Multi-Channel Fundraising Guide

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Multi-channel fundraising is a great way to keep your mission in front of supporters during the busy end-of-year giving season. This comprehensive guide covers how to launch a multi-channel fundraising campaign, important channels to consider, and examples of effective multi-channel campaigns.

Direct Mail or Email? Win Over Donors With Both Channels

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Despite being a frequently debated topic, there is no "versus" between direct mail and email. Each is an indispensable partner to the other. Regardless, it's essential to approach them differently with your writing. Copywriting Direct Mail E-mail direct mail Email Writing

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Diversifying Your Fundraising Channels to Infinity & Beyond

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As nonprofits prepare for the post-pandemic phase, it’s now more important than ever to make sure they are diversifying their fundraising channels.

The NonProfit Voice Ep 72: Discover Ways to Become a More Efficient Fundraiser

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How to Maximize Success Stories Across Your Nonprofit’s Digital Channels

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Tailor your most compelling narratives for different channels to share them widely. The Mission Continues thoughtfully shares the stories of former military servicemen and women who volunteer with the organization across its channels, including the story of Dustin Bird, a Marine Corps veteran who finds purpose and strength in partnering with the organization. Share uplifting narratives optimized for your channels.

How to Optimize Content for SEO Across Channels

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The post How to Optimize Content for SEO Across Channels appeared first on Media Cause. If you want supporters to find you, you need a good website—and it needs to be optimized for search engines.

Direct Mail in a Multi-Channel Fundraising Strategy


Deciding on the channels through which to send your appeals can be tough—there are so many ways to reach donors these days. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the role of direct mail in a multi-channel fundraising strategy.

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In Challenging Times, Channeling Negative Emotions into Impactful Giving

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What drives someone to give? While it’s safe to say that many associate the primary force behind donating comes from a positive place, that may not always be true. Many times, the initial spark of desire to donate originates from somewhere else.

Mail vs. Email: Pros & Cons of Each Fundraising Channel

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When it comes to choosing the right marketing channel for your nonprofit fundraising, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of each option. The two most prominent fundraising channels for nonprofits are direct mail and email.

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ATTN Nonprofits: New YouTube Channels Coming Early March 2013

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YouTube has begun rolling out a new YouTube Channel design entitled One Channel to a very small small group of YouTube users. The new design offers much less customization, but enables more efficient browsing of your videos and the channels that you are subscribed to, and is more tailored for smartphone and tablet video watching. To prepare in advance for the new YouTube Channels, nonprofits will need to design a new banner.

Top 5 Nonprofit Youtube Channels


Top 5 Nonprofit Youtube Channels. Check out these top nonprofit youtube channels and the videos that make them great to find out what they do so well! A lot goes into making a youtube channel great, and these nonprofits demonstrate that. Top 5 Nonprofit Youtube Channels.

How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel?

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The post How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel? It’s no secret that people are making money by creating and sharing videos on YouTube. But, how can a person earn on YouTube? Creating and sharing videos is not just all you have to do to earn a decent living via this platform.

Earn More Giving Tuesday Donations with Multi-channel Marketing


What marketing channels will you use? If you’re thinking about taking a one-channel marketing approach, there’s a good chance some donors will miss your messaging. Instead, try using multi-channel marketing to earn more Giving Tuesday donations. What is multi-channel marketing?

Growing Your Nonprofit’s Digital Footprint Through Multi-Channel Marketing

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A common myth is that being successful with digital advertising means being on every platform at all times, but is your audience actively participating on every channel? The post Growing Your Nonprofit’s Digital Footprint Through Multi-Channel Marketing appeared first on Media Cause.

Why is multi-channel marketing important for nonprofit fundraising?


Multi-channel marketing is the practice of communicating and marketing across many channels. By leveraging multiple communication channels—email, mobile, direct mail, websites, social media, paid and earned media, SEO, and more, you expand your reach to engage new donors and supporters.

Channel Surfing: A News Roundup


Several bloggers and journalists attempt to answer this age-old question in the following coverage from around the sector: Direct marketing guru and blogger at The Agitator Roger Craver shared the following tough love comments in his post Online Ghost Haunts All Fundraisers : “I’ve long suspected that too many of us find too many excuses for avoiding the multi-channel integration challenge. It’s a great guide for making the most of your channel-surfing donors.

How to Get Sponsorship for Your YouTube Channel: Everything You Need to Know 

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You’ve watched excitedly as your YouTube channel continues to climb, your subscriber count shooting up. As your channel attracts more attention, you’re thinking of working with sponsors. How do you attract sponsors to your YouTube channel?

5 Youtube Video Ideas to Boost Your Channel

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The post 5 Youtube Video Ideas to Boost Your Channel appeared first on YouTube videos are a great way to engage with your audience and create interesting creative content.

How To Improve Views On Your YouTube Channel?

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Here different people have created their YouTube channel and start posting content and videos. It is not easy to become a YouTuber in one day as a reason, all you need to consider is posting interesting as well as unique content on your YouTube channel.

The Rise of Multi-Channel Learning and How LMS Plays an Important Role In It


Conducting multi-channel learning with GyrusAim LMS can maximize the effectiveness of your training In today’s age, teams are spread across multiple locations.

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website

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A tried and true method of increasing marketing efforts is to use a multi-channel approach. Multi-channel fundraising is exactly what its name states — using multiple marketing channels to promote an upcoming fundraising campaign or event.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

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The promotion of a YouTube channel is a multi-step process that includes channel art, creating effective. The post How To Promote Your YouTube Channel appeared first on Brands and influencers are increasingly leveraging video as a communication medium. YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for creating and uploading stunning videos. You will need to invest in some useful tools to promote your YouTube videos.

Take a Common Sense Approach to Multi-Channel Marketing


It's certainly true that multi-channel marketing has been around for as long as marketing has been around. E-mail integrated marketing multi-channel nptech nten Strategy Web Sites Communications FundraisingBecky Odum. Vice President of Strategic Services. Barton Cotton. If you're still struggling to find the right method for integrating your fundraising, our advice is to keep it simple at first: take a common sense approach.

Meet The Speaker: Multi-Channel Fundraising with Abby Jarvis


Crafting a successful multi-channel fundraising campaign doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! What is your biggest tip for deciding on the right marketing channels? If you’d like to learn how to create a successful multi-channel fundraising campaign, join us on January 19th.

DipJar Announces DipJar Online, Extending DipJar’s Leadership in in-person Fundraising to Online and Mobile Channels  


DipJar Announces DipJar Online, Extending DipJar’s Leadership in in-person Fundraising to Online and Mobile Channels . New offering will provide nonprofit organizations with a better ability to reach and engage donors online and through mobile channels. .

HOW TO: Merge Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Channel and Google+ Page

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Currently in Beta, YouTube just announced the ability to merge your YouTube channel with your nonprofit’s Google+ page. After merging the two you can then upload videos to your YouTube channel directly from your Google+ page, access both your channel and page with one login, and a new “YouTube” tab will appear on your Google+ page. Step 4: Confirm that you want to merge your channel and your Google+ page.

HOW TO: Launch a Broadcast “TV” Channel for Your Nonprofit

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allow individuals and brands to launch their own Web-based “TV&# channels. Currently, these channels can not easily be viewed on the digital TV sets in our living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, but it’s just a matter of time. Nonprofits will soon be broadcasting their own live TV programs to households around the world simply with a Ustream channel and a smartphone. Start building your channel and live-streaming communities now. Websites like

Win at Multi-Channel Marketing with a Messaging Framework

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With seemingly limitless channels available to nonprofit marketers to cultivate, your fundraising and engagement efforts now require developing messages for each medium. Most nonprofits are already aware of the need for multi-channel marketing, and with an exploding number of channels it becomes increasingly challenging to present a consistent message across all channels in a format and tone that’s best for each medium. How will you ever get to it all?

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Changing Channels: Easier on your TV than in Fundraising

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In a sea of channels, the best way to stand out is to ensure you’re showing up where your audience is most likely to be. But navigating information channels is trickier than navigating TV channels, especially if you don’t have the right information. With the rise of technology has come a proliferation of giving channels nonprofits can, and arguably should, utilize to fundraise. Email could represent a good middle ground between direct mail and newer digital channels.

10 Tips To Improve Your Nonprofits Youtube Channel


10 Tips To Improve Your Nonprofits Youtube Channel. An effective Youtube channel can help you spread your nonprofit’s message and increase donations. . Use your nonprofits logo/icon as your profile picture (and design your channel to match it). Have a channel trailer.

Social Media Mania: Why Your Non-Profit Should Focus on Channels That Get Results

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Why these two channels? But for groups saddled by small staffs and limited budgets, honing your efforts on those channels that promise the greatest success is certainly worth considering. The post Social Media Mania: Why Your Non-Profit Should Focus on Channels That Get Results appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog. Love it or hate it, social media is a critical element of any successful non-profit’s overall marketing strategy.

[FREE Webinar] Hot or Not: Which Fundraising Channels Are a Forecast for Success?


YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine, but does Googles nonprofit program make video a useful fundraising channel? With so many new fundraising channels, how do you figure out how to successfully leverage each to raise money for your organization? 42% of the American population is active on Facebook, but most struggle to successfully raise significant amounts of money. Twitter has over 14 million users, but does anyone actually pay attention to you there?

How to Run a Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign (Without Too Much Stress)


In this article, you’ll learn how to run a multi-channel fundraising campaign as efficiently as possible. First tip: be selective about what channels you use. You don’t need to be on every channel out there. Let me repeat that: you don’t need to be on every channel out there!

How To Make Your YouTube Channel Look Great in 2016


Why not kick-start the New Year with a refresh for your nonprofit’s YouTube channel? The post How To Make Your YouTube Channel Look Great in 2016 appeared first on The See3 Blog. video digital strategy video SEO YouTube

NTC Online Preview: Jeff Regen on Multi-Channel Fundraising


Integrated fundraising -- when online and offline fundraising efforts are coordinated across mediums -- can be much more effective than any single channel on its own. In this podcast, Jeff and I talk through the different types of multi-channel integration and how even small organizations can take advantage of these strategies to boost their returns: Want more from Jeff? 11ntc integrated multi-channel NPTech NTEN Fundraising

Single Channel Communication is Dead


None of these channels are dead. Nonprofits are still improving their use of direct marketing, phone, email, and other channels. What is dead is the use of one channel at a time to engage people. Single Channel is Dead There, I said it. The channels aren't dead — using them by themselves is dead. Using a single communication channel to engage with constituents is a dead on arrival strategy. Direct mail is dead. Email is dead. TV and radio are dead.

You and Your YouTube Channel


Our upcoming webinar, " You and Your YouTube Channel " will help you get started. > During this webinar, you'll learn: How to set up and customize a YouTube channel for your nonprofit How to produce basic, but compelling and professional videos for your nonprofit Develop a web video strategy that works for your organization Not surprisingly, my personal favorite from the Nonprofit Video Awards is " Passover Moses ".

Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaigns: Storytelling Is Key

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to hear presentations about multi-channel campaigns , including the deck above from Rebecca Willett of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. There's the other side of letting your supporters tell their story in their words via social media and then re-purposing it through other channels. How are you thinking about how your story is being told and retold through both traditional and social channels? Planned Parenthood Online Overview View more presentations from Big Duck.

Join TechSoup's Social Media Channels

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TechSoup has over 400 technology products available for nonprofits and over 40 donor partners. Since 2002, TechSoup has helped over 118,000 nonprofits and libraries save over $1.7 billion in information technology expenses. And TechSoup's Learning Center has more than 500 how-to articles and webinars on technology topics created especially for nonprofits and libraries. However, one of the most important numbers is a small number: nine. As in nine ways to connect on the social web.

Multi-Channel Fundraising Raises More Money


Care2 held a terrific webinar on Multi-Channel Fundraising. During the webinar Jocelyn Harmon, Director of Nonprofit Services for Care2 posed the question "is fundraising via multiple channels magic or myth?" Panelists Allison Van Diest of Blackbaud and Karla Capers of Union of Concerned Scientists agreed that integrating multi-channel fundraising raises more money than single donation channels. 10% comes in through online channels.

Presentation: Getting Started with Multi-Channel Fundraising


Or that the median revenue per donor for multi-channel supporters was $228 compared to $89 for offline and $113 for online donors? Getting Started with Multi-Channel Fundraising ” In addition to the terrific stats and resources the panelists shared, Gulseth also discussed Earth Justice’s online fundraising success in raising $1.2 million and how their fundraising increased 40% by using multiple channels to reach their donors.

Channel Integration Now and Later

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We all know that the more standard channels to integrate are direct and … Fundraising Retention Mobile Small Act social SONI