#NGOtech19: A 24-Hour Twitter Takeover for NGOs WorldWide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

9am PDT (Long Beach): Funraise (United States). Join Nonprofit Tech for Good, Funraise , and the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report partners for a 24-hour Twitter Takeover on September 26! You can participate and follow the takeovers on Twitter at @NonprofitOrgs. Please review the schedule below and then join, discuss, share, and follow at #NGOtech19 : – Ask our experts about NGO technology trends to watch for in 2020.

Great News! The 2019 Global NGO Technology Report Has Secured Sponsorship

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In early August 2018, Nonprofit Tech for Good published an open call for sponsors and after six weeks of interviews, Funraise (located in Long Beach, CA) has been selected as the new sponsor. We are headquartered in Long Beach, California with a growing team of happy nonprofit and technology experts. As production begins on the fourth edition of the Global NGO Technology Report , Nonprofit Tech for Good is thrilled to announce that a new sponsor has been secured.

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8th Gathering of Social Enterprise Alliance

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Maybe I'll see you in Long Beach I just an email noting that online registration for the Gathering closes tomorrow. I'm already registered (well, I am on the board), but thought I'd remind my buddies who are planning on attending to register now.

HaveeruOnline - Technology and creativity go "full spectrum" at TED

AFP Blog

HaveeruOnline - Technology and creativity go "full spectrum" at TED : The gathering kicks off Monday in the Southern California city of Long Beach with a roster of 1,350 attendees including Internet heavyweights, Hollywood celebrities, scientists, and other notables.

BBC News - TEDGlobal: Worshipping at the church of TED

AFP Blog

The first is held in the glamorous location of Long Beach, California. BBC News - TEDGlobal: Worshipping at the church of TED : "Beyond the eclectic nature of its speakers, the conference is unusual in many ways and has become something of a cult for its followers - appropriately known as TEDsters. There is both a big and little TED. The second has been taking place in Edinburgh this week, after several years in Oxford

Spooling up for Day One of the Gathering

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Then the Social Enterprise Institute (which is also a part of our local host committee) is taking attendees on a cruise around the Long Beach Harbor. I'm noticing one sign of the Gathering maturing: multiple meetings to choose among for what is traditionally a light first day. For me, the morning is the board meeting of the Social Enterprise Alliance (the hosting organization for the Gathering).

Getting Ready for the Gathering

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

So, I'm heading to Long Beach tomorrow looking forward to more of that camaraderie and shared learning. I'm flying to southern California tomorrow, and have been packing for the trip. I remember back seven years, when I first met Jed Emerson and he told me that I was a social entrepreneur, but that a bunch of them were meeting for a "Gathering." That meeting in Miami was a landmark event for me.

Miami 100

Art and Aging: Tim Carpenter of EngAGE

Have Fun - Do Good

The NOHO Senior Arts Colony and the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony will open in 2012. According to Pew Research Center's population projections, in 2030, all members of the Baby Boom generation will be 65 or older, and 18% of Americans will be at least that age.

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12 Ideas for an Unforgettable Virtual Fundraiser

Greater Giving

Create a challenge that will be an exciting lead up to the virtual gala, such as a virtual walk or fun run, a meditation challenge, or a themed challenge that would benefit your nonprofit’s mission, such as a day-long beach cleaning challenge.

Tuesday at the Gathering

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Gonna Take You on a SEA Cruise The Social Enterprise Institute took us on a cruise tour of the Long Beach harbor, which features the Queen Mary, a Russian sub, lots of cargo ships and a few "islands" that are really disguised oil drilling rigs. The Board Meeting The board meeting went well. I met Kris Prendergast, the new CEO of the Social Enterprise Alliance, as well as new board members for the first time. I'm looking forward to my last year (out of 8!)

Gathering: looking back

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Dave McDonough and the local host committee also did a terrific job of making our stay in Long Beach exciting. Dave more or less froze on the Long Beach harbor tour, drinking ice cold beer in shirt sleeves while many people wore heavy coats or hid belowdeck where it was warmer and out of the wind! Most Successful Ever! I wasn't surprised to find out that this was the best attended Gathering of the Social Enterprise Alliance.

Ideation Conference Notes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It took place in Long Beach, CA (which has the largest number of Cambodian-Americans in the US). Charles Lee It's conference season and I will be on the road at various conferences this week and next. So expect some live blogging, and reflections. I was invited to participate in the first inaugural !deation deation conference hosted by Charles Lee. It brought together a rich mix of people working in humanitarian causes, using social media, and creatives. The description: The !deation

My Trucker Boyfriend


My boyfriend is a long-haul trucker. Also, organic cranberries from Long Beach, WA. I work at Groundwire (online tools and strategies for a healthy planet). This column is for those of you working to bring the masses into the environmental movement. November, 2010 Subject: Our Thanksgiving Turkey. Approach #1 Me: Do you know how most turkeys are treated in this country? That they cut off their beaks and crowd them in tiny little places and pump them full of growth hormones?

2012 Conferences: Social Change, Technology, Nonprofit


Feb 27-March 2, 2012 in Long Beach, CA is SOLD OUT. Nothing like a good conference to connect with peers, boost creativity, recharge those batteries, and if you're lucky, get a couple nights of acting like you're 19 again. What happens at the Personal Democracy Forum, stays at the Personal Democracy Forum.). Early Bird rates for 2012 all over the place! Make sure you take advantage of the better rates! More excellent conferences calendars at CivicActions and Socialbrite. FEBRUARY.

The Most Generous Online Giving Cities in the U.S.

Connection Cafe

Huntington Beach. Pompano Beach. Virginia Beach. Long Beach. Online fundraising continued its double-digit growth in 2013, retaining the mantle as the fastest growing fundraising channel, growing at 13.5% according to Blackbaud’s most recent Charitable Giving Report. For many years now Blackbaud has published data on the most generous online giving cities in the United States.