How to Make a Donor Profile in 5 Easy Steps

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Making a donor profile might be something that sounds reserved for larger nonprofit institutions with thousands of donors and prospects, a team of analysists, and a budget with room to spare. What is a Donor Profile ? How is a Donor Profile Used? A Donor Profile Example.

7 Tips For Building Nonprofit Supporter Profiles


Collect profile information with technology resources. Create a process for “big fish” Supporters that top donation amounts require special attention and their profile should reflect appeals, frequency, amounts, and next steps for securing another large donation.

Guest Post: Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile – Guest Post by Jacob Harold, Guidestar. I am happy to officially debut our completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. Our reorganized profiles offer a clearer view of each nonprofit organization.

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

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Part of this includes making sure your website profile is up to date, including your social media profiles. Google recently published instructions for adding code to your nonprofit’s website so that your social media profiles will appear […].

Important Google+ Update about Business Profiles


Google will be accelerating their roadmap to enable business profiles sooner than expected. How soon? No idea. But stay tuned. This will be the first hack-free opportunity for organizations to use Google+ to reach members and stakeholders. From the Trenches google

11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

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These basic LinkedIn Profile tips for nonprofit professionals serve as a foundation for when and if your nonprofit is ready to utilize LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages. Fill Out Your Profile to “100 Percent Completeness”. Use a Professional Photo for Your Profile Photo.

5 Simple Tips for a More Impressive Twitter Profile

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Is your Twitter profile follow-worthy? Your Twitter profile very is different from many other social profiles. The post 5 Simple Tips for a More Impressive Twitter Profile appeared first on John Haydon.

How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of Its LinkedIn Profile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of Its LinkedIn Profile – Guest Post by Victoria Michelson.

Nonprofit Podcast and Blogger @joangarry Profiles Healthy Happy Nonprofit Book

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you don’t already read Joan Garry’s nonprofit blog and or listen to her podcast , you should. She is a must read and a must listen.

Twitter will soon have enhanced brand profiles for nonprofits

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Free Promoted Tweets: Twitter is allowing brands with enhanced profiles the ability to promote a Tweet to the top of their page’s timeline – for free. It seems that enhanced profiles offer nothing more than the ability to create a more controlled experience of your organizations content.

LinkedIn Launches Volunteer and Causes Profiles


And now LinkedIn, which has over 120 million members in over 200 countries and territories, has added a Volunteer and Causes section to users profiles. LinkedIn says that these new profile features focused on nonprofits will benefit organizations in three ways.

How to convert your Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How to Back Up Your Facebook Profile Data from Emily Garman on Vimeo. Many nonprofits have set up individual profiles instead of pages by accident. How to Back Up Your Facebook Profile Data from Emily Garman on Vimeo.

Share of the American Wallet: What It Does and Does Not Mean for Your Nonprofit

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Create donor profiles for these prospects, then consider: who do you know that fits the profile? And, where can you find new donors that fit the profile? The Blackbaud Institute’s newest research report, Share of the American Wallet , was released earlier this month.

Share 77

4 Must-Know Features of the New Twitter Profile Design for Nonprofits

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This week Twitter began its roll out of a new Twitter Profile design and at any moment your nonprofit’s Twitter Profile could have a completely different look and functionality.

From Promoted Pins to Social Profiles on Google: What’s New in Social Media


Social Profiles on Google. Now, Google has introduced a way for businesses to add their social media profiles to that Knowledge Panel, offering a quick and visible way for users to connect with you on Facebook – or Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace – and of course, Google+.

Check your Twitter Profile


Can’t hurt to get a good reminder of the basics, per this nice infographic by Vertical Response. Featured Implementation

11 Nonprofits Utilizing the New Twitter Profile Design

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The vast majority of nonprofits have yet to utilize the new Twitter profile design that was launched on September 18. HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Profile to the New Design.

A Profile in Forbes Online by Shel Israel

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I was thrilled to be featured in Forbes Online in Shel Israel’s online column. The profile is here.

Data Appends: A Guide for Your Nonprofit

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Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Nonprofit News Analytics data appends donor profiles Major gifts Major Giving predictive analytics predictive modeling target analyticsAnalytics is all the rage in development offices.

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Three Reasons Why Creating A Facebook Profile For Your Nonprofit Is A Total Fail

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I’ve been chatting with Will Coley lately about nonprofits who violate Facebook’s TOS (sometimes knowingly) by using a Profile to market their cause, rather than a Page. Using a Facebook Profile to market your nonprofit on Facebook is not smart , for at least three reasons: 1.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Sold Activists’ Data That Turned Into Racial Profiling


How many social networks does your nonprofit have a presence on? Have you ever read their Terms of Service (TOS) before your nonprofit registered its account? And if you did read the TOS, did you understand the legal jargon and how each network uses your data and your constituents’ data?

Twitter Makes Profile Updates

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For those of you who haven’t yet heard, your Twitter profile page just got a facelift, and many think that Twitter seems to have “borrowed” (to put it nicely) elements from other rival social networks to revamp its look.

Perfecting Your Prospect Profile Templates

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Developing prospect profiles on your various high-quality giving candidates is a necessary step in managing a fluid transition from prospects to donors. Your prospect profiles will contain all of the relevant data you gathered during the screening process.

HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Pinterest Profile to a Business Account

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The new business accounts do not change the design or functionality of your nonprofit’s Pinterest profile, but it will give you access to new tools and case studies for brands as they become available. It also allows you to stop having to use a personal profile as a brand (i.e.,

TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile: Nonprofits Back to School — In Brazil

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Now that TechSoup’s Local Impact Map has officially launched , let's discover one of great new organizations featured there. Our theme this month is educational nonprofits like The Luciano Bareto Júnior Institute in Brazil.

ATTN Nonprofits: Instagram Has Launched New Profiles for Desktop

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2) Under “Edit Profile” in both the mobile apps and on desktop, you can select a username that becomes your Instagram URL, such as: New Instagram Profile for Desktop :: Surfrider Foundation.

5 Ways to Reach New Donors Online

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Jasmine-Marrow online-presence online-profile Fundraising donations donors nonprofitsMany nonprofits miss out on donations by not having the right online presence. To help you, Jasmine Marrow, the director of nonprofit strategy at GuideStar, the world’s largest database of nonprofit information, shows you five ways to reach donors online.

Four Creative Uses of Facebook Profile Pics by Nonprofits on Facebook Pages

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Beyond the obvious graphic design work, what’s exceptionally clever is that they have created long vertical profile pics that when cropped in Status Updates produce a solid, square avatar that’s seen by their Fans in their News Feeds.

HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Profile to the New Design

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Now that nonprofits are officially in the throes of peak fundraising season, upgrading to the new Twitter profile design launched on September 18 is likely low on the priority lists of many nonprofit communications and fundraising staff.

YouthBuild Boston: A TechSoup Youth Organization Profile

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in schools, libraries, local governments, and nonprofits, it was tough to choose just one to profile this week, but I chose YouthBuild Boston because of my fondness for green tech. Among the many thousands of after school programs in the U.S.

TLA Profile: Women Donors Network


With a small and busy staff, Women Donors Network designs and transitions to a new database in order to strengthen engagement.

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s Epic Upgrade To Pages

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There are three significant changes to Facebook Pages (in addition to several minor changes): Login as Page or Profile – You can now toggle between being logged in as a Profile or logged in as a Page. New layout mirrors Profiles - Pages now have the same layout as Profiles.

The Donor Insights Fundraisers Can’t Afford to Ignore

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By tailoring your contact strategy to follow your donor profiles, engagement opportunities resonate, donors pay more attention, and fundraising results increase. So as a fundraiser, you have to investigate and ask – what are my donor profiles? Look around at your next event and start thinking about your donor profiles. Effective Prospecting Tips: Review Current Donor Profiles. Nonprofit Fundraising donor insights donor profiles NOZA prospect research

Seniors Learn to Use Tablets in Georgia — TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile

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Is back to school just for kids? Apparently not. The Blue Hair Technology Group in Johns Creek, Georgia (northeast of Atlanta), is educating senior citizens to use new technologies like tablet computers and Facebook so they can keep in touch.

NEWS: Facebook Launching Verified Profiles and Pages

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Facebook is rolling out verified Pages and Profiles for desktop and mobile.

New and improved Facebook Profiles – a screen shot tour

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will introduce Facebook’s new and improved profile for it’s 600+ million users. What you do for work, where you went to school, where you grew up, recent photos you were tagged in – all these are now located at the very top of your profile, where the tabs used to be.

American Indian Resource Center: A TechSoup Youth Organization Profile

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There is a wide array of nonprofit organizations that serve the 1.6 million Native Americans in the U.S. They address high poverty, a huge epidemic of diabetes, the high school dropout rate that is double the American average , and several other issues. The American Indian Resource Center, Inc.

TLA Profile: The Community Foundation in Jacksonville


By making a strong case to its finance committee and board of directors for a major technology investment, The Community Foundation in Jacksonville has significantly improved productivity, security and technology planning.

Leader Profile: Clayton Daniels

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Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Profile Clayton (Clay) Daniels is VP of Operations , Midwest Service & Solutions at Kansas City-based U.S. Engineering Company. He''s also one of the Kansas City area''s most inspiring leaders.

Everything You Need to Know About Posting as a Brand and Posting as a Person on Facebook

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Facebook allows you to do certain things when logged in as a Person (Profile) and as a Brand (Page). When you first log into Facebook your automatically logged in as your Profile (you, a person). Share updates from other Pages on your Profile or Page.