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Do you love to read? I do! I read an absolute ton in airplanes and during the summer at the pool… yes, that’s basically when I find the time. Sigh. I also have a big pile of books on my desk that I want to get to (Sound familiar? I know you do too!)… … It’s so hard to find the time when we’re always so busy with work and other things. But at last, here’s the perfect solution. Enter

Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Byte Technology

Indeed, to differentiate and draw attention to your website, product line or service amongst the great virtual masses it’s now necessary to go to great lengths to grab a visitor’s or reader’s attention quickly and efficiently. By personalizing the message, you show that you care about the user or subscriber, and as humans we all respond to that level of attention.

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5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits - SocialFish

AFP Blog

5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits - SocialFish : "5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits Editorial | October 21, 2015 Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers.

Attention #AFPFC Attendees: It’s Time to Join the #Giveolution

Connection Cafe

We couldn’t be more excited about where the global philanthropic community is headed. This industry is changing faster than ever before. At Blackbaud, we’re calling this change the Giveolution. It’s a movement that’s advancing the entire giving industry and the community that supports it.

Email Subject Line Length Matters SOMETIMES | Nonprofit Marketing | Getting Attention

AFP Blog

Email Subject Line Length Matters SOMETIMES | Nonprofit Marketing | Getting Attention : "Welcome to our Proof Point series—highlighting research findings to use when advocating for the marketing approaches you know are right. Email subject line length DOES MATTER, as proven by Mail Chimp’s research on open rates for 200 million emails. The best email subject lines are short [50 characters or less]…and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further." 'via via Blog this'.

Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data!

3rd Sector Labs

The post Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data! Understanding data is critically important to success in any business. Unfortunately, data can be boring, even confusing. Many nonprofits don’t know their donor data. While that’s understandable, it is also a big problem. If we don’t know our donor data, how can we effectively plan a fundraising appeal? Build a fundraising strategy? Combat the challenges of donor retention?

Center of Attention: Some Great Plugins for Popular Posts

Byte Technology

Or more specifically, a plugin that highlights your “popular posts” and gives readers a little help by highlighting what has gotten the most attention and simplifying finding such material. The Top 10 plugin—also free—is really convenient in that it registers the number of page views your posts receive on an hourly basis and automatically displays those getting the most attention. Creating a ton of great content is a wonderful thing for a blogger utilizing a WordPress-based site.

Plugin 100

Video Rules: Tips for Creating “Distributed” Content that Gets Attention

Byte Technology

As Colling notes, getting attention online is less about driving donors and supporters to your website than it is about having them take actions—signing up for a newsletter, volunteering etc.—directly The post Video Rules: Tips for Creating “Distributed” Content that Gets Attention appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog.

On Curation in the Attention Economy


What does a good curator do in a world where attention is the scarcity? NYU’s Jay Rosen answers: Good curators. respect people’s time and help them save time. are richly interactive with the people they are curating for. use data smartly without being enslaved to it. Content Strategy Social, In Theory

Attention Fundraisers: Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Connection Cafe

When it comes to fundraising, we all know that there is no “one size fits all” solution, schedule or strategy. Each nonprofit has to consider its donor profile, budget, programming, specific needs and other factors that lead to the investment that makes fundraising as successful as possible. But there are some opportunities that seem like “no brainers”—missing out on them just doesn’t make sense. One of those happened recently— Giving Tuesday.

Facebook Subscriptions: 8 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay Attention


Making a difference, a positive impact in the world, is the entire reason your nonprofit organizations exists. Having a voice and a way to spread your message are critical components of making the impact you’re after. Without them your ability to create change decreases significantly. With them, the sky is the limit. There’s plenty of ways to communicate, arguably more than we actually need. The trick is finding the right places. The places where you’re message sticks.

Drive Attention and Gain Donations on Facebook with Video Storytelling

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofits have a leg up over other brands vying for attention on Facebook since every single nonprofit has a multitude of meaningful stories to tell. Stories have the capacity to captivate in a short amount of time, which is great since attention spans are short on social media. Think about what message you want to be communicated on Facebook and then find a tool that makes it easy to create short, attention-grabbing videos to do so. Sponsored by Animoto.

Charity Created Via Social Media Draws Attention From Facebook Execs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

AFP Blog

Charity Created Via Social Media Draws Attention From Facebook Execs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : 'via Blog this

Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards Winners Announced

Amy Sample Ward

Both large and small nonprofits earned top honors this week for their attention-getting taglines, demonstrating again that an organization of any size can craft a powerful, pithy motto to build awareness and connect with its key audiences. Organizations of all sizes participated in the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards, hosted by president of Nancy Schwartz & Company and publisher at

Award 119

Why All Social Good Organizations Need to Pay Attention to Politics

Connection Cafe

Whether your social good organization has a political affiliation or not, your donors do and their behavior (and your fundraising) is impacted by the state of national politics. That is the focus of episode 79 of The sgENGAGE Podcast: How Elections Influence Charitable Giving.

18 Engaging Ways to Get the Attention of Donors on the Go

Wild Apricot

So, here is a list of 20 ways to help your organization capture the attention of donors on the go and increase donations. While charitable giving has actually increased 10% in the last year, so has the amount of effort it takes to get a donation. Fundraising donations

The #1 Reason You Should Pay More Attention to Your Event Donors

Connection Cafe

I’d like you to remember what it was like to be in junior high. I know—it’s not a time any of us want to relive, but bear with me… Did you ever have a crush on someone that acted like you didn’t exist? You’d see them in the hall, your eyes would light up, you’d pause, hoping they’d talk to you, compliment your outfit … ANYTHING. And then… nothing. They’d pass right by you and talk to someone else. This scenario happened to me again recently … with a nonprofit.

Museums, Divided Attention, and Really Bad Commercials

Museum 2.0

There are two fears at work here: People are so distracted by technology that they can''t disconnect to pay attention to what''s really important. This kind of behavior is a violation of attention no matter where it happens. Many people feel that museums are sacred spaces for a particular kind of attentive experience, and that it would be better if people understood and valued the specialness of that experience. Ready for something ridiculous?

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


Mid-level donors are well-worth your time and attention. A distinct brand signals to donors that they command the respect and the attention of the organization. By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming.

Does This Deserve My Attention?

Beth Kanter

Yesterday, this tweet from Howard Rheingold, author of NetSmart got my attention! It is a simple, elegant way to train your attention while working online to keep mindful how you are spending your time. As he says in his book, your attention is one of your most available assets. She coined a phrase “continuous partial attention,” to describe why we multi-task in an age of social media – not to get more done, but not to miss out.

Nepal Earthquake Roundup: Emergency Fundraising Attention Cycle

Beth Kanter

It heart breaking to read and see photos of the human crisis in Katmandu (and historic national landmarks in rubble ) and on Everest, but even more to read accounts of the great challenges facing aid workers to reach the rural areas. As the need for donations continues, the public attention starts to wane, so does donor interest. Let’s continue to pay attention and support this effort. Image Source: ntegrity.

Nepal 58

Use the Word “Profit” to Get Your Board’s Attention!


Use the Word “Profit” to Get Your Board’s Attention! The idea of leaving money on the table is one that will get people’s attention. I bet your total is a serious number that gets attention! Showing your leaders what your actual potential might be gets their attention. Business-like wording will get your leaders’ attention. The post Use the Word “Profit” to Get Your Board’s Attention!

Are you smarter than a goldfish? Capturing your donors’ attention at year-end.

Connection Cafe

The most important piece of information to take away as you prepare for year end is to speak to your donors in the way that they will hear you. If you are thinking like a donor and speaking to them in a compelling way, your year-end appeal will definitely get noticed. Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising fundraising Stewardship donor motivation end of year fundraising relationship building stewardship

“Nonprofits Should Be Giving More Attention to Mobile,” Says Mashable

Mobile Commons

In an overview of key takeaways, Mashable reports, “Nonprofits still heavily rely on email to promote their causes, when they should be giving more attention to mobile and social media.” The post “Nonprofits Should Be Giving More Attention to Mobile,” Says Mashable appeared first on Mobile Commons. Earlier this week, communications agency M+R released their annual benchmark study , which analyzes over 2.8 billion emails from 100 leading nonprofits.

Attention all #14NTC Speakers!!!


Is everyone excited for the 14NTC? I know I am. This is my favorite part of the year, when everything ramps up in anticipation of all our community members gathering in one spot to connect, learn, and change. Our breakout speakers play an incredibly special role at the NTC.

5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits


Strong visual content helps grab the attention of your followers amidst a stream of other tweets. Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers. Here are a few tips for your non-profit to make sure that its tweets don’t go unnoticed. Share fresh, trending content consistently.

Four Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay More Attention to LinkedIn Pages in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Odds are your nonprofit has a LinkedIn Page. Most nonprofits have claimed their pages and set up the basics, but very few regularly post on their LinkedIn Pages. Snapchat and Instagram may be all the buzz, but ignoring LinkedIn Pages is a mistake. In addition the reasons listed below, the demographics of LinkedIn users bodes well for engaging donors and amazingly LinkedIn offers customer service.

Attention all CAE-ers!


Anyone getting ready to take the CAE Immersion course at ASAE in a couple of weeks, or the exam itself in December, or either one, any other time after? Info on the CAE program is here.) Stress). Wanna study with me? We've set up a CAE Study Group space on Check it out and join us in you are interested.

How to Design a High Holiday Appeal for the Attention Economy

See What's Out There

The attention economy is a human economy. The post How to Design a High Holiday Appeal for the Attention Economy appeared first on The See3 Blog. Donors want to feel like their contribution is making an important difference, rather than perpetuating the status quo. Even when your donors are a captive audience, design your stories for the very human experience of contributing to making the world a better place. Design for it and the dollars will follow.

Why Nonprofit Fundraisers Should Give More Attention to Gen X Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As Gen X rebounds from the Great Recession, Gen Xers are entering their peak giving years and nonprofit fundraisers would be wise to pay more attention to how they give and why. Thus, nonprofits should give special attention to their Gen X volunteers since volunteers give twice as much as non-volunteers. There is a lot of discussion in the nonprofit sector about Millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y) and Baby Boomers and a growing interest in Gen Z a.k.a.

5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits


Strong visual content helps grab the attention of your followers amidst a stream of other tweets. The post 5 Attention Grabbing Twitter Marketing Tactics for Non-profits appeared first on Social Fish Twitter is perhaps one of the fastest-moving social platforms. With hundreds of thousands of tweets being shared every day, maintaining visibility and driving engagement become key challenges for most Twitter marketers.

Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention

Beth Kanter

The book shares how and why our mind pays attention to some events, ideas, or people and not others. Parr uses the metaphor of building a fire to describe how capturing attention works. There are three stages starting with ignition, what captures immediate attention. The second stage is kindling, where you attract and capture short-term attention on a specific activity, event, or idea. Reputation: Uses experts or the crowd to instill trust and capture attention.

Attention Nonprofits! The New LinkedIn News Feed Design Has Arrived

Nonprofit Tech for Good

LinkedIn users will be paying more attention to the both the “Home” news feed and “Companies” news feed in coming months so it’s definitely a good time to get more active on LinkedIn. At long last, the new LinkedIn News Feed is here! For years I have been completely baffled by LinkedIn’s partnership with Twitter to allow a mass automation of tweets to be published the LinkedIn News Feed.

The Attention Economy: How to Turn Your Audience into Passionate Subscribers

See What's Out There

There is a big difference between organizations or companies who use marketing to sell something, and those who use marketing to create passionate subscribers to their brand. One way to accomplish this is through content marketing – a marketing technique that informs, engages, and/or entertains your audience with the goal of ultimately driving constituent action. […]. Content Marketing Nonprofits audience content marketing marketing

5 Reasons Nonprofits Need to Invest in Annual Fundraising Campaigns


However, just because they are a fundraising staple doesn’t mean that annual campaigns don’t require the same amount of attention, creativity, and work that other campaigns do. Annual giving campaigns, sometimes referred to as “cornerstone campaigns,” form the backbone of many nonprofit fundraising programs for good reason; they provide a structure for the yearly schedule and a reliable and predictable source of income, making life easier for Development staff at all levels.

Getting Attention

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Technorati Tags: attention , nptech , net2No, not Ed Batista. Nancy Schwartz. Via Michael Stein (West Coast).

Paying Attention to Your Nonprofit’s Workplace Culture Pays Off

Beth Kanter

” Another intervention that emerged was a solution to “techno-interference” at meetings where people are not giving full attention to the meeting because they were on their devices. ” The ability to pay attention AND influence your nonprofit’s organization culture is an incredibly valuable skill to master, regardless of your position or the stage of your career.

The Biggest Digital Fundraising Trends of 2018 (And How To Use Them This Year)


When a particular issue, location, or event is catapulted to national news, nonprofits in 2018 found themselves scrambling to take full advantage of the sudden increase in attention, with some organizations finding more success than others. Rapid technological developments over the past few years have left many nonprofit professionals scrambling to stay up-to-date with the newest tools and techniques without wasting time and money on passing fads.

Trend 118

Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too


Texting Texting is on the rise in the political campaign world, and though it hasn’t replaced older forms of mass-communication like phone calling and email, its quick growth over the past few years signals changes that nonprofits should pay attention to. As the 2018 midterm elections near, it’s likely hard to ignore the ads, phone calls, mail pieces, and emails from political campaigns in your area reminding you to vote.

Trend 122

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising


It’s a busy time for fundraising, which means you’re competing with a lot of other nonprofits and causes for their attention and support. They’re a surefire way to grab the eye of your website visitors and call attention to your year-end fundraising campaign. The year-end giving season always offers a unique opportunity to engage with your members, donors, and volunteers.

Continuous Partial Attention or Rapid Attention Shifting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

via Nancy White I found a pointer to Linda Stone's Wiki on Continuous Partial Attention. I recently attention a press briefing for the MacArthur Foundation in Second Life on digital learning and media. The issue of CPA was brought up - and I learned a new word for it "Rapid Attention Shifting." Most of what is in there is the material from the corporate or business perspective.

Our EveryAction Hero: Texas Watch


It is so hard to capture people’s attention today with the overwhelming amount of content from a variety of different mediums. Texas Watch is a nonpartisan citizen advocacy group founded in 1998. They just celebrated over 20 years of advocating for Texas families.

Texas 100

[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


By appealing to a wide range of our senses, videos capture our attention and activate our emotions, unlike any other medium. Two-thirds of Americans get at least some of their news on social media and those platforms prioritize video content because it commands attention. On most digital platforms, you only have 3 to 5 seconds to capture the audience’s attention. When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool.

Guide 105