Understanding Digital Tracking

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For online marketers, there is customer behavior digital tracking. What You Need To Know About Digital Tracking. Why does Digital Tracking matter? Via digital tracking, you get full clarity on your efforts. We’re your digital professionals!

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iDonate Releases 2.0 Version of Digital Fundraising Platform

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News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Digital fundraising digital fundraising platform IdonateiDonate announced iDonate 2.0, a completely revamped and refreshed upgrade of its SaaS online giving platform. The newly updated 2.0


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The NonProfit Voice Ep 69: Why It’s Essential to Become a Digital-First Nonprofit

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Online Fundraising Social Media Software/Technology Cathexis Partners Digital-first digital-first fundraising Epilepsy Foundation GoodUnited The NonProfit Voice

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The New (Digital) Normal

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Online Fundraising Digital fundraisingEven with all of its numerous challenges, a silver lining could have emerged from 2020. As the doors of many organizations closed, nonprofits were forced to leverage the resources and tools they had available.

Digital Transformation: Bringing Your Association Into 2021

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Millennials and younger people who are now joining associations, demand access to their content digitally, in bite-size pieces and preferably in video format. Insider Case Studies Digital Transformation Multimedia Content StrategyWell, that only took 70 years.

Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit

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Your Digital Donor Thank-You Kit is your guide to crafting timely, personalized thank-you messages. It includes thank-you email templates, video scripts, and more

Digital Marketing Tactics to Combat a Looming Recession and Declining Donations

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E-mail Grants Search Engine Marketing Declining donations Digital marketing Email Recession SeoWhile economic health can be unpredictable, there are tactics you can employ to help ensure your organization operates efficiently and effectively through uncertainty.

Moore Announces the Launch of New Agency, Moore Digital

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Moore Digital, a digital agency for nonprofits, will unify media buying across all channels under one division to provide clients with an omnichannel approach powered by SimioCloud. News/Stats/Studies Moore Moore Digital

“Digital-First Peer-to-Peer Fundraising” Study Reveals Explosive Growth

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Digital-first” efforts leverage tools such as social media and livestream video to inspire donations from people connected with program participants.

#NPPTrendingNow Ep 178: The Digital Norm

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Online Fundraising Digital strategyWelcome back to #NPPTrendingNow, where NonProfit PRO Editor-in-Chief Nhu Te breaks down the top three coveted stories of the week.

A Framework to Attract Digital Donors and Build Community

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Is your organization overwhelmed by the need to implement a comprehensive digital fundraising strategy? Or, if you've started your digital transformation journey, are you stumped about how to scale your methods?

Classy Launches New Digital Tools for Nonprofit Customers

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News/Stats/Studies Campaign Templating Classy Digital tools Facebook CAPI google analytics Venmo DonationsClassy is announcing a number of new product launches for its nonprofit customers.

Digital Transformation—Once an Option, Now a Necessity


In May 2019, when the panel discussion below was first published in the.orgSource newsletter, digital transformation probably wasn’t top of mind for most association leaders. Since 2020 taught us that only the digital survive, new strategies and approaches for IT are on every agenda.

ZGIVE Launches AI-Boosted Digital Auctions for Nonprofits

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Auctions News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology boodleAI digital auction platform ZGIVEAI is taking the world by storm, and ZGIVE, in partnership with boodleAI, is on a mission to help nonprofits get in on the action.

Nonprofit Advertising in a New Digital Landscape

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Digital advertising and testing, often thought to be reserved for high-resourced organizations, can be done on an attainable scale for smaller grassroots organizations.

Twilio Research Finds Nonprofits Outpace Private Sector in Digital Engagement Adoption

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Twilio, the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands, published new research that explores how digital engagement is reshaping the way nonprofit organizations deliver services.

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Digital Strategists, Innovators, and Drivers Build a Relevant Future


The post Digital Strategists, Innovators, and Drivers Build a Relevant Future appeared first on.orgSource. Digital Leadership digital transformation @dawnbriskey @orgcommunity @orgsource #assnchat #assnconsult #association40 #digitalleadership #digitaltransformation #orgsherry #sherryconnect

Building a Digital Ecosystem Around Your AMS

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The post Building a Digital Ecosystem Around Your AMS appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Executive Planning & Strategy Technology

5 Thoughts On Your Pivot To Digital

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As a professional publisher of a traditionally printed brand, you will need to quickly adjust to a new landscape if you have suddenly found yourself focused on or even fully pivoting to a digital distribution strategy.

Promote Your Digital for Optimal Success

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Creating an exceptional digital content experience is important, but promoting it appropriately is the key to engaging your audience. We recommend identifying 3 to 5 reasons why your digital edition matters and then tell your readers about them.

Take Part in the Largest Ever Survey on Digital Equity


EDITOR’S NOTE: TechSoup is partnering with Connect Humanity to map the state of digital accessibility across civil society. Digital Divide

23 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Reports for Nonprofits Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The reports listed below offer much-needed data to help your nonprofit craft its 2022-23 digital marketing and fundraising strategy. Digital Technology in the Non-for-Profit Sector 2020 :: Download. Charity Digital Skills Report 2021 :: Download.

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New Research Details Emerging Trends in Digital and Other Innovative Giving Practices

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identify expanded donor expectations for transparency from charitable organizations and significant growth in digital giving. Accountability Crowdfunding News/Stats/Studies digital giving Indiana University new researchAnalyses of philanthropic activity in Brazil and the U.K.

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Ready to Declutter Your Digital Life?

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This past holiday season, I decided to declutter my digital life. Turns out digital clutter is just as distracting and annoying as physical clutter , maybe even more so because it’s often hidden and there’s so much of it! The post Ready to Declutter Your Digital Life?

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What to Expect When Pivoting to Digital

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If you've found yourself focused more than ever on digital for one reason or another, here's what you can expect in the transition Publishing business models have had no choice but to evolve over the last year.

Tag, You're It! Taking Your Digital Transformation To The Next Level

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Events Analog-to-Digital Book Education Digital Transformation Content Strategy Marketing Advocacy CollaborationWe’ve come to the end of this series, where I slowly but surely, give you tools and insights that you can implement to bring your association into the future.

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5 Keys to Digital Marketing Success

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Successful digital marketing strategies never occur without proper planning, but you can make them work in your favor with a bit of effort. Ultimately, a content marketing strategy is the best representation of your organization — donor-facing and what happens behind the scenes.

20+ Digital Marketing & Fundraising Conferences for Nonprofit Professionals Worldwide

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Digital marketing and fundraising trends are constantly evolving and conferences provide an essential training opportunity for nonprofit professionals to learn from their peers and spark their creativity. Digital Leap.

Why Digital Accessibility Matters for Nonprofits


What is digital accessibility and why is it important to nonprofit organizations and their communities? This post will explore the importance of accessibility in web and other digital communications as it relates to a nonprofit's ability to serve beneficiaries and to communicate with donors.

More Recurring Gifts From Digital Approaches

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Face-to-face/door-to-door fundraising, also known as canvassing, came to a screeching halt during COVID-19. For organizations that picked those strategies back up again in late 2020, the good news is the number of sustainers is up and retention rates are also up. .

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Must-Read Digital Marketing & Fundraising Reports for Nonprofits Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The reports listed below offer much-needed data to help your nonprofit, NGO, or charity craft your 2021-22 digital marketing and fundraising strategy. Digital Technology in the Non-for-Profit Sector 2020 :: Download. Charity Digital Skills Report 2020 :: Download.

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10 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2022

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Below are the notes from the “10 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends to Watch in 2022” webinar presented by Heather Mansfield on December 1.

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Earn a Certificate in Digital Marketing & Fundraising from Nonprofit Tech for Good

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101 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits is a blog and webinar series offered by Nonprofit Tech for Good. Those who register and attend all three webinars in the series will earn a Certificate of in Digital Marketing & Fundraising from Nonprofit Tech for Good.

Bluelark Launches Salesforce Suite for NGO Digital Transformation

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The NGO toolkit covers all key NGO operational areas, including online and offline donation collection, volunteer relationship management platform, event and volunteer resource management and volunteer intranet for online NGO member communication. News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Bluelark Ngo NGO Toolkit

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Getting Forward to Normal: The Need for Digital Infrastructure

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We can live without the office, but we can't live without a digital connection. Some of the former debate is merited, but too often our digital infrastructure is like the plumbing, in that, we only notice it when it goes awry.

Crypto Giving: 4 Things Nonprofits Should Know About This Fast-Growing Digital Currency

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Here are four things every nonprofit should know about this digital currency. Accepting crypto donations is another way to reach your donors where they are. Collections/Payment Processing Fundraiser Education crypto currency Crypto Giving

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Building a Digital Ecosystem Around Your AMS – 10/21/21

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The post Building a Digital Ecosystem Around Your AMS – 10/21/21 appeared first on Association Analytics. Resources Executive Planning & Strategy Technology

[Free Webinar] 10 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends to Prioritize in 2023

Nonprofit Tech for Good

At the end of each year, Nonprofit Tech for Good suggests which digital marketing and fundraising trends nonprofits should prioritize in the following year [ read the 2022 trends ].

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5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits. The most reliable way for nonprofits to increase digital engagement is to test different techniques and messages with your own audience to determine what they respond to best, and follow the results. If you’re ready to start improving your digital program through testing, here are five places to get started. engagement digital testing

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How the CDC Foundation’s Digital Transformation Helped With Its Increased Donation Volume

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Like so many organizations, the CDC Foundation recognized the need for digital transformation and was in the middle of modernizing when COVID-19 hit. Behind the government agency CDC is the CDC Foundation.

5-Minute Social Icebreakers for Digital Events

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Kim , conference wellness warrior and attendee engager, recently shared a roundup of the best icebreakers for digital events. They’re perfect for digital events and in-person meetups. The post 5-Minute Social Icebreakers for Digital Events appeared first on CadmiumCD.

Being Digital-First


Most modern business leaders are still underutilizing the power of technology in today’s digital world. But, in reality, being digitally first does not imply having all of the software tools available; rather, it entails having the proper ones.

26 Fundraising & Digital Marketing Research Reports for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The data can be used to help your organization craft your next online fundraising and digital marketing strategy. Digital Technology in the Non-for-Profit Sector 2019 :: Download. Charity Digital Skills Report 2019 :: Download.