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Insights from the 2020 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study

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The Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study is making its eleventh highly anticipated appearance on the desks of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraisers everywhere. Data represents both overall metrics, as well as metrics in one of five fundraising categories: Walks/5Ks with a registration fee.


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The Ins and Outs of Facebook Fundraising: A Complete Guide

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Facebook fundraising can get a bad reputation, especially when organizations fail to see the opportunities to engage and retain a new generation of supporters. However, Facebook fundraising is much more than a helpful boost to your organization’s online donations.

The Hybrid Fundraising Event Model

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Event Management Online Fundraising Peer to Peer Fundraising events Hybrid Fundraising Virtual FatigueIt’s been over a year since the pandemic changed all of our lives. 2020 really tested us all in a multitude of ways.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Rethinking Your Healthcare Fundraising Strategy

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Raise your hand if your healthcare organization was forced to make changes to your fundraising strategy in 2020. Instead of going back to your stale fundraising strategies, use this checklist to evaluate your fundraising and take the opportunity to rethink how your organization moves forward.

Livestream Fundraising 101: What is Livestream Fundraising?

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There has been a lot of buzz lately around “livestream fundraising” but what exactly does that phrase mean? It turns out that adding the phrase “fundraising” into the mix is when things get a little more complicated. . Recently, I was able to spend two days with 24 nonprofit leaders either successfully running livestream fundraising campaigns or actively looking to start one of these programs. Organizational Livestream Fundraising.

A New Landing Page, Just for Fundraisers


Fundraising professionals often have enormous workloads, so it's critical that they're able to quickly access top-line data about their various fundraising channels and easily accomplish related tasks. Using the Fundraising Management Landing Page in EveryAction, it's easier than ever to view this data, access critical lists of top donors, search for specific contacts, analyze campaign performance, and more. fundraising

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P2P Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event

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Peer-to-peer fundraising or P2P fundraising is a style of fundraising where an organization recruits supporters to solicit donations from their friends and family on behalf of that nonprofit. While the most common form of P2P fundraising has been associated with events like a race or bike tour, the nonprofit sector is trending toward expanding P2P fundraising beyond the paradigm of event fundraising. Campaign Driven Fundraising.

25 Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Nonprofit


Thinking about hosting a virtual fundraising event but not sure what to do? 3 Trends from the Virtual Fundraising Events Survey While fundraisers shared a wide range of Read More ».

Two Keys for Successful Virtual Challenge Fundraisers

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In the day job, peer-to-peer fundraising at Blackbaud, we have seen the proliferation of the term ‘Virtual event’. It’s no surprise that nearly every nonprofit is working to move physical events online and searching for ways to diversify more traditional fundraising channels.

Using Metrics to Boost Your Fundraising

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As a fellow fundraiser, let me begin by giving you my congratulations on completing an unprecedented fundraising year. Take time to appreciate your team members who contributed to your organization’s fundraising success. . What are the weaknesses in my fundraising plan?

3 Steps to Getting Your Board More Involved in Fundraising


Fundraisers often lament that board members are shirking their commitment to helping fundraise. Teach them that fundraising isn’t about asking for money; it’s about giving people the opportunity to give back and improve their communities. Here’s an example: The executive director and development director are responsible for the success of the day-to-day fundraising operations. Luckily, fundraising is a learnable skill. fundraising

Hybrid vs. Virtual Fundraising

One Cause

The post Hybrid vs. Virtual Fundraising appeared first on OneCause. Blog Post hybrid fundraising virtual fundraising

Being a Successful Fundraiser in 2021

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I love defining what makes a fundraiser successful, bottling it, and using it to empower nonprofit professionals and volunteers. I enjoyed being a higher education fundraiser for about 25 years. So, what does it take to be an effective frontline fundraiser? Featured Fundraising

Online Fundraising: 4 Best Practices to Boost Donations

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Though many nonprofits still bring in donations the old-fashioned way, online fundraising can be a cost-effective, quick way to boost revenue and can open up a world of possibilities for your organization. Fundraising Techniques. Don’t just post fundraiser announcements.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them. Having a detailed strategic plan in place before embarking on a fundraising campaign can be a huge determinant of its success, even before the first dollar is raised. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal. Fundraising plan summary.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Videos Inspire More Giving

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Nonprofit fundraising videos bring your organization’s work to life in a way that written stories just can’t. Nonprofit fundraising videos help you raise more money. Promo video: This type of video gets supporters excited about an upcoming event, fundraiser, or activity.

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8 Things Resilient Fundraisers Should be Doing Now

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Resilient fundraisers stand ready to take on whatever the day brings, even if it wasn’t part of the plan. We talked about the tactics that resilient fundraisers should be embracing and they offered advice on how to build new processes and define strategies differently.

The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween


This October 31 st , it’s not ghosts and ghouls that most nonprofit fundraisers are worried about. As the End-of-Year fundraising season approaches and strategic planning for 2019 looms, technological advances, donor demographic shifts and nonprofit workloads all pose challenges for nonprofit fundraising professionals. Rising email spam rates Many nonprofits depend on email as the backbone of their digital fundraising programs. fundraising nonprofit tools

3 Crucial Steps for Completing the Fundraising Cycle

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As a nonprofit fundraising connoisseur, you are in charge of ensuring your organization raises enough funds to successfully support its cause. You want to set your nonprofit organization up for success by managing the best possible fundraising campaign. .

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 158: The Science of Managing Fundraisers

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Joining the podcast today is Stacy Rooney, a Principal Business Consultant at Blackbaud, to discuss the concept of fundraiser performance management. Investing in officers as fundraisers. How feedback and coaching factors in to fundraising success.

Online Fundraising Ideas: Nonprofit Fundraising During COVID-19

Whole Whale

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced the nonprofit fundraising world into the digital-only space almost immediately. While some organizations have had the capacity and savviness to hop onto this trend early, others are still trying to figure out where to start with online fundraising.

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Over The Edge Fundraiser: A Daring Take on Fundraising


If your nonprofit is looking for a bold way to attract attention and raise money for your cause, an over the edge fundraiser is a great solution. But, they persist as an effective fundraiser. Because over the edge fundraisers offer a memorable experience that donors won’t soon forget!

Fundraisers: use stories, not statistics

Hands on Fundraising

The post Fundraisers: use stories, not statistics appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Donor communications donor communications fundraising appeal storytellingThe human mind is a wanderer by nature. The daydream is the mind’s default state.

5 Reasons Nonprofits Need to Invest in Annual Fundraising Campaigns


Annual giving campaigns, sometimes referred to as “cornerstone campaigns,” form the backbone of many nonprofit fundraising programs for good reason; they provide a structure for the yearly schedule and a reliable and predictable source of income, making life easier for Development staff at all levels. However, just because they are a fundraising staple doesn’t mean that annual campaigns don’t require the same amount of attention, creativity, and work that other campaigns do.

Getting Started with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are popping up everywhere as they continue to grow in popularity. By now, most people have encountered several peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns whether they realize it or not. Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Peer-to-peer fundraiser. Donating to a friend’s Facebook Birthday Fundraiser ? Peer-to-peer fundraiser! sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 107: The State of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. What Is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 174: End-of-Year Fundraising Myths

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End-of-year fundraising is always important, and this year it has added importance with organizations needing to make up potential COVID-19 related shortfalls. Topics Discussed in This Episode: Why this year is the most important year for end-of-year fundraising.

6 Creative Data-Driven Ways to Fundraise During Nurses Week 2021

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Some supporters are more likely to fundraise on your behalf. Using predictive scoring , you can reach out to those most likely to become a peer-to-peer fundraiser. The post 6 Creative Data-Driven Ways to Fundraise During Nurses Week 2021 first appeared on npENGAGE.

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How To Activate Your Board For Fundraising

Wild Apricot

Your nonprofit’s board is one of the most powerful fundraising assets you have. fundraisingThis is a guest post from Candace Cody, Manager of Content + Education at CauseVox. But often our board members go untapped: either because you don’t think.

Release Announcement: How to Track Fundraising Trends Over Time


Sometimes, in the day-to-day activities of fundraising, you can lose sight of your overall fundraising goals. The post Release Announcement: How to Track Fundraising Trends Over Time appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs.

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Fundraise Across Borders with International Giving on EveryAction


fundraising digitalMany large U.S. based nonprofits working in the areas of international development, refugee services, and environmental conservation, among other sectors, perform a significant amount of work and raise a significant amount of money in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada. Those nonprofits should be able to easily raise money and process contributions across international borders without complication or difficulty.

3 Website Tips to Support Your Virtual Fundraising Efforts

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As a nonprofit professional, you know that the fundraising landscape changes each year. However, no one could have predicted the effects that COVID-19 would have , with many nonprofit organizations now solely relying on virtual fundraising efforts to continue operations.

How Benchmarking and Analytics Can Inform Fundraising Strategies

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bbcon 2020 is just around the corner, and I’m excited to be presenting on the critical role of benchmarking and analytics in shaping your fundraising strategy. One way to help organize results is through benchmarking your performance against other organizations and fundraising programs.

Resilient Fundraising: Show Donors the Love

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Join Katrina on Wednesday, April 22 at 1pm ET to dig into the key strategies which support Resilient Fundraising. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising donor communications Donor Engagement donor retention nonprofit fundraising strategyMother Nature just ripped our shorts off.

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Resilient Fundraising with One Focus: Caring for Our Supporters

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What should be the focus of our fundraising during this time of crisis? So yes, focus on how to help people feel better in each fundraising communication. Learn more in the free webinar on resilient fundraising hosted by Blackbaud Nonprofit Solutions! .

Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorship as a Fundraising Strategy


Most nonprofit fundraising strategies include a plan for online donations, event ticketing, and major gift programs. In this article, you’ll learn all about nonprofit corporate sponsorships and how they can help your organization accomplish its mission and increase fundraising revenue.

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Social Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event

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The term social fundraising or peer-to-peer fundraising describes a style of fundraising where a nonprofit organization recruits volunteers to solicit donations from their friends and family on behalf of that nonprofit. While the most common form of social fundraising is associated with a fundraising event like a walk or bike tour, I am seeing an charitable sector trend toward expanding social fundraising beyond the paradigm of event fundraising.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 150: Livestream Fundraising 101

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Livestream fundraising – you’ve probably heard the term, but do you really understand how your social good organization can leverage this popular strategy? Topics Discussed in This Episode: The definition of livestream fundraising. Webinar: Decoding Livestream Fundraising.

Mail vs. Email: Pros & Cons of Each Fundraising Channel

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When it comes to choosing the right marketing channel for your nonprofit fundraising, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each option. The two most prominent fundraising channels for nonprofits are direct mail and email. Best Case Fundraising. Featured Fundraising

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The Keys to Conducting Feasibility Studies for Fundraising Campaigns

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Conducting a comprehensive feasibility study is a critical first step in every major fundraising effort. I think of it as determining how much water is in the pool before you “dive in” to a fundraising campaign. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Feasibility Study fundraising strategy

Fundraising From Home: A Nonprofit Hub Guide

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And as the giving season comes closer, your 2020 fundraising events have probably changed quite a bit as well. Fundraising from home has presented some challenges in that traditional events aren’t the most reliable anymore. Featured Fundraising

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How NOT to Make a Fundraising Plan

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Fundraising. A successful fundraising plan has every aspect down to a science. Most fundraisers go into the planning process with an idea for what they want to do. You may want to spend days on one part of your fundraising plan because you know you can make it better.

Insights from the 2020 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study


The Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study is making its eleventh highly anticipated appearance on the desks of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraisers everywhere. Data represents both overall metrics, as well as metrics in one of five fundraising categories: Walks/5Ks with a registration fee.