Is your technology ready for the next generation of members?

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Get ready to engage the next generation of members! Now more than ever, your organization needs a digital transformation strategy to engage the next generation of members and deliver value. You're invited: How to Engage the Next Generation of Members with Salesforce.

Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

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LinkedIn is a great platform for generating B2B leads. Compared to other lead generation platforms, LinkedIn has lower lead generation costs and higher conversion rates. The post Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation appeared first on


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Antidote to WordPress vulnerability – Static Site Generators

John Kenyon

A new type of website management tool known as Static Site Generators makes websites less vulnerable. We are intrigued by the new technology of static site generators and how they might help us address this issue. What are Static Site Generators?

Static Site Generators – Technical Requirements, Options & Migration

John Kenyon

A new type of website management tool known as Static Site Generators makes websites less vulnerable. Authored by John Kenyon & Max Pearl Requirements for Creating Static Sites If you’re ready to try out a static site generator, here is what you’ll need.

Martus: The Next Generation

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

And Jeff Klingner (who cooked this up) asked that I credit CBS Studios for the still from Star Trek: The Next Generation and for the captioning technology! Benetech brainstorms are always a treat: it's a chance for all of us to step back and imagine how much more and better we could be doing for our users.

Generation Thumb


A popular topic at conferences and water coolers in recent months has been how different generations engage with nonprofits. This is a subject that I've covered in my presentation "The Changing Nature of Online Fundraising" over the past year

HOW TO: Engage 5 Generations of Donors and Supporters

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Each generation living today has come of age with profoundly different experiences concerning mass communication and these differences directly impact how they give to nonprofits. Generation Z (Born 2001–Present, Currently Ages 13 and Younger). Generation Z is being born into digital technology and will be highly connected throughout their lifetime. The millennial generation consists of 76 million Americans who are tech savvy, well-informed, and results-driven.

Using Video to Promote Your Meetings and Conferences

The MatrixFiles

NDaP is devoted to helping associations and nonprofits learn new ideas for generating non-dues revenue. Blog Content Marketing and Social Media Content Strategy Marketing User-Generated Content Video Virtual MeetingsWe all know that video rules.

Video 195

The Best Free Hashtag Generators for 2020

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The post The Best Free Hashtag Generators for 2020 appeared first on Do your want to FREE to find out the hottest Hashtags in your niche?

Generational Giving By the Numbers

Wild Apricot

"All generations are not created equal" and they all have different charitable giving habits and behavior trends. Here''s a look at The Next Generation of American and Canadian Giving reports and insight that impacts fundraising strategies. Fundraising

Generating Activist Impact: Political & Advocacy Call-To-Actions

Whole Whale

Digital Advocacy: How to Generate Activist Impact with Political Calls-to-Action. They generate more personal buy-in , especially if they include the ability to contact local elected officials. They can generate real responses.

A New Generation Redefines Philanthropy

Wild Apricot

Who will be the "new generation of citizen leaders" and how will they impact the future of philanthropy? Philanthropy is a changing! Some thoughts for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Fundraising Non-profits

20 Best Free Fake Email Generators For Temp Mail Address

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Picking one of the 20 best fake email generators gives your email maximum protection. The post 20 Best Free Fake Email Generators For Temp Mail Address appeared first on

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Why is User-Generated Content necessary for your LMS?


Any type of content that is created and put out there on the internet by the user is called user-generated content. User-generated content (UGC) is used to better deliver training

10 Effective Ways to Generate More Leads During Covid-19

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If it feels like you are struggling with your lead generation, it’s not just you, COVID-19 is hurting businesses all over the world. If you are going through a massive drop in leads generation, do not worry because better times are ahead.

“Selfie” Generation Wants to See Your Stories

Wild Apricot

Here are some ideas for reaching the "selfie" generation. Are you showing rather than telling your story? social media

3 Generational Giving Myths That Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

Neon CRM

Each generation comes with their own set of unique quirks and habits: Boomers don’t understand why someone would text when they could call, millennials are all about their avocado toast, and Gen Z kids are born with the ability to use an iPad.

The 5 Ways Your Nonprofit’s Website Generates Traffic


Google’s algorithm for generating this list is of course proprietary, but it is important to find out what search terms are being used to land users onto your webpage. Social media is a less used, but no less important, means of generating web traffic. The post The 5 Ways Your Nonprofit’s Website Generates Traffic appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of Stable Cash Income.

Embracing Next Generation Philanthropy


While it's tempting to focus on scarcity, a new generation of philanthropists is coming of age. They are leveraging the lowered costs of coordination provided by the web and mobile net, and they are stepping up to meet the challenges facing their generations. By Nathaniel James, Social Innovation Consultant. Recent economic forecasting suggests that traditional fundraising is not going to get easier any time soon.

The 5 Best Ways to Generate Earned Income for Your Nonprofit

Wild Apricot

If your organization is looking for more funding opportunities, here are five of the best ways nonprofits are generating earned income to support their missions

Connected Generation: Youth Workers and Social Media

Amy Sample Ward

Earlier this month, the Connected Generation conference brought lots of folks from organizations and direct services groups, as well as practitioners, educators, and researchers together in Bristol, UK, to talk about the use of social media in youth work.

Generation Generosity

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Trendwatching has released its February report called " Generation Generosity " They sum it up as: "Giving is the new taking, and sharing is the new giving.n The most important driver behind GENERATION G is a wide variety of consumers and citizens being more generous. We know you know this: GENERATION G is more about context and timing than out-of-the-blue insights. F)RIGID NO MORE What does generation generosity mean for your nonprofit? Photo from Buglugs.

Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences

WBT Systems

Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences. Read more about Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences

Don’t Skip Gen X: Why Believing Certain Myths May Cause Your Nonprofit To Miss Out

NonProfit PRO

When you think about the list of things Generation X has been excluded from, targeting them for nonprofit donations doesn’t usually come to mind. Generational Marketing News/Stats/Studies

Everything You Know About Generational Giving is Wrong

Neon CRM

We’ve all heard the same generational giving narrative before — Boomers give the most and Millennials are not worth much effort to cultivate. In a session I presented at the AFP New Orleans chapter annual conference , I used data to unpack the realities of generational giving.

Activating the Millennial Generation

Connection Cafe

I hope this doesn’t scare you, because once you get past some of the negative propaganda surrounding this generation, you’ll find a passionate group of people who are driven by a desire to do good and make a difference. Are organizations turning this generation’s heightened interest in causes into action for the betterment of the people they serve? Each year, MCON brings together people from all over the country and a wide range of industries, backgrounds and generations.

Net2 Think Tank Round-Up: User Generated Content

Amy Sample Ward

This month’s Net2 Think Tank topic focused on user generated content. Can User Generated Content Create Unique Community Opportunities? Ana at JelloBrain has a terrific post discussing the relationship between user generated content and the organizations and infastructure on which that content is posted. Tags: net2thinktank roundup casestudy net2 user generated content Have you used a campaign or a project to invite contributions?

How to Get User-Generated Content From Supporters: Ease Them Into It


Community Community Generated Content Fernando Labastida Movember nptech nten Communications Fernando Labastida. Content Strategist. Kimbia. Nonprofits have a great story to tell, but how can you stand out in a crowded field of generic content marketing? By tapping into that wellspring of stories each one of your supporters and beneficiaries have. But it’s easier said than done.

How Small Nonprofits Generate Thousands With Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Wild Apricot

If you were told to raise $5,000 by the end of the month, could you do it? There are seven key strategies that will help make your next peer-to-peer fundraiser the best success. Fundraising peer-to-peer

YMCA Canada and YWCA Canada launch plan to support youth and prevent a ‘lockdown generation’ in Canada

Charity Village

The report, titled ‘Preventing a Lockdown Generation – A plan to support Canada’s youth in post-pandemic recovery’ features a 6-pronged roadmap that […].

[Cause Camp] The Three As of of Nonprofit Content Generation

NonProfit Hub

Enter Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang’s content generator and social media extraordinaire. The post [Cause Camp] The Three As of of Nonprofit Content Generation appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Featured Social Media advocacy appeals appreciation As content generation hub Nonprofit threeOne of the biggest questions when curating social media content is “What the heck should we be posting and how often?”.

Generational Giving at Arts & Cultural Organizations – A Donor Story

Connection Cafe

How do we make organizations so important that multiple generations of a family are invested? How do we provide value that these multiple generations see? Maybe a great deal of people are like me, but why not start now to build a culture of continued family giving— and make generational giving second nature, growing your donor base as it matures. Arts & Cultural Nonprofit Fundraising arts fundraising fundraising tips generational giving

Nonprofits Live: User-Generated Content Recap

Tech Soup Blog

In this edition of TechSoup's Nonprofits Live, our guests spoke about why they employ user-generated content and how they tap into their communities for it. Welcoming User-Generated Content. Sample Ward started off the discussion by speaking about creating a community that welcomes user-generated content. User-generated content, like other content, should be of value and tie back to your organization's purpose. Using Donor-Generated Content.

Generation Rwanda: Two Stories

Beth Kanter

Both are on full scholarship at the Kigali Health Institute and are supported by nonprofit call “ Generation Rwanda ” that helps orphans and other socially vulnerable people in Rwanda become leaders and foster economic development and social reconciliation. You can find her story on the Generation Rwanda site).

Millennials: How to Gain the Loyalty of Younger Generations

Connection Cafe

We’ve have been coined as the “Facebook Generation” and the “Lazy Generation ”, but I’d like to challenge the stereotypes. The Next Generation in American Giving report also provides promising statistics about the giving preferences of younger generations. The Statistics: Generation Y gives 62% through their mobile phones. Generation Y gives 47% through a nonprofit’s website. Don’t count out this young, up and coming generation!

Virtual Fellowships Will Cultivate the Next Generation of Leaders for Your Association and Industry

WBT Systems

Virtual Fellowships Will Cultivate the Next Generation of Leaders for Your Association and Industry. Read more about Virtual Fellowships Will Cultivate the Next Generation of Leaders for Your Association and Industry

How St. Jude Connected with the Next Generation of Donors for a Record Fundraising Year

Saleforce Nonprofit

We are keenly focused on the idea that in the next 8-10 years, there will be generational shifts. Jude Connected with the Next Generation of Donors for a Record Fundraising Year appeared first on By Rob Acker, CEO of and Rick Shadyac, CEO of ALSAC.

The Next Generation of Giving

ASU Lodestar Center

But I would argue, Generation Y or “millennials”, those born in the 80’s and 90’s, are poised to be the next big thing in charitable giving. Going after the charitable dollars of millennials may seem like “small fish,” but keep this in mind, millennials are now the largest generation in terms of population. posted by Lars Ward , Research Aid, ASU Lodestar Center. What is your nonprofit doing right now to attract my money?

Ease of Monthly Giving Key for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers

NonProfit PRO

Generational Marketing News/Stats/StudiesEvery nonprofit wants to attract younger donors. That’s why it’s very exciting that monthly giving is so appealing to these younger donors.

Donor 94

Live blogging from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit: The Generational Divide (Panel Discussion)

Amy Sample Ward

This panel discussion focuses on the generational divide, with the following panelists: Wendy Harman and Suzy DeFrancis, American Red Cross. Intro from Kari: When the Case Foundation was first discussing with partners what they wanted to get out of the Summit, they talked about how to bridge the generational divide. We see a lot of attention on next generation leaders, but not on how they will change our institutions.

Part 2: How To Generate More Nonprofit Website Traffic


In part 1 of this blog series , we discussed how essential posting and maintaining quality content on your nonprofit’s website is to generating traffic. But driving more traffic to your website goes beyond just generating and maintaining updated content. The post Part 2: How To Generate More Nonprofit Website Traffic appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of imagecarnivore.

Demystifying Next Generation Donor Audiences to Drive Engagement and Donations

Connection Cafe

“The next generation of donors” is not just the latest fundraising trend or catchphrase for development teams. Nonprofit organizations have always tried to understand how to shift and modify their fundraising strategies to appeal to and resonate with the future generation of donors.

Mentoring The Next Generation IS A Valuable Investment


But according to a recent guest post on Beth … Continued The post Mentoring The Next Generation IS A Valuable Investment appeared first on Tech Impact. Many of us would like to volunteer our time to mentor young people, to offer some guidance and friendship to those who need it most. Often times many of us find life gets in the way, that we can’t fit the time into our busy schedules.