The Science of Nonprofit Video Engagement: How To Use Emotion to Increase Social Sharing

Nonprofit Tech for Good

What would motivate you to share it with your friends? Why does social sharing matter anyways? We’ll also look at the types of emotions that drive engagement and how you can leverage them to increase social sharing for your nonprofit’s videos.

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Continuing a Shared Love of Generosity

Charity Navigator

My wife grew up poor. Her father was killed in a tragic accident when she was a toddler. She always said, “If my mother hadn’t run welfare in our small Montana town, we would have been on it.” We met in the air over the Pacific in 1985.


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Share Buttons and Bars

NCE Social Media

Are you using share buttons and or bars on your websites? They are a key enabler to make your site and it’s content viral, i.e. allowing people who view it to easily share it with others. Buttons are little icons that can take people to your social media pages, or to a a tool that allows the viewer to share the page to their friends on their own social media sites. A share bar is a bar that goes on the side or bottom of your webpage. Sharing Tools.

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Creating a Safe Space for Members to Share

Joy of Membership

This week’s podcast conversation with Irene van der Zande was a reminder that part of creating a safe space for member interaction involves being sure that they feel like they can share and others are truly listening.

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6 Takeaways From ShareThis’ Study on Social Sharing


Articles on TechCrunch and AllFacebook revieiwng this data seem to focus on Facebook ‘s stronghold on the clickthroughs of shared links, at 38% of all links shared by social means. Here are some quick takeaways to consider: 1) The Ease of Social Sharing is Important. This study reveals that 31% of website referrals are from the “sharing&# of your content; including social networks, blogs, and email–and bookmarks.

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Get Fully Funded

I got ahold of a great book recently that I want to share with you. It’s “The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards&# by Jerold Panas. It’s a quick and easy read, and chock-full of wise nuggets. Here’s some of what I found inside: Without a consequential mission, you’re like a blindfolded kid swinging at a pinata. Your fundraising is hit or miss. Mostly miss. Your donors have the power to change a life – save a life.

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File Sharing in the Cloud


With so many potential solutions for cloud-based file storage and sharing, which one is an organization to choose? Cloud cloud back-up file sharing Program Two guest authors come together to review several options and note important features to consider in choosing a solution. As information systems move into the cloud, many organizations are starting to ask, “What about my files?”

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Unlock Fans While Engaging Supporters Beyond Like, Share and Comment

Amy Sample Ward

I recently met with Drew Bernard to learn what ActionSprout is all about; and I got so excited that I asked him to share a guest post I could put up here so you could get excited, too. At the same time I have watched organization struggle to engage with Facebook supporters in meaningful ways using just the actions Facebook has provided; Like, Share, or Comment. In their case, over 75% of action takers shared the action.

16 Professionals Share Nonprofit Technology Advice via Instagram Video

Nonprofit Tech for Good

15-second video interviews are the new elevator pitch. In a world where attention spans are waning, the ability to communicate a message succinctly and on camera is a very valuable skill. While a few individuals succeeded in just one take, most needed two or three takes. Getting your point across verbally in 15 seconds while the camera is recording is much harder than it looks!

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Share Stories to Further Your Cause

NonProfit Hub

If you’re having trouble getting momentum behind your cause, try to share stories. The most interesting stories to share are filled with hardship and tension. Share your stories (a lot). Once you find your story, share it anywhere and everywhere. Sharing success stories can also be a great way to motivate your staff. But sharing stories like these will help to remind your staff that their work is making a difference in someone else’s life.

Share The Bad News

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Naturally, it's much easier to share good news with your employees, but it's perhaps even more important to share the bad news. Don't give them a false sense of the situation by sharing only good news. If revenue is down, or if you've lost a large customer, or if a new competitor has entered the market, let your team know. Your employees need to know about the health of your company or organization.

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Encourage Online Supporters To Share Your Organization’s Content


Today’s Internet world has made it easier than ever before to share content with a wide audience. But according to a recent post from Socialbrite, what is even more effective – and more challenging – is convincing … Continued The post Encourage Online Supporters To Share Your Organization’s Content appeared first on Tech Impact. Blog Leadership Social Tech content marketing nonprofit npEngage npTech share content socialbrite

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Why Nonprofits Are Needed in the Sharing Economy

Tech Soup Blog

At the SHARE Conference last month, I spent time watching venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and techies praise how the sharing economy was the new way to make money and catalyze sharing and change. My TechSoup Global colleague Lewis Haidt was at the conference as well and penned Nonprofits Imagine a Better Sharing Economy , which provides a good primer on what it is and how a nonprofit-centric sharing economy can benefit all of us.

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Passing the Word: Getting Supporters to Share your Cause

Byte Technology

It all comes down to one word: sharing. The post Passing the Word: Getting Supporters to Share your Cause appeared first on Byte Technology’s Non-Profit Web Design Insights Blog. The fundraiser—whether it’s an inspired event, online appeal or one-time contest—should of course be considered an important component of any non-profit’s campaigning effort.

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Share The Bad News

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Of course it's much easier to share good news with your employees, but it's perhaps even more important to share the bad news. Don't give them a false sense of the situation by sharing only good news. If revenue is down, or if you've lost a large customer, or if a new competitor has entered the market, let your team know. Your employees need to know about the health of your company or organization.

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Will the Sharing Economy Catalyze New Forms of Philanthropy?

Beth Kanter

After I attended Catalyzing the Sharing Economy conference (the sharing economy is defined as the use of networked, mobile, information technology to share goods and services), I shared a post with some notes and ideas about why I think it is the next generation of networked social change. Lucy Bernholz, who has been thinking about the sharing economy and social change for longer than anyone, share her conference notes, asking “ Where is the Public Good?

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 152: Putting Purpose into Practice with Shared Value

Connection Cafe

Putting Purpose into Practice with Shared Value. That’s what today’s guest, Bobbi Silten, managing director of the Shared Value Initiative, is here to discuss. Topics Discussed in This Episode: What the Shared Value Initiative does and how it originated.

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My Three Words for 2011: Seek, Sense, and Share

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For 2011, my three words are: Seek, Sense, and Share inspired by Harold Jarche’s model for networked learning. How these words will guide me in 2011: Seek: Seeking is the process of keeping up to date in your field. A lot the products of my sense-making are shared through this blog, flickr, YouTube, and Slideshare – as well as offline through presentations, book and article writing, and facilitating workshops. reflection seek sense share three words

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Share Files and Collaborate Online with Box

Tech Soup Blog provides organizations with the Box file-sharing, content management, and collaboration service. You can use Box's cloud-based storage and collaboration tools to replace traditional on-premises file servers and traditional file-sharing processes. You can upload and share files up to 2 GB in size with the Starter Edition. Its employees use Box to share digital asset libraries and collaborate with third-party vendors.

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Sharing the Experience of Disaster: Colorado Floods


We wake up four days later to both sun and more rain, 18,000 homes lost or damaged and more than 1,000 people unaccounted for. A number of communities are hearing from officials that with winter approaching, major road failures and other infrastructure may not be repaired for some time. Our hearts and minds go out to all those now beginning the difficult work of recovery--in this flood--and in the other disasters that occur in this nation and around the world every day.

5 Ways To Get More Social Shares On Your Blog


One of the most important things non-profits hope to get out of their blogs are shares on social media sites. When site visitors share your content, you get more views for the article and your blog, which leads to more engagement and visibility for your organization. Getting your followers to share your content can, however, […]. The post 5 Ways To Get More Social Shares On Your Blog appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

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Nonprofits Imagine a Better Sharing Economy

Tech Soup Blog

Nonprofits should lead the sharing economy and demand more from the private sector. The Sharing Economy -- the use of networked, often mobile, information technology to share goods and services -- offers nonprofits new possibilities for innovation and efficiency along with new paradigms to move from scarcity to abundance. Whether it’s AirBnB , the Sharing Cities Network or Car2Go , the range of sharing economy examples is reaching a tidal flood.

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Member Engagement - Sharing Stories

Wild Apricot

As I was preparing a series of blog posts on member engagement and communications (the #1 issue facing organizations in 2011 according to our Blog Reader Survey), one of January's Nonprofit Blog Carnival posts - Nonprofits and Information: Sharing Our Stories - caught my attention. Are you sharing your stories?

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9 Amazing Organizations Share Their Tech Success

Tech Soup Blog

Over the past year, we've been doing TechSoup Impact stories about nonprofits, churches, and libraries doing great work with TechSoup product donations. Here are the ones we especially liked from the past year! HART for Animals. HART for Animals is a one-stop rescue organization for all things pets in rural Maryland. Since 2003, the nonprofit has saved more than 6,000 animals, and the project is growing fast.

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Leverage Your Supporters' Influence and Follow Engagement with Social Share Tracking


To tap into this, you need know who shares your content, but more importantly, you want to know who is succeeding at referring new people – and donations - to your organization. Online Actions now allows you to track referrers who share your forms, both if they click the share asks, and also if those shares generate any new submissions. When publishing a form, on the confirmation page step, enable the social share tools and referrer tracking.

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Nonprofit-Centric Data Sharing Sites


Data sharing has become a critical part of collaboration and will continue to do so as we are able to access and create more data. These are just a handful of nonprofit-focused data sharing sites to get you started: National Center for Charitable Statistics: NCCS provides data, as well as analysis tools and reports, on Nonprofits around the US. Where are you finding/sharing data for your organization?

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Sharing the Work


So with these enhancements we make it easier to share the work load. This is not "cooperation;" this is about working with other organizations who share common objectives. If grant applicants wrote in their narrative about how two or more organizations shared common objectives, they were probably describing cooperation. Managing multiple portals for multiple partners is even easier. It''s grounded, however, in the art and science of true collaboration.

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A shared WordPress framework cuts costs for MENTOR and affiliates

The Nerdy NonProfit

A large component of MENTOR MN is to serve, educate, and share resources with other mentoring organizations, making the website a key component and tool. The post A shared WordPress framework cuts costs for MENTOR and affiliates appeared first on The Nerdy Nonprofit.

Sharing my #EpicThanks – please join me!

Amy Sample Ward

I really hope you’ll join me in sharing your Epic Thanks! I’ve been secretly conspiring with a few friends on Epic Thanks , a global celebration that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude, and I’m hoping you’ll join me by bringing your grateful heart to the party! I’m so thankful! I really am. I’m thankful for so many things especially at this time when we have just moved, and so many things seem to be changing and yet staying the same.

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11 Nonprofit Professionals Share Social Media and Technology Advice for Nonprofits via Instagram Video

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Thanks to a partnership with the Public Interest Registry , Heather Mansfield of Nonprofit Tech for Good was able to report live from the Nonprofit Technology Conference ( #14NTC ) last week in Washington, DC. Empowered with a tablet and smartphone, one of Heather’s first priorities was to reveal the faces and expertise behind some our favorite nonprofit brands.

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3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons

WBT Systems

3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons. Read more about 3 Associations Share Their AMS-LMS Integration Lessons

NTEN's New Homepage: Share Your First Impressions!


After months of thoughtful reflection, accompanied by much weeping and gnashing of teeth, we are close to finalizing the design of the new NTEN homepage. Our web design experts from Cornershop Creative have put together a page that we hope will fulfill the intended goals of the redesign: to create a more dynamic, easy to navigate website that will help to support our active community of nonprofit professionals to connect, learn, and change the world.

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Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

However, it’s important to note that there are intrinsic pitfalls with using this method: you’ll have to share a password with them and, if you’re using two-step authentication, the login process will be more difficult. The post Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog.

The Next Generation of Networked Social Change: Embracing the Share Economy

Beth Kanter

Meal Sharing (@MealSharing) May 13, 2014. Earlier this week, a mixed crowd of entrepreneurs, investors, start ups, nonprofits, social activists, and others came together for the inaugural conference on Catalyzing the Sharing Economy defined as the use of networked, mobile, information technology to share goods and services. Think AirBNB and Uber, but it is much more than that. One of the categories is “food swapping” or “food sharing.”

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Strengthen Your Community with a Knowledge Sharing Network


Consider how you can support more robust knowledge sharing. By providing your stakeholders with a dedicated place to share knowledge with one another, community building happens naturally. What is a knowledge sharing network? A robust knowledge sharing network might involve people sharing resources, best practices, worst practices, just-in-time information, quick tips, and deep thinking, all focused on a specific topic. Community knowledge sharing Program

What are the difference between Public, Shared and Private proxies?

Find the free stuff

You have heard about some private proxies, some shared and some public proxies, but. The post What are the difference between Public, Shared and Private proxies? You decided to use a proxy in order to protect yourself on the internet and you found out that there are several different types of proxies, so which one is for you? What type of proxy is best for your needs? appeared first on Proxy Server

Zippyshare: 10 Best Zippyshare Alternatives For File Hosting And Sharing

Find the free stuff

You have a large file, but you don’t know how to share it around the internet? Official Zippyshare site: On this website, The post Zippyshare: 10 Best Zippyshare Alternatives For File Hosting And Sharing appeared first on You tried uploading it on some websites, but it says your file is too big? It can happen. Zippyshare is a good file hosting service made exactly when you have that kind of issue.

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More Likes, More Comments, More Shares: Using Psychology to Get the Most from Your Facebook Page

Byte Technology

Indeed, it appears that liking something such as photo or video, sharing information with others and commenting on said information is hard-wired into the human psyche, an inescapable and inherent trait that guides our thinking and our interactions with others. Here are some ideas to ponder and actions to take: • Liking and sharing is a form of acknowledgment for human beings, a kind of “virtual empathy.”

Fundraising Best Practices: Sharing the Results of Donating Online to 31 Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Each year I select 31 Favorite Nonprofits to which I donate 10% of my webinar income. Part of the reason is a commitment to altruism, but I also use (for lack of a better word) these 31 nonprofits to study how nonprofits are progressing in online fundraising, social media and mobile communications.

The Photo that Was Worth 25,000 Shares

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Earlier this month, I posted shared an article mentioning a warning from Facebook to Page Admin s: Your organic reach will decline. I asked fans if they thought paid reach will become a standard part of their strategy. The post prompted lots of comments and complaints, especially from smaller nonprofits without the resources to purchase ads on Facebook. Shaun Dakin shared this petition from asking Facebook to set up an advertising grant program.

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Tell A Story To Share Your Vision

Eric Jacobson

Reynolds shared her expertise with me awhile back during an interview. She recommends that leaders share their vision at least seven to 10 times with their employees, and to make it clear to everyone what specifically each person can do each day to help achieve the collective mission. Reynolds'' other advice to leaders is to be one whom: listens with respect communicates effectively removes obstacles shoulders the blame shares the glory.

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10 Best Free Anonymous File Sharing Sites without Registration

Find the free stuff

The online platform is the fastest, most efficient way to share files and other documents with friends. The post 10 Best Free Anonymous File Sharing Sites without Registration appeared first on This platform, however, faces a perennial problem of tracking and hacking into systems and accessing personal data. This is often done by government agencies or some other bad guys who mean you harm. Thankfully, there are new and.

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NComputing - Shared Computing Simplified

Tech Soup Blog

Here at TechSoup, we are often on the lookout for simple but effective technology that organizations can use to bring greater access to their constituents. NComputing is one of those companies that is heavily invested in that mission, and their technology has the potential to make an impact in bridging the digital divide in both developed and developing parts of the world. read more.

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