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The New Way to Reach Donors With Charity Profiles on Venmo

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Venmo has introduced charity profiles, a new feature that will enable PayPal-confirmed charities to raise funds and receive donations directly within the Venmo app. Charity profiles offer charities seamless setup, low fees, and an easy charity verification process.

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LexisNexis Introduces a New Donor Profile Feature to Research Platform

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LexisNexis has introduced a new Donor Profile feature to its research platform for development professionals, Nexis for Development Professionals (NDP) the feature adds a new layer of insights to the online research tool.

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Raising Your Nonprofit’s Profile to Generate Support

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Nonprofits don’t need to reinvent the wheel to raise awareness and get more supporters, but they do need to refine and update their communications strategies. Here are four tips to get your organization the recognition it needs.

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New Techniques for Donor Profiling and Audience Modeling

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We know that more targeted and relevant marketing drives higher response rates and engagement, and to get more targeted and relevant, you need great data. Here are some techniques to help any organization use data to create new models, audiences, and pools of targeted prospects that look just like their best donors.

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How to Capture Fresh Member Profile Data and Make It Actionable

Association Analytics

The post How to Capture Fresh Member Profile Data and Make It Actionable appeared first on Association Analytics.

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How to convert a Meta/Facebook profile into a Page

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At this point in the digital age, we all know how to make a Facebook profile (heck, you’ve probably been on Facebook for so long, you don’t even remember making your profile anymore). Why would I need to convert a Facebook profile into a Page? your nonprofit).

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Nonprofit profiles: advancing equity through data


Nonprofit profiles . This work is centered on our nonprofit profiles (originally called GuideStar nonprofit profiles), which organizations are invited to claim and update, ensuring the field has the most accurate data.

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