Why I Love Lapsed Donors

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It's true, I will say it, I wish every lapsed donor was still giving to my organization. And at the same time, I learn so much from lapsed donors. Retention Donor retention Lapsed donors

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What Makes Wealthy Donors Tick?

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As nonprofits become more dependent on larger donors, the more fundraisers know about them, the better. Donor Demographics Major Gifts Donors fundraising Major-gifts Wealthy donors

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8 Ways to Find Major Donors for Your Small Nonprofit

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If your fundraising plan doesn’t include a strategy for finding, cultivating, and asking major donors for a large donation, you’re missing out on some big gifts for your small nonprofit. It’s the old 80/20 rule at work: Over 80% of all funds come from about 20% of donors.

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Why Nonprofits Should Seek Out Younger Donors

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It’s a common tactic for nonprofit organizations to seek out an older donor base in the hopes of soliciting larger gifts. Event Management Generational Marketing Online Fundraising Gen Z gen z donors Millennial Millennial donors younger donors

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How Storytelling Can Help Personalize Donor Communications

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Nonprofits that create an internal storytelling culture can excite staff and volunteers, entice new supporters, strengthen relationships with donors, and raise more funds. Storytelling can entertain, educate and entice people to act.

8 Questions to Ask to Get Inside Your Donor’s Head

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The better you know your donor, the better your appeal is going to be. The problem is your donor is probably coming from a completely different experiential background. That’s obvious. How do you get inside that person’s head?

Have You Earned Your Donors’ Trust?

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The question before every executive director, fundraiser and stewardship team working today: Have you earned your donors' trust? Donor Relationship Management Building trust Donor Donor trust Trust

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Develop Peak Donor Management Performance at Your Nonprofit

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Donor Relationship Management Donor management Peak Donor Management PerformanceIn the nonprofit arena — like in healthcare — there are best practices, systems and protocols that keep the organization functioning at peak capacity.

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Develop Structure for Your First Contact With a Donor

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If you're a frontline fundraiser, you know that phone call or meeting where you are talking to the donor live really matters. Here is an easy-to-use checklist that ensures you won't miss a step when talking to the donors on your caseload.

GivingDNA Announces New Features to Help Nonprofits Identify Philanthropic Non-Donors and Crypto Donors

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GivingDNA introduced two new donor sets: philanthropic non-donors and cryptocurrency donors. These opportunity segments are pre-built to analyze your donors' giving behaviors, and then predict who an organization can reliably engage for that next gift.

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3 Ways to Personalize the Donor Experience

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Donor engagement can be complicated. Donors are engaged in multiple ways, frequently with different appeals and solicitation amounts. This fragmented donor communications experience is a pernicious problem in the nonprofit industry.

4 Reasons Why Donors Don’t Give

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One of the most crucial parts of nonprofit fundraising is finding donors. If a donor doesn't give, your organization can't adequately serve its mission. But creating a potential donor portfolio isn't always easy. Donor Relationship Management

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15 Questions to Go Deeper with Your Donor

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To be a great major gifts officer, you must be curious about your donors. So, here are some practical questions that will help unlock your donor’s passions and interests. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts Donors Major-gift officer Major-gifts Questions

Donor Fatigue Is a Myth

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It’s amazing to me the wild stories nonprofit leaders and fundraisers make up in their heads about why donors are not giving. Direct Response Donor Relationship Management Retention

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2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report: Grants to Charities Increase 28%, Surpassing $45B for First Time

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The 2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report details growth in all key DAF metrics for the 12th consecutive year. News/Stats/Studies 2022 Donor-Advised Fund Report Donor-Advised Fund Report Grants

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The Rights and Wrongs of Donor Engagement

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You may continually think about strategy with your donors, but have you researched their rights? If you know a donor’s rights, do you follow these rights on an ongoing basis? Donor Relationship Management Donor engagement fundraising

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Monthly Giving Continues to Be Strong Among Older Donors

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As prices go up and inflation is a reality, are you worried about what’s going to happen with monthly donors? That’s why I was excited to see Enthuse’s “Donor Pulse Report: Summer 2022.".

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Top Secret: Underused Strategy to Keep Donors Close 

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The sorry state of donor retention has been a topic of discussion for at least the past decade. Yet too many nonprofits still don’t prioritize donor retention strategies. What do you do to keep donors close?

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How Are Recurring Donors Doing in This Economy?

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Remember, in a down economy, recurring gifts may be the best way for donors to continue their support as they can afford smaller gifts. Donors want to continue to help. The more you do to let them know this is an option, the more donors will consider it.

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What Are Donors’ Reasons for Giving?

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I seek to generate a basis for giving from each donor’s perspective. Analytics Donor Relationship ManagementThrough those stories, you can learn a great deal. You must listen to gain a strategy for a solicitation approach over time. .

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The Art of Thanking Your Donors

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This month's edition focuses on expressing gratitude to the donors and supporters of your organization

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Why Donor Testimonials are Important  

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Donor’s love hearing from other donors. Donor Relationship Management Donor Donor testimonialsWhether you want to call it social proof, a testimonial — it doesn’t really matter. It helps give them that "extra" little push or nudge if you will.

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Express Gratitude to Your Donors Daily

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Are you really focused enough on the donor and what they need? Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsStop for a moment, and have a heart and behavior check. Do you express gratitude at the level and frequency you need to?

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8 Tips to Help Prospective Donors Enjoy Your Letter

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Copywriting Personalization direct mail Prospective donors ReaderIf we’re not careful, taking such a clinical approach can distract us from considering our readers’ overall experience of the package they receive. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay mindful of your readers’ feelings.

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Do You Know Your Donor’s ‘Why’?

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Why does your donor love your organization so much? Have you sat down with your donor and really listened to the answer? Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

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Promises Made and Broken With Donors

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsThere’s a funny thing about promises or commitments. They are so easy to make and, many times, so difficult to deliver. .

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3 Ways the Corporate World Has Shaped Donor’s Online Expectations

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Branding Online Fundraising Personalization Brands Consumers Corporate digital ecosystem DonorsThe corporate world has helped shape people’s online expectations of the brands and organizations they support.

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Rounding Up for Nonprofits: New Technologies and Habits Create Everyday Donors

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Most nonprofits recognize that the Holy Grail of giving is connecting with the “everyday donor.” These donors take advantage of monthly recurring donation programs, or have a way to steadily give throughout the course of their everyday lives.

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Focus on Millennial Donors at Your Peril

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Donor Relationship Management Generational MarketingMillennials are changing the face of business and they will change the face of philanthropy — eventually.

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Survey: Nearly 1 in 4 American Donors Increased Giving Due to Rising Inflation

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Donors with charitable giving budgets gave almost four times more money, on average, in the past 12 months and are two times more likely to give more money over the next 12 months due to rising inflation. News/Stats/Studies Charitable-giving Donors Inflation Survey

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6 Ways to Use Your CRM for Better Donor Retention

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The beauty of using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is that it gives you a place to house your donor information and creates automated processes and background information to guide you in continuous engagement.

Donors Drop by 7% but Dollars Up 6.2%, Buoyed by Major Donors

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charitable giving increased significantly in Q2 2022, but gains were accompanied by a continuing steep decline in donor acquisition and retention, particularly among new and newly retained donors, according to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s (FEP) Second Quarter Fundraising Report. Major Gifts News/Stats/Studies Afp Major Donors

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Develop Deep Donor Relationships With These Cultivation Tactics

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Cultivation — deepening donor relationships — is absolutely essential to nonprofit fundraising to fulfill its potential. To reduce churn among your donors, here are a few tips to help improve your cultivation tactics. Donor Relationship Management Cultivation Donor relationships

Avoid Fake Intimacy With Your Caseload Donor

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Donor Relationship Management“True connection is a frightening prospect,” Seth Godin explained in his blog. “. Far easier, of course, to do something more shallow.”.

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Do You Know Your Donor?

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsYou and I have a desire to be connected to others and when that other person shows you that they know you, that connection strengthens.

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3 Steps to Create the Ultimate Donor Retention Plan

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Retaining donors is difficult and retaining a significant number of donors is rare among nonprofits. Donor Relationship Management Personalization Retention

Why Fundraising Consultants Don’t Bring in New Donors

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Agencies & Consultant Fundraising consultants New donorsFundraising consultants can be invaluable for nonprofits looking to optimize their fundraising operations. However, some nonprofit leaders don't know the nature of what fundraising consultants do. .

Elevate your Donor Stewardship and Retention Rates

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GiveSmart Donor CRM is a new, modern, user-friendly tool to make donor management efficient and easy for nonprofits like yours.

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Who Qualifies as a Major Donor Prospect for Your Organization? (3 Guidelines)

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The following is an excerpt from our class How to Find New Major Donors and Get Them to Give to Your Non-Profit. Who qualifies as a major donor prospect for your organization? Who can you truly call a “major donor prospect?” Good major donor prospects…. #1

Ask Donors To Consider a Recurring Donor Advised Fund Gift

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Donor advised funds are all the craze lately. Now is the time to motivate those donors who want to optimize their tax deductions this year to consider a gift from their donor advised fund.

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Strong Relationships Build Major Donor Fundraising Success

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsAs a profession, fundraisers constantly spend a great deal of money on training, education and consultants to learn various techniques to improve performance and results. One can never sit on their laurels.

How to Maximize Productivity to Spend More Time with Donors

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Grants Donations donors relationship Productivity Time managementWith prep for giving season underway, nonprofit professionals are readying for an increased number of meetings and longer to-do lists.

Struggling With Donor Retention?

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Nonprofits typically lose over 50% of their donors every year. With new donor acquisition costing 10-20x more than retaining existing donors, it's time to dig deep into your database and come up with a plan to re-engage the constituents that have fallen off your radar.