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Enhancing Student Success Across Campus with Western Michigan University + Salesforce

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Western Michigan University (WMU) is a large, public research-intensive university that has been helping students reach their potential through a pursuit of purpose since 1903. Around 20K students find that purpose each year across a range of undergraduate and graduate programs at WMU. Solidifying Student Success.

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Maximizing Your Student Success on Salesforce

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Whatever the disruption, staff, faculty, and students will be called to support and uplift the institution’s mission. Shifts in how education institutions conduct business continually change how we define student success. The goal is to cast a wider net and reach the students who thought college wasn’t for them.

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Creating a Connected Campus to Award More Scholarships and Improve Student Outcomes


As undergraduate enrollment continues to decline— one million fewer students enrolled in 2022 than in 2020 —colleges and universities must consider new ways to attract and retain students. A good award management system benefits both students and administrators. Tools to promote available scholarships to qualified students.

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TIAA Puts Nonprofit Employees on Track for More Than $280M in Student Debt Forgiveness

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Employees at over 100 nonprofit, healthcare, and university systems are on track to have a projected $286 million of their student debt forgiven using a debt-management solution offered by TIAA and Savi, a social impact technology startup.

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How Chris Norwood Went from Sponsorship Student to Master and Doubled His Sponsorship Revenue 

The Sponsorship Collective

The festival began in 2016 and has run consecutively for every year since except for […] The post How Chris Norwood Went from Sponsorship Student to Master and Doubled His Sponsorship Revenue appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Transforming Student Journeys Through Salesforce

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is an internationally-renowned, public doctoral research university and academic health center dedicated to transforming the student experience. Thrailkill elaborates, stating, “We see with students that text messaging is how they want to receive communications, especially since COVID.

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How to find free things: nonprofit students edition 


As a nonprofit management student, preparing to enter this field can be challenging because it’s still developing. As the sector evolves, students aren’t always sure which available resources are the most sound to support our studies. This fall, a year into my master’s program, I started an internship on Candid’s communications team.

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