After Acquisitions, Nonprofit Tech Companies Rebrand as Bonterra

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After multiple acquisitions brought together EveryAction, Social Solutions, CyberGrants and Network for Good, the new combined company announced today it will now be known as Bonterra.

What does a Purpose-Driven Company Look Like?

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Leaders at companies, global brands, nonprofits, and everyone in between are asking that important question: what is a purpose-driven company? It helps to start with a clear, shared definition of purpose and what it means to be a purpose-driven company.


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Network for Good Joins Newly Formed, Apax Partners-Backed Social Good Software Company

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A social good company backed by Apax Funds welcomes fundraising software provider as it transforms the social good sector through technology and data.

A Guide for Companies To Plan For Giving Season


Between the end of the fiscal year, seasonal holidays, and the movement behind Giving Tuesday, both companies and individual donors are driven to give back. The post A Guide for Companies To Plan For Giving Season first appeared on Givinga.

Graph Blockchain To Acquire Charity Focused NFT Company

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Graph Blockchain announced it has entered into a Share Exchange Agreement in connection with the acquisition of Niftable Inc. Graph will acquire 100% of all issued and outstanding shares of Niftable. News/Stats/Studies Online Fundraising Acquisition Graph Blockchain Niftable

Giving Madness: Millie Launches Gamified Giving Tool for Companies

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Millie is launching Giving Madness, a first-of-its-kind gamified giving platform that brings teams together and closes a pressing nonprofit funding gap. Inspired by elements of March Madness, Giving Madness allows corporate teams to build their own 'giving brackets' where employees play to give. Gamification News/Stats/Studies Software/Technology Giving Madness Millie

Onboarding New Staff During a Pandemic and the Power of Company Fundamentals

The MatrixFiles

Matrix Group has company fundamentals. Once I realized this, I spent a whole lot less time fretting about whether or not my remote staff would “get” the Matrix Group company culture. How are you defining your company fundamentals for new or remote staff?

What Is A Mission-Driven Company?


Mission-driven companies uplift all of the stakeholders in their supply chain– from employees to consumers, to their local or global communities, and even the environment. The post What Is A Mission-Driven Company?

Lautman Maska Neill & Company Announces Promotion of Account Leader

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Lautman Maska Neill & Company, an award-winning consulting firm specializing in fully-integrated fundraising for nonprofits, announced the promotion of Marie Kosanovich, to vice president, accounts.

How to Start a Matching Gift Program [For Companies]

Double the Donation

Thousands of companies host matching gift programs that encourage and amplify employee giving to nonprofit causes. When an individual works for such a company, they are able to make a donation to their favorite charitable organization and request a corporate match as well.

Jeff Bezos and His Company Foundation Give Millions to Charity Ahead of Space Launch

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Meanwhile, a Bezos company foundation awarded $1 million grants to 19 nonprofits. Jeff Bezos will donate $200 million to the Smithsonian—its largest donation since James Smithson’s founding gift in 1846.

9 Socially Responsible Companies to Applaud


Companies are no longer content to do well. At Classy, we believe that a company will find its greatest success by marrying purpose and profit. Use these nine companies as inspiration to strive for a higher standard and partner with companies who care.

Request Your FREE Research Report NOW From Napco Research and Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is proud to partner with NonProfit Pro to provide the 2021 Research report: “Challenges, Opportunities, and Insurance Buying Trends in the Nonprofit Industry 2021

The Best Companies for Sports Sponsorship 

The Sponsorship Collective

Here are the top companies for sports sponsorship: Pepsi Red Bull Coca-Cola Optimum Nutrition Reebok Dick’s Sporting […]. The post The Best Companies for Sports Sponsorship appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

4 Ways Pro Bono Service Impacts Volunteers, Companies, Nonprofits & Schools

Saleforce Nonprofit

For the companies that offer these programs, it helps create the kind of company culture that attracts and retains talent. It’s one of the most effective ways for companies to achieve social impact goals. Companies Create a Culture for Employees to Thrive.

The Rise of Insurance Companies in Sports Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Collective

You’ll notice more and more that the sponsors from one sport to another are insurance companies. The post The Rise of Insurance Companies in Sports Sponsorship appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

A Helpful List of DEI Companies and Consultants

Whole Whale

The following is a list of DEI companies and consultants that we either found or were referred to us by reputable sources and clients. Larger DEI Companies. These are DEI consulting companies that have more than 10 employees and tend to work with larger companies.

Bloomerang Named As One Of The Midwest’s Best Enterprise Software Companies


The post Bloomerang Named As One Of The Midwest’s Best Enterprise Software Companies appeared first on Bloomerang

Kraft Heinz Company Foundation Commits $12 million to Rise Against Hunger

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Extending a partnership that began in 2013, Kraft Heinz Company Foundation announced a major donation to an international hunger nonprofit organization to help alleviate world hunger.

Hunger 130

The Great Renegotiation: New Report Rings Alarm that Nearly Half of Women Executives in Revenue Roles are Considering Leaving their Company

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Annual State of Women in Revenue Report uncovers the most important workplace issues impacting women in sales, marketing, and customer success. News/Stats/Studies The Great Renegotiation Women in Revenue Workplace

Roles 200

U.S. companies support COVID-19 relief in Indonesia, Southeast Asia


companies organized by the U.S. Deloitte will help expand hospital wards and triage medical care for COVID patients in Indonesia, while mining company Freeport-McMoRan, through its subsidiary PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI), is producing and distributing medical-grade oxygen.

10 Steps to Get More Company Donations for Your Nonprofit (+Examples of Companies)


Company donation can be some of the largest gifts a nonprofit will receive, but how do you get them? Nonprofits should not look at these company gifts as a single donation but as a relationship that needs to be built […].

3 Ways Your Company Can Quickly Help Others After Disasters


The post 3 Ways Your Company Can Quickly Help Others After Disasters first appeared on Givinga It’s no question that purpose is profitable; the research shows that consumers reward brands actively engaged in supporting meaningful causes.

Survey Finds Americans Want Broader Background Checks and Training for Volunteers

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In its new Risk Radar Report, "State of Volunteerism in America," Church Mutual Insurance Company found that Americans have high expectations when it comes to volunteer background checks and training.

Survey 196

13 Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) Stats Your Company Needs to Know

Volunteer Hub

VTO is the most desired philanthropic offering a company can offer employees. Employees who engage in corporate giving program tend to have 75% longer tenures within the company. ( 65% of companies offer paid-release time volunteer programs.

Stats 61

Why All Companies Must Explore the Role of Ethics in Technology

Cloud 4 Good

For most modern businesses, technology is the engine of transformative change, driving companies toward profit. There is an innate risk of unethical manipulation when it comes to AI and technology at large, and it is up to the respective company to instill and foster an ethical culture.

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EarthShare Unveils Modernized Platform to Help Companies Drive Environmental Impact


The post EarthShare Unveils Modernized Platform to Help Companies Drive Environmental Impact first appeared on Givinga.

Examples For Creating Your Company Culture

Eric Jacobsen Blog

In Peter Block ’s book, The Empowered Manager (Second Edition) , he shares that the following values and statements can shape a vision of greatness for your employees and company. Business Culture Company Culture Culture Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management

Companies Who Sponsor Motorsport: From NASCAR to Motocross and Everything in Between

The Sponsorship Collective

Motorsports companies such as Formula One and NASCAR garner millions of television viewers and often attract a full house at tracks around the country and the world.

What Makes A Great Company

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Two of the most powerful takeaways from the article for me are Collin’s definition of a great company : “To be great, a company has to make a distinctive impact. About a decade ago, Inc.

How To Achieve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Belonging Within Your Company

Eric Jacobsen Blog

This is your playbook for how to approach DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) work in a way that will support real progress in your company,” says Owyoung. Company Culture Cynthia Owyoung DEIB Diversity Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books

Rapid Employee Relief in Disasters: How companies can provide timely and compassionate support to employees in their time of need


That leaves a void that companies can help fill for employees impacted by disaster and hardship – and how quickly they can provide that support makes all the difference. What will government entities and insurance companies do, and where will they leave gaps?

Questions Leaders Should Ask To Move Their Company Forward

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Each offered the one question they would ask to move a company forward. And, my most favorite is : How can we become the company that would put us out of business? What question do you ask to help move your company forward? One of my favorite articles from a 2014 issue of Inc.

How to Approach Companies for Sports Sponsorship: 5 Tactics That Work

The Sponsorship Collective

How should your sports team approach companies for a sponsorship deal? Here are my top 5 tactics for sports company sponsorship: Prospect for […]. The post How to Approach Companies for Sports Sponsorship: 5 Tactics That Work appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

Virtual Event Companies: Why You Should Care About Sustainability


And talk about the impact on the environment and the lowering of a company’s carbon footprint, both the organization hosting the event and the company sending attendees on plane flights and extravagant meals and perks for their clients, all in-person.

Seven Ways To Create An Effective Company Culture

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Fortunately, most of my career I’ve worked in effective company/corporate cultures. Top managers had a clear, realistic and strategic vision for how the company would grow and compete in the marketplace. Sometimes it was through company organized volunteer projects.

Organizational Culture Is a Verb, Not a Policy

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Executive Issues Staffing & Human Resources Company culture Culture Organizational cultureIn newer startup organizations, culture begins to take shape through experiences led by those at the top.

What Companies That Sponsor Festivals Are Looking for in a Partnership  

The Sponsorship Collective

The post What Companies That Sponsor Festivals Are Looking for in a Partnership appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

How to Become the Corporate Training Partner for Member Companies

WBT Systems

How to Become the Corporate Training Partner for Member Companies. Read more about How to Become the Corporate Training Partner for Member Companies

40 percent of Canadian companies plan to add staff in second half of 2022

Charity Village

The post 40 percent of Canadian companies plan to add staff in second half of 2022 appeared first on CharityVillage. According to a study conducted by Robert Half, 89 percent of managers say that it is challenging to find skilled professionals. The recent survey found that 40 percent of respondents anticipate adding new permanent positions during the second half of the year, and 50 percent expect to fill vacated positions. While 73 percent of employers […].

What does the SEO company do for your company

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

SEO companies help your website or other digital presence appear at the top of the list in search results. There are a lot of different things that an SEO company can do for you. It not only helps the company to increase the customer base but also helps in making the company known in the market. Many SEO companies ( ?????? ?? Also, it helps the company making changes as per the customer interest and reviews, to make the product better in every aspect.

Why Must Companies Choose Only The Best Training Software?


Consistent training is essential to ameliorate the workforce efficiency and its vital you choose the best LMS in the market. Here are some reasons why you need to consider the right one for your organization

Association Management Company vs. Software: Which One Is Right For You? (+ Our Top 5 AMS Picks)

Wild Apricot

Save yourself the headache and outsource your association management to a company or a software tool. Thinking of starting an association ? In this post, we’ll take a look at both options, talk about why investing in association management software. organizational-management