Volunteer Matching: Recruiting the Best Volunteer for Each Role

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Strategically matching volunteers with assignments that allow them to excel can increase retention, improve engagement, and help your organization achieve its mission. The most successful volunteers posses the traits below: They are passionate about the greater good.

Volunteer Training: Exceeding Expectations

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Having a good training process is an important first interaction with volunteers. Is your volunteer training program exceeding expectations? Is your nonprofit providing volunteers with opportunities to grow and become a greater asset to your nonprofit, long-term?


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Volunteer Retention Tips: How to Retain Volunteers in 2022

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The national average for volunteer retention is only 65%. How does your organization plan to retain volunteers in 2022? Here are 4 volunteer retention tips that can help. Making it easy for your volunteers to participate is key to their retention.

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures. A volunteer handbook is an essential piece of a successful volunteer program at a nonprofit.

How to Manage Volunteers Effectively in 2021

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Effectively managing volunteers starts with a vision, the creation of a plan, and the execution of a strategic process to reach targeted goals. Remember that, on average, 80% of volunteers also provide financial support to the organizations that they volunteer with.

Is Your Volunteer Program Missing Opportunities?

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Your volunteer program should create value for your organization and volunteers at the same time. Creating the most impactful volunteer program is all about fitting to the needs of your organization. Identify Volunteer Needs. Updated: 3/7/2022.

Recognizing Volunteers: 5 Creative Tips

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Recognizing volunteers effectively can positively impact your retention rates. Check out these five ways to recognize volunteers today. Actively recognizing volunteers is one of the most important components of volunteer engagement and retention.

Why Volunteers Quit: How to Retain Them

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There are many reasons why a volunteer may stop giving their time. According to AmeriCorps, the national average volunteer retention rate is 65%. In other words, 1 out of 3 volunteers stop providing their time sooner than expected. Get to know your volunteers!

Recruit Volunteers Online: 5 Engaging Techniques for 2022

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Is your organization struggling with online volunteer recruitment? If so, here are 5 engaging techniques for recruiting volunteers in the new year. Currently, it is estimated that a volunteer hour is worth $28.54. Corporate volunteers and sponsorships. 2022 is here!

Micro-Volunteering: What is It? How Can Volunteer Programs Benefit from It?

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Offering micro-volunteer opportunities can help an organization reach more volunteers and leverage new skills. Here is what micro-volunteering is, what it is not, and how nonprofits can best utilize it. One option is providing micro-volunteer opportunities.

Should Nonprofit Staff Volunteer Alongside Volunteers?

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I had spent much of my time on Saturday as a staff member, volunteering to collaborate with volunteers on a special project. VolunteersNeedless to say, I was tired as I authored this article on Sunday. .

5 Ways to Engage Generation Z Volunteers

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Generation Z volunteers are a vital contributor to the nonprofit world. With a passion for positive impact, this segment of volunteers can help your nonprofit reach its mission. In fact, 10% want to start their own nonprofit making them an ideal volunteer prospect for your organization.

5 Tips for Drafting the Perfect Volunteer Opportunity Description

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The perfect volunteer opportunity description will set expectations, provide a detailed overview, communicate mission, and entice qualified constituents to register. According to a recent report, 71% of volunteers work with only one organization each year.

5 Benefits of Deploying a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Policy

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Creating and implementing a volunteer time off policy can provide much-needed support to the community, help develop skills for employees, and boost morale. Volunteer Policy Template. The post 5 Benefits of Deploying a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Policy appeared first on VolunteerHub.

Volunteer Retention: What Makes them Stay?

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With the value of a volunteer hour approaching $29 in 2022, now is the time to focus on retention and better utilize your existing volunteer contacts. It’s no secret that a dedicated group of volunteers is an important cornerstone of many nonprofit organization.

5 Ways to Better Support Your Volunteers in 2022

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If you want volunteers to keep volunteering, your organization must support them. Here are 5 ways to better support your volunteers and drive the most value from them in 2022. Communicate Volunteer Impact Continuously. Support your volunteers by motivating them.

Online Volunteer Management: Making the Transition

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Choosing the right online volunteer management system is an important decision. Is your nonprofit considering the leap to an online volunteer management system ? Make sure the volunteer management solution you choose does what you need. Preparing Your Volunteers.

Why Volunteer Management is Important in 2021

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an hour), the need for strategic volunteer management is becoming increasingly crucial. Here is why volunteer management is important in 2021. Volunteers provide nonprofits with their time in exchange for the opportunity to make a difference within their community.

Reaching Senior Volunteers with Management Software

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Reaching Senior Volunteers: Volunteer management software can help your nonprofit recruit and register tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy senior volunteers. Active volunteering has been shown to provide socialization, mental-health, and physical health benefits.

New eToolkit: Engaging Virtual Volunteers

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Volunteers have served virtually for decades , but now, the need for engaging volunteers to serve remotely is greater than ever, and the technology to support such engagement is more accessible and accepted than ever.

4 Common Volunteer Management Problems & How to Fix Them

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Optimizing your volunteer management process and investing in the right supporting software can help your organization avoid common pitfalls and reach its mission. What barriers is your volunteer management process causing?

Combat Volunteer Coordinator Turnover with VolunteerHub

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Investing in volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub, can reduce stress and inefficiency that often leads to turnover in the volunteer coordinator role. VolunteerHub helps volunteer coordinators make better use of time.

4 Life-Enriching Reasons to Volunteer

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Volunteering has the power to positively impact the community and provide you with life-changing benefits at the same time. For most people who volunteer, the motivation is to make a difference and give something back to society. Are you a nonprofit reviewing your volunteer program?

Is Your Volunteer Program Prepared for Post-COVID?

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Is your volunteer program prepared? If your nonprofit is like many others, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting your volunteer program has been challenging. Where should your volunteer program go from here? Will you provide in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities?

How to Recruit Remote Volunteers During COVID-19 Using RemoteHub

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By Julia Boyun , Marketing Manager at RemoteHub – a job and volunteer marketplace and community that connects and matches companies and nonprofit organizations with remote professionals. The crucial role of volunteers in nonprofit organizations can’t possibly be understated.

5 Tips for Engaging Lapsed Volunteers

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There are several effective steps that an organization can take to engage and drive value from lapsed volunteers, here are 5. For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased number of lapsed volunteers for a variety of reasons. Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.

Open vs. Welcoming Volunteer Engagement

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When I read these words recently, written by my colleague Barbara Palmer (founder of Broad Perspective Consulting ), they captured the nuance of an issue that had come up in coaching calls with volunteer engagement professionals that same week.

Church Volunteer Scheduling Software: Exploring the Benefits of VolunteerHub

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VolunteerHub is the best volunteer scheduling software for churches and religious organizations, here are 5 reasons why. Many churches and religious organizations rely on the support of volunteers to make their ministries possible and achieve goals. Volunteer Registration.

Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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The key to a successful volunteer program is follow through. Maybe you’ve been there: Someone contacts your organization eager to volunteer. You can’t believe this amazing volunteer just dropped out of the sky… …Until you never hear from that volunteer again.

7 Ideas to Future-Proof Your Volunteer Program

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The best way to future-proof your volunteer program is by adapting to the needs and expectations of volunteers that provide their time. Creating a strategy and setting goals is one of the best ways that your organization can future-proof your volunteer program.

The Value of Volunteers


It's National Volunteer Week! Fun fact, each year about 62 million Americans volunteer at their local schools, with NGOs, with disaster preparedness and response groups, and community centers and homeless shelters. We believe volunteers are always part of the solution.

How to Write About Volunteering on Your Resume

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Including volunteer work on your resume is a great way to demonstrate to hiring managers that you’re community-focused, and would be a hard-working employee if hired. But how you present your volunteer work is also a factor in how hiring managers perceive your experiences.

40 Volunteer Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

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Take a look at these 40 volunteer statistics…they will blow you away. Check out the following 40 volunteer statistics. Each demonstrates the impact of volunteerism and volunteer management on the world around us. Volunteer statistics. of all volunteers.

How to Thank Volunteers in 2021

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Taking the time to thank volunteers is a must. Here are 25 easy to implement ways to show volunteers gratitude for their time in 2021. Taking the time to thank volunteers is one of the easiest strategies a nonprofit can use to convert more people into long-term supporters.

5 Ways to Retain More Volunteers in 2021

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What steps is your nonprofit taking to retain volunteers in 2021? Deploying strategies to retain volunteers in 2021 is crucial to the success of your nonprofit. If your nonprofit is like many organizations in 2021, you rely heavily on volunteers to reach your mission and goals.

4 Ways to Measure Volunteer Program Return on Investment (ROI)

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Your organization’s volunteer program is an important driver toward mission. Here are 4 ways to measure volunteer program ROI and ensure you are getting the highest amount of value. Chances are, volunteers play an important role in your organization. Measure Volunteer Value.

ROI 83

Best Practices for Managing and Organizing Volunteers in 2021

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Strategically managing and organizing volunteers can maximize impact, reduce turnover, and create opportunities in 2021. One of the most valuable capabilities of strategic volunteer management is the ability to organize volunteers to create value. Create Volunteer Profiles.

13 Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) Stats Your Company Needs to Know

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Providing employees with time-off to volunteer is a great way to increase engagement and decrease turnover. Creating an employee benefits program that includes volunteer-time off is a great way to increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

Stats 60

5 Ways to Retain More Volunteers in 2022

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What steps is your organization going to take to retain more volunteers in 2022? Deploying strategies to retain volunteers is crucial to the success of your nonprofit. If your nonprofit is like many organizations, you rely heavily on volunteers to reach your mission and goals.

GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


A thriving volunteer program can help maximize your organization’s impact. By evaluating your existing volunteer program and renewing your focus on recruitment and retention, you can build a thriving and sustainable volunteer program that will propel your work forward. Evaluating Your Existing Volunteer Program. Your co-workers and current volunteers can help you identify all of the ways that you can grow and upgrade your operation. Recruiting More Volunteers.