5 Ways to Supercharge Your Organization’s Web Content

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There is a direct link between the content your constituents are consuming on your website and how they feel about you as an organization. Here are Five Tips for Creating Effective Web Content. Listen to the sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 175: 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Content.

More Insecure Content Blocked By Google Chrome

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These pages have “Mixed Content”, which is a page loaded securely via HTTPS, but pulls in elements from a non-secure locations. You’ll see an insecure icon like in the image below in your browser that says “insecure content blocked” Why is this important? When some content, such as image or video doesn’t load on your site, it usually leaves a large unattractive gaping hole on your page. This will make the elimination of mixed content easier for developers.


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Higher Education Content Strategy 101: The Fundamentals

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The amount of digital content coming out of various departments and through various channels (website, social media, etc.) requires a solid content strategy. So, how do you define your content strategy? What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a guide. Content strategy is an aggregate of a few best practices—equal parts planning, delivery, and consistency. There are a few accepted models for content strategy. Content strategy matters. .

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 175: 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Content

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Content is at the heart of how your constituents engage online. But getting top-notch quality and performance from content isn’t always easy. Nyleva Corley, principal user experience designer at Blackbaud, talks all about how to get the most from your content on today’s episode.

Who Should Be on Your Content Squad?

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Content is the gateway drug of small organizations.” – Gary Vaynerchuk. Your organization probably needs to create more content than it is right now. You need quality content for others to critique. Good content brings conversions. You have to consistently share valuable content. It’s time for organizations (and especially mission-focused organizations) to really invest in their content. Your Content Squad. You build your own content squad!

Content Marketing for Nonprofits [Survey]

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Content marketing isn’t a widely used term in the nonprofit and charity world. Kivi Leroux Miller is out there evangelizing content marketing. I’ve shared some thoughts here on npENGAGE as well as other publications about how nonprofits are doing content marketing. But, in general, the concept of strategically using great content to attract, engage and retain constituents (i.e. On the other hand, nonprofits produce and use content all the time!

Is Content Really King?

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So with this new source of content (produced by our constituents) and with the emphasis on online communities (whether that be through message boards, your e-mail program, social media networks or other platforms) there arises an intriguing editorial question, a question you might have asked or been asked when preparing remarks for an event, or conceiving your next newsletter, or even over dinner with a friend. You know what content generated the most clicks on our web site?

The Anatomy of a Content Model

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What is a Content Model? Content Modeling is a hot topic in the Information Architecture community these days. A content model is a document defining the structure of each content type within a CMS , or Content Management System. With the turn towards Responsive Design , a CMS is really a crucial part of any content-rich web presence because it allows you to structure your content to adapt to any device. Why do I need a Content Model?

Model 159

Adaptive Content for a Future-Proofed World


My last post was a quick introduction to Mobile Content Strategy. It really just … Content Marketing Mobile Web Design CMS content management Content strategy mobile design mobile devices responsive design

A Culture of Content


“When content becomes an ingrained part of an organization’s culture, content strategy functions like a well-oiled engine, producing, circulating, and begetting content, creating numerous efficiencies in the process. In this 1-hour webinar , learn how companies evangelize, reinforce, and institutionalize the importance of content throughout and beyond the marketing organization. Content Strategy Really like this Altimeter deck.

Your Audience’s Content Is King (and Your Content Is Subservient to It)

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In a world where everyone is their own publisher on social media, the conventional wisdom that “content is king” is simply incomplete. That is why social media content analysis is important to any campaign. Social Listening and Social Media Content Analysis. Using social media to understand how people think about an issue takes two basic forms: social listening and social media content analysis. Your Audience’s Content is King. Content is indeed king.

Content Strategy for Associations


deck on content strategy for associations from the awesome Hilary Marsh. Creating a great content strategy from Content Company. Content Strategy Featured Industry Insider Another MUST READ (must view??) ————-. photo credit ).

Nonprofit Content Marketing in 2015: Storytelling and Visual Content Top the Charts, But What Else Did We Learn?

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Nonprofit marketers are doing more with content marketing – and feeling more confident about their effectiveness. In fact, sixty-six percent of nonprofits are focused on becoming better storytellers and sixty-three percent are working on creating better visual content. It’s exciting to see how nonprofit professionals continue to embrace content marketing. – Joe Pulizzi , founder, Content Marketing Institute and author of Epic Content Marketing.

5 Content Marketing Success Stories Your Nonprofit Needs to Imitate


Yesterday we talked about the importance of content marketing for nonprofits. Create content that attracts the audience you’re targeting with the goal of getting them to interact with you. Knowing that it can be tough to execute on we thought we’d give you a few examples of nonprofits effectively using content marketing as a key part of their online strategy. Here are 5 nonprofit content marketing examples. Now that’s content marketing in action!

Creating content that works


You may remember the fabulous Amy Vernon presenting this content for one of our hottest webinars in the past. Creating Content (That Works) from Amy Vernon. Content Strategy Well, here’s an updated deck for you! ——— ( photo credit ).

5 Content Marketing Tips That Yield Donors


Content marketing is constantly transforming the information we produce and consume. Putting out content, however, does not automatically lead to more money for your business. The post 5 Content Marketing Tips That Yield Donors appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. General content marketing data database donation donations donors nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech social media technology

3 Ideas for Inspired Social Media Content

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I get excited when I see content from nonprofits. Bonus : T his type of spotlight content can boost volunteer and staff recruitment as in this Habitat for Humanity video posted on F acebook : . Curated Content : . Show social love to your followers and like-minded organizations by sharing their content. This take s some pressure off you, because you don’t need to create content for every single post.

Lethal Generosity and a Simple 5 Step Content Marketing Plan for Your Nonprofit


Content Marketing takes lethal generosity if you want to succeed. If you’re a nonprofit thinking about content marketing then put the “ Lethal Generosity ” concept into your plans. Simply put, lethal generosity = giving away content that’s useful to your audience in order to build trust, respect and goodwill. First , understand the challenges of content marketing for nonprofits. Fourth , get creative with your content creation.

How You Can Leverage Ephemeral Content

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Ephemeral content has become an important tool for improving nonprofit communications in 2020. Exemplified by Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Stories, ephemeral content includes photos and videos that are available for only a short time. Pair Ephemeral Content With CTAs.

Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation


——————– Given the number of public relations firms with their feet in social media and digital marketing, one would think more organizations could demonstrate content creation restraint. Content creation continues to be the focus of most digital marketing and public relations campaigns and it’s starting to backfire. The deluge is so huge that the quality of the content doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.

Mobile Content Strategy

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I recently attended an excellent webinar with Karen McGrane about Mobile Content Strategy. Karen’s talk encouraged us to think about content in a more holistic way. So, instead of content for desktop computers, mobile devices or iPads, what about creating a single content structure that will allow you to show the SAME content on any device?! Author: Lacey Kruger. The funny thing is that there is actually no such thing!

6 Problems Solved By a Written Content Strategy

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Starting from 1999, FusionSpark Media has produced a wide range of content initiatives for nonprofit and government agencies in the topic areas of environment, sustainability and health. Russell’s role in projects ranges from new business development to content strategy to photography and video creation. . For many nonprofits, funding or writing a content strategy as an essential content marketing “first step” is a new or foreign concept.

The new content economy


Content strategy in a content economy from Rahel Anne Bailie. Contact us for help with your content strategy. Content Strategy Debunking the Hype From the Trenches Mobile Social, In Theory Are you ready?

[Take the Survey!] Nonprofit Content Marketing – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for 2016

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Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a surge in content marketing in the nonprofit world. Organizations are producing and using more content content than ever to connect with and engage supporters! But what makes for a successful content marketing plan? We’re Partnering with The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Again! Why do we Need Nonprofit Content Marketing Research? A Few Sample Content Marketing Research Questions.

Video Is A Must For Your Organization’s Content Strategy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no Internet, you realize that the amount of video content on social media has skyrocketed over the past few years. Here are just a few stats about video content : 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major TV networks have created in the past 30 years. But why is video content so compelling?

More on Content Strategy


Content strategy workshop for LACONI, an association of 150 Chicago-area libraries, given September 20, 2013. Comprehensive look at content strategy goals, opportunities, challenges, definitions, processes, elements for libraries today and in the future. Content strategy for library websites from Content Company. Case Study Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches I love decks related to libraries. I feel like they are totally relevant to associations.

A Culture of Content


When content becomes an ingrained part of an organization’s culture, content strategy functions like a well-oiled engine, producing, circulating, and begetting content, creating numerous efficiencies in the process. In this 1-hour webinar , learn how companies evangelize, reinforce, and institutionalize the importance of content throughout and beyond the marketing organization. Really like this Altimeter deck. Click the webinar link for a replay.

Visual Content Marketing Cheat Sheet


Visual content marketing cheat sheet from Tinu Abayomi-Paul. Content Strategy for Associations Awesome Nonprofit Social Media Decks from #14NTC How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization What to measure in social media All You Need To Know About User Experience Community Management Fundamentals. The post Visual Content Marketing Cheat Sheet appeared first on SocialFish. Content Strategy Cool Social Tools Ok this one is awesome. Thanks Tinu Abayomi-Paul !

Why Content Marketing is the Key to Your Nonprofits Online Success


It got me thinking about how content is used by nonprofits to help them connect with the right audience online. In essence, Joe points out the fact that great content is the tool that moves hearts and inspire action online. The concept of creating content to engage with your audience isn’t new, especially in the nonprofit world, but it is becoming more and more critical when it comes to creating success online. What’s content marketing?

4 Strategies For Successful Nonprofit Content Marketing


In a previous post , we talked about why your nonprofit had to start actively engaging in content marketing. Strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaigns were not only effective and efficient, but successful and delivered on all those great benefits. Here are 4 strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaign is meetings its goals. It is one thing to start creating content and putting your nonprofit’s emblem on it.

Why is your content strategy failing?


It is important to understand that it is not enough to just have a content marketing strategy in place. There is a spectrum of factors that contribute towards making your content marketing strategy a success instead of a complete flop. From content generation to content publishing – each step is crucial and has to be handled cleverly to create the best possible content marketing strategy for your organization. Taking your content marketing team too lightly.

Five Cool Decks About Content Strategy


Web Content Strategy for Nonprofits — ADRP 2014 from Caryn Stein. Managing the politics of content from Content Company. Content Strategy Featured Implementation I liked these. And I could have spread them out, but what the hey, here they all are in one post for you. Happy perusing! The Convergence Imperative from Jason Falls. Acquia Slides from Simon Mainwaring. Measuring and Managing A Social Media Presence from Beth Kanter.

What Is Content Governance and Why Does It Matter?

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Content governance. Ten years ago, when “content marketing” took hold, organizations realized that they needed to create useful and beautiful content. Now that that’s done, organizations are beginning to realize they need to govern that content. Enter content governance. . What is Content Governance? . You should probably be publishing far more content than you are right now. Content isn’t just what’s on your website.

Your New Content Strategy [REGISTER!]


Questions like, “do we have a content strategy?” ” If that question gives you the chills, or you want a good refresher, then you need to take part in our final webinar in the Think Tank Summer Series, “ Your New Content Strategy ,” with Bob LeDrew , principal consultant at Translucid Communications in Ottawa, writer for Flacklife, Canada’s first PR Blog, and organizer and speaker for TEDxOttawa. We’re buried in content.

Worth a Look: Scoop.it Digital Content Tool

Amy Sample Ward

So when Scoop.it , a new content curation platform, hit the web recently, the #CommBuild network seemed like the perfect place to try it out. In fact, the web is so full of information that many organizations are finding it useful to pull together topic-specific content on the web and make it available in one place. positions every user as a content curator. You can “scoop” content (add it to your topic page) from the Scoop.it How do you collect and share content now?

10 Tried-and-True Content Formats for Nonprofits

John Haydon

But simply changing the format is a great way to repeat your core messages while making the content feel more fresh and interesting. Let’s look at some favorite formats for nonprofit content. The post 10 Tried-and-True Content Formats for Nonprofits appeared first on John Haydon. Content MarketingTired of sharing “updates” all the time? Your readers probably are too.

User-Generated Content: Put your constituents to work!

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For many nonprofits, writing new online content can be a huge burden. With User-Generated Content, you can actually rely on your constituents for some of that writing. The most simple and ubiquitous form of User-Generated Content is a Comments space. Riley Children’s Foundation features their patients’ “Riley Stories” all over their website: What other forms of User-Generated Content have you seen that are successful?

Does it make better sense to buy an LMS with the content or without content?


One needs to understand the importance of Included Content in an LMS and other factors that matter The decision to buy an LMS needs thorough research.

Insider Tips for Nonprofit Content Marketing at Healthcare Organizations

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Content’s role in nonprofit marketing grows by the hour. Not only does valuable and unique content increase the visibility of your organization and its mission, but (if done right) it encourages engagement among your supporters and echoes in a familiar voice the emotional core of your organization’s purpose. So, as your organization works to create content that invites and inspires, it’s important to ensure everything is created with your audience in mind.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Social Capital 2019 is a content-rich, invitation-only conference bringing together the brightest nonprofit and corporate minds for a candid exchange on growing strategic partnerships. Is our content compelling? With guidance from content leaders, keynotes, and solution providers at the 2019 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (MMCC), we can help find the solutions you crave. It's finally here!

Decode Your Content Marketing


Everybody has an opinion, but renowned content marketing experts David Beebe and Adele Cehrs are different. A master storyteller, Beebe established Marriott as the largest producer of travel lifestyle content in the world. Now, you can learn from his proven expertise by attending his popular Content Decoded Masterclass. Content Strategy FeaturedJoin me at this awesome workshop! SocialFish Readers get 20% off registration if you use the code ADELE17 – w00t!!

8 Remarkable (and Stolen) Content Marketing Ideas

AFP Blog

8 Remarkable (and Stolen) Content Marketing Ideas : "One of the benefits of my work is that I get to travel around the world to meet with fascinating people who have amazing ideas. Much of my speeches and my writings on content marketing are filled with the thoughts of others. Here are eight of my favorite content ideas that I’ve stolen.

Ideas 130

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


In order for this to work, we had to make sure that the content was engaging. Creating a microsite for specific fundraising events such as Giving Tuesday can help funnel web traffic to your donation pages by cutting down on the other content and navigation options that your supporters see. Supporters will continue to see your content on the web and in their inboxes on their own schedules, so providing a quick wrap up to your campaign is helpful in keeping people connected.

Giving 203