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CauseVox is launching Auto-Pledge: a state-of-the-art pledge form that’s optimized for the digital world. Auto-Pledge forms help you increase your gift size and get more large gift pledges online, while also automatically fulfilling them.

Are corporations making good on their racial equity pledges?


A s of July 2020, we’d identified racial e quity grants and pledges worth $4.2 Yet a closer look at th is funding shows that pledges — particularly those from corporate funders — account for nearly three-quarters of the dollars we’ve tracked. What are corporate pledges? .


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How To Get More Donation Pledges For Your Nonprofit


You’ve probably heard of a donation pledge if you’ve been in fundraising for any amount of time. A donation pledge is when a supporter promises to give a certain amount of money in a set time frame. Why Ask For Donation Pledges? So what is the benefit of a pledge over a donation?

Walmart pledges $1 billion to pay employees’ college tuition, books


Walmart has announced a five-year, $1 billion commitment to cover 100 percent of the cost of college tuition and books for its employees through the company’s Live Better U (LBU) education program. Through the program, 1.5

Pledge Fundraising: 4 Tips for Creating a Powerful Campaign

Wild Apricot

Pledge fundraising raises money through promises of donations to be collected at a later date. Here's how you can pull off a successful campaign

Pledge 142

Product Update: CauseVox Auto-Pledge Helps You Get More Large Gifts


In recent years, pledges have fallen out of fashion: it’s not how today’s donors give, and it’s difficult for fundraisers to track and manage fulfillment. With Auto-Pledge, pledges will never be the same! With Auto-Pledges, even your biggest asks become easy.

Life after Common Ground: Part 2 – Click & Pledge

Judi Sohn

I started this series by talking about the Nonprofit Starter Pack , now I’m going to focus on Click & Pledge. Click & Pledge isn’t just a Salesforce application, it’s a platform. An organization can build their forms to “speak” to Click & Pledge’s processor. The feature I’ve chosen to highlight is how Click & Pledge handles reconciling donors to Salesforce.

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[WEBINAR] Deep-Dive Into The 2021 CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later™ Study


So, CauseVox launched The 2021 CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later Study, which surveyed 400 North America-based individuals to uncover key insights to this trend, and found that the expon ential growth of Buy Now, Pay Later models has led to an unprecedented shift in donor preferences. .

Actions Speak Louder than DEI Corporate Pledges

Media Cause

Remember how many corporations and nonprofits hopped on that bandwagon, pledging to do better with racial equality? In June, we took a pledge to focus on not only diversity but transparency in how we’re approaching our objectives and key results (OKR) with any and all DEI measures.

Donations by Pledge App Can Turn Zoom Meetings Into Virtual Fundraisers

NonProfit PRO

Pledge introduced a donate button for Zoom through its Donations by Pledge app.

How You Can Use Pledge Now, Pay Later To Revolutionize Your Fundraising Model


We’re talking about pledge now, pay later fundraising. There are some truly exciting things coming down the pipeline for digital fundraising and a lot of them feature the Pledge Now, Pay Later model. What Is Pledge Now, Pay Later? What Are The Benefits Of Pledge Now, Pay Later?

Study Pushes for More Transparency in Donation Pledges to Racial Equity

NonProfit PRO

The joint PolicyLink-Bridgespan Group analysis, "Moving from Intention to Impact: Funding Racial Equity to Win," is calling for funders to be more transparent about where their proposed dollars went, as 94% of donors have yet to report data, which has made pinpointing the actual funding to racial equity efforts extremely difficult.

Take The Emial-Free Vacation Pledge

Eric Jacobson

communication expert, David Grossman, encourages you to take his pledge for an email-free vacation. When you take the pledge you''ll also learn from David his recommended Eight Great Steps to Unplug & Recharge. 1 You can find the pledge here. As the season of spring vacations continues throughout the U.S, David has found that a growing number of his clients are looking for new ways to address mounting email overload in their workplaces.

All About the Pledge

Connection Cafe

On road trips as a child my dad would frequently joke that if we drove long enough we’d eventually find a pledge drive on a local NPR station. Later in life, when I traveled extensively for my job, I’d call him when the town I was visiting was in pledge and my wife, who travels for her job, loves to do the same with me. Clearly we have to start with the Alec Baldwin pledge drive promos that hit the air in 2010. Author: Jonathan Weldon.

Pledge Drive Plugin for Wordpress

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I got a comment on one of my vlogging for nonprofits posts from Devlon of LoadedPun who tipped me off to a wordpress plugin that he created for live vlog/blog pledge drives. (It It allows a vlogger/blogger to add pledge drive on the blog - visitors can pledge, have it be linked to PayPal, and then have a graph show the progress towards the goal.

I'm Taking the Pledge Against Hunger, Won't You?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That's why I'm taking the pledge to end hunger because if we all do a little bit - it can go a long way. Our goal is to encourage individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations to help promote this website and help us obtain at least 1,000 pledges. To become a Champion, all you need to do is: Sign the Hunger Pledge. Write a blog post (if you have one) endorsing the Hunger Pledge. It's hard times.

Technology for All: From Gandhi to TED - Part 2

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

For example, the Giving Pledge campaign that began with efforts by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett is encouraging the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. Erik Brynjolfsson technology Gandhi market failure Gandhi''s theory of trusteeship TED2013 Harris Wofford Giving Pledge socent social entrepreneurship Robert Gordon economic justice

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Donors’ Pledges to Reconstruct Haiti Come up Empty | UN Dispatch

AFP Blog

Donors’ Pledges to Reconstruct Haiti Come up Empty | UN Dispatch : "Back in March 2010, when the devastating earthquake in Haiti was still making headline news, UN member states pledged over $9 billion for Haiti’s reconstruction – including $5.3

Jack Dorsey Pledges Fifth of Tech Firm Square to Charity - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

AFP Blog

Jack Dorsey Pledges Fifth of Tech Firm Square to Charity - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : "Tech mogul Jack Dorsey has launched a foundation to aid needy communities around the world and will give it a nearly one-fifth stake in mobile-payments company Square, Quartz and the St.

Make A Pledge To Hire A Veteran By Year's End

Eric Jacobson

As we wind up this year's Memorial Day, consider making a pledge, as Siemens Corp. has done, to hire a veteran. For Siemens, by the end of this year, they will have hired almost 1,000 vets across many of its U.S. businesses. According to Siemens Corp. President and CEO Eric Spiegel, as featured in this week's Bloomberg's Business Week magazine, "Veterans make excellent employees and leaders." He adds that it can also be a tremendous boost to corporate morale. When hiring veterans, G.I.

Every Human Has Rights: Sign the Pledge for the Elders

Have Fun - Do Good

Do you believe we all have human rights? Do you believe: • You have the right to live, and to live in freedom and safety. Nobody has the right to treat you as his/her slave and you should not make anyone your slave. Nobody has the right to torture you. • You should be legally protected in the same way everywhere, and like everyone else. • The law is the same for everyone; it should be applied in the same way to all. These are 5 of the 30 points listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

'Naive' Twitter pledge leads to UK lawmaker donating $21,150 to charity | Digital Trends

AFP Blog

Naive' Twitter pledge leads to UK lawmaker donating $21,150 to charity | Digital Trends : During Friday night’s biennial Comic Relief Red Nose Day event on the BBC, where comedians and other entertainers come together to help raise money for various charities, Fiona Mactaggart, a lawmaker from the country’s main opposition Labour Party, tweeted to her 2000 or so followers that she would donate 1 ($1.50) to Comic Relief for each retweet

Mixing Digital and Physical: The Holocaust Museum's Handwritten Pledge Wall

Museum 2.0

It's a small space that features stories of recent and current genocides and encourages visitors to "take action" via an interactive pledge wall. I've seen several museums experimenting with inviting visitors to take action, make promises, and join communities of intentionality (here's a post with examples from 2007 ), and the USHMM effort is particularly compelling for some specific design choices made in the development of the pledge wall. The USHMM pledge cards are complicated.

Give Now, Pay Later

NonProfit PRO

I would like to emphasize here why it’s important to know the distinction between paying off a pledge over time, versus starting a recurring gift. Recurring Donations Software/Technology

Hugh Jackman makes $100,00 charity pledge on Twitter - Telegraph

AFP Blog

Hugh Jackman makes $100,00 charity pledge on Twitter - Telegraph: "Australian actor Hugh Jackman has asked fans on microblogging site Twitter to help him choose a charity worthy of a US$100,000 donation

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. Track your grants and pledges all in one place. If you're not already an EveryAction user, here's 50 reasons to make the switch today. #1. Higher Conversion Rates = Raising More Money.

Tweetathon: Jerry Lewis Meets PBS Pledge Drive To Promote Twitter Book and To Support Clean Drinking Water On Twitter

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In February 19th, Joel Comm has organized an event called " Tweetathon " on Twitter to promote and sell copies of his new book, Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time and help a nonprofit that supports children in Africa, China, and India. The event takes a television concept from the 1960's, the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethons , which does non-stop celebrity performances and pitching to raise money for charity and puts it on Twitter as well as live streaming on

$100,000 in Three Days: An Interview about #TeamAutism

Amy Sample Ward

Samsung pledged to contribute up to $100,000 through this social action challenge, providing a donation of $5 to the Dan Marino Foundation each time someone pledged their support of autism awareness by sharing an infographic with their Facebook friends or sending a tweet with the hashtag, #teamautism. fundraising interview campaign foundation online campaign pledges twitter

Encourage Donors to Give More Through Layering

NonProfit PRO

In my context of layering, it is securing a major gift or pledge in one area while asking them for a second gift or pledge in another or same area.

Protecting Our Planet Challenge Commits $5 Billion To Conserve 30% of Planet by 2030

NonProfit PRO

Nine organizations have joined together to pledge $5 billion over the next 10 years to help address three of the planet’s most life-threatening crises: the climate, extinction and health crises — with an emphasis on the role of nature and the leadership of Indigenous people in solving them.

9 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

Nonprofit Tech for Good

6) Encourage pledges. Did you know that 49% of pledges are initiated through a text message link? Or that 84% of pledges opened during a fundraising event are fulfilled? It’s safe to say that pledge requests during your virtual nonprofit event are a must!

Weekly update from PND


Bezos Earth Fund pledges $203 million for climate justice, innovation. September 9, 2021 The Bezos Earth Fund has announced pledges totaling $203.7 Foundations, corporations pledge support for Hurricane Ida relief. A weekly update with the latest news from PND.

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Maximize Virtual Fundraising in 2022

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Presented by: Pledge. Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Time: 1pm EST / 10am PST. Cost: Free. The pandemic accelerated virtual fundraising trends and changed the fundraising landscape forever.

What counts as racial equity funding?  


We began tracking grants and pledges based on press releases and public announcements to tell a real-time story. . Pledges?are?a Some funders use pledges to signal the importance they place on an issue and to give an early indication of their future support.

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The philanthropic response to the rise in Asian hate


In the wake of their deaths, individuals, communities, and organizations have shown solidarity with words, actions, and millions of dollars pledged to end anti-Asian discrimination, violence, and hate. Corporate pledges in response to anti-Asian hate in 2021.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Process: Renewing donors and following up on open pledges Process: Renewing donors and following up on open pledges Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 March 2007 10:50 Written by Steve Monday, 19 March 2007 02:32 Update: All process maps are now available in PDF format in links below the figures. If a new or recurring donor commits to give, we record the pledge as one of the last steps in the ask process.

Meghan Markle Partners With Nonprofits for 40×40 Women Mentorship Initiative

NonProfit PRO

In celebration of Meghan Markle’s milestone birthday yesterday, she has pledged to give 40 minutes of her time to mentor women reentering the workforce and is asking her friends to do the same.

Is Your Nonprofit Half Way to Your 2020 Fundraising Goal$?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

1) Pledges. First, take a look at the money that has already been promised to your organization through pledges. Reports like a Projected Pledge Payment report can be extremely helpful in assessing the revenue you can expect to accrue in the coming months.

Goal 227

3 Ways to Spotlight Your Monthly Giving Program on #GivingTuesday

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with a $5/month pledge to Teeny Rescue Animal Shelter. Instead of a traditional dollar goal, let your donors know the desired number of monthly pledges you’d like to achieve in a single day. Remember: the smallest pledges add up to a sizeable yearly donation!).

Weekly update from PND


Philanthropies pledge $5 billion to 'Protecting Our Planet Challenge'. A weekly update with the latest news from PND. HHMI invests $300 million in 2021 new biomedical research.

#GivingTuesday 2021 Ideas & Best Practices


Pledges: How many people do you want to pledge a donation to the cause? Use #GivingTuesday To Drive Gift Committments With Recurring Donations Or Pledge Now, Pay Later. Getting donation pledges and recurring gifts may be the best ask you can do this #GivingTuesday.

5 Tips To Help Your Nonprofit Receive MacKenzie Scott Funds


Scott is a member of the Giving Pledge. When she signed the pledge she said: “ I have a disproportionate amount of money to share. Despite its name, the pledge is not legally binding. . Much has been written about the extraordinary grant making of businesswomen, MacKenzie Scott.

Fund 107

[ASK AN EXPERT] How To Document Legacy Gift Intent


For example, we want to document that he is a legacy giver, and we’d love to enter the amount as a pledge. Finally, keep in mind that you shouldn’t enter a bequest as a “pledge” on your financial ledger ; bequests are always revocable and are not true “receivables” in accounting terms.

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