Get Strategic in 2018: Turn Your Advocacy Supporters into Donors

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Advocacy organizations are often lucky enough to have some of the most passionate supporters among all nonprofits. Of course, though, it’s the dollars that keep advocacy organizations running. While they can immediately connect how donations to a cancer organization will fund cancer research, it’s trickier for them to guess where the money goes in an advocacy organization. There’s no reason advocacy organizations can’t see the success with DIY Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

How Can My Nonprofit Get Started with Measurable Advocacy?

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In my last post, I answered the age-old questions, “ Can my 501(c)(3) really engage in advocacy? ” With that settled, it’s time to move on to the benefits of advocacy. How can advocacy make a measurable difference for your organization? Does Advocacy Help with Fundraising?

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When Nonprofit Advocacy Works in Reverse

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How Nonprofit Advocacy Works in Reverse. The solution: We flipped the advocacy model upside down by creating RiversidePULSE. . Advocacy Healthcare nonprofit advocacy super advocatesWe take for granted a natural progression.

Advocating Nonprofit Advocacy: The Myth That 501(C)(3)s Can’t Engage in Advocacy

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When I encounter 501(c)(3) organizations that would be suited well to engage in online advocacy but don’t currently have programs set up, I tend to hear the same story, “We don’t want to engage in advocacy because we don’t want to risk losing our 501(c)(3) status.”

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

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9 Ways to Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy with Social Media: 1. One of the most exciting tools for advocacy campaigns comes from our friends at Countable Campaigns.

Rolling with the Political Punches: Advocacy in an Election Year

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Here are 3 tips for running a successful advocacy campaign during an election year: 1. With 24 hour news media coverage and breaking news on Twitter, you want to be prepared to insert your advocacy campaign and have your corresponding materials ready to go.

How a Leading Nonprofit Used Social Media to Create a Digital Advocacy Movement

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Not only was President Obama’s speech a major milestone for the 36 million people in slavery today, the human rights community, and countless others, but it was also a win in the digital advocacy front. You can still run a successful advocacy campaign.

Social Media’s Double-Edged Sword Can Cut Your Way Twice

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Take for example social media engagement for political and advocacy campaigns. Advocacy Nonprofit Marketing Social Media advocacy campaign digital advocacy nonprofit social media Online advocacySometimes double-edged swords cut both ways in your favor.

The Secret Ingredient to Wining Advocacy Campaigns


Advocacy and corporate accountability campaigns are some of the longest and toughest fights for nonprofits to win. Online Advocacy Online Marketing Online Organizing

3 Tools and 5 Tips To Help Your Employees Master Social Employee Advocacy


What is Employee Advocacy? Employee advocacy can help relieve them – all it takes is 5 minutes of your employees’ time. Employee advocacy can increase your brand’s reach by 10x on social media. Here are 3 tools you could consider: DrumUp – Employee Advocacy.

Grassroots Advocacy in the Mobile Age


Advocacy as an industry exists because of people’s desire to improve the world. How can advocacy initiatives reach their goals by leveraging technology? Technology advances are opening up new methods of digital grassroots advocacy that are changing online and offline organizing. Learn the methods that still exist, and important ones that have emerged that are profoundly impacting the popular “mix” of grassroots advocacy. Ximena Hartsock & Jeb Ory. Cofounders.

2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Highlights Online Advocacy, Fundraising, and Social Media Metrics


The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study was just released and is packed with insightful data on advocacy and fundraising response rates across the nonprofit sector. In particular we were excited to see advocacy response rates increased 28% between 2010 and 2011.

How Nonprofits Should Define Success


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Ten Tips from Advocacy Superheroes


BBCon took place outside the Beltway, but we had plenty of Beltway insiders … Email Marketing Web Design Advocacy

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Why You Should Encourage Social Advocacy among B2B Employees


Offering incentives for active social media participation is also a great way to drive employee advocacy. Now that you’ve seen how beneficial employee social media advocacy can be, I bet you want to know how to get started. Guest post by Daniel Kushner, CEO of

Grassroots Campaigning: How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support

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According to research by the Congressional Management Foundation, nearly half of congressional staff believe that “most advocacy campaigns of identical form messages are sent without the constituent’s knowledge or approval.”.

Crowdsource This… and That: Getting Creative with Crowdsourcing Strategy (Internet Advocacy Roundtable, April 2013)


April''s Internet Advocacy Roundtable featured speakers who’ve used crowdsourcing in some very creative ways to great effect. RSVP for the next Internet Advocacy Roundtable : "Solving Your Biggest Social Media Headache: Integrating Social, Email & Your Website for Advocacy".

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Staying Nimble in a Time of Change

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As a result, nonprofits find themselves in an equally unprecedented situation, where passion, advocacy and cause demonstration are at an all-time high. Advocacy advocacy tips charitable giving National Research Group political giving Rapid Response Advocacy segmentation

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Best Strategies for Winning Advocacy Victories


Frogloop readers who mobilize online activists to win advocacy victories may want to attend a free virtual event this coming Wednesday, March 9 th called “ Advocacy Live !&#. Key strategies for raising more money through your online advocacy efforts.

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Advocating from Anywhere: How to Make Your Mission Heard by the Masses

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Advocacy is a way to showcase your organization’s mission while solving a problem at the same time. But how do you create an advocacy program that actually works? This year, I had the privilege to join fellow museum professionals at Museum Advocacy Day. If you’ve never had an advocacy program at your organization, here are a few pointers from the event that you can use as inspiration. A Closer Look at Museum Advocacy Day.

How World Wildlife Fund Used Segmentation to Activate Social Influencers for Their Cause

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For nonprofits interested in engaging supporters in online advocacy, this is especially true. Advocacy advocacy campaigns segmentation social influencers Social Media Twitter World Wildlife FundThe Oracle at Delphi told Oedipus “Know thyself!”

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Three Ways Nonprofits Can Pioneer m-Advocacy

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The time is ripe for the early adopters in the nonprofit sector to embrace m-Advocacy, otherwise known as mobile advocacy. Well-known e-advocacy vendors like Convio , Democracy in Action , and Blackbaud will likely also soon add mobile advocacy to their list of services as well.

Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?


This dynamic makes the platform a prime marketing channel for trade associations and advocacy groups seeking to shape the national dialogue. Why is Twitter a crucial channel for trade associations and advocacy groups?

Presentation: Making Advocacy Pay


What does online advocacy have to do with online fundraising? During the webinar, these all-stars from the the nonprofit sector discussed strategies, tactics, and case studies that showed how organizations who used advocacy successfully for list growth and engagement also raised more much more money online. Select appeals based on advocacy actions. A lot.

About Mobile Commons Advocacy

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons Advocacy offers a powerful, effective way for organizations to petition Congress for legislative change. This video will give you a brief overview of how Mobile Commons Advocacy works.

Advocates 7X More Likely to Give, but Why?


The tie between online advocacy and fundraising is significant. So significant that organizations who run effective online advocacy campaigns followed by timely and relevant fundraising appeals are seeing double the fundraising response rates.

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6 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement Supporter-Led Campaigns in 2017

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As nonprofit leaders look ahead and think about how to significantly expand the impact of their advocacy campaigns, there is one key tactic that may be your secret to punching above your weight: Supporter-Led Campaigns.

5 Ways to Use Data Storytelling for Advocacy

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Sometimes, it requires taking a step back to gain perspective on all the different ways data storytelling can enhance advocacy efforts. Establishing those answers is essential to determine your advocacy or fundraising strategy.

Elevating Advocacy Voices for Children Through Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Just like message consistency, storytelling, and interviewing skills, building robust networks and using social media can help these advocacy organizations make change happen for children in their state. advocacy work as an organization.

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A Voice for the Voiceless: An Innovative Facebook Advocacy Campaign


Online Advocacy Online Marketing Social Networking Web 2.0There are more than 6 million ”untouchables”, Dalits, living in Nepal today.

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Tips for Nonprofits on Using Social Media to Build Supporter Relationships

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Advocacy advocacy tips beth kanter BoulderStrategies donor retention Facebook Online Fundraising social love Social Media social media tips turner4D Twitter YouTube

How to Get 1300 Advocates to Capitol Hill [HINT: It’s more than just practice]

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Putting the advocate’s voice front and center is no easy task and is the source of much consternation amongst communications, marketing and advocacy professionals. at the 2017 Advocacy Forum. Advocacy Advocates Brand Ambassadors Corporate Citizenship nonprofit advocacy

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What the Political Climate Means for Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

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Advocacy Nonprofit Marketing eMail marketing nonprofit advocacy Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Social Media AdvertisingRegardless of where your nonprofit falls on the political spectrum (and whether it falls on the spectrum at all), our current political climate is new and different.

Funding Services AND Advocacy: The Smart Choice for Grantmakers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Funding Services AND Advocacy: The Smart Choice for Grantmakers – guest post by Aaron Dorfman, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Some grantmakers shy away from funding advocacy, preferring instead to fund direct services.

Public Service, Advocacy, and Institutional Transformation

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But how many institutions are really aggressively transforming their work away from service to a narrow band of audiences to community-wide advocacy work? Yesterday, I had lunch with Monica Martinez, the ED of Homeless Services for Santa Cruz county.

Webinar: Making Advocacy Pay


This free webinar will talk about the relationship between advocacy and fundraising, how organizations are using advocacy successfully for list growth and engagement, and show you valuable case studies from successful organizations. We will also discuss best practices in assessing ROI or Return on Investment for online acquisition, so you can see how to make advocacy pay. Care2 Webinars Online Advocacy Online Fundraising


Ready to Respond: Real-Time Lessons in Preparedness from the Headlines and the ACLU

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Is your leadership team clear on how you will respond, and do your marketing and advocacy leads have insight into what your position is? Nonprofit Fundraising #Resist ACLU Advocacy advocacy campaign movements Online Fundraising Social Influencer Social Media Influencers social movements

Twitter as an Advocacy Tool

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The forum focused specially on how to use Twitter as an advocacy tool. It is the Twitter feed that you’ll want to pay attention to… How do you use Twitter and other social media platforms as tools for advocacy? Education and Training Microblog advocacy philanthropy twitter

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Millennial Voices: Advocates and Activists Over Donors and Volunteers

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Advocacy Social Good Social Media activism Derrick Felmann millennials nonprofit advocacy The 2017 Millennial Impact ReportMillennials are dissatisfied with and uncertain about America’s future , says the most recent research released by Achieve in the Millennial Impact Report, The Power of Voice: A New Era of Cause Activation and Social Issue Adoption. Should nonprofits be concerned? You bet. Because the largest living generation in U.S.

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Facebook and Instagram's Latest Marketing Tools for Nonprofits


Social media marketing has become an integral part of building online community and advocacy. Online Advocacy Nonprofit fundraising Social Media Marketing