How to Assemble a Stellar Board of Directors

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It’s important to take a good first step in developing an efficient and cohesive setting for your board of directors to set up shop and pave the way for your nonprofit to thrive. Even if your nonprofit has all volunteers and no staff, a board of directors is a must.

An executive director reminds us of the importance of prayer


Bobby Calvillo is the Executive Director of a large housing non-profit in Texas. He has shared his insight with us on many occasions, and today he speaks from the heart about how prayer can guide us everyday as we work to reshape community

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Assembling Your Super Board of Directors [Infographic]

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That’s why you need your own team of superheroes to help your cause on your board of directors. The post Assembling Your Super Board of Directors [Infographic] appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Board of Directors Featured Infographics

Field Notes from an Executive Director: Help Your Board Help You

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So I share with you first-hand experiences of the dynamic relationship between the board of directors and the executive director. This applies to the executive director as well as the board. And as the executive director (hopefully you’re sticking around) you’re the continuity in board transitions. I have executive director friends that say this is the most important part of board development. Board of Directors Featured

We're Hiring an Executive Director


As part of that growth, I see an opportunity to step out of the Executive Director role and into another one to make room for a successor with the right experience and vision to lead us into the next stage of our evolution. I’ll continue to work closely with the board and staff (and eventually with our new Executive Director) to support this transition, and am excited about what’s ahead. Here at Idealware, there’s nothing we like better than helping other nonprofits.

Your Board of Directors: “Good Enough” Really Is OK


——————– Maybe you have an amazing board of directors that has perfect chemistry and does five times more than you could imagine asking of them. A high-performing board can help the executive director stretch and grow in the role.

How a Tech Solution Saved This Executive Director’s Membership Growth Strategy

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The story of how one executive director managed to turn around a failing growth strategy with a software solution, hitting 25% growth in six months. membership management software membership-growth executive-directorBased on The Tech Effect webinar, which runs each month at Wild Apricot.

Year One as a Museum Director. Survived!

Museum 2.0

Today is my one-year anniversary as the executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. A year ago, I put my consultant hat on the shelf and decided to jump into museum management (a sentence I NEVER would have imagined writing five years ago). It’s been a wild and wonderful year—without question, my most challenging and stimulating yet.

Please Welcome NTEN's New Membership Director: Amy Sample Ward


We're thrilled to welcome her as our new Membership Director. Don't worry, Annaliese will continue her work with NTEN, as our Publications Director.) We're pleased to announce a new member of the NTEN Team: Amy Sample Ward. You may have heard of her.

Confessions of a Former Nonprofit IT Director: Dos and Don'ts


As always, no executive directors or board members were harmed in the writing of this article. And hat-tip to Allan Benamer and the "Confessions of a Former Non-Profit Executive Director" blog for inspiration for this series).

Engagement Strategies to Turn Nonprofit Board Members into Ambassadors for Your Cause

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Have the board prospect meet with the Executive Director: Before you present them to the entire board is imperative. If staffing permits, identify a single person to serve as the primary point of contact, such as a board liaison or the Executive Director’s executive assistant.

Tales from the Trenches: How to Balance the Roles of Your Board of Directors

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In my other life, I serve as the Executive Director of a volunteer-run nonprofit that is focused on youth leadership development. With the open seat, the board of directors charged a group to come up with ideas for potential replacements. Board of Directors Featured Human Resources

Seven Secrets to a Successful Search for your Nonprofit’s Next Executive Director


Is your nonprofit about to embark on a search for a new Executive Director? Seven Secrets to a Successful Search for your Nonprofit’s Next Executive Director. Executive Director searches start every day. Some of it is generational—long-tenured Executive Directors are retiring in droves. Only embark upon a search for Executive Director (increasingly known as CEO or President) when you can approach it with momentum.

Five Tech Tips for Every Executive Director


Flickr photo: lovebugstudios As an Executive Director, I especially love talking to other leaders about technology. No matter what prompts the conversation though, it almost always circles back to the same place: productivity.

Tales from the Trenches: How to Balance the Roles of Your Board of Directors

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In my other life, I serve as the Executive Director of a volunteer-run nonprofit that is focused on youth leadership development. Soon though, my term as Executive Director will be coming to an end and our board of directors selected my successor, who will be vacating her seat on the board of directors. With the open seat, the board of directors charged a group to come up with ideas for potential replacements. Board of Directors Featured Human Resources

Should CEOs and Executive Directors Use Social Media?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I was asked to facilitate a session on the question, "Should CEOs and Executive Directors Use Social Media?". You may be wondering if that means that your executive director and CEO needs to write a blog or have their own Twitter account to share their wisdom.

Is Your Board Properly Supporting Your Executive Director


One of a board member’s main roles—while rarely discussed—is to support the executive director (ED). Is Your Board Properly Supporting Your Executive Director. One of a board member’s main roles—while rarely discussed—is to support the executive director (ED).

[PODCAST] Creating and Maintaining a Stellar Board of Directors | Ft. Simone Joyaux

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The post [PODCAST] Creating and Maintaining a Stellar Board of Directors | Ft. Board of Directors FeaturedNonprofit consultant and lover of all things boards, Simone Joyaux knows the ins and outs of what it is that a board of governance does.

An IT Director's Guide to Securing Your Data


IT Director. Spencer Bolles. Bay Area Community Resources. "You cannot put a price on your organization’s data, but if you are breached, you can be sure that cyber-criminals will." " With annual giving campaigns taking place soon, now is an ideal time for a self-assessment of nonprofit information security and privacy, and to address gaps. Data Infrastructure PCI Compliance IT Staff

How to Use Slack for Nonprofits

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Board of Directors Culture FeaturedI sit on a couple of different boards for nonprofits and I’ve learned that sometimes, organizations run into snags. And often, these snags come from communication mishaps…” who was supposed to do what and when were they supposed to do it?”.

10 Ways Board Members Can Fundraise WITHOUT Asking for Money

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Behind her smile the development director was fuming. Board of Directors FeaturedRachel Muir, CFRE, is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and speaker at Cause Camp 2016.

Money 51

Succession Strategy: Mapping the Next Generation of Leadership

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Picture this: your executive director is offered a new position right in the thick of your biggest fundraiser of the year. Do you think you’d stop the fundraiser to find an executive director? Maybe you’re convinced your executive director wouldn’t do that to you.

4 Tips for Finding Your Nonprofit’s Next Executive Director

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There’s no question about it: finding the right person to lead your nonprofit team to greatness can be a tricky business. It can be difficult to track down one promising candidate who meets all of your nonprofit’s preferences such as: A range of nonprofit experience. A clean and philanthropic reputation. Strong leadership and project management… Executive Search

Tech Tips for Executive Directors: 5 Mobile Apps for Busy Nonprofit Leaders


Your executive director and board members should be reading this quarterly digital journal for nonprofit leaders ! By Sophia Guevara. With so many apps available in the iPhone App Store and Google Play, it is difficult to find which ones could actually provide value for the needs of a nonprofit leader.

Research Friday: Executive Directors’ Top Seven Roles for their Boards of Directors

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posted by. William A. Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor. Texas A&M University. Welcome to Research Friday !

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Leadership Begins at Home

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Human Resources executive directors leadership succession planningAs Baby Boomers age and retire, nonprofit leadership is in transition. Prepare your organization with this roadmap.

How to Build a Better Board and Staff Relationship

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Board of Directors Featured Human ResourcesThis article was originally published in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a bi-monthly publication that features content from the best in the nonprofit industry. Sign up to get your free subscription today.

To BYOD or Not to BYOD: One IT Director's Take


Director of Technology Infrastructure. Darren Schoen. Broward Center for the Performing Arts. You need to be prepared for the BYOD conversation. Here are a few tales from the trenches on how to handle it, and how I have come to love, and loathe, BYOD. Most IT pros I talk to today have strong feelings about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

Welcoming Joleen Ong as NTEN's new Marketing and Publications Director


Joleen Ong joins us as the Marketing and Publications Director (or, rather, "joined" two weeks ago already!). I''m excited to announce that the newest member of the NTEN team!

[PODCAST] The Cost of Poor Nonprofit Leadership | Ft. Marc Pitman

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Because so many board members come from the for-profit world, leading a nonprofit organization can be confusing and they can get in the way of what the executive director is trying to do, without knowing they’re doing so. Board of Directors Featured Fundraising Hubcast

7 Tips for Running Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings

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If fundraising is the lifeblood of your nonprofit then your board of directors is the heart that keeps the organization moving forward. The problem is that despite their importance, many people view board of director meetings as a drab and high level mumbo jumbo.

Build Your Nonprofit Budget like a Boss in 7 Easy Steps

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If you’re a smaller nonprofit, Maloy said to start the conversation with the historical details between the executive director and financial manager. During the course of the next year, the budget should be presented along the year-to-date financials to the board of directors.

The ABCs of Board Development: Recruiting the Right Nonprofit Board Members

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Board of Directors FeaturedThis post was originally featured in our May/June edition of the Nonprofit Hub Magazine. To get our next issue delivered to your mailbox, sign up here. _. Everything I learned about sales I learned from Glengarry Glen Ross. Okay, not really everything.

How to Access and Use Big Data in the Nonprofit World

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Every nonprofit has three important areas of focus to manage: funders and contributors, the board of directors and management. Board of Directors Donor Retention Featured Nonprofit Marketing PlanMarius Moscovici is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub.

Social Media for Executive Directors


Event Price: 40.00. EventDate: July 26, 2012 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm. Type: Live Training. As a decision-maker, you are responsible for figuring out which social media your organization should use. How do you work through all the possibilities, hype, and data to decide which channels actually make sense for your organization? In this session, we’ll take the mystery out of the process and walk you through the creation of your own social media strategy, step by step.

7 Ethical Dilemmas Facing Nonprofit Organizations

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Board of Directors Featured Fundraising Human ResourcesIf ethics were cut and dry, there wouldn’t be dilemmas; we wouldn’t have to use our moral compasses. Unfortunately, life is a little more complicated than that.

[PODCAST] Get Your Board on Board | Ft. Claire Axelrad

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Board of Directors Featured HubcastLet’s be honest, fundraising gets a bad rap. It’s like the misunderstood middle child who really does mean well, they just come off a little off-putting at times.

Seven Ways a Board Member Can Support Their Executive Director and Organization


What do nonprofit Executive Directors really want from their board members? Seven Ways a Board Member Can Support Their Executive Director and Organization. Talk to the Executive Director. BoardAssist is proud to have Dr Simon on our board of directors. .

Introducing the Community Director

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Introducing the Community Director : Recently, Ogilvy outlined the ways in which organizations are primed to accept the role of community director. The community director, as they see it, helps set strategies, expedites inquiries, and help incorporate the brand’s voice into other parts of the company

When Your Powers Combine: Why Nonprofit Mergers Should Not Be Feared

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More common is when one board of directors votes to dissolve and transfer its assets to another organization. Board of Directors Featured Starting a NonprofitIn the early ‘90s, a new superhero burst onto the scene.