How to Increase Instagram Profile Visits? 9 Ways to Drive Your IG Profile Views?

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Are you curious about how many profiles visits your Instagram account is getting every day? Do you know how to keep track of your IG profile views? The post How to Increase Instagram Profile Visits? 9 Ways to Drive Your IG Profile Views?

7 Tips For Building Nonprofit Supporter Profiles


Collect profile information with technology resources. Populating a profile with information from a web-based donation form, supporter survey, mobile app, Facebook’s open graph, and text message subscriptions or donations can help you build unique profiles and really understand your audience. Are your donor profiles increasing the number of returning visitors? Image courtesy of


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11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

Nonprofit Tech for Good

These basic LinkedIn Profile tips for nonprofit professionals serve as a foundation for when and if your nonprofit is ready to utilize LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages. That said, I do not cover personal LinkedIn Profiles in my upcoming webinar How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Twitter and LinkedIn , but LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages are covered in detail in both the webinar and in the book. Fill Out Your Profile to “100 Percent Completeness”.

How to Make a Donor Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Connection Cafe

Making a donor profile might be something that sounds reserved for larger nonprofit institutions with thousands of donors and prospects, a team of analysists, and a budget with room to spare. Truth is – you can absolutely make a useful and insightful donor profile with data from a few donors and a couple hours of your time. Before we go through the steps of making a donor profile, let’s talk a little bit about what they are and how they can be used. A Donor Profile Example.

You Can Now Do These 5 Things With Member Profiles

Wild Apricot

For 5 ways you can use your member profiles to share documents, letters of recommendation and more, take a look at these ways to use attachments in member profiles

Foursquare Launches New Vanity URLs for Profiles

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It looks as though Foursquare has dropped “user&# in its vanity URLs for profiles. If you link to your Foursquare profile on your website or blog, now would be a good time to double-check your link and make the necessary edits. Just a quick note to nonprofits! I can’t find confirmation of this change site-wide on or on Foursquare’s Twitter account , but it is clear that the old URLs are broken.

ATTN Nonprofits: Instagram Has Launched New Profiles for Desktop

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Mashable wrote up thorough post on Instagram’s new profile pages for Desktop last week, but I wanted to emphasize four points useful for nonprofits: 1) The photos in banner across the top of the new profiles are automatically generated from the photos you have uploaded using Instagram’s mobile apps. 2) Under “Edit Profile” in both the mobile apps and on desktop, you can select a username that becomes your Instagram URL, such as:

4 Must-Know Features of the New Twitter Profile Design for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This week Twitter began its roll out of a new Twitter Profile design and at any moment your nonprofit’s Twitter Profile could have a completely different look and functionality. That said, before your nonprofit is given the new profile design, it’s highly recommended that you spend some time browsing the nonprofit profiles listed below and get your digital assets ready for relaunch.

11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

Nonprofit Tech for Good

These basic LinkedIn Profile tips for nonprofit professionals serve as a foundation for when and if your nonprofit is ready to utilize LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages. That said, I do not cover personal LinkedIn Profiles in my upcoming webinar How Nonprofits Can Successfully Use Twitter and LinkedIn , but LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages are covered in detail in both the webinar and in the book. Fill Out Your Profile to “100 Percent Completeness”.

Perfecting Your Prospect Profile Templates

Donor Search

Developing prospect profiles on your various high-quality giving candidates is a necessary step in managing a fluid transition from prospects to donors. Your prospect profiles will contain all of the relevant data you gathered during the screening process. With comprehensive profiles, your team can easily transition prospects from one person to the next, without risking… About DonorSearch Basics of Prospect Research Conducting Prospect Research Education

HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Profile to the New Design

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now that nonprofits are officially in the throes of peak fundraising season, upgrading to the new Twitter profile design launched on September 18 is likely low on the priority lists of many nonprofit communications and fundraising staff. It’s their busiest time of year and they may not even know that there is a new Twitter profile design. 11 Nonprofits Utilizing the New Twitter Profile Design.

HOW TO: Upgrade Your Nonprofit’s Pinterest Profile to a Business Account

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The new business accounts do not change the design or functionality of your nonprofit’s Pinterest profile, but it will give you access to new tools and case studies for brands as they become available. It also allows you to stop having to use a personal profile as a brand (i.e., Brands using personal profiles eventually and always becomes problematic and the clean-up and conversion process is usually messy, frustrating, and overly-complicated.

Foundations That Tweet: Profile Patterns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Profile grantee success or support their efforts ( CF Community Foundation ). The next step was look at the Twitter profiles. Yesterday, I was reading Jeremiah Owyang's Corporate Twitter Profile Analysis and thought it could be easily adapted to nonprofits and foundations. Example: Cleveland Foundation says in the profile "Tweets by Tara" who is in the communications a department. What profile is the "right" way to go? What are Foundations Tweeting?

Client Profile: Net Impact


There are plenty of stereotypes about Generation Millennial -- those born in the late 80s and 90s and raised with access to personal technology and the internet for most of their lives. Entitled” is a word that often pops up, but we prefer to use the word “confident” – a very savvy generation who has the ideology and potential to change the world.

Is it illegal to give away social networking profiles in exchange for a donation to charity?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

However, I still have numerous profiles that could be very useful to a business that offers services to small businesses. I’d like to find a company that would be willing to donate to five of my favorite nonprofits in exchange for the profiles below. If that’s the case, then I am just going to delete the accounts – though a better ending would be that five nonprofits get some funding and the profiles are put to good use.

Profiling Like a Pro: Understanding the Demographics of Your Instagram Audience

Byte Technology

And now, popular social media site Instagram is the latest to get a truly valuable profiling tool, a new service that gives users vital data on their audience breakdown and allows them to leverage those metrics to make the most of their social media efforts. The post Profiling Like a Pro: Understanding the Demographics of Your Instagram Audience appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog.

Leader Profile: Clayton Daniels

Eric Jacobson

Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Profile Clayton (Clay) Daniels is VP of Operations , Midwest Service & Solutions at Kansas City-based U.S. Engineering Company. He''s also one of the Kansas City area''s most inspiring leaders. The company was established in 1893 and is now one of the most experienced, diversified and respected mechanical constructors in the United States. It has three locations and annual sales of $270 million.

Twitter Makes Profile Updates

Connection Cafe

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, your Twitter profile page just got a facelift, and many think that Twitter seems to have “borrowed” (to put it nicely) elements from other rival social networks to revamp its look. Twitter has already started pushing out this profile update, but if you have not yet received the update and would like to, visit the link here.

How to convert your Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How to Back Up Your Facebook Profile Data from Emily Garman on Vimeo. Many nonprofits have set up individual profiles instead of pages by accident. Many have been reluctant to change because they did not want to build up their friends list again. Now they don’t have to, Facebook has a feature that will automatically convert an individual profile into a Fan Page. How to Back Up Your Facebook Profile Data from Emily Garman on Vimeo.

Four Creative Uses of Facebook Profile Pics by Nonprofits on Facebook Pages

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Beyond the obvious graphic design work, what’s exceptionally clever is that they have created long vertical profile pics that when cropped in Status Updates produce a solid, square avatar that’s seen by their Fans in their News Feeds. The question is, will these profile pics function similarly when the new Facebook Pages go live?

TLA Profile: PLUK


A new VoIP phone system has helped the staff and volunteers of Parent's, Let's Unite for Kids statewide stay connected with one another and better serve clients in geographically isolated areas. Parent's, Let's Unite for Kids (PLUK) serves 30,000 Montana families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Kimberlee Roth. Owner. Outword, LLC. read more

TLA Profile: Women Donors Network


With a small and busy staff, Women Donors Network designs and transitions to a new database in order to strengthen engagement. With a mission to leverage philanthropic investments against injustice and inequality, Women Donors Network (WDN) is a community of progressive women who multiply their energy, strategic savvy, and re. Kimberlee Roth. Owner. Outword, LLC. read more

Bookshare International’s Viji Dilip Profiled in Magazine

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Washington Square Magazine, which is published by Viji’s alma matter San Jose State University, included a profile of Viji in their most recent issue. The staff I work with at Benetech are committed to the communities that we serve with our technology. Among the people I’m privileged to call a colleague here at Benetech is Viji Dilip, the International Program Coordinator for our Bookshare International service.

Nonprofit Podcast and Blogger @joangarry Profiles Healthy Happy Nonprofit Book

Beth Kanter

If you don’t already read Joan Garry’s nonprofit blog and or listen to her podcast , you should. She is a must read and a must listen. She has the experience of being a nonprofit executive director, but now works with nonprofits, assisting with crisis management, executive coaching and the building of strong management teams to support the work of the CEO.

Profile of ESRI Founder Jack Dangermond

Tech Soup Blog

This summer, the Financial Times of London ran a very interesting profile piece on the founder of ESRI , the company that makes professional mapping software that has been so useful to nonprofit environmentalist organizations like Conservation International and international relief organizations like the Pacific Disaster Center. We have dozens of donated and discounted green products on TechSoup and from time to time, we like to have a deeper look at our green product donor companies.

NEW! You Should Be Adding A Donate Button To Your Nonprofit Instagram Profile


Now, Instagram has upped the ante with the introduction of NEW “donate” buttons on Instagram profiles. ensure that your Instagram profile is setup as a Business Account. . add a “donate” button to your nonprofit Instagram profile.

18 Crucial Pieces of Data for Your Next Prospect Profile

Donor Search

Have you ever been asked the quintessential superpower question…would you rather be able to read minds or fly? I know what fundraisers would answer. Read minds. It would make their jobs a lot simpler. Fundraisers are constantly busy and constantly being pulled in a thousand directions. It is not an easy job, but it is… Basics of Prospect Research Implementing Prospect Research Uncategorized

TLA Profile: Ada Jenkins Center


Creating a comprehensive IT strategy helps a popular community center gain board support for key technology initiatives, including a new VoIP phone system and new computer hardware. Collaborating with the board of directors to implement an IT strategy. The Ada Jenkins Center near Charlotte, North Carolina, provides crisis assistance and the integrated delivery of. Kimberlee Roth. Owner. Outword, LLC. read more

Guest Post: Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

Beth Kanter

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile – Guest Post by Jacob Harold, Guidestar. I am happy to officially debut our completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. Our reorganized profiles offer a clearer view of each nonprofit organization. Our new profiles emphasize answers to key questions about nonprofit programs and performance. That’s why our new profiles share information over the entire lifespan of an organization.

Spotlight on South Africa: Nonprofit Profiles from SANGONeT

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's partner in Africa, SANGONeT , has compiled case studies and profiles of the South African nonprofits and charities they serve. Published on SANGONeT's content portal, NGOPulse, the organizations profiled range from education, social outreach, poverty relief, environment, and more. The goal of these case studies is to raise awareness of the impact these nonprofits are making in South Africa. Art and Media.

TechSoup Global Donor Partner Profile: BetterWorld Telecom

Tech Soup Blog

Have a look at Betterworld Telecom’s B Corp profile. Upon occasion we like to say a bit more about our now 75 great donor partners. BetterWorld Telecom is one of our newer ones having been with us since 2010. They supply charities, libraries and foundations with discounted Cisco and Polycom office phones.

Profiled on Fast Company Blog!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I usually don't like to toot my own horn, but I was profiled on Fast Company blog! Here's the other profiles. Here's the post. It's part of a series on Innovative Giving. Innovative Giving: The Nature Conservancy and (Lil) Green Patch. Innovative Giving: The Open Architecture Network. Innovative Giving: Leverage Your Twitter Network. Innovative Giving: Gaming For Rice. Innovative Giving: Play It Forward With Akoha. Innovative Giving: Tyson Foods For Hunger Relief.

YouthBuild Boston: A TechSoup Youth Organization Profile

Tech Soup Blog

in schools, libraries, local governments, and nonprofits, it was tough to choose just one to profile this week, but I chose YouthBuild Boston because of my fondness for green tech. Share your story in the comments below and maybe we'll profile your work for our network of nonrprofits, funders, and donors nationwide. Among the many thousands of after school programs in the U.S.

Facebook Profiles and Pages and Groups, oh my!

Wild Apricot

If questions from our readers are any indication, there’s still a lot of confusion about the differences between Facebook’s Profiles, Fan Pages, and Groups — and which of these might best suit a nonprofit’s social-networking plan. Facebook was conceived as a social network of individuals, so everything starts with the individual Profile. Every member has a Profile page, created automatically when the account is set up — it’s the basic unit of Facebook.

TLA Profile: PEAK Parent Center


PEAK Parent Center. 13 full-time staff members. 12 board members. 939,829 annual budget. Supports 106 parent centers across the U.S., with intensive support for 12 regional centers. When PEAK Parent Center was selected to co-lead a federally-funded pilot technology program, the Colorado-based organization leveraged its experience in the NTEN Technology Leadership Academy to steer the complex project and help change the tech culture of participating organizations.

Profile of Microsoft’s Kathryn Willson

Tech Soup Blog

This piece is part of an occasional series we do at GreenTech to profile leaders in the green IT field. Kathryn Willson is certainly one of them. She is the director of business development and partner strategy on the environmental sustainability team at Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has dramatically expanded its work in the area of environmental sustainability in recent years under the leadership of key people like Pamela Passman , Steve Lippman , Rob Bernard , and Kathryn Willson.

LinkedIn Launches Volunteer and Causes Profiles


And now LinkedIn, which has over 120 million members in over 200 countries and territories, has added a Volunteer and Causes section to users profiles. LinkedIn says that these new profile features focused on nonprofits will benefit organizations in three ways. Once they add their volunteer experiences, their network is notified and it becomes a permanent part of their profile. I love to see social networks carve out space to promote nonprofits, causes, and volunteering.

TLA Profile: The Community Foundation in Jacksonville


By making a strong case to its finance committee and board of directors for a major technology investment, The Community Foundation in Jacksonville has significantly improved productivity, security and technology planning. As the oldest community foundation in Florida, The Community Foundation in Jacksonville has helped local citizens be good stewards of the region's communities, talents and environment since 1964. Kimberlee Roth. Owner. Outword, LLC. read more

TLA Profile: Death With Dignity National Center


Gaining buy-in early on, soliciting bids and conducting an ROI analysis helped Death With Dignity National Center prioritize its top technology projects and prepare to develop metrics for evaluation. Death With Dignity National Center (DWD) works to improve end-of-life options through carefully worded Death with Dignity laws. Kimberlee Roth. Owner. Outword, LLC. read more

What is your Facebook Profile Photo Style?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Facebook, you need to set up an individual profile and if your organization has a presence on Facebook, no doubt you will be representing your organization. (Yes, Nick O'Neill, blogger at AllFacebook, has a post that dissects the different styles of photos you commonly see on people's Facebook profiles. It's called " The 30 Standard Facebook Profile Photos." He used my Facebook profile as an example of a "Personal Branding Master."

A Profile in Forbes Online by Shel Israel

Beth Kanter

I was thrilled to be featured in Forbes Online in Shel Israel’s online column. The profile is here. Shel talks about my early days in social media fundraising, my passion for teaching, learning, and sharing – as well as cupcakes and Cambodia. If you read the profile, you’ll also discover the many benefits of collaborating on a book with KD Paine and her editor, William Paarlberg: Learn to love measurement and become a better writer in the process.

Nonprofit Profile: First Christian Church of Beardstown Illinois

Tech Soup Blog

For a very long time faith-based 501(c)(3) charitable organizations have been in a special category and were often barred from foundation grants and corporate donations even though there has never been a strictly legal reason for this. I gave Jay Bowman of the First Christian Church of Beardstown a call to see how they’re taking advantage of the new faith-based organization eligibility for the Microsoft donation program.

TechSoup Account Management 101: Benefits of Your User Profile

Tech Soup Blog

So far, we've discussed registration, qualification, and updating your account and forum profiles. In this post I'd like to talk about maintaining the individual user profile and taking advantage of some of those community resources! The User Profile page contains the basic information such as name, email address, and login information. This can be edited through the My Account link and then click on Edit User Profile.