So, You Want to Be like charity: water?

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These days, it seems that every nonprofit wants to be like charity: water, especially when it comes to web design. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me “I wish we could be as cool as charity: water.” Well, I have some good news for you.

Book Review: “Charity Case”

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Dan Pallotta’s recent TED Talk, “The way we think about charity is dead wrong” , has garnered more than 1.2 But we don’t want people making money in charity. But there’s no such vehicle for a charity and they are left starved for growth capital.

5 Essential Controls for Charities during the Holiday Giving Season

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For nonprofit leaders, strong controls for fraud are especially important during this time of year. The unofficial kickoff of the charitable giving season occurs on Giving Tuesday, which takes place the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday here in the United States.

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Nine Digital Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn from charity: water

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

charity: water , a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, is leading the way when it comes to redefining nonprofit marketing; they are exceptional at inbound marketing, focusing on creating powerful content to inspire people to join their cause.

Does your charity have too much data?

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So how do you know when does your charity have “too much data”? So back to the original question: how do you know when your charity is storing and using too much data? The post Does your charity have too much data?

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The Top 30 Charity Social CEOS

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

They have just announced this year’s winners and prepared an excellent briefing for Charity CEOs with articles, case studies, and examples of how to use social in every aspect of the organization from recruiting employees to governance to communications strategy.

How Should Funders Evaluate Charities?


The three powerhouses, Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Better Business Bureau, that foundations, philanthropists, and donors use to seek out information and ratings about nonprofits released an open letter to the nonprofit and foundation world yesterday. They stated that donors should not measure a charity’s performance based on overhead expenses. Reviewing this data can be helpful at times in ensuring charity accountability.

Study: 88% of Children Donate to Charity


Check out some of the key findings: 88% of children donated to charity. 87% of children whose families are low income and 86% whose families are middle income donated to charity. Eight out of ten children have parents who gave to charity at least once during two studies. Nine out of ten children have parents who talk to them about giving to charity. The study reported that 60% of girls and 50% of boys volunteered for charity.

A Networked Fundraiser: charity:water Waterforward

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

from charity: water on Vimeo. I first heard about this unique fundraiser when I interviewed charity:water’s Paull Young. WaterForward was the brainchild of Michael Birch, one of charity:water’s supporters and formerly the founder of Bebo. How WaterForward works.

Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods

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Online Giving Grows as Charities Polish Their Methods : According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, online giving is growing at a blistering pace. Two studies cited by the Chronicle indicate that online donations to 115,000 nonprofits rose by 14 percent to $2.1-billion, just between 2011 and 2012; and that online contributions to the largest 149 charities in the US also grew 14 percent, to $785-million

From a Millennial: Nobody Wants to Hear Your Stories. We Want to See Them.

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charity:water. One of the most captivating pictures that we came across was actually an ad for a nonprofit – charity:water. Emerging Trends Interactive Research & Trends Social Media charity charity:water instagram photos Pinterest storytelling water Stories.

Are you part of the charity industrial complex?

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This is Seth Godin at his disruptive best – speaking at last year’s NextGen:Charity conference on the topic of “Embracing Risk & Failure in Philanthropy” Most charities are part of the charity industrial complex , he says.

Top 10 Technology Donations for Religious Charities

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TechSoup offers many donations and discounts for religious charities , such as churches, synagogues, and mosques. Many churches and other religious charities rely on Microsoft products for communications, connecting with their communities, and managing data.

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Mud, Color, Glow, Run, and Raise: The Rise of Multi-Charity Events

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In the United States, there are over 30,000 endurance type events that can benefit a singular charity or multiple charities. Commonly referred to as multi-charity events, they offer a handful of nonprofit organizations an opportunity to be a part of the same event.

Transforming into a More Mission-Driven Charity with the Help of Technology

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This post was authored by Ken Berger, CEO of Charity Navigator. US charities of almost every size (although especially the 50% with budgets $50,000 or less) complain of tremendous resource scarcity as they try to help solve some of our world’s most pressing problems.

5 Ways to Give Your Charity Auction a Social Twist


Charity auctions have been a popular staple of event fundraising for decades, and for good reason—they work! One of the most crucial steps of the charity auction planning process is procuring auction items. For more charity auction tips, check out BidPal’s comprehensive guide !

Charity:Water Sends Personal Video Thank Yous

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Four years ago, charity:water launched its September birthday fundraiser where it asked its supporters and friends to give up their birthdays and ask for donations instead of gifts. charity:water has helped over a million people get clean water.

How Charities Get Tech Support in Uganda

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It's tough out there everywhere for NGOs and charities to get help with their technology. NetSquared is TechSoup's answer to providing local tech support and learning opportunities.

What’s to Come in Digital Fundraising?

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At Charity Dynamics, we recently celebrated our ten year birthday. My team at Charity Dynamics and I look forward to all the exciting changes the next 10 years will bring to the nonprofit industry and we are thankful to all of you who took the time to respond to our survey.

15 conversation starters for rebooting charity

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Here goes… You are now pretty good at using digital marketing techniques to push your charity’s own content tactically, but what are you doing to bridge the social divide between digital marketing and something that looks more genuinely like a commitment to meaningfully participate in the networks that are already out there? More charities are finding they can reach more people to talk about what they do. How does this fit in with your charity’s operating plan?

#12DaysOfGiving Charity Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Ever since, I’ve continued to raise money for my favorite charity, the Sharing Foundation that takes care of children in Cambodia. 12 Outstanding Charities. donation on Crowdrise to any or all of the diverse group of incredible charities here.

New Study: 60% of Americans Donate Money to Charity


economy is still recovering, the majority of Americans (60%) still give to charity, according to the Next Generation of American Giving study by Blackbaud. 60% of Gen X and Y give to charity. 72% of Boomers donate to charity. 88% of Matures donate to charity.

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Would You Climb A Mountain for Charity?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Soyignatus. Millennials (those young, tech savvy, and passionate younger donors) will – as I learned at last month’s Millennial Donor Summit.

Register Your Charity in Every State with

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The state charity registration service from is a web-based service that provides assistance in filing state charity registration forms. Get State Charity Registration Service now.

Infographic: A Peak Inside Donation Trends and Why We Support Charities


To do this effectively though, you need to understand what motivates donors to contribute money to charity. 37% said it was a physical challenge (like a marathon to support a charity). charities people donated to were: The United Way with $3.9B.

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An Interview With Paull Young from Charity:Water

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I first came across @paullyoung in September, 2008 when he implemented a birthday campaign as part of charity:water’s September campaign. Fast forward a couple of years, and Paull is following his passion for clean water around the world and is the director of digital for charity:water.

Study: More People Donated to Charity in 2012 Than 2011


People donated more money to charity in 2012 than in 2011, according to a Blackbaud survey , where over 4200 donors from the US, the UK, and Australia responded to a variety of questions about their donation habits to nonprofits. What Motivates Donors to Give to Charity?

Paull Young of charity:water on making nonprofit waves in a digital ocean


A quick recap of today’s #SmartCMO chat (2/17/12) with Paull Young of Charity:Water. Lots of great digital marketing lessons from one of the smartest and most social nonprofits. Association Case Studies Featured From the Trenches inboxzero nptech smartcmo

Charities should make the most of social media | Charity Digital News

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Charities should make the most of social media | Charity Digital News : Research gathered from The Charity Social 100 Index 2012 highlighted how charities have seen a doubling of support on social media channels in the past year. Connecting with supporters through social media has proven to be very effective, yet the extent of this remains unexplored by a large part of the sector

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CrowdRise Holiday Challenge Expects to Raise Over $1M for Charity


There is also an informative charity toolkit here. Grand prize donations to the three charities that raise the most money include; a $100K for first place, $40K for second place and $20K for third place.

Helping Charities Find Funders

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nonprofit charities; fundingHere's an interview with Michael Lenczner of Ajah about Fundtracker - an online service that connects Canadian non-profits with funders - and

Charity Miles App Nominated for Webby: Walking for A Good Cause

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But what if you could raise money for a charity just by walking, running, or riding your bike? That’s exactly what the app “ Charity Miles ” makes happen. You download the app , select a charity, and start moving and earn money from sponsors for that charity.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Nonprofit, Charity, or NGO

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Early adopter nonprofit organizations and charities began registering.ORG in 1992. Released on May 6, 2015 the.NGO and.ONG domains can only be registered and used by NGOs, ONGs, charities, and nonprofits.

Chris Noble on Check in for Charity, Pepsi Refresh and Social Media for Nonprofits


We cover a couple cause marketing initiatives (Pepsi Refresh and Check in for Charity) that focus on a really interesting combination of location based social networking (i.e. Chris Noble of and took some time to talk with us at SXSWi 2010. Foursquare) and fundraising. We also touch on “getting started with social media” where Chris gives us his five tips for working with what you’ve already got

Infographic: A Peek Inside Donation Trends and Why We Support Charities


To do this effectively though, you need to understand what motivates donors to contribute money to charity. 37% said it was a physical challenge (like a marathon to support a charity). charities people donated to were: The United Way with $3.9B.

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Innovative charities engaging with new technologies | Charity Tech Insight

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Innovative charities engaging with new technologies | Charity Tech Insight : Below are some examples of charities which are engaging with new technologies in an attempt to promote their cause, improve overall efficiency and increase donations

Cause Camp Highlight: The Way We Think About Charity is Wrong

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In Pallotta’s presentation, he turned the way we typically think about charity on its head. Right now, traditional approaches to charity aren’t doing the trick; they simply aren’t moving the needle. That starts with a shift in the way we think about charity. Instead, Pallotta said that charity leaders should be paid based on the value they’re producing. As his talk went on, Pallotta continued to transform the way we think about charity.

Engaging Through YouTube – Charity Inspiration


So, it is no small wonder that social media has also become an invaluable tool for charity. YouTube is actually one of the most powerful and often overlooked of these, which can be leveraged to help marketers, fundraisers and charity organisations achieve stunning success and here is how.

Charities are not the only nonprofits on the block

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Throughout the program, the overwhelming focus was on charities. As “the MBA of the nonprofit world,” this program should emphasize this segment of the sector rather than simply focusing on charities. posted by. Sonja Moseley. Director of Certification & Benefits.

Latest Survey Says People Plan to Donate More to Charity this Holiday Season


According to a national poll conducted by the American Red Cross, seven out of 10 Americans plan to donate more money to charity this year even in this economic downturn for a third straight holiday season. Why aren’t some people donating money to charity this holiday season?

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