Creating Fundraising Systems for Your Nonprofit

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This is a two part article on how to create fundraising systems for your nonprofit. In Part 1, we will talk about what fundraising systems are and why they are important for development. In short, this nonprofit lacked fundraising systems. What are Fundraising Systems?

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The 5 Rules of Successful Annual Appeal Fundraising Letters

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An organization’s annual fundraising appeal letter is a yearly letter that gets sent out to your current donors asking for general operating funds for your nonprofit organization. Fundraising by Mail fundraising by mail


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Stop Looking for a Fundraising Magic Bullet

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They are a sign that you, your board, or your team are waiting for a “magic bullet” to solve your fundraising problems. As fundraisers, we go to seminars and hear about setting up donor funnels, building fundraising networks , and making asks.

Eight Fundamental Concepts for Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Events

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Fundraising events are a staple part of non-profit development programs worldwide. Your goal as a fundraiser is to make sure that you are maximizing your events to raise as much money as possible, without wasting valuable time and resources. What matters for your event is fundraising.

OneCause Unveils New Fundraising Platform

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OneCause announced the launch of the new OneCause Fundraising Platform to help nonprofits provide a seamless, modern giving experience for donors. News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Onecause OneCause Fundraising Platform Online fundraising platform

Are You a Great Fundraiser?

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Fundraisers must seek to continuously improve their craft. Fundraisers, who exchange with prospects about a variety of subjects, must believe in their cause and expect every ask to be successful. Fundraiser Education fundraising Fundraising Education

Every Fundraiser Needs a Coach

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Fundraiser Education Coach Fundraiser fundraising GuidanceOur culture celebrates self-reliance and admires the “self-made," yet, it’s a myth.

Fundraiser vs. Friendraiser vs. Waste of Time

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After listing a number of events the Scranton branch has hosted over the past year, the voice on the other end of the line say, incredulously, “You held a tsunami-relief fundraiser that lost money…” To which Michael replies, “Okay, no, that was a FUN-raiser.

How to Set Sponsorship Levels and Benefits for Your Next Fundraising Event

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For most fundraising events , the majority of your money should be raised through sponsorships. Assume that you will raise at least 50% of your overall fundraising goal through sponsorships (if not more). Fundraising Events corporate sponsors fundraising event

3 Great Unusual Fundraising Ideas

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When small and midsized non-profits are looking for new fundraising ideas, they are usually given ideas that require a lot of work for only a little return. Things like carwashes, rummage sales, and spare change collections can raise money, but often take a ton of work in return for just a few thousand dollars of fundraising profit. Multi-Level Fundraising! Set up a fundraising committee for your group, and task it with a dollar goal. Fundraising Ideas

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The State of Nonprofit Fundraising Today — 9 Top Fundraising Methods

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Nonprofit fundraising had been due an upgrade to catapult it into the modern era for a while. That brings us to the state of nonprofit fundraising today. 9 Modern Nonprofit Fundraising Methods. 1) In-person fundraisers. 2) Virtual fundraisers. 3) Hybrid fundraisers.

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The Fall Fundraising Guide

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Fundraising can be a challenging task. Developing a fall fundraising plan or strategy for your upcoming campaigns will help you focus your efforts and guide your day-to-day fundraising. If you're ready to jumpstart your fundraising this fall, download the guide now

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Stay Focused, Fundraiser!

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Likewise, it wastes precious dollars in the fundraising budget in return for very little gain. The epidemic to which I am referring is “fundraising wanderlust,” or a failure to stay focused in your fundraising efforts. You see, fundraisers at many of the non-profits I work with are constantly chasing after the next great idea, implementing something new they saw at a seminar, or trying a new program suggested by a board member.

Why Fundraising Consultants Don’t Bring in New Donors

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Fundraising consultants can be invaluable for nonprofits looking to optimize their fundraising operations. However, some nonprofit leaders don't know the nature of what fundraising consultants do. . Agencies & Consultant Fundraising consultants New donors

A 10 Step Guide to a Throwing a Successful Fundraising Event

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Charity events are a popular form of fundraising. To help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, here are ten major components that you must incorporate into your event plan, regardless of the specific fundraising event ideas you use: 1. Purpose of Your Fundraising Event: Before doing anything else, you must decide what the purpose of your event is. Here are a few questions: Is this truly a fundraising event?

Multi-Channel Fundraising Guide

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Multi-channel fundraising is a great way to keep your mission in front of supporters during the busy end-of-year giving season. This comprehensive guide covers how to launch a multi-channel fundraising campaign, important channels to consider, and examples of effective multi-channel campaigns.

What’s Love Got to Do With Fundraising?

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Turns out love has everything to do with fundraising. Relationship Fundraising 3.0 Donor Relationship Management News/Stats/Studies Retention Donor-relationship Donor-relationship management fundraising Love Philanthropy Relationship Fundraising

3 Expert Tips on Fundraising in Today’s Economy

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So, what does this mean for fundraisers? Collections/Payment Processing Multichannel Peer to Peer Economic uncertainty fundraising Fundraising Tips Nonprofit fundraising tips

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6 ways to put more heart into your fundraising today

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Fundraising is about using your heart as well as your head. And maybe fundraising isn’t really about money at all. In the long-run, successful fundraising focuses on relationships. And good fundraisers use their hearts as much as their heads.

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3 Quick Ways to Double Your Online Fundraising Revenue

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In Mastering Online Fundraising , our class for non-profit fundraisers, we talk a lot about how small changes to your online fundraising strategy can result in major returns, including new prospects, new event attendees, and of course, new donors. Today, I want to present three quick and easy tactics you can immediately implement in your online activities that could easily double your online fundraising revenue over the coming year: 1. Internet fundraising

Holding an Event is NOT Your Whole Fundraising Strategy

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I like fundraising events. I’ve managed (literally) hundreds of them during my fundraising career, from $500,000 galas to $10,000 hosted events and everything in between. Heck, I’ve even written a handbook on a certain kind of fundraising event. So… I’m not one of those “fundraising events aren’t worth the effort” snobs. Holding an event is NOT your whole fundraising strategy. It’s painless to throw out an event as the answer to all of your fundraising woes.

The Importance of Reunions for Education Fundraising

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Education Event Management Class reunions Education fundraising Education fundraising efforts Event management high school reunionAn institution’s alumni are a reflection of its past, a representation of its present, and a link to its future.

Here’s why you need to invest in fundraising to raise more money

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Is your fundraising program lagging? Right now, employers are searching for great fundraising professionals. Fundraising that succeeds requires investment I’ll wait here while that sinks in. Blog Fundraising fundraising staff

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Fundraisers

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Every non-profit fundraiser is different. And that’s ok – every non-profit is different, each with their own unique development needs… thus, there’s room for almost every type of fundraiser imaginable. Good fundraisers know that they don’t have lots of time and resources to spare.

Fundraising isn’t easy

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Fundraising isn’t easy. Nonprofit board members or even staff leaders suggesting fundraisers just… call Oprah. The post Fundraising isn’t easy appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Donors Fundraising fundraising programs fundraising staff

Making the Most of Year End Fundraising Appeals

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The end of the calendar year can (and should) be a bonanza for non-profit organizations looking to raised small and medium-sized gifts to round out their fundraising numbers. The Basics of Year-End Fundraising. It’s a simple fact that has been proven time and again in fundraising studies and research: people give to charity at the end of the year. Here’s a simple year-end fundraising strategy that I have seen work time and again at small and medium-sized non-profits: 1.

Fundraising & Public Relations: What’s the Connection?

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Smart non-profits have started to realize that a strong PR effort, and good press coverage, can lead to increased fundraising. It’s nice getting press coverage of any (non-scandalous) kind, but it’s best, for fundraising purposes, if you can generate great stories about your work, and your mission. The post Fundraising & Public Relations: What’s the Connection? first appeared on The Fundraising Authority.

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Five Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits That Don’t Work (or Why You Aren’t Raising Enough Money)

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We hear from folks all the time who are looking for new fundraising ideas for nonprofits, especially fundraising ideas for a new nonprofit. It’s not easy to figure out what works in fundraising when you have little to no experience raising big bucks.

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What’s Your Fundraising Superpower?

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With spring right around the corner, it's a great time to dust off your fundraising superpower. FundraisingYou have one. Stop thinking you don't. There's no kryptonite here.

What community-centered fundraising means to me

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Fundraising builds communities. Fundraising is an important way to build community. The post What community-centered fundraising means to me appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Fundraising community fundraising community-centered individual fundraising

7 Steps New Major Gifts Fundraisers Should Take

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I believe that, over the next 10 years, major gifts fundraising will grow rapidly and become more sophisticated and donor-centered. So, here are some things to think about if you are new to major gifts fundraising.

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Fundraising is not debate club

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Take a look at the fundraising mail making its […]. The post Fundraising is not debate club appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Donor communications Fundraising Uncategorized debate donor commI bought a rowing machine last Christmas.

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Your 2022 Fundraising Planner

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In Your 2022 Fundraising Planner, Pamela Grow - named one of America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts - outlines how to organize your annual plan by funding source, strategy, cost, and anticipated income Set a goal, make a plan to achieve it, then work the plan.

Make Every Fundraising Day Count in December

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Fundraiser Education Fundraiser education fundraising Year-End GivingDecember is not the time to pull back your energy and efforts. Most people are in the spirit of giving now and you need to tap their brief feeling for total success to occur.

Here’s How to Raise More Money with Your Next Fundraising Letter

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I am in the middle of writing a direct mail fundraising letter for a non-profit client, and tomorrow I will be presenting the letter to them, and explaining why it will be effective. And it got me thinking… there are really only three things that separate super-successful fundraising letters from ones that are just mediocre. Donor communications guru Tom Ahern has a great rule of thumb for fundraising letters. Most non-profit fundraising letters read like college textbooks.

iDonate Releases 2.0 Version of Digital Fundraising Platform

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solution provides an upgraded management environment that streamlines launching multichannel fundraising campaigns, a template library of best practice forms and landing pages. News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Digital fundraising digital fundraising platform Idonate

7 Tips for Securing Sponsors for Your Fundraising Event

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Fundraising events provide a great opportunity to bring in funds for your organization, while raising awareness for your cause. Implementing online fundraising software can help you save time and money by more efficiently managing your fundraising event.

The Essential Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising

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This guide covers all the fundamental elements you need to evaluate your fundraising strategy, build a rock-solid fundraising toolkit, maximize giving, and expand your overall supporter base. Download The Essential Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising today and start raising more money

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How to Do Year-End Fundraising the Right Way (Part II)

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Last week, we started a three article series on year-end fundraising. In our next post , we’ll go over a step-by-step plan for maximizing your year-end fundraising. The 5 Rules for Supercharged Year-End Fundraising. The first rule for strong year-end fundraising is that the message of your year-end campaign needs to be consistent with your message throughout the year. Many non-profits make the mistake of trying to use gimmicks during year-end fundraising.

Developing a Tactical Fundraising Calendar for Your Organization

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The tactical strategy for your fundraising should not be random, and it shouldn’t be based on a “we’ll figure this out as we go along” mentality. Your best bet to ensure maximum revenue is to lay out a tactical fundraising calendar as part of your overall fundraising plan. A tactical calendar, as its name suggests, is simply a calendar that shows when your non-profit will employ each of the fundraising tactics it is planning to use in a given year.

5 Epic Board Fundraising Fails

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There are many fundraising fails. Staff frequently fail at cultivation, solicitation and stewardship, just to name a few, but let’s talk about board fundraising fails.

How to Do Year-End Fundraising the Right Way (Part I)

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We all know how important the final 4-6 weeks of the calendar year are for non-profit fundraising. Photo Credit: Kelly Schott The post How to Do Year-End Fundraising the Right Way (Part I) first appeared on The Fundraising Authority. Strategy and Planning year-end fundraisingAccording to Charity Navigator , mid-sized non-profits may see up to 40% of their total yearly contributions come in between the Thanksgiving Holiday (in the US) and the New Year!

Steal this E-Mail! A Sample Year-End Fundraising E-Mail for Your Non-Profit

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As well they should… a very high percentage of all charitable gifts are made during the year-end fundraising cycle. If you want to know how to run an amazing year-end fundraising campaign (both online and offline) for your organization, check out our three part series How to Do Year-End Fundraising the Right Way. Today, I want to present a sample year-end fundraising e-mail for a fictional non-profit organization. Internet fundraising fundraising e-mail

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