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The Art of Nonprofit Campaign Testing and Predictions for Future Success

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That’s where campaign testing comes in. It’s critical to run campaigns that acquire and upgrade donors, but it has to be done right.

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Have You Tested These 5 Assumptions Lately?

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Testing is about the most basic best practice we have in direct marketing. It’s how we measure what works and what doesn’t. In fundraising, it’s critical because if there’s one lesson we’ve all learned over and over, it’s that direct mail is counterintuitive. Logic and common sense do not apply. Except when they do.

Test 229

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Tests: Even MOAR donation form tests!


This is the final post of our 60 Tests in 60 Minutes series! There’s never too much optimization of the donation form in our humble opinion, so let’s dive in with two hot tests about optimizing monthly ask strings. Test 2: HSUS and the Rounded Ask The Humane Society tested if rounding their ask amounts would increase conversions.

Test 59
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Tests: Website imagery


This is Part Three of our 60 Tests in 60 Minutes series! We’ve been sharing some of our favorite tests—things that worked, things that didn’t, and some things we’re still curious about. Standard Header ( Control ) Graphic Header (Test ) The control version saw a higher click rate ( + 10.2% We’d love to hear from you!

Test 52
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Facebook Ad Strategy for Non-Profits & Charities: 9 Things to Understand and Test

Nonprofit Tech for Good

One of the strengths of Facebook Ads is that you can refine and test and greatly increase the success of your campaign yourself. It’s very expensive to run these kinds of tests if you’re reliant on an agency. . By having a broad audience, you give Facebook scope to run these tests. 8) How to run an effective test.

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Free online tests for career exploration

Charity Village

These tests are used to determine a person’s strengths and interests to help guide their career path. Some of the most common work assessment test categories are: Personality assessments Skill assessments Career assessments Benefits of […] The post Free online tests for career exploration appeared first on CharityVillage.

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How to Test and Optimize Your Online Donation Form


Testing your online donation form Read More » The post How to Test and Optimize Your Online Donation Form appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs. Even though 94% of nonprofits accept online donations, simply having a form on your website isn’t sufficient.

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