Five Ways to Ensure Your Event Makes Headline News

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Let’s look at ways to make your event stand out from the crowd and grab some headlines. Walk into a coffee shop in any size town, and you will see a bulletin board chock-a-block with posters for charity walks, runs, and similar events. The charity 5K and walk is so common that municipalities struggle to schedule parks and roadways for these events every weekend. So how do you make the fact that you’re doing a 5K or walk into news that’s going to get reported?

Ready to Respond: Real-Time Lessons in Preparedness from the Headlines and the ACLU

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Over the weekend, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) received $24,164,691 from 356,306 online donations. To put this surge of donations into perspective, the ACLU raised a typically raises $4M in online giving annually. In one weekend, the ACLU raised 6x what they typically raise online in a given year.


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New Pew Internet survey sheds insights on location-based services - National U.S. Headlines |

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Headlines | : The continuing influence of digital technology has spurred new practices when it comes to using smartphones. New Pew Internet survey sheds insights on location-based services - National U.S. A new survey published Thursday by the Pew Research Center''s Internet and American Life Project revealed a gradual rise in the use of local services in the United States along with the increasing adoption of smartphones

Upworthy Type Headlines: To Like or Dislike?


Upworthy, a site that focuses on curating social cause related videos and content has been receiving a lot of media attention for changing how bloggers write headlines. But is this a signal that people are growing weary of the “and you won’t believe what happened next” headlines? However, trying to amp up your creativity with headlines and testing them to see if they resonate with your audiences is something you should always be investing resources into.

Disaster Relief Of A Different Kind - West Virginia Headline News and Talk Radio

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Disaster Relief Of A Different Kind - West Virginia Headline News and Talk Radio : Seventeen West Virginia Office of Technology employees are working long hours in Louisiana lending an IT helping hand following what Hurricane Isaac left behind. The workers volunteered for the service and state Chief Technology Officer Gale Given says they've been busy since they arrived. They are helping intake centers distribute food stamp cards," she said.

Newspaper Headline Generator

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Newspaper Headline Generator Originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg. Celeste found the fake Newspaper Headline Generator and has thought up some ways that nonprofits can use it. Meanwhile, if you are interested in tagging and nonprofits - come on over the N-TEN Affinity Groups and join the NP Tagvocates Group

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: An Aretha Tribute, Upworthy Headlines, and Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Upworthy Type Headlines: To Like or Dislike? Upworthy has totally nailed the ‘stop whatever it is you’re doing and read this and then go share it with everyone you know’ headline. I completed my annual review last week. And I’ll be honest, I put that thing off as long as possible.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising


Feature a Clear Headline The first two questions of any visitor to a web page are: Where am I? The most effective way to answer both is with a clear and compelling page headline. The best headlines are succinct and to the point but also tap into the reason your donors are motivated to give in the first place. Typically for a nonprofit donation page this involves a headline and a few sentences explaining why completing a donation today is important.

5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


There are many elements of your donation pages that can be adjusted to test their impact on the form’s conversion rates, including the headline, photos or images, and the number and layout of fields in the form. There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits.

Test 174

8 Reasons Data Privacy Should Matter to Your Nonprofit


2020 did not lack for headlines, but one topic was an unnamed undercurrent beneath it all: data privacy. Surprising? Consider these major events over the past year: Nonprofit Marketing

Storytelling Workouts for Year-End Fundraising


Take 30 minutes to write out what the headlines will be, any additional copy, and create a list of graphic needs. As End of Year Fundraising quickly approaches we've started to think of what you can do now to ensure a successful fundraising season. With so many EOY campaigns , one of the most powerful ways for donors to connect with your cause is through the power of storytelling.

Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance


When our issue is in the headlines we generally see a big increase in supporters but aside from that we just have to work hard to say in touch with those people who are first-time donors or sign up to our list! The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) works to protect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment and education. This year they're celebrating 30 years of serving the region.

Bitcoin Predictions For 2021

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Although 2020 was dominated by headlines of COVID-19, lockdowns, and economic uncertainty, it was one of the biggest years in Bitcoin’s brief history.

What Happens If You Breaks a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

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You don’t see boilerplate legal agreements splashed through the headlines every day, but nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”) have recently attracted a lot of media attention.

WATCH: It's Not the Ice Bucket Challenge, but This 'Nickelback' Charity Fundraiser Is Going Viral

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His charity project—listening to Nickelback, for a week straight—is making international headlines. WATCH: It''s Not the Ice Bucket Challenge, but This ''Nickelback'' Charity Fundraiser Is Going Viral : "When Relevant''s Jesse Carey wants to give back, he doesn''t do it halfway. The project, "the ultimate test of human endurance," is two-fold, Carey says in the podcast. " ''via Blog this

The Bitchun Society has arrived! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

10.02.06 | 97 3 Comments [link] The+Bitchun+Society+has+arrived%21 2006-10-03+04%3A58%3A12 Allan+Benamer Those of you who have read Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom will know what the headline is talking about but for the uninitiated here’s a quick recap: The world has finally arrived in a postscarcity economy where everyone’s basic needs are met.

What’s in My Inbox | Shorter attention spans means you need to deliver with your enews

Pamela Grow

Lots of great takeaways, including… Short, compelling headlines and article leads directing the reader to their website (for online, endeavor to keep your writing to a 5th-grade level or below. Does it feel like your attention span is getting shorter? Chances are you’re right.

Donors’ Pledges to Reconstruct Haiti Come up Empty | UN Dispatch

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Donors’ Pledges to Reconstruct Haiti Come up Empty | UN Dispatch : "Back in March 2010, when the devastating earthquake in Haiti was still making headline news, UN member states pledged over $9 billion for Haiti’s reconstruction – including $5.3 billion for 2010-2011

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Meet the EveryAction Team 2018


In the current news cycle, it seems like bad news makes it to all the headlines. At EveryAction we’re on a mission to provide nonprofits with best-in-class fundraising, engagement, and advocacy tools, but we like to think that we’re a pretty fun place to work, too. We strive to promote a healthy work life balance, that’s why our team hosts things like “social fridays”, team yoga classes, company-wide bake-offs, and other activities to de-stress.

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How to Write for SEO and Rank on Google

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Craft the perfect headline and supporting subheads. . Google pays close attention to your headlines and subheads, and it’s smart to write them in a way that’s search engine-friendly. . To start, let’s talk about your main headline on a page, or the <h1> tag.

Google 106

3 Year-Round Campaigns to Elevate Your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy


To get started, here are a few campaign elements we recommend: Create a clear custom headline . Their page draws donors in with a strong headline image and branded visuals. .

CNN Rumored to Buy Mashable for $200 Million

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A ‘little bird’ apparently informed Reuters reporter Felix Salmon that CNN is buying Mashable, a blog that covers social media-related news, a lot of lists about anything from the funniest cat videos of the day to the most pinteresting Pinterest pinboard of the hour and whatnot, often with the CAPS Lock key turned on for the headlines, for “upwards of $200 million CNN Rumored to Buy Mashable for $200 Million : Well, well, well.

Gowalla Turns the Tables, Integrates With Foursquare

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Gowalla Turns the Tables, Integrates With Foursquare: "t is the company’s decision to integrate Gowalla with Foursquare (foursquare), its rival in geolocation, that will capture all of the headlines, though. The Foursquare integration has two key components. First, Gowalla now lets you broadcast your checkins on not only its app, but Twitter (Twitter), Tumblr (Tumblr), Facebook Places and

Sometimes All You Need is a Great Analogy

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Instead of talking about successes, I might have them create a magazine cover with key headlines and a big image on the front. I love a great analogy. Sometimes simply giving the brain enough of a split away from the usual way of thinking about a topic is enough to spark a break-through idea.

Is Your Website Turning Away Donors? | Inspiring Generosity

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The headline of the results, published on July 18, 2013, caught my eye. Is Your Website Turning Away Donors? Inspiring Generosity : Recently, published a survey of millennials who were asked to respond to different nonprofit websites. It reads, “75% of Young Donors Turned Off By Out-of-Date Web Sites.” The survey involved 2,600 people born between the years 1979-1994.

New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact

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It will give headline income and expenditure and show how charities with an income of over 500,000 allocate their revenue across fundraising and governance, charitable activities and reserves. New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact : The database will consist of information from the annual returns sent to the Charity Commission from charities in England and Wales.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 110: Understanding Data Privacy Regulations

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New privacy regulations, data breaches and consumer attitudes about data privacy are constantly in the headlines. But it’s not just corporations that have to worry about data privacy – data privacy regulations are a serious topic for social good organizations as well. Cameron Stoll, Principal Legal Counsel at Blackbaud, joins host Steve MacLaughlin to explore the topic of data privacy regulations in depth.

Here’s How to Raise More Money with Your Next Fundraising Letter

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Headlines and sub-headlines. I am in the middle of writing a direct mail fundraising letter for a non-profit client, and tomorrow I will be presenting the letter to them, and explaining why it will be effective. And it got me thinking… there are really only three things that separate super-successful fundraising letters from ones that are just mediocre. So I am taking a break from writing the letter to share those three things with you. We’ll keep it short and sweet.

8 Most Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Users

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Internet companies like Google and Facebook have made headlines through their privacy practices. Cybercrime has become an ongoing threat for users and businesses online today. If you follow daily tech news, you will realize that it emphasizes cybersecurity and privacy protection issues. Their methods show that the way they handle data matters a lot. Unfortunately, The post 8 Most Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Users appeared first on Top List

How to Study Abroad in 2021?

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The usual morning routine is now marked by reading headlines with the latest data. Colleges and universities still decide whether or not to open this fall. Health and safety are top priorities for everyone in 2021. COVID-19 pandemic situation has made a considerable impact on each sphere of life, and education hasn’t been an exception. The post How to Study Abroad in 2021? appeared first on Tutorials

Making Data Engaging: Designing The Nation's Report Card (Part 1)

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In early November, you might have seen headlines such as this one, from the Washington Post: “ U.S. In early November last year, the news headlines were bursting with news about the 2013 results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assessments for mathematics and reading, and how for the first time ever this exciting data was available to all through a new set of engaging and interactive charts.

Articles That Work in Nonprofit E-Newsletters | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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You've bolded this solo headline and played with italics. Articles That Work in Nonprofit E-Newsletters | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit: "That blinking cursor on your screen is taunting you. You've set a deadline to send out this week's (month's/quarter's) e-newsletter, but you haven't progressed past 'Summer Newsletter.' It's blue. green

Back to Basics: 5 Essentials Steps to Email Marketing

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Pay Attention to Your Subject Line and Headline. If readers open the email, the headline will make a large difference in whether they read the entire email or not. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy , but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Allow the headline to be as attention-grabbing as the subject line, and have it complement the rest of the email’s content.

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Nonprofit Blog Carnival

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Take a few minutes and read through the headlines that stand Nonprofit Blog Carnival: "I am hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival (last month’s carnival). I was amazed at what a great response we had this month. Thank you all for your incredible submissions. Because we had so many submissions I’ve taken a few of my favorites to tell you about and included a listing of the others below.

Why Well Designed Landing Pages Are a Must

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You also want to have a strong headline that complements the anchor text that got them there. For example, if someone clicked on a link in an email that said, “Register for XYZ event,” then the headline on the landing page should reflect that anchor text. When it comes to your nonprofit’s website, landing pages may be the single most important thing for you to be concerned about this year. They’re critical for many reasons, including SEO—so let’s start with the basics.

Less is More: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

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For instance, hitting older age groups with an intense hard-sell headline accompanied by a fast-and-loud video won’t likely get you very far. Likewise presenting Gen x-ers with a too tame headline won’t hold their attention, and it’s unlikely you’ll see such efforts translate to sales. Maintain consistency by keeping your ad simple and pair a headline with a message in a way that doesn’t overwhelm readers.

3 Common Nonprofit Board Myths

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there came a second headline: Ted Yoho Resigns from the Board of Bread for the World. Your board is one of your most important assets. Don’t get bogged down by those who don’t have your cause in mind. Here are 3 common nonprofit board myths.

Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Twitter crowdsourced China earthquake in realtime

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Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Twitter crowdsourced China earthquake in realtime: "While the mainstream media scrambled to put up their “breaking news” headlines Robert Scoble alias Scobleizer, was early to tweet the news. Quickly there were live radio interviews, pictures, google maps, videos all being sent in real-time, says VentureBeat.". NPTwitter NPDisasterRelief NPtech

China 100

RSS is really your friend

NCE Social Media

RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format (from Wikipedia ). RSS - Really Simple Syndication, can be a great time saver. Ideaware has an outstanding article on how to harness RSS to benefit your information needs. I would recommend reading it. Please share how you would use it with your agency in our comments section.

RSS 100

Will Google Buzz Go the Way of Facebook Beacon? | Technomix | Fast Company

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Technomix | Fast Company: "Whether you like it or loathe it, Google's new Buzz social sharing system has hit the headlines in a particularly catastrophic way over and over in the week since its launch. Will Google Buzz Go the Way of Facebook Beacon? Though Google has moved to adjust some of the issues, some of the damage is already done. Google's usual trick of data-mining and automating some

How to Plan the Fall Fundraiser Everyone Will Be Talking About

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Make headlines and use social media to generate buzz. Here are two other great resources to help you make headline news: Five Ways to Ensure Your Event Makes Headline News. This year, exceed your goals, sell out seats, make headline news, and share your success—and do it all with ease. We’ve almost made it through the sweaty summer season and fall—in all its chilly glory—is knocking anxiously at our doors.

This Week in Video News


Here are some of our favorite headlines from this week. August 15, 2014 There's a lot happening in video. Andreessen Horowitz Announces $50 Million Investment In BuzzFeed Legendary investor Andreesen Horowitz put a lot of his eggs in the Buzzfeed basket early this week. This puts Buzzfeed's value at $850 million. A big chunk of […].

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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Nonprofit Summit

Saleforce Nonprofit

headlining our first-ever Nonprofit Summit. But we’re thrilled to announce a third Summit headliner: Amal Clooney. We’ve already told you about conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall and Grammy award-winner Leslie Odom Jr.