Are you free online?


The rapid growth of the internet, as well as its proliferation across devices and throughout our lives, often gives way to the idea that the online world is largely a free one. Check it out below to see if you’re really as free online as you think you are.

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Guide to the Best Free Nonprofit Webinars

NonProfit Hub

The Best Free Nonprofit Webinars. Webinar providers constantly rotate the webinars they offer for free throughout a given month, as to provide fresh material and make the most of their existing recordings. So instead of giving you specific webinars, we’ll give you a list of the best free nonprofit webinars. You’ll have to check into these pages every month or so if you want to stay up-to-date on the best free educational material available. All webinars are free.

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The Power of Data to Free Women and Girls

Connection Cafe

How can communities around the world take bigger, bolder steps to free millions of women, men and children to live beyond the gendered stereotypes imposed on us all?

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46 Free Nonprofit Webinars for October 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 46 free nonprofit webinars for October 2017. Free-Nonprofit-Webinars October-WebinarsEvery month we compile the internet's biggest list of nonprofit webinars.

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8 free tools Nonprofits can use to triple productivity


Do projects, operations, administrative work, volunteer management, and fundraising activities continuously lay in the pending section of your to-do list? With limited resources and a huge list of work to be done, nonprofits are often pressed for time and sometimes get stuck on the small things.

“Free” Isn’t Free


——————– Free usually sounds like a great price, and, because you are a cost-conscious nonprofit director, you may find that the chance to meet a need or take advantage of an opportunity without having to spend your donors’ money is tough to pass up.

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29 Free Nonprofit Webinars for November 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

If your organization is struggling to fill events, looking for #givingtuesday tips, or building a corporate sponsorship strategy, this month’s free nonprofit webinars can give you a hand. november webinars nonprofit free

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23 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Start 2017 with a boost to your professional skill set with some free education. Each month we compile a list of the best free nonprofit webinars for you to attend. training Education webinars nonprofit freeThis month's webinars feature online fundraising best practices, software training, and how to find new donors this year.

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46 Free Nonprofit Webinars for March 2018

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 46 free nonprofit webinars for March, 2018

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Free v. Paid: What’s the Best Choice for an SSL Certificate?

Byte Technology

It’s an age-old question: just what is something really worth if you can get it for free? Should you use free plugins or paid versions? Do free themes have the same impact as paid ones? Free SSL Certificates. The post Free v.

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34 Free Nonprofit Webinars for February 2018

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 34 free nonprofit webinars for February 2018. webinars

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Free South Carolina Disaster Home Cleanup Hotline Available Now


Call 1-800-451-1954 for free help from local relief agencies BOULDER, Colo. – All services are free.

48 Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2018

Wild Apricot Blog

Every month I compile the internet's biggest list of free nonprofit webinars. Here are all the webinars for May 2018

31 Free Nonprofit Webinars for February 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

None to fear, free webinars are here! Here are 31 free nonprofit webinars for February 2017 from around the web. free Education webinarsFeeling burnt out from going hard in January already?

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How to Create a Membership Website Free with Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Blog

about how to create a membership website free with Wild Apricot. software Membership management freeHere's everything you need to know (features, limitations, etc.)

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4 Free Campaign Tools You're Probably Forgetting


Imagine your nonprofit is gearing up for a big initiative and, after lots and lots of research, you've settled on the amazing tools you're going to use for things like fundraising, marketing, and outreach. nonprofit campaigns campaigns

Ning saying no to free networks

Amy Sample Ward

As someone that has helped others to create, and has created many networks on the Ning platform, yesterday’s news that the company would be dropping 40% of it’s staff and dropping the free service was incredibly alarming. We will phase out our free service. [ Read the full letter here. ]. Join the conversation taking place on Manny Hernandez’s blog about keeping the network free for nonprofit and educational use.

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26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools - SEW

AFP Blog

26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools - SEW : Content curation offers a nearly limitless method of fueling your inbound marketing efforts. Unearthing and sharing the quality content of others allows you provide your audience fresh content on a regular basis to serve any interest, industry, or market. What''s more, sharing and celebrating the work of others helps get you on their radar and can forge valuable, long-term relationships with the content authors.

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The Art of Relevance is Now Available For Free on the Web (and Here's Why)

Museum 2.0

You can now read all the chapters in The Art of Relevance for free online. Why make the book available for free under a Creative Commons license? When I wrote my first book, The Participatory Museum , I released it concurrently as a paperback and free online. It's finally here!

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Free and Low-Cost Nonprofit Accounting Tools

NonProfit Hub

Here are some of our top free and low-cost picks to make your nonprofit’s workload a little bit more manageable. For years, TurboCASH has consistently received raving reviews as one of the best options for free accounting software. Do you use another free or low-cost system? The post Free and Low-Cost Nonprofit Accounting Tools appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. When your nonprofit stays on the ball about adapting to new tools, it can work to achieve its mission.

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The #1 Rowing Club Software: Free Trial

Wild Apricot Blog

Looking for an easy way to coordinate training programs and register rowers for events and classes? Dozens of rowing clubs use Wild Apricot’s software to seamlessly handle all their admin tasks and more

82 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools & Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The number of low-cost or free apps and online tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. IFTTT is a free applet creation service based ont he the premise of if this happens, then do this. iStock by Getty Images has high quality, royalty-free visual content for a low cost.

27 Free Nonprofit Webinars for December 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 27 free nonprofit webinars for December. webinars

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Video Fridays #5 Free SEO tools

NCE Social Media

I wanted to share a video on free search engine optimization tools and how to use them. Tags: Education and Training Marketing and Awareness SEO Tools free Video friday If you like the video or have comments and feedback, please let us know in the comments section.

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37 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2018

Wild Apricot Blog

If so, there's a free nonprofit webinar in January on each of these topics and more Do you want to raise more funds, engage more volunteers, and stay on top of the latest online tools in 2018?

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24 Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

Choose from among these 24 free webinars for June 2016. june free webinarLooking to continue your non-profit education? We've got you covered.

29 Free Non-Profit Webinars for April 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

April means spring, and what better way to celebrate spring than with free education? So, it's a good thing I've put together this super list of free educational webinars for nonprofits and associations. expert-webinars free-webinars 2016 april webinars expert freeThere is no better way!

Free Christmas Tornadoes Home Cleanup Hotline Available Now


Call 1-800-451-1954 for free help from local relief agencies in Texas, Miss., 29, 2015 – From now through January 15, 2016 , Information Technology Disaster Resource Center ( ) and VisionLink ( ), are staffing and supporting a free hotline for debris removal and home cleanup after the recent tornadoes affecting several southern states. All services are free, but service is not guaranteed due to the overwhelming need.

NTEN Visits Free Geek


Last week, during the quarterly staff retreat, NTEN staff toured Free Geek. Free Geek is a technology reuse, recycle, and education nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. Several NTEN staff have been long-time supporters, and NTEN has always donated its old electronics to Free Geek.

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Picture Perfect: 8 Free Stock Photography Websites for Nonprofits


Stock photos are a problem. On the one hand, they’re a great way to make your content more interesting and attractive by emphasizing a point, breaking up text, or just by helping you stand out from the crowd

7 actually free resources for Nonprofits

Vertex Systems

Let me start by saying that finding resources that are ACTUALLY free for nonprofits is not as easy as one might think. In fact, the epidemic is so bad that you can probably bet that if it is advertised as free it probably isn't. The common thread is that they are all ACTUALLY Free! #1

Securing a Free Website for your Non-Profit

Byte Technology

Therefore, every NPO should be aware of the paths they can take towards securing quality free (or extremely discounted) web services. The post Securing a Free Website for your Non-Profit appeared first on Byte Technology’s Non-Profit Web Design Insights Blog.

12 Free Nonprofit Webinars and Training Videos You’ll Love


If you’re a nonprofit professional, then you probably know what it’s like to be short on time. Maintaining a work-life balance is hard enough without having to hunt down the resources you and need to develop your skills. That’s why we’re giving you a shortcut. training

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34 Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Every month we compile the largest list of free nonprofit webinars. Here are 34 for July 2017. webinars nonprofit-webinars

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My Birthday Cause: Free Geek!

Amy Sample Ward

I clicked through and created my birthday cause in support of Free Geek! (I’ve I’ve talked about Free Geek before and why I think they are a great organization.). If you’d like to support Free Geek and wish me a happy birthday - check out my Birthday Cause!

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44 Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are 44 free nonprofit webinars for September 2017. Every month we compile the internet's biggest list of nonprofit webinars. webinars nonprofit-webinars

Free Membership Management Software from Wild Apricot Can Run Your Small Organization

Wild Apricot Blog

Thousands of nonprofits use Wild Apricot's software to manage their memberships completely free. That’s because Wild Apricot is one of the few membership management providers who offer a completely free account to small organizations for as long as. software Membership management free

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A Free Agent at Davos!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Shawn Ahmed, Free Agent and founder of the Uncultured Project, has been invited to next week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he will meet with business leaders and heads of state. I wrote a post about his work, describing his work as a free agent. Free Agent

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French Billionaire Opens Tuition-Free School in Silicon Valley - Bloomberg

AFP Blog

French Billionaire Opens Tuition-Free School in Silicon Valley - Bloomberg : "Based on the model Niel launched in France in 2013, the U.S.-based based non-profit will grow to 10,000 students within the next five years, the school said, allowing the institution to train information technology talent in large numbers." 'via via Blog this

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20 Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

In one of this month's free nonprofit webinars, you'll learn how to recruit volunteers right from Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. august free webinarIf you're organization is struggling to recruit volunteers, have you considered using social media to do the work for you?