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Improving Student Communications in Your Scholarship Process


Communicating with students is a key part of the scholarship process. That is the heart of every scholarship program—empowering student success. That is the heart of every scholarship program—empowering student success. Below are a few tips on how to streamline communication with students for efficiency and engagement.

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Reimagining Graduate Student Recruitment: 4 Tips to Get Started


Students pursue advanced degrees with the promise of invaluable research opportunities, specialized skills, and increased earning potential. Contributing factors include a strong job market, challenging political landscape, and the ongoing student debt crisis. may be reaching the graduate education community.

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From Prospective Student to Active Alum—Engagement Fosters Lifelong Support


Engaged student and alum supporter: My daughter gets very excited when she hears talk about the university she attended. That’s because her school did a great job of engaging her while she was still a student. Engaged student and alum turned non-supporter: My husband used to be very engaged with his university.

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Price McIntosh Bursary for prospective libraries and archives students

Charity Village

The bursary aims to encourage students to pursue studies in fields related to libraries and archives. The application period for the 2023-2024 Academic Year closes […] The post Price McIntosh Bursary for prospective libraries and archives students appeared first on CharityVillage.

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The #1 Student Organization Software Used By 100+ Student Organizations

Wild Apricot

Many other student organizations have already automated their administrative work with student organization software, maybe it's time you did too.

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How to find free things: nonprofit students edition 


As a nonprofit management student, preparing to enter this field can be challenging because it’s still developing. As the sector evolves, students aren’t always sure which available resources are the most sound to support our studies. This fall, a year into my master’s program, I started an internship on Candid’s communications team.

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40+ PTO Fundraising Ideas to Engage Donors and Students | FrontStream


And with budgets tightening due to ongoing inflation, it’s especially critical to ensure schools have the resources to provide these opportunities to students and teachers. Successful fundraisers enable PTOs to support core school-wide initiatives, including educational programs and extracurricular enrichment activities.

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