From Prospective Student to Active Alumni: Engagement Fosters Lifelong Support

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Engaged current student and future alumni supporter : My daughter gets very excited when she hears talk about the university she’s attending. That’s because her university has done a great job of engaging her while she’s still a student. Start Early and Never Stop Engaging .

VisionLink Helps NAF Students “Be Future Ready”


The mission of NAF is to sustain a national network of career academies to support the development of 81,000 NAF academy students across the country toward personal and professional success in high school, in higher education, and throughout their careers.

Helping Students Discover Why Volunteering is Important


Often, young people see older adults in positions of power and success and think that in order to effect change they have to be of a certain age and status in society. But that’s not true at all.

Students and technology [INFOGRAPHIC]


Another interesting infographic from BachelorsDegreeOnline , using data from Educause’s ECAR Annual Study of Students and IT. Are you ready for when these undergrads become grads… and postgrads… and coming to you for professional development ?

Team-Up for Textbooks: Volunteer to Help Students with Disabilities

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all too many students with print disabilities might not have the textbooks they need for class. However, students often don’t know what books they need until the first days of school—a hectic time when Bookshare receives thousands of book requests.

UC Santa Cruz Students Volunteering for Impact with Bookshare

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UC Santa Cruz students who participated in our volunteer pilot project— proofreading textbooks for our Bookshare collection—have done a fantastic job proofreading over a short period of time three entire textbooks! We’re grateful to Roberto and his students for their wonderful work.

Take the Break: Recruiting College Students for Spring Recess Volunteering

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There was a time when that annual rite of passage known as spring break meant one thing for nearly every college student: the chance to let loose—usually in a warm climate—and party down. So make concessions and appeals that allow the students to volunteer in groups.

13 Students Graduate ITWorks Fall 2013 Program


ITWorks students graduate December 2013. Through the course of the program, ITWorks students get internship experience while they earn a professional certification in IT. Even on graduation, students had lessons to learn.

Signals - Stoplights for student success

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France mentioned some cool education technology that had been developed at Purdue, called Signals - Stoplights for student success. Signals blends two key ideas: The patterns of student failure can be spotted early: much earlier than existing systems relying on failing midterms! And, get these signals to both students and faculty. This really made me think about students with disabilities.

College students devise apps for nonprofits | The Columbus Dispatch

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College students devise apps for nonprofits | The Columbus Dispatch : The OSU students were among about 70 from 11 colleges participating in the event sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co. It brings together college students who major in computer science, engineering and other technology fields to devise computer software solutions to problems that social-service organizations face

Improving Student Life with Text Messaging

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Student life offices at colleges have a difficult time getting through to students. Students often ignore posters and flyers and don’t read school emails. Text messaging is a great way for student life offices to promote events to the student body.

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


————— Many college students are willingly without a landline, but few are without their social media in the palm of their hand. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Pinterest, there are a variety of ways to stay connected with the staff and student body.

How the Parkland Students are Changing the Rules for Advocacy Nonprofits

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After the Parkland shooting, students didn’t wait for professional advocates to step in: they began talking to reporters immediately (one courageous student covered the shooting as he hid in a school closet ) and were soon planning media appearances about changing gun laws.

College students contribute to growing business Nonprofit Hub | News |

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College students contribute to growing business Nonprofit Hub | News | : "University of Nebraska-Lincoln junior Angela Cuadros treats philanthropy like a job. Each week, there are the hours spent mentoring a 17-year-old girl and volunteering with Dance Marathon. And there’s her position as a resident assistant in Eastside Suites. But this August, Cuadros decided to take her interest for helping others into her professional life as well.

How SMS Helps Keep College Students Healthy

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One of the big firsts that college students face is learning how to be responsible for their personal wellness. These two factors make text messaging the perfect choice for helping college students take charge of their own well being.

How SMS Can Improve Students’ Study Habits

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Text messaging is a great tool for helping students adhere to their studying goals. Here are three ways that SMS can keep students stay on track with their study plans and achieve their test day goals. Remind and motivate students to stick to their study plan.

Making the Book Truly Accessible for All Students

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Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) selected our successful Bookshare library as the provider of accessible materials to every student in the U.S. with a collection of over 126,000 books (and counting) that currently serves more than 148,000 members, including over 143,000 students. Qualifying students, however, represent but a small fraction of those who can benefit from accessible books. million students (15% of the U.S.

Students learn to code for free while donating skills to nonprofits |

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Students learn to code for free while donating skills to nonprofits | : "In the 18 months since we launched, more than 300,000 people have signed up," Larson said. Many of these students have jobs and kids, and are trying to change careers. Already, hundreds of our students have already learned enough to go out and get software developer jobs." Since the beginning of Free Code Camp, student-developers have donated over $850,000 in free coding to nonprofits.

3 Ways to Use Text Messaging for College Students

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Text messaging is the most popular means of communication for college students: studies show that people ages 18-29 text more than any other generation, and use their phones more for text messaging than anything else. Answer questions about student enrollment with text messaging.

Symantec Donation Safeguards Computer Labs for Students

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Its programs are directly tied to career pathways and provide students with vocational certifications at little or no cost to them. But students also come away with significant increases in their perceived self-value and a decrease in perceived barriers to success.

Is the Internet Stupefying Students?

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Is the Internet Stupefying Students?: "By By the professor’s rule, students in the English classes of Dr. Mark Bauerlein at Emory University must take notes by hand. Laptops must be turned off, he says, to ensure students focus on what’s happening in the room, rather than on what’s floating around cyberspace.“In In half of those screens, they’re on Facebook,” Bauerlein says of the situation in other

Students Connect with Community by Providing Tech Help

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Students Connect with Community by Providing Tech Help : The founder of Project SPARTA, Raulston seeks opportunities to match unmet technological needs in the Tallahassee nonprofit community with students eager to gain practical experience working in the information technology field. The great thing about SPARTA is that it provides students the ability to try multiple career opportunities until they find that one thing that ignites their passion,” Raulston said

How Text Messaging Improves Educational Outcomes for Students

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According to a new article by The New York Times , a light nudge can make a big impact in the lives of students. The study found that 70% of students who received the texts were likely to enroll in college, compared to 63% for those who did not receive the messages.

Why Journalism Students Need a Baseline Understanding of Coding | Mediashift | PBS

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Why Journalism Students Need a Baseline Understanding of Coding | Mediashift | PBS : ". If we don’t expose our students to this — students we want to lead the next generation of journalism and communication — we are doing them a disservice. In fact, it would be smart for universities to add a general coding class to the core curriculum required of students in all fields.

The Daily Pennsylvanian :: Student organization connects non-profits with app development

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The Daily Pennsylvanian :: Student organization connects non-profits with app development : "Two seniors are vying to save nonprofits thousands of dollars. Co-founded by Wharton and Engineering senior Dhruv Maheshwari and Engineering senior Ali Altaf, Hack4Impact connects student developer talent with nonprofit organizations free of charge.

Tech Journey returns for second year with more students, stronger mission - Silicon Prairie News

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Tech Journey returns for second year with more students, stronger mission - Silicon Prairie News : Last year Tony Kioko and a team of other local IT professionals did what, at the time, seemed impossible. They created a nonprofit—Tech Journey—to help empower Des Moines students with limited access to resources to take an interest in technology.

Lawsuit over denying access to a student with learning disabilities

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That's why it's painful to hear about disputes over denying students with very real print disabilities access to these resources. We’ve already made a huge difference in the area of software for students with disabilities and for human rights and environmental organizations. million per year to provide accessible book services to students with qualifying print disabilities nationwide. serving students with print disabilities.

ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Students Took AMI By Storm

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Twenty-two students from the ASU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association joined hundreds of the brightest future nonprofit professionals from 33 campuses across the country. Our students did a tremendous job of being leaders and carrying themselves with pride.

Disabled Students Need Accessible Books: On Huffpo!

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HuffPo recently published my first post, Disabled Students Need Accessible Books. It's great to be able to bring this kind of attention to our work at Bookshare helping students with print disabilities. The Huffington Post recently invited me to become a guest blogger, based on a connection to Arianna Huffington from the Craigslist Nonprofit Boot Camp.

3 Ways to Recruit College Students for Spring Break Volunteering

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Despite their blossoming independence, college students like to travel in packs. You could even get specific into their majors—for example, if you have some graphic designers or architecture students, you could have them work on an infographic for the week.

High school students build electric car powered by social media - Chicago Tribune

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High school students build electric car powered by social media - Chicago Tribune : High school students have turned a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia into an all-electric car that is powered by tweets, shares, posts and likes. Turning tweets into watts will take the at-risk students from Kansas City to Washington, D.C.

Higher Education and the Mobile Revolution: How Texts Make Better Schools and Students

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College campuses nationwide are joining the mobile revolution as they realize that it is the best way to reach their students. Make a phone call and the student is unlikely to answer. But send a text, and there’s a 99% chance the student will read it.

I’m a 20 Year Old Student and This Is Why I’m Not Coming to Your Fundraiser

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While brainstorming ideas for a fundraising event I have coming up, I tried to think of all the events I had been to and what I liked and remembered most about each of them. After some pondering, I realized that I couldn’t come up with much of anything. There wasn’t a single event that stood out to me. I couldn’t even think of the causes most of the events were supporting! This got me thinking. What could the organizations have done better to keep my attention?

The New York Times Says Text Messages Can Help Underprivileged Students Enroll in College

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Yet many lower-income students never make it to college – even after they’ve been accepted. The New York Times reports that every year, 200,000 students who are accepted to college don’t enroll. A college education is increasingly important.

Harvard University Students Running NYC Marathon in Boston for Hurricane Sandy | BostInno

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Harvard University Students Running NYC Marathon in Boston for Hurricane Sandy | BostInno : On Sunday, Baker and Whitmore, both Harvard University seniors, did their own 26.2-mile marathon, here in Boston, while raising money to support those in need who were impacted by the furious October storm.

College student's idea grows into electronics thrift store with a purpose

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College student's idea grows into electronics thrift store with a purpose : Angela Haas was a senior at St. Louis University when she got the idea to refurbish and resell old computers to other students. Now, a dozen years later, she's president of a nonprofit that last year recycled 7.5 million pounds of electronics and helped 5,500 families get computers free or for drastically reduced prices

Benetech’s New Image Description Tool Improves Accessibility of Graphical Content for Students with Print Disabilities

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This week, Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center has announced the release of an open source web application for creating and editing crowdsourced image descriptions in books used by students with print disabilities. The Poet application developed by DIAGRAM helps level the playing field by making otherwise inaccessible graphic content available for students and other readers who cannot read traditional books.

“Hey guys, Barack here.” The President Texts About Student Debt

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Today, announced that their audience of young people could text President Obama their questions about student debt…and the president would text back ! Dan from Ann Arbor asked what the administration has done and plans to do to lower student debt and tuition.

Accessible eBooks for Equal Opportunity

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In the United States, there are all too many students like Kevin, who are denied equal opportunity to engage in the same curriculum as their peers without disabilities. Roughly 1–2 per cent of students in the United States meet these requirements.

eBook 219

University Herald Suggests 3 Ways for College Administrators To Interact With Students Over Text

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Recently, higher ed has also been discovering that the best way to reach plugged-in college students is directly through their mobile phones. Colleges can ask students to respond and gather information as well. Keep students informed over text, suggests the Herald.

BiGTech India Connects Nonprofits with IT Students

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To celebrate, TechSoup's partner in India, BiGTech , held the Find an IT Partner event in Mumbai to connect local nonprofits with IT students. The event was hosted by the Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), giving the IT students at the school a chance to hone their professional skills in a real work environment. The students then divided into teams based on their interest in the projects.

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Wired Campus: After Shooting, Students Connect Through Facebook -

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Wired Campus: After Shooting, Students Connect Through Facebook - "After Shooting, Students Connect Through FacebookIn the wake of the shooting at Northern Illinois University, numerous groups commemorating the event have already cropped up on Facebook.On one of the largest groups, “Pray for Northern Illinois University Students and Families,” hundreds of students from different HCC students design Web sites for 2 nonprofits

AFP Blog HCC students design Web sites for 2 nonprofits: "CLYDE – Haywood Community College's Web Markup and Scripting class recently unveiled two web pages designed by students for two Haywood County nonprofit organizations.Representatives of Spotlights Youth Theatre and REACH of Haywood County were both presented the designs by a blended class of traditional students and Haywood