What Associations Need to Know About Facebook’s API Changes


For those of us in the association and nonprofit sectors, Facebook just got a lot harder to use effectively with the announcement that they’ve changed their API and eliminated the ability to modify link previews when posting links from a page.

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Being Human: Google’s New API Solves an Internet Annoyance

Byte Technology

The new API (application programming interface) allows users—in most cases—to merely check a box to pass the challenge of proving they’re flesh and blood. And infinitely more websites are adopting the new API, so if you haven’t encountered it so far chances are you will soon.

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Facebook Launches New API


If you're a frequent facebook user like myself, you are all to familiar with the event stream on your homepage when you log in. This is the page that informs you about all the activities taking place within your circle of friends in one convenient location - very cool, right?

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Software News August 2014: Using Wild Apricot’s API

Wild Apricot Blog

The August Software News is all about Wild Apricot''s API: what it is, how it can benefit our customers and examples of API applications for associations, clubs and non-profits. Wild Apricot API

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APIs for Social Media Integration and More: A Gentle Introduction for Nonprofits


Even if you're using a content management system like WordPress or Drupal, by incorporating APIs, you can further enhance built in app-like functionality to create a highly customized experience. What are APIs? API stands for Application Program Interface, and has become known for, in large part, facilitating the Web 2.0 So what is an API, really? Think of APIs as connecting plugs between applications. Some Awesome APIs and Uses for Them.

BREAKING: Twitter’s API changes will cause TweetChat to stop working


See message on Tweetchat here. Follow @Tweetchat on Twitter for the latest. Right now, we have no further information, but according to tweets this may affect other chat applications as well. ETA for shutdown, according to @Tweetchat, is June 11.

Twubs Offers New API-Compliant Twitter Chat Tools


For those of you looking for a better way to manage your Twitter chats, Twubs.com just released some new free tools that are also API compliant.

APIs for Nonprofits 101: How to Share Data Between Systems

Tech Soup Blog

APIs to the Rescue. The good news is, there is a widely-available technology available to help bridge the gaps: the Application Programming Interface, or API. An API allows you to interact with and “hook into” any piece of software that makes such an interface available.

Wild Apricot Software News May 2013 - Wild Apricot API Version 1

Wild Apricot Blog

This month''s Software News introduces the idea of API -- find out what an API is, and how our development of one can help your organization have greater power over your data. We''re currently working on Version 1 of our API, which is scheduled to release by end of summer. Wild Apricot news

Build, Buy, or Customize?

Connection Cafe

Hacks made outside of the API or SDK , or other unsupported alterations to the software (please, please don’t do this!). Training on Solution Developer Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API)?

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A Note About Those Notes


api Integration & APIs ProgramAsh Shepherd. Education Director. NTEN. A reveal of the magic behind the 15NTC collaborative notes URL creation. For a number of years at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), we have created “Collaborations Notes” for each of the sessions. This is a Google Doc that anyone can access and contribute to before, during, or after the session.

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APIs for Nonprofits 101: Data Formats

Tech Soup Blog

In part one of my series on APIs for nonprofits, I introduced the concept of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. A web API - also sometimes called a “web service,” or “REST API” — uses the same URLs and HTTP requests your web browser does to exchange data and keep separate systems synchronized with each other. These are the formats that almost all web APIs make their data and responses available in.

The 2013 Nonprofit Engagement Data Management Study: A Graphic Report


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Upcoming Webinar on December 1: Legislative Matching with the Cicero API

Tech Soup Blog

Did you know that the Cicero Legislative Information API can help you do this essential task? Join our one-hour webinar, Legislative Matching with the Cicero API , on Thursday, December 1, 2011, at 11 a.m. Pacific time, to learn about how the Cicero Legislative Information API can be integrated into websites, databases, and mobile applications to match addresses to district IDs, district maps, and contact information of elected officials.

APIs – what, how, whither, and writing

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology APIs – what, how, whither, and writing November 9, 2006 I’ve been asked by NTEN to write a whitepaper on APIs, following their Open API debate. If you have any API wisdom, examples, strategies, what have you, that you’d like me to hear about, please drop me a line.

Web 2.0 Part Vb:APIs

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Part Vb:APIs October 20, 2006 This morning, I sat in on the " Great Open API Debate " hosted by NTEN. But I’m going to highlight what interested me most, and talk a little bit about the zen of APIs. So, first off, one of the interesting things was that there was some initial differences of opinion as to how to define open APIs, and what they were used for. It seemed that only Blackbaud had APIs you have to pay for. APIs are here to stay.

Web 2.0 Part Va:APIs

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Part Va:APIs October 17, 2006 One of the best parts of Web 2.0 for geeks is APIs. Like the freedom that RSS gives to end users in terms of getting the data that you want in your hands, to read when and how you want it, APIs give programmers (and, at times, end users) the freedom to get data from Web 2.0 One of the best examples of the use of APIs are Google Map mashups. Folks at NTEN have been thinking about APIs , and will host a discussion about them on Friday.

Social Actions API, Semantic Web, and Linked Open Data: An Interview with Peter Deitz

Tech Soup Blog

Over the last few years, we have watched and supported the growth of Social Actions , including partnering for the Change the Web Challenge in 2009 — a Partner Challenge designed to tap into the NetSquared Community to find innovative ways of using the Social Actions API and data stream. We are really excited about the latest developments to the Social Actions API and the larger implications of what these updates mean for powering open data and supporting action around the world.

BREAKING: Twitter’s API changes will cause TweetChat to stop working

AFP Blog

BREAKING: Twitter’s API changes will cause TweetChat to stop working


Expanded Functions in Sphere Connect API


If not, you are missing out on some nice additions to the Connect API. In the first few months of 2009, three new functions have been added to the Sphere API Have you downloaded the latest Connect WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) file from your Sphere account?

How to Plan a Mobile App Project


design Integration & APIs ios mobile Mobile mobile apps native app IT Staff Matt Blair. Software Developer. Independent. What are some of the major things to consider when designing a mobile app?

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Connecting the Dots of Nonprofit Engagement Data: A New Report Release


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When Should You Use an Existing Tool/Service and When Should You Build Your Own?


Integration & APIs Leadership Seth Giammanco. Principal, Strategy & Technology. Minds on Design Lab. Questions to ask yourself when choosing your own tech adventure. When it comes to web technology, there are solutions for just about everything. Do you need CRM, online fundraising, discussion forums, social networks, or job listings?

Anticipate - Personalize - Integrate


The path to achieving this openness is the Application Program Interface (API). The power of the API lies in the ability to connect databases and applications to provide a 360-degree view of your constituents; this is something that can only be achieved when all of your systems (and other applications that contain valuable information) are talking in real time, versus collecting and transferring data after the fact.

Great reads from around the web on August 23rd

Amy Sample Ward

Check this out: "WebAPI is an effort by Mozilla to bridge together the gap, and have consistent APIs that will work in all web browsers, no matter the operating system. " roundup api bookmarks data email facebook howto html5 impact list maps mobile mozilla networking postalicious resources reviews roi socialchange socialmediaI come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

Five Government Agencies Improving the Lives of New Yorkers with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

Alerts & Reminders Appointment Reminders Client Stories Information Lookup Medication Reminders Mobile CRM Open API Smoking Cessation Text Messaging With over eight million people who have different needs and ways of communicating, the City of New York frequently uses text messaging as a platform to meet people where they’re at, no matter their age, race, or location.

Part 1 of 2: Open API meets the laundromat | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Open API , nptech , salesforce.com Part 1 of 2: Open API meets the laundromat 11.08.06 | 109 No Comments [link] Part+1+of+2%3A+Open+API+meets+the+laundromat 2006-11-08+06%3A39%3A44 Allan+Benamer “Honey, can you take out the laundry please?&# I believe this laundry service is fairly analogous to what an open API does. And really, that’s why we in the non-profit sector really like the idea of open APIs.

Report Release: Upated Nonprofit Data Ecosystem Survey


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API Evaluation Framework is here! | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

» API Evaluation Framework is here! The API Framework includes an Excel evaluation tool you can use. APIs are all the rage … and for good reason. As we know from our own experiences, not all APIs are created equal. API Evaluation Framework is here! [.]

Fun with APIs


I just made my clipping system much cooler using TinyURL, Sites, and Twitter

Version 5.4 Released: Includes WordPress Integration

Wild Apricot Blog

includes WordPress integration and enhancements to our API and text formatting options. We’re glad to announce our latest release! Version 5.4 Plus a brand new mobile-friendly theme! Wild Apricot

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Responsive Mapping Techniques And Mobile Geolocation


Data Infrastructure Integration & APIs Mobile mobile advocacy mobile mapping mobile optimization mobile program delivery nonprofit technology nptech Open Source Strategy Web Sites Communications IT Staff Content delivery in the future will happen less and less through a traditional web browser and you need to prepare now. By now, you may be tired of hearing about how important it is to think about “mobile”. For one thing, it’s a huge topic. Do you need to think about mobile marketing?

The Power of APIs

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

So we just wrote a program here that really shows off the bang for the buck you get when applications provide you with an API. Another aspect of our little plug-in project we've been thinking about is how our API allows it to access the Members Only database without it's having any direct access to the database or knowledge of its structure. Tags: nptech , API , SOA , SOAP

No Engineer or Cartographer Required: Harnessing the Power of GIS Just Got Easier for Your Nonprofit


We just saw the announcement that Azavea's Cicero API is now part of TechSoup's donated technology program. Here's more about the Cicero API from the press release : "The Cicero API not only provides address-based district matching but also maps of each legislative district, contact information for local, state, and national elected officials in the United States and data for legislative officials and election events around the world.The database also includes information for U.S.

Report Release: Updated Nonprofit Data Ecosystem Survey


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LOLseals: Flickr API Contest Gets HSUS Over 3,000 Entries - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Main | The Frogloop Interview: Sheeraz Haji » Tuesday Mar 18 2008 LOLseals: Flickr API Contest Gets HSUS Over 3,000 Entries Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 03:23PM | by James OMalley Carie Lewis from HSUS tipped us to another clever Web 2.0

10 Social Actions API Secrets

Social Actions

Social Actions' Change the Web Challenge is about to hit its final week (submissions close April 3rd!) - and we wanted to share a few secrets (or at least cool things) about the Social Actions API that might be helpful to developers in the final stretch! What is the Social Actions API?

Wrapping Up Your Work With a Nice Tool Package


apps free online tools Integration & APIs Productivity Communications Grace Andrews. Co-founder, Director of Business Development. GraphAlchemist. Which tools bring your life into focus? Grace shares hers, as her end-of-year gift to you. Finding a good tool can be like going in search of the Holy Grail — arduous and daunting — a task of mythical proportions. Seeking out new tools at the end of the calendar year borders on lunacy.

Convio Open: How APIs May Change the Way You Work - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


As I learned from attending the just completed Convio Summit in Austin, Texas, a discussion about APIs and databases fortunately doesnt have to be technical. YouTube , Google Maps , DIGG , TypePad , MySpace , Facebook , Plaxo, or Salesforce , then youve likely run across an API.

New Java Library for Mobile Commons API

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons exposes a lot of its functionality through a really simple REST API. He created a Java library for the Mobile Commons API. If you have used our API in the past and want to release your code, let us know. Tags: All Posts api java mcommons mobile commons opensource Our customers have built lots of innovative applications on top of our platform, extending our functionality in ways we’ve never even thought of!