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Pledge Launches World’s First Initiative to Eliminate Credit Card Fees

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Pledge becomes the first charitable platform to cover credit card fees for donations up to $1,000 per donation through its "Free the Fees' initiative.

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Nearly 30% of Cloud 100 are Leveraging Assets for Social Impact Through Pledge 1%

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Pledge 1% announces that a growing number of top cloud companies on the Cloud 100 list have committed to leveraging their assets for good. Of the 100 companies on the list, nearly 30% are Pledge 1% members, reflecting a more engaged business culture.

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Mazda Canada pledges up to $1 Million to support youth changemakers

Charity Village

and its Retailer network announced their commitment to supporting and celebrating Canadian youth and youth organizations who are working hard to improve their communities, with a $1 million pledge to help further their charitable impact. Mazda Canada Inc.

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Donations by Pledge App Can Turn Zoom Meetings Into Virtual Fundraisers

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Pledge introduced a donate button for Zoom through its Donations by Pledge app. The addition will allow any of the 300 million daily Zoom meeting participants to instantly become a fundraiser for any one of the two million verified charitable and nonprofit organizations in its worldwide network.

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How to Host a Pledge Drive: The Complete Guide


A pledge drive is a fundraising campaign where donors promise a gift amount to your organization based on a goal set by you or your participants. As your organization or participants meet those goals, donors increase their pledged donation. Create your pledge drive plan The first step to host a pledge drive is to create your plan.

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Pledges vs. Donations: Understanding the Difference

Pamela Grow

Defining Pledges and Donations When it comes to types of donations, there can be some overlap between the various categories. Here are simple definitions of and key differences between pledges and donations: Pledges. A pledge is a promise to pay a certain amount of money to an organization at a later date.

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Get More Pledges With The*New* CauseVox Auto-Pledge


CauseVox is launching Auto-Pledge: a state-of-the-art pledge form that’s optimized for the digital world. Auto-Pledge forms help you increase your gift size and get more large gift pledges online, while also automatically fulfilling them. With the new Auto-Pledge on CauseVox, donation pledges will never be the same.

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