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It is end of year fundraising time. You’re likely sitting in front of … Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising online giving photos

The Big Picture for Associations

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The Big Picture for Associations

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Social Media Pictures

NCE Social Media

Social media tools that allow you to post pictures and videos are very helpful tools to let folks get a glimpse of life from your point of view. Looking at it from the point of view of a person with disability, how would you want to share your life in pictures with someone who may not have seen how someone with a disability lives? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Picture Perfect: 8 Free Stock Photography Websites for Nonprofits


Stock photos are a problem. On the one hand, they’re a great way to make your content more interesting and attractive by emphasizing a point, breaking up text, or just by helping you stand out from the crowd

The Bigger Picture


I met a lot of people who had trouble seeing the bigger picture beyond their immediate frustrations,” Meyer said. They struggle to see the whole picture. The post The Bigger Picture appeared first on Idealware. Jill Meyer is like a lot of nonprofit tech geeks. After more than 15 years working in a corporate setting, she decided it wasn’t satisfying enough. She wanted to work with nonprofits—people who changed lives for the better.

Picture This: Automatically Add Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

The post Picture This: Automatically Add Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. There’s no denying the overwhelming popularity of Instagram and the impressive place it holds among social media sites. And for those owning, operating or administering a WordPress site, having a tie-in between Instagram and their pages can really boost hits and visits and add serious curb appeal that helps drive traffic to a website.

Picture Perfect: Building an Image Gallery on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

On it you can showcase and highlight photos that give users a more complete picture (no pun intended) of what you hope to accomplish with your site while helping draw more traffic and creating a dedicated follower base. However, depending on the amount of time you want to spend uploading pictures, this may be a good option, especially if you don’t intend for your imagery to be the main crux of your site.

The Picture Show: The Best WordPress Themes for Video Ventures

Byte Technology

The post The Picture Show: The Best WordPress Themes for Video Ventures appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. Whether you’re a simple weekly WordPress blogger or a seasoned webpage administrator who updates and edits every day, having a video component on your site is a stellar way to draw readers and keep them coming back again and again.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 76: Visual Storytelling: A Picture is Worth 60,000 Words

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Notable Quotes from Ira Horowitz: “Everybody knows the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture is worth about 60,000 words because studies have shown that the human brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than plain text.”.

Understand the procedure to crop the picture

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Photo editing allows photographers and designers to edit pictures in a variety of ways. Picture can be edited in a subtle way where the viewer may not be able to notice the difference or you can edit pictures more drastically. Haze effect: Haze effect is used to make the picture more cinematic. You are just required to adjust the intensity of haze particles available in the picture. It helps to create a memorable picture for tourists.

A Data Picture is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

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This means time spent translating my thoughts into both words and pictures that convey the meaning in the best, clearest, and most persuasive way. I have noticed that, personally, I respond better to the presentations that rely more on the pictures than the words. Author: James Young.

Send Pictures Over MMS, Just like Sending Text Messages

Mobile Commons

If a picture is worth a thousand words – how much more valuable is that in the world of mobile messaging, when every character counts? You can also send picture messages to your subscribers’ phones. And you can ask your subscribers to submit pictures of their own. This post will give you an overview of how easy it is to send and receive pictures using our platform. Send out a picture greeting new users when they subscribe to your campaign.

I like this picture


Courtesy David Wilcox, of the Designing for Civil Society blog. social media

Picture Perfect: A/B Split Testing Your WordPress Site Imagery

Byte Technology

The post Picture Perfect: A/B Split Testing Your WordPress Site Imagery appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. Whether you’re posing proud for a formal portrait or grabbing a quick selfie with friends on vacation, everybody wants to look their very best.

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


Custom reports offer a real-time picture of your supporters across all channels. With customizable analytics dashboards , nonprofits can build beautiful charts and graphs of their digital, fundraising, advocacy, and organizing data to paint a better picture of their work. #9.

A new tool for Twitter search out of the Knight Lab portrays trends in a single picture ? Nieman Journalism Lab

AFP Blog

A new tool for Twitter search out of the Knight Lab portrays trends in a single picture  Nieman Journalism Lab : It’s a couple days old by now, but make sure you take a look at TwXplorer, the tool out of Northwestern’s Knight Lab. In addition to showing a list of recent tweets that include your search term, twXplorer displays the most popular words, hashtags, and links in those tweets

More on Using Crowdsourced Data to Find Big Picture Patterns (Take 3)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

They are especially in need of big picture information that will help guide their response to do the most good with the resources employed. Captain Lopez helps her team assess the quality, quantity and usefulness of these different streams, each of which plays a part of the picture of the situation. It takes an extra six hours for the real picture to come through, and that delay has real impact.

Peer to Peer Fundraising- Painting a Better Picture with Video


Everyone loves a cut-throat game of Pictionary®. It is not long before emotions run high and furiously scribbled stick figures give way to a litany of erroneous guesses: “An astronaut!", "An ice cream cone!", "A cotton gin!", "Trotsky

Picture Perfect: How to Remedy the Most Common WordPress Image Issues

Byte Technology

After uploading the picture use WordPress media to give it a title, description and caption. The post Picture Perfect: How to Remedy the Most Common WordPress Image Issues appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPress experts and website designers are constantly reinforcing to their clients the importance of having great imagery on their pages.

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


For example, dynamic fields could allow you to display a picture of the Badlands to readers in South Dakota, while readers in Arizona see the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Donor 184

DAM Pictures « Digital Diner

Gavin's Digital Diner

I load my pictures up there on a regular basis. In the end, it’s easier to have all the support tables setup before you set up your master list or document/picture library. It’s a neat little menu that lets you pop selected pictures into Office apps.

Quick Photo Effects and Picture Frames

Wild Apricot

There are lots of free and low-cost image editing tools , but for a really quick way to add a special effect or picture frame to your online images, try Tuxpi. A nonprofit blog or newsletter that’s illustrated only with traditional “news release” photos can get a bit dull after a while – except maybe for the folks in the photographs! Could your illustrations use a bit of a fresh look for summer?

8 Annual Reports We Love


The Humane Society’s annual report has so much to love: clear and concise info about the years progress, compelling copy, and adorable animal pictures. weave a picture of the year’s impact. Not only are the pictures themselves beautiful, but it’s a great way to visually change the subject and keep readers engaged throughout. Annual Reports are a staple of nonprofit life, but are they worth it?

Report 129

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Pictures Tell The Story: What The World Eats

See What's Out There

It’s a series of pictures of a family in a different country posing with all the food they eat in a week.

The Big Picture for Associations


Check out this fab infographic from Avectra. ( via ) – times they are a’changing… Nimble Nonprofit Open Community Social, In Theory Useful Data

Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature


A clean and complete contact record saves time and provides fundraisers with the full picture. For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters. Development teams need to know how the relationship with each donor has evolved over the years.

DoSomething.org Uses Text and Picture Messaging to Connect Teens in the Wake of Sandy

Mobile Commons

They used text and picture messaging to build a network of prayer and emotional support between the nation’s teenagers and the people who rode out the one of this year’s most destructive weather events. If they were able to do so safely, they also used MMS to send images of the damage, harnessing the power of pictures to not just tell but show how the hurricane was affecting them, their families, and their communities.

Picture This: TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge

Tech Soup Blog

Throughout the campaign, TechSoup invited nonprofit digital storytelling experts to share their best practices for creating stories with impact using pictures. Although most people tend to think of videos when they think of digital storytelling, the TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge (TSDigs), powered by Lights. Camera. demonstrates the power photos also have to tell stories.

The Picture of Health Data Design Challenge


The Picture of Health: A Data Design Challenge is offering $10,000 in awards to entries that successfully depict public health data in new and interesting ways. Do you love storytelling with data? Are you passionate about open data and health care costs transparency? The California HealthCare Foundation is hosting a data design challenge to seek out engaging presentations that bring to life the story of rising health care costs.

Picture this | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

What you can keep in your head right now could become a major nightmare in ten years when your replacement’s replacement is looking for that one photo you used in a montage… all anyone remembers is that it’s in the folder marked, “Pictures.&# Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed?

NetCentric Advocacy: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words | Sunlight Foundation

Network-Centric Advocacy

» November 06, 2007 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words | Sunlight Foundation Open Earmarks.Google Where on Earth is my money getting earmarked. Link: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words | Sunlight Foundation. And as they say: a picture really is worth a 1,000 words. Link: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words | Sunlight Foundation. And as they say: a picture really is worth a 1,000 words. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

NTEN Members Online Round-Up: Looking at the Big Picture!


Flickr: vnoel It's member round-up time again and this week we're seeing members looking at the big picture, whether it's for the work they do or the work we can all do together.

Getting Good Pictures - How to Use Your Flash

See What's Out There

One big issue in getting good pictures with amateur camera equipment is controlling the flash. ash can blow out the picture, giving your best friend a ghost face that looks like it was photographed during a nuclear test. A no-flash picture is almost always better-looking and more realistic than a flash picture. If you can learn to identify these situations, you’ll get much more realistic, attractive pictures.

Flash 40

When pictures speak a thousand words

Rebooting Charity

Meant to blog this last week, but other (actually, quite important) stuff got in the way.

Webinar Series: Strategic Web Design Is Not Just a Pretty Picture

Tech Soup Blog

Your website is more than just a pretty picture. Kelley Jarrett is Guide Creative's market manager. Guide Creative is Blackbaud 's new design agency. The August GUIDE series, free educational webinars from Guide Creative focused on the importance of strategy, visual elements, and cues in successful nonprofit websites, is open for registration!

This Week in Video News

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cause marketing Nonprofits social media Video youtube als foundation andreesen horowitz buzzfeed buzzfeed motion pictures ice bucket challenge justin timberlake mark zuckerberg ze frank August 15, 2014 There's a lot happening in video. Here are some of our favorite headlines from this week. Andreessen Horowitz Announces $50 Million Investment In BuzzFeed Legendary investor Andreesen Horowitz put a lot of his eggs in the Buzzfeed basket early this week.

Video 67

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: Picture This: A Look Back at This Year's.

ASU Lodestar Center

Disclaimer Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Picture This: A Look Back at This Years Spring Forum posted by Kayla L. Picture This: A Look Back at This Year's Spring Fo. ASU Home ASU A-Z Index My ASU Colleges & Schools Directory Map About Blog Academics Organizational Assistance Emerging Leaders Professional Development Philanthropy Research News & Events You are here: Home → Blog Pages Blog Home Write for us!

2011 NTC Preview: Going Online for Capacity Mapping and Resource Matching: The Big Picture


We need to identify individuals and organizations who are already working toward online capacity mapping and resource matching tools, brief them about the big picture and its potential, promote convergence and collaboration among the developers, and work out the organizational and technical basis for moving forward together. Deborah Elizabeth Finn At a time when money is tight, it's especially important to ensure that surplus assets, capacities, and resources do not go unused.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


Be sure to provide a full picture of the expenses you expect to incur, not just snapshots at different points along your timeline. can help you determine who should stay and who should go, keep your fundraising emails out of spam folders , and provide a clearer picture of your audiences.

Guide 277

TechSoup is Awarding $13K to Great Storymakers

See What's Out There

Nonprofits Video flickr instagram pictures stories storymakers 2014 techsoup wine Our friends at TechSoup are hosting the Storymakers 2014, a campaign to help nonprofits, libraries and charities tell amazing stories about the work they do, and share their message with the world. Starting August 26 through September 26, participants can submit any of the following digital stories to be in the running for $13,000 in cash prizes: a […].

Award 40

October Member Round-Up: Measure It, snap a picture, and say Ello!


Here are the latest highlights from your fellow NTEN Members making news: Well, Ello there! Have you checked out the latest social media platform, Ello? Allyson Kapin of FrogLoop offers tips and tricks for exploring and experimenting with Ello. Take part in Philanthropy Talk''s upcoming Measure It! workshop , Oct. 21st, in Portland, OR. NTEN Members save 25% with the promo code: NTEN-Members. Do you need a new website?

This week in FOSS

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology This week in FOSS January 17, 2008 Sun Microsystems buys MySQL AB for $1 Billion (yes, that’s ONE BILLION DOLLARS) Acquia (a Drupal company) gets a large chunk of change (no, actually that was last month in FOSS, but it’s part of the picture.)

Add Pictures and Animated GIFs to Your Text Message Campaigns

Mobile Commons

This means that you can send and receive pictures and animated GIFs as part of your text messaging campaigns! Pictures and GIFs are eye magnets. Since we’re visual creatures, pictures immediately pique our curiosity. Once you grab the attention of your subscribers with a picture or GIF, use this opportunity to get them to take action. With MMS, not only can you send pictures to your mobile list, but you can also receive them from your users!