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The Brain Drain in the Nonprofit Sector

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Unfortunately, these rumblings are causing a brain drain in the industry. Among themselves, nonprofit professionals have confided in each other stories of abusive bosses, entitled and non-diverse boards, lack of vision, chaos, and dysfunction.

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Attract Repeat Donors With Copywriting Based on Brain Science

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On average, only two out of 10 readers stick around past the headline to read the article you’ve likely spent hours crafting. But the good news is, effective copywriting can help, and there are actually a few neuroscience-backed tactics you can use.

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This is your brain on stories

Hands on Fundraising

The post This is your brain on stories appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. But my friends and I were determined. We located a theater 40 minutes away. The next problem: how would we get there? My parents couldn’t give me the car that […].

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Whole Brain Fundraising

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Combining Stories and Data to Better Prove your Impact.

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Is Your Brain Keeping You from Implementing Change? Try These 5 Habits!


The problem may just lie in the anatomy of your brain. Read More » The post Is Your Brain Keeping You from Implementing Change? In fact, there is an entire subgenre of leadership literature specifically aimed at helping people learn to implement change. Do you often have great ideas that you fail to bring to fruition?

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Your Brain On Good Stories: Why Storytelling Matters For Nonprofits


Your brain loves a good story. There is a distinct chemical reaction that happens in one’s brain when they’re reading a compelling or interesting story. According to this study, the amount of Oxytocin the brain actually produces effectively predicted how willing people were to help others. The formula.

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Get Them to Build Castles—Strategies for Successful Cross-Functional Teams


Great leaders rely on both sides of the brain. The right brain meticulously lays out the goals and follows the tasks, timeline, and budget. The left brain uses emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity, and artful facilitation to keep all the players working productively together.

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