Don’t Fear Your Dirty Data

Association Analytics

The concept of “dirty data” and how to approach it can be daunting. Simply put, dirty data is data that is inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, duplicative, or outdated.

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Announcing the 2021 Open Data Project!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use a nd republish as they wish. The Open Data Project seeks to gain a better understanding of how NGOs, NPOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising.


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[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The 2021 Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising. The survey data is available in real-time by region and country. Why the Open Data Project?

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How to Use Data to Drive Your Content Strategy

Association Analytics

Using data in your content strategy will help you identify what content members value most, what isn’t resonating and what needs to be tweaked. Here are some tips for using data to create relevant content for your members and customers

Don't Let Association Data Myths Hold Back Your Analytics

Association Analytics

The three most common myths that hold associations back from getting started on their analytics journey are data cleanliness, data governance and data strategy. Myth 1: My Association’s Data Is Not Clean Enough for Analysis. “I’m Ready to start your data analytics journey?

Is Your Association Using Data to Increase Event Revenue?

Association Analytics

Whichever format you choose, you should consider your historical event data as you develop your event marketing strategy. Be deliberate as you start to dig into the data you need. In our previous blog posts on retention and product value , we illustrated how data isn’t one dimensional.

[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About How Nonprofits Use Email for Digital Marketing and Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The 2021 Open Data Project [ español , français ] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising. Why the Open Data Project? Open Data Project Sponsors.

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Are you getting the most out of your retention data?

Association Analytics

Analyzing this data is challenging as it typically resides in multiple systems (e.g. While wrangling all of this data into one place for analysis can be quite the challenge, it’s worth figuring out how to do it.

Data hoarding: Does the term apply to your donor data?

3rd Sector Labs

Is your organization is a donor data hoarder? Data hoarding extends far beyond just your donor data and CRM software. It applies to outcome measurements, web traffic, social media data, emails, image files, document versioning, backups, backups of backups, etc. All data needs to be managed. Email data is overwhelming corporate America. But for our purposes, let’s narrow the focus to donor data. The costs of managing too much bad data.

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Bright Data: World-Leading Data Collection Network

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Luminati Networks becomes Bright Data is a sign of where they are headed. With the rising technology, there is a need for transparent data collection in over four billion webpages. You therefore need a versatile data collector with automated scraping technology, like Bright Data.

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Four Steps to Align Data with Your Mission and Goals

Association Analytics

Data provides actionable insights and can give associations a navigable path to make better informed business decisions. And yet, the ability to use data to serve your association’s mission has never been more important and timely. Ready to start your data analytics journey?

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Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

3rd Sector Labs

If you’ve migrated donor data from one CRM to another, no doubt you have dealt with a lot of difficult decisions. In fact, our donor data migration clients often express surprise at the number of decisions they have to make. In this post, we discuss our list of Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions. We hope this provides guidance that will help you plan all aspects of your next data migration. ’ It’s a critical part of any data management plan.

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Data Health and Integration Fundamentals for Foundations


And, as foundations take better advantage of technology, effective data management becomes not only advantageous but downright essential. Effective data management will certainly bolster operational efficiencies on the one hand and comprehensive reporting on the other.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue: Data

3rd Sector Labs

Let me offer one piece of advice: let’s not get distracted by the story and instead focus on the epilogue – the Ice Bucket Epilogue: it’s about the data. It’s true – Mashable reported this amazing data milestone in September. It’s all about the data. From “Found Money” to “Found Data” With the $100M windfall came something just as important – 2.4 That data is the Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue.

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Webinar Recap: NCACPA Leverages Data to Inform Key Business Decisions

Association Analytics

As part of their mission to serve their members, NCACPA has been focused on analyzing their member data to influence decisions that impact the member experience.

Using Data to Inform Your Membership Decisions

Joy of Membership

Jamie Beaulieu and I had a great conversation on this week’s podcast about how membership organizations can use data to inform decision-making and strategy. So speaking of data, 2nd quarter is well underway. Happy Tuesday!

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The NonProfit Voice Ep 50: How Data Enrichment Can Cultivate Lifetime Donors

NonProfit PRO

Data Mining Software/Technology

Does your charity have too much data?

3rd Sector Labs

How do you know when your organization is storing and using too much data? In fact, being in the nonprofit data services business, we get asked lots of questions about how to obtain more donor data, better data, the right data. Few customers ask us “When is there too much data?” Let’s use donor data for our discussion. Too much data vs data hoarding. There is a difference between too much data and hoarding data.

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More fundraising software = more data headaches

3rd Sector Labs

Let’s face it … there is a direct relationship between the number of fundraising software systems we are using and the data problems we are creating for ourselves. More fundraising software = more data headaches. All that, and we aren’t touching on the implications of accounting, systems integrations, data warehousing, ad hoc databases, and search. Second, nonprofits are not littered with technology experts and data scientists.

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Making Zero- and First-Party Data Work Harder as Privacy Policies Evolve

NonProfit PRO

Third-party data has long been a staple in how nonprofit brands craft personalized experiences, but that approach will be met with serious challenges in the years ahead. Data Mining Data Security Third-Party Data Zero-Party Data

Stop the Daisy Chain of Bad Data Management

3rd Sector Labs

The root cause of bad data management for any organization – for-profit, nonprofit or government – can usually be found in the data management paradigm itself. The most damaging data management paradigm – one that is commonly found among nonprofits – is what I call “the daisy chain of bad data management.” But they always check our data for leads. What this client is describing is the “daisy chain of bad data management.”

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[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Leverage Social Media Data & Analytics to Attract New Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The key to building a digital strategy that works is DATA. In this session, I’ll guide you through a DIY Social Media Audit to leverage your online data to attract new donors or accomplish any goal! Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2021. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

Exploring Data for Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The world is undergoing a data revolution, and the social sector is no exception. Social enterprises are collecting more and more data: data about social problems; data about intervention outcomes; data for collective impact; data for learning; data for dashboards to better operate their enterprises; data for funders; and the list goes on. Yet, social enterprises arent typically made up of data geeks.

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Data quality vs. data quantity: let’s end the debate!

3rd Sector Labs

When it comes to nonprofit data, especially donor data, there’s a running debate. Which is more important, data quality or quantity? Like the old Miller Lite commercials, ‘ Tastes Great vs. Less Filling ‘ Your nonprofit organization needs to acquire new donors (data quantity), but you also need the ‘right’ data in order to foster better, longer term relationships (data quality). Donor data quality must come first.

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How Nonprofits Can Leverage Data Visualization


Graphic Design Marketing and Communications Data ManagementReporting on various programs and projects is an integral part gauging the success of your nonprofit's activities. This exercise is crucial not only to internal stakeholders, but also to funders, donors, and the world at large.

Fundraising data analytics – mining the gold in your own backyard

3rd Sector Labs

Fundraising data analytics is becoming more popular – and more necessary in today’s philanthropy marketplace. Nicole Wallace at The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote a terrific piece this week, ‘Fundraisers Reap Millions by Using Data Gold Mine’ Fundraising data analytics is the equivalent of mining the gold in our own nonprofit backyards. Admittedly, for many of us in the sector, the very mention of ‘data analytics’ sounds intimidating.

Workplace Giving Data Problems Just Got Worse

3rd Sector Labs

Nonprofits everywhere are struggling to get their hands on reliable, useful workplace giving data from corporate giving programs. Who remembers the days of charities arguing with local United Ways over the donor data? “We own the workplace giving data,” was the typical United Way response to charities wanting to know more about the donors supporting them, “because they are United Way donors – our donors.” What about the data?

How to make your association’s data talk

Nimble AMS

Your association’s data can be a powerful tool. But, you have to be able to collect, manage, and analyze your data to put it to good use. State of Data in the Nonprofit Sector?report As a result, only 6 percent believe they are making effective use of the data collected.

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How Data and Technology Can Fuel Donations

NonProfit PRO

Join this webinar to learn how to implement technology to collect more data and utilize that data to connect with donors, grow revenue in less time & cost while exceeding donor expectations.

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How Data is Helping Associations Become More Agile

Association Analytics

There’s a growing demand for data within associations to help inform decision-making during this time of uncertainty and change.

Donor Data And Donor Communication | A Mini Guide


No matter the strategy, the best way to optimize your donor communication processes is to leverage donor data. Your donor data should play a key role in your communication strategy, helping you create targeted content and personal experiences for recipients.

Better Data, Better Donors


Working in major gifts means tracking relationships, points of contact, and data with multiple high-level donors. While building a long lasting relationship with your major donors is the hallmark of any good major gifts team, those relationships can fall flat without solid data behind them to keep you organized and to inform your strategy. This data can help a user determine the appropriate ask amount for major gift prospects. Use data to your advantage.

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Data drives better digital marketing for nonprofits

3rd Sector Labs

Using data to drive your digital marketing campaigns is essential. Without the discipline of data, your digital marketing success is based more on hope than strategy and execution. Our corporate marketers understand the criticality of data all too well, especially retailers. For example, Epsilon, a consumer brand loyalty expert, published a short report on using data to build customer loyalty. Use small data (i.e. Data and story-telling.

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Leveraging Your Financial Data to Find The Right Donors

Donor Search

Experienced fundraisers know the importance of leveraging data to develop your fundraising strategy and to craft the right asks for your supporters. While data helps secure fundraising for all gift levels, it’s especially important for your nonprofit’s mid-tier and major gift fundraising.

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Keeping Your Data Safe: Protecting HIPAA with Salesforce

Cloud 4 Good

With the wide-ranging consequences of last year’s Blackbaud breach still being felt by many across industries today, this breach was so devastating because Blackbaud was unable to say what exact data was touched.

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It’s that time of year: your 8-step fundraising data checklist

3rd Sector Labs

Have you completed your fundraising data checklist? What are we talking about – a fundraising DATA checklist? But as we have pointed out before via a cataloguing of more than 150 recommendations for improving fundraising appeals , most charities are making the same common fundraising mistake they made last year, and the year before – bad data management. Because data is boring. Fundraising data has many touch-points throughout your organization.

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Clean Up Your Act: Donor Data Management for Nonprofits

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Clean Up Your Act: Donor Data Management for Nonprofits. OUR top 3 reasons why CLEAN DATA matters: Cleaner data gives you better, more actionable (and searchable) info. Focusing on data hygiene offers a myriad of benefits to your organization.

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What’s in your data management plan?

3rd Sector Labs

If your data isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse. – TSL data expert. And no, we aren’t simply advocating some chaos theory about data. Unfortunately, it’s true … and the only way to combat the problem is examine what’s in your data management plan. Organizations in every industry today dependent on good data to be successful. It’s no different for nonprofits, and donor data is at the top of the critical care list.

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Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data!

3rd Sector Labs

Understanding data is critically important to success in any business. Unfortunately, data can be boring, even confusing. Many nonprofits don’t know their donor data. If we don’t know our donor data, how can we effectively plan a fundraising appeal? So, how do we know that nonprofits don’t know their donor data? Data degrades. For starters, ALL data degrades over time. Less than 5% of the advice focused on technology and/or data.

Fundraising strategy, technology and data Q&A with Chris Goodman and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

The topic – “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” – focused on the importance of aligning fundraising strategy, technology and a data in order to maximize the efficiencies of all three. Unfortunately, not every fundraising strategy, technology and data question could be answered, and so we wanted to share more of the Q&A here. How do we get “better data”?

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Luminati Networks Becomes Bright Data

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Luminati Networks becomes Bright Data is a sign of where they are headed. With the rising technology, there is a need for transparent data collection in over four billion webpages. You therefore need a versatile data collector with automated scraping technology, like Bright Data.

What’s up with consumer data privacy?

3rd Sector Labs

The topic of consumer data privacy is getting more and more attention in the media and on Capitol Hill. The topic of consumer data privacy has had the attention of Capitol Hill for some time. A few months back, we provided an update on steps taken by Senator Rockefeller’s Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to expand its investigation into the data brokerage industry. More specifically, it’s about consumer data. Is big data bad?

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10 Donor Data Migration Decisions: Q&A with Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

Third Sector Labs recently presented a data migration webinar with host Bloomerang. The topic – “10 Decisions You Will Face with Any Donor Data Migration” – focused on preparing for your next CRM or data migration while addressing 10 tough decisions nonprofits encounter along the way. As always, if you have questions about a donor data migration project, or any of your nonprofit data needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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