How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures. A volunteer handbook is an essential piece of a successful volunteer program at a nonprofit.

Recognizing Volunteers: 5 Creative Tips

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Recognizing volunteers effectively can positively impact your retention rates. Check out these five ways to recognize volunteers today. Actively recognizing volunteers is one of the most important components of volunteer engagement and retention.


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Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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The key to a successful volunteer program is follow through. Maybe you’ve been there: Someone contacts your organization eager to volunteer. You can’t believe this amazing volunteer just dropped out of the sky… …Until you never hear from that volunteer again.

How to Manage Volunteers Effectively in 2021

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Effectively managing volunteers starts with a vision, the creation of a plan, and the execution of a strategic process to reach targeted goals. Remember that, on average, 80% of volunteers also provide financial support to the organizations that they volunteer with.

How to Recruit Remote Volunteers During COVID-19 Using RemoteHub

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By Julia Boyun , Marketing Manager at RemoteHub – a job and volunteer marketplace and community that connects and matches companies and nonprofit organizations with remote professionals. The crucial role of volunteers in nonprofit organizations can’t possibly be understated.

How To Involve Volunteers in Your Virtual Fundraising

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Virtual volunteering is on the rise this year. Since your volunteers are integral to your nonprofit’s success, they can also be part of your virtual fundraising efforts. Here are three fundraising areas where you can include volunteers. Volunteers

GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


A thriving volunteer program can help maximize your organization’s impact. By evaluating your existing volunteer program and renewing your focus on recruitment and retention, you can build a thriving and sustainable volunteer program that will propel your work forward. Evaluating Your Existing Volunteer Program. Your co-workers and current volunteers can help you identify all of the ways that you can grow and upgrade your operation. Recruiting More Volunteers.

Family Volunteering – All Together Now!

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November 20, 2021 is Family Volunteer Day – a global day of service that celebrates the power of families who work together to support their communities and neighborhoods. And though volunteering may look different, there are still so many ways to give back.”. When organizations strategically engage families as volunteers, the organizations, the families, and even the community at large benefit. What does your team value about families and volunteers?

5 Tips for Engaging Lapsed Volunteers

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There are several effective steps that an organization can take to engage and drive value from lapsed volunteers, here are 5. For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased number of lapsed volunteers for a variety of reasons. Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteer Fundraisers Could Be Twice as Persuasive as They Think

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One of the hurdles that organizations that depend on volunteer fundraisers must overcome is people’s aversion to asking others for money on the organization’s behalf. Peer to Peer Volunteers

How to Thank Volunteers in 2021

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Taking the time to thank volunteers is a must. Here are 25 easy to implement ways to show volunteers gratitude for their time in 2021. Taking the time to thank volunteers is one of the easiest strategies a nonprofit can use to convert more people into long-term supporters.

4 Life-Enriching Reasons to Volunteer

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Volunteering has the power to positively impact the community and provide you with life-changing benefits at the same time. For most people who volunteer, the motivation is to make a difference and give something back to society. Are you a nonprofit reviewing your volunteer program?

Why Volunteers Are More Important Than Ever Before

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In normal years, volunteers are a precious resource. Think about 2021, when more than 90% of volunteering in the U.S. The question is: Can you bring these volunteers back into the fold? Volunteers

Another New eToolkit: Engaging Volunteer Leaders

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Volunteer leaders can build the capacity of staff throughout an organization, yet many professionals are reluctant to empower volunteer leaders because they are uncomfortable delegating responsibilities. Fear of being replaced by volunteers.

Employee Volunteering Content Roundup


Points of Light, an organization focused on creating a global culture of volunteerism, is hosting its 2 nd annual Global Volunteer Month throughout April. Volunteering looked different for many over the course of the past year. What does volunteering look like in a post-pandemic world

4 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion are Important for Volunteer Programs

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According to research, only 27% of nonprofits have a diversity and inclusion plan for volunteers. Here are 4 reasons diversity and inclusion (D&I) are important for any volunteer program. A volunteer program can be diverse but not inclusive. Increased volunteer productivity.

Bright Idea: Volunteer Fundraising 101


Through carefully curated programs hosted by trained volunteer facilitators at various schools and community centers, they’re able to create a curriculum that features courses on common issues many girls face. It’s up to you to coach your volunteers so that they have fun raising those funds!

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Post-Pandemic: Rebuilding Your Volunteer and Financial Base


But as the Coronavirus appears on the backfoot, it’s a good moment to take stock of the damage it’s done and consider the financial opportunities of volunteer re-engagement and new funding currently available. The challenge of human resources: volunteer re-engagement.

Volunteer Recognition: Top 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas

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Rewarding volunteers can be gratifying and valuable without breaking the budget. Here are 5 budget-friendly ideas for volunteer recognition. Maximizing volunteer productivity is one of the most researched nonprofit topics. Host a volunteer event.

Best Practices for Managing and Organizing Volunteers in 2021

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Strategically managing and organizing volunteers can maximize impact, reduce turnover, and create opportunities in 2021. One of the most valuable capabilities of strategic volunteer management is the ability to organize volunteers to create value. Create Volunteer Profiles.

5 Ways to Retain More Volunteers in 2021

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What steps is your nonprofit taking to retain volunteers in 2021? Deploying strategies to retain volunteers in 2021 is crucial to the success of your nonprofit. If your nonprofit is like many organizations in 2021, you rely heavily on volunteers to reach your mission and goals.

Tips To Attract & Retain Skilled Volunteers That Grow Your Nonprofit


I use this analogy because I believe every nonprofit is sitting on untapped potential: the volunteer. It doesn’t matter on what scale your nonprofit runs, the goodwill and talents of volunteers are the jet fuel to growth. Too often volunteers become people offered the menial jobs.

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Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity

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April’s issue focuses on — you guessed it — volunteering! VQ Volunteer Strategies contributed a checklist to help individuals find the “Right Opportunity” for volunteering. Have you seen the latest issue of Civic Life Today magazine?

Is Your Volunteer Management Solution Up-to-Date in 2021?

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Your volunteer management solution can make or break your volunteer program! Your organization’s volunteer management solution is a crucial component of your volunteer program. Is Your Volunteer Management Solution Integrated with CRM? million volunteers.

Volunteering Abroad Program


Introduction Volunteering is a genuine act of love and happiness. Volunteering abroad program is the trips implemented by nonprofit organizations to share, help, and understand humanity’s importance. The post Volunteering Abroad Program appeared first on VolunteerMark Blog.

Lead Gift Committees: Success with High-Powered Volunteers

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Capital campaigns often recruit volunteers to help with various functions. But sometimes, managing campaign volunteers may seem like more work than it is worth. Volunteer committees do require lots of work to make them function well. This might be a volunteer or staff member.

New Volunteer Checklist: How to Onboard and Welcome New Volunteers

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Most nonprofits and membership organizations depend on volunteers to help run projects, raise funds, organize events, and even manage day-to-day administration.

4 Ways to Measure Volunteer Program Return on Investment (ROI)

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Your organization’s volunteer program is an important driver toward mission. Here are 4 ways to measure volunteer program ROI and ensure you are getting the highest amount of value. Chances are, volunteers play an important role in your organization. Measure Volunteer Value.

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Background and Criminal Record Checks for Candidates and Volunteers: Guidance for Nonprofits and Charities

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Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 Summary: Performing a pre-employment background check equips employers and volunteer managers with key information about a candidate’s past that might influence whether or not they are a good fit for the current position.

How to Attract and Retain Volunteers in 2021

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Attracting and retaining volunteers is crucial to your organization’s mission. How do you get volunteers for a school event, charity, community service project, or another opportunity? And if they volunteer once, how do you get them to come back again?

4 Tips for Recruiting and Engaging Virtual Volunteers in 2021 and Beyond

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The value of virtual volunteers has been escalated for many nonprofits in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers

Volunteer-Management Tool Mobilizes 20,000 Volunteers for Week of Service in LA

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Nonprofits often have to mobilize a large number of volunteers quickly and efficiently to make an event run smoothly and keep expenses down so money raised can go directly toward the cause. Software/Technology Volunteers

Midwest Food Bank: Putting people first, and leading with their volunteers

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Many great non-profits are built on incredible volunteer programs. Not only do volunteers deliver operational efficiencies (free labor!) food banks golden Golden volunteers Midwest Food Bank Volunteer Week Volunteer Week 2021 volunteering volunteers

GivingTuesday: Tips to Reach Donors and Volunteers

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GivingTuesday offers nonprofits an opportunity to capitalize on reaching both donors and volunteers, setting their organization up for success moving into the new year. Many nonprofits are also able to fill countless volunteer opportunities by leveraging this yearly day of giving.

7 Virtual Volunteer Ideas

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Volunteering has always brought people together in service of a common cause but now we must do this online due to COVID-19. Once you have found the right idea post it where volunteers will find it , then consider a volunteer management tool to make sure they are well managed.

5 Tips for Recruiting Virtual Volunteers

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Finding and recruiting virtual volunteers can help your organization grow amid COVID-19. Here are 5 tips for finding the right volunteers to give virtually. Volunteers can be difficult to recruit as time is becoming more and more precious. Reach out to existing volunteers.

Training Volunteers for Hybrid Events: 7 Best Practices

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Volunteers can help make your hybrid event a success. Make the most of your volunteers’ time by training them to take on virtual and in-person tasks.  But a well-planned volunteer training program gets you one step closer to a glitch-free event.

Nonprofit Volunteer Trends Round-up (May 2021)

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​While many nonprofits have reopened their doors for volunteers to safely resume serving, other organizations are continuing to engage with volunteers virtually with board/committee meetings and fundraising events.

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4 Common Volunteer Management Problems and How to Bypass Them

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Managing event volunteers can be challenging! Here are 4 of the most common volunteer management problems and how your organization can avoid them. Every event planner and/or volunteer coordinator loves a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Unengaged Volunteers.

Keeping Volunteer Information Secure from Cyber Theft & Data Leaks


That being said, volunteers applying […]. The post Keeping Volunteer Information Secure from Cyber Theft & Data Leaks appeared first on VolunteerMark Blog. Guest Post Managing Volunteers Technology Volunteer Management Virtual Volunteer Management volunteer management

4 Essential Components of a Volunteer Management Program


Volunteers have the unique capability to bolster your organization and generate excitement and engagement within your wider community. Volunteer work often contributes to greater long-term sustainability because it can provide a reliable source of support during challenging times. .

New eToolkit on Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers Amid Uncertainty

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Volunteer engagement has been evolving for years, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were forced to accelerate change at an unprecedented rate. With only a few exceptions, organizations either chose to adapt or temporarily shut down their volunteer efforts.

Honor MLK Day By Volunteering

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on Monday, January 18, volunteer or make the decision to volunteer in your community. You can turn to Volunteer Match to find volunteer opportunities right in your neighborhood or nearby surrounding area. As the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.