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A $500 Million Pledge to Support Local News

Non Profit Quarterly

Image credit: Jon Tyson on Unsplash The decades-long decimation of local news—and the dangers that the trend poses for public oversight, an informed citizenry, and democracy itself—remains very much underway. The MacArthur Foundation itself pledged $150 million to the new fund. Since 2005, some 2,200 local newspapers have closed.

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How to Use a News Story to Support Your Major Gift Ask

NonProfit PRO

Below is a perfect example from our colleague Diana Frazier on how she advised a major gift officer to use a news story to support a major gift ask. I am going to explain exactly how it happened so you can copy the idea for your situation.

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[Breaking News] An Extraordinary Funding Opportunity For Nonprofits To Preserve Local Journalism


Press Forward seeks to reverse the dramatic decline in local news that has coincided with an increasingly divided America and weakening trust in institutions. Around 2,200 local newspapers have closed since 2005, resulting in 20 percent of Americans living in “news deserts” with little to no reliable coverage of important local events.

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Big News at Benetech (and for me!)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

All the best, Jim Founder, Benetech P.S. If you are not already receiving Benetech’s news and updates, I encourage you to stay informed of the exciting progress by selecting Subscribe. And there is plenty of work to do—look for more from me in the coming months where I’ll share my plans.

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‘Cause of the Year’ Partnership Spreads Positive News About Nonprofit’s Mission

NonProfit PRO

While this partnership is still new, it has been inspiring to see the stories of our programs in more than 70 countries highlighted in a way that shows the profound impact our mission can have for individuals worldwide.

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ATTN Nonprofits: Facebook Now Recommends Pages in the News Feed

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook now also recommends pages in the news feed, but only if your nonprofit has opted-in to have your page recommended. Until today page recommendations only occurred when individuals liked a page, but now recommendations are also given when individuals like a status update in the news feed. Page Recommendations in the News Feed.

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Mindful News Consumption Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Interestingly enough, almost everyone in this workshop had already put themselves on a “news diet.” She also taken off all breaking news alerts and only consumes news from a handful of vetted sources. She is also very mindful while reading the news to monitor her reactions and emotions. The solution?

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