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Google and Yahoo’s 2024 Email Policy Updates: What You Need to Know

The MatrixFiles

2024 is shaping up to be THE year of safer email, starting with big email authentication policy updates from Google and Yahoo, which will take effect on February 1st, 2024. These policy changes will impact what email Google and Yahoo will accept and deliver to their users’ inboxes, in an effort to decrease spam and spoofing.

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When Nonprofits Put Policy Over People

NonProfit PRO

Since they are doing such amazing work, don’t allow policies that punish them, but look to reward, encourage, and celebrate them instead. Your people are your most important resource.

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Navigating Return-to-Office Policies in a Work-From-Home World

NonProfit PRO

Few topics have been as polarizing in workplace culture as return-to-office policies. From organizations embracing a new, work-from-anywhere era to those mandating a return to five days a week in the office, every solution has its supporters and detractors.

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Does Your Nonprofit Website Need a Privacy Policy?

Wild Apricot

Do you have a nonprofit privacy policy? If not, here's why you need to set one up today.

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Applications open for the United Way Public Policy Institute

Charity Village

The United Way BC is now accepting applications for the Public Policy Institute offered from January to June of 2024. The program accepts 25 participants from BC nonprofit organizations or BC registered charities that are keen and interested in affecting public policy change.

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Applications open for Maytree Policy School 2024

Charity Village

Maytree Policy School is an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to enhance their public policy engagement and effectiveness. Beginning in January 2024, the online program will support 20-25 policy leaders to enhance their skills and competencies and enhance their organization’s strategic engagement in the public policy process.

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Why your association needs to adopt a data governance policy

Nimble AMS

Does your association have a data governance policy? Continue reading to learn how your association can adopt its own data governance policy and become a more data-driven organization. A set of rules, metrics, or policies established by an organization to bring clarity and ease of use to data practices is a data governance policy.