthen your fundraising. The post Donor identity: you should care about how donors see themselves appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Branding Donors donor identity donor retention donor survey

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Why Your Donor Will Give Again

NonProfit PRO

“I don’t understand why the donor stopped giving,” the major gift officer (MGO) said. Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsThey seemed so interested in what I had proposed last year. They gave and they have been silent ever since.” Stop and analyze each part of this statement.

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22 Statistics About #GivingTuesday Donors Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

#GivingTuesday 2020 is December 1 and below are important data about GivingTuesday donors to help your nonprofit create a successful campaign. From the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report : 2) 9% of donors worldwide donated to a nonprofit, NGO, or charity on GivingTuesday 2019.

4 excuses for not creating a donor newsletter

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You don’t have a donor newsletter? But effective donor communications, including a donor newsletter, mean better and longer donor relationships. The post 4 excuses for not creating a donor newsletter appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising.

3 Tips to Create Unforgettable Moments for Donors


It tells us that the opportunity to surprise and delight your donors is closer than you think. . Be honest: What kind of memorable and meaningful experiences are you creating for your donors right now? Here are 3 surefire ways to create memorable moments to wow your donors.

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7 Ways Nonprofits Can Automate Donor Retention

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Christy Smaglio , Instructional Writer at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Donor retention is a crucial aspect of a productive fundraising strategy. 1) Keep the Conversation with Donors Going.

3 Donor Acknowledgement Ideas & Implementation Tips

Get Fully Funded

It’s important to have a plan in place for donor acknowledgement and John Killoran, Founder of Snowball Fundraising, lends his expertise from assisting over 7,000 nonprofits below. . Recognizing your donors requires intention, authenticity, and some planning. Thank your donors publicly.

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3 Tactics to Acquiring New Donors for Your Nonprofit

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donors and supporters) ways of giving continue to expand, which is essential for nonprofit leaders to understand. For example, people could open a donor-advised fund (DAF) for very little money and give with the ease of tech platforms. Technology and more people-centric (i.e.,

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10 Must-Know Stats About COVID-19 Donors

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7,008 survey respondents from 81 countries indicated in the survey that they had donated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and some characteristics of these donors are listed below. It’s worth noting that 68% of the COVID-19 donors were female, 31% male.

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#NPPTrendingNow Ep 177: Marketing to Young Donors

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Donor Segments Young DonorsWelcome back to #NPPTrendingNow, where NonProfit PRO Editor-in-Chief Nhu Te breaks down the top three coveted stories of the week.

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You have new donors. How will you keep them?

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The post You have new donors. Blog Donor communications annual report donor communications donor retentionM+R Benchmarks report a 32% increase in online giving in 2020. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project reports a 10.6% increase in giving compared to 2019.

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9 Socially-Distant Donor Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Laura Bucher , Storyteller at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. But there are two things that are certain: social distancing will continue to be a reality and your donors will continue to believe in your mission.

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The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)


As a general rule, retaining existing donors costs less than acquiring new ones. Current donors are a curated universe who have already demonstrated a belief in your organization’s mission, and willingness to take action toward it. As such, for most nonprofit organizations, pursuing strategies to reducing donor losses is the most affordable strategy for increasing net fundraising gains. Start with a donor stewardship program. retention donor management

Still Publishing Donor Names? Ditch the List

Blue Avocado

The post Still Publishing Donor Names? “We nonprofits often put a great deal of time and effort into our annual reports, especially compared with how briefly most recipients will look at them,” begins the Blue Avocado article, The Secret to a High Impact Annual Report.

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When and How to Follow Up With Giving Tuesday Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Stephanie Kanak , Content Strategist at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Did you know that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors only give on Giving Tuesday ? Why do donors stop giving after their first gift?

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6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. If they are, then they’re hearing your asks there, and like other donors they don’t want to feel bombarded. Additionally, if a donor keeps giving online, despite your repeated mail asks, consider dropping them from the mail list or include a mail opt-out button. fundraising donors donor management millennials

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How Nonprofits Can Steward Corporate Donors on Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It’s no secret that corporate donors are invaluable partners for nonprofits. Thoughtful donor stewardship strategies are the key to enhancing corporate partnerships. The details of your stewardship strategy will depend on things like your donors’ interests and your resources.

Things Donors Want to Know, but Won’t Ask

NonProfit Hub

Ever wonder if there are things donors want to know but won’t ask? Donor meetings can sometimes feel like “kicking the tires” of your cause or project. Once in a while, however, a donor steps outside the norm. Can I meet with the other donors?

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Using this process to identify different types of donors in your universe is extremely useful in guiding your efforts to segment your list and fine tune the messaging that you use for each group. If you're looking for a specific type of donor, click on their persona name to jump directly to that section. Oscar One-Off Donor 2. Luna Lapsed Donor. Oscar One-Off Donor. Oscar the one-off, or occasional donor gives what he can, when he can. Luna Lapsed Donor.

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How To Convert Event Donors Into Monthly Donors


When it comes to event donors, 2020 has taught us a lot. Event donors still want to give, even when they aren’t attending the event in person. In some ways, virtual events make it much easier to convert these once-a-year event donors into powerful monthly donors.

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Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


Your donors are the ones who make your organization’s mission possible. Here at Bloomerang, we specialize in donor retention. Our team has studied the effectiveness of retaining donors rather than acquiring new ones, and that research guides our entire approach.

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Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


Your donors are the ones who make your organization’s mission possible. Here at Bloomerang, we specialize in donor retention. Our team has studied the effectiveness of retaining donors rather than acquiring new ones, and that research guides our entire approach.

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When Can We Meet with Donors Again?

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For most of the past year, the question of donor meetings was a no-brainer. We just couldn’t meet with donors and prospects face-to-face, which had, for so long, served as the gold standard in desired engagement, especially when soliciting major gifts.

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How To Attract New Potential Donors With 3 Questions And A 6-Step Process


Consistently attracting new potential donors is vital for you to expand your mission and, more importantly, to have the funding needed to make it through unexpected times. Here are three questions whose answers will give you guidance on how to start serving donors.

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming. How can we cultivate new donors while continuing to steward the supporters that we already have? Mid-level donors are well-worth your time and attention.

New Feature: Donor Covered Fees


In a time when nonprofit organizations are counting on the support of their donors more than ever, we are thrilled to release this feature that will allow organizations to receive 100% of the intended donation by passing the transaction fees onto the donor.

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Where Do You Get Your Best Donors?


Think fast: do you know where you get your best donors? Ask any fundraiser if they want more donors and you’ll get a resounding “YES” but ask what source yielded them their very BEST donors and you might see some puzzled faces. . How to calculate donor lifetime value .

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Why Recurring Giving Leads to Better Donor Retention

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If you look at the most recent statistics on donor retention, the year 2020 was not great. One reason was that many organizations put a hold on asking for contributions in the first half of the year because they worried about donors not giving.

8 Donor Retention Takeaways from The Nonprofit Voice


The 2020 DonorPerfect Fundraising Benchmarks Report revealed that the winning strategy for nonprofits striving to weather the COVID-19 pandemic was maintaining strong donor retention rates. How can your organization achieve higher donor retention?

[FREE WEBINAR] Finding and Engaging Major Donors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As nonprofits continue to adapt to the new normal, many fundraisers struggle with the goal of engaging major donors. Developing donor relationships in the age of social-distancing. Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Time: 1pm EST / 10am PST.

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Donor Data And Donor Communication | A Mini Guide


Nonprofit marketing leaders are always thinking about how to best communicate with their donors. Personalized and valuable communication is what builds relationships, and long-lasting donor relationships are what set the foundation for nonprofit growth. to learn more about the donor.

Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit (Free E-Book)


Download the Guide » Even through crises, your donors will support your nonprofit goals. Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit is your how-to for thanking donors digitally without sacrificing the personal touch they appreciate Read More ».

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5 Ways to Engage Donors on National Nonprofit Day


Thank existing donors for their loyal support. Here are five ways to motivate new and existing donors to show support with a one-time gift or a recurring donation. . Explain how you will address the problem with donor support . Thank donors with a personalized message .

Beyond Survival: Post-Disruption Nonprofit Donor Experience Strategy


Donor Experience . Pillar #2—No More Silos: Your Donor Experience Strategy in 2021 and Beyond. Improving the donor experience should no longer be seen as something modest in ambition. . Prioritize Donor Experience Transformation. Donors don’t make distinctions.

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Encourage Donors to Give More Through Layering

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If you can build trust, plus expand a personal relationship with a donor while also having the knowledge of their gift capacity and areas of interest, a possible layering can occur. Annual Campaigns Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts Planned Giving

5 Steps to Create a Donor Attraction Campaign

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You can create a donor attraction campaign with these 5 steps. In the previous article (How Changing your Mindset Will Help You Attract New Donors), I shared a different kind of mindset that can help your organization consistently find new donors.

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5 Virtual Recognition Ideas For Nonprofit Donors


This means that fewer people are seeing your traditional donor recognition devices, like donor walls, donor brick pavers, donation certificates, and plaques. Recognize the donors on donation pages. Recognize the donors on donation pages.

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3 Tips to Start A Donor Acquisition Program


So you want to start up (or restart) a donor acquisition program. The reality is, whether you are trying to grow a new file or stop attrition on your existing file, there’s no better way to obtain and keep new donors than with a well-executed donor acquisition program.

Webinar Summary: Building a Strong Donor Pool


In the webinar entitled Building a Strong Donor Pool, Read More ». The post Webinar Summary: Building a Strong Donor Pool appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs. Donor Management DonorPerfect Fundraising Software Expert Webcast Featured

Asking Your Donors to Give Again

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Asking Your Donors to Give Again. Are you asking your new donors to give again? Why donor retention is a big deal. There are three big reasons why you should be asking your existing donors to give again.

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Donor Data Management Dictionary

3rd Sector Labs

Every nonprofit needs a data management plan, especially for their donor data. To help with your donor data management planning, we have created a Donor Data Management Dictionary to help you make sense of all the data jargon as it applies to the nonprofit organization’s business needs. Please consider bookmarking the Donor Data Management Dictionary. Donor data quality is critically important to the success of nonprofit fundraising and communications.

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