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Instagram Feed Fundraisers: What Nonprofits Need to Know

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Instagram Feed Fundraisers will change that. Then, once the Instagram Feed Fundraiser function is expanded to your account, there are two ways your nonprofit can benefit: 1. For example: It’s worth noting that the Instagram Feed Fundraiser experience is entirely contained within the mobile app. The process is simple. .”

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Unlocking The Power Of A Donor Thank You: Feeding America’s Approach


Manager, Direct Marketing Fundraising Services, long-time staff of the national nonprofit Feeding America , knows better. Aaron and his team have designed a donor thank you process that’s an ongoing practice integrated into the fundraising culture at Feeding America. Aaron LaMonica-Weier , Sr. It’s popular ,” Aaron shared.

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Feeding the World Together: Our First Zero Hunger Summit

Saleforce Nonprofit

In other words, we have enough food to feed everyone what they need to thrive. Special thanks to our panelists: Benjamin Schorr, Associate Director, Philanthropy and Social Impact, Kellogg’s Ben Collier, Co-CEO, Farmlink Elizabeth Pettengill, Senior Director, New Partnerships, Feeding America. Read the Blog Post.

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The 140 Best Twitter Feeds

NCE Social Media just came out with their “ Best 140 twitter Feeds for 2013.” Since they won’t do it, I think I will come up with a list of the “Best 140 Twitter Disability-Related Feeds for 2013″ but I first want your input. ” However, none are disability-related.

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ATTN Nonprofits: Facebook Now Recommends Pages in the News Feed

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Facebook now also recommends pages in the news feed, but only if your nonprofit has opted-in to have your page recommended. Until today page recommendations only occurred when individuals liked a page, but now recommendations are also given when individuals like a status update in the news feed. Page Recommendations in the News Feed.

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Facebook Updates News Feed (Again)

NCE Social Media

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm again. It means that they want more people to know what is going on around them…and by pushing more stories with the most comments, the most shares, and the most likes to the top of your feed, they believe you will want to see that story. Which feed do you prefer?

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Infographic: When To Post To Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Feeds


How often do I post on all the different social media feeds? Everyone knows keeping up with your social media feeds, and utilizing them to their maximum effectiveness is a cheap and important way to accomplish your nonprofit’s mission. Social media, to many, is a total mystery. When do I post? What do I post?

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