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LinkedIn to remove lots of search fields


Also receiving the axe is the ability for Premium users to search within LinkedIn Groups. Just came across t his interesting post. a month.

3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results


Nonprofits are facing a bevy of problems they never faced 10 years ago because of technology, and more specifically, the internet and search engines. The post 3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

Search Engine Optimisation Benefits For Small Organizations


Even so, most site owners do not fully understand how important search engine optimisation is for their online entities. Improving ROI. Potluc

Infographic: 12 Key Factors Search Engines Look For


Taking the time to make sure it is optimized to resonate with search engines is worth the time and resources. Image courtesy of Backlinko.

Optimize Your Nonprofit Facebook Page for Graph Search in 8 Steps


Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, … Social Media Facebook graph search John Haydon nonprofit facebook guy Social Media for Nonprofits

Google Shows Startups (and Nonprofits) How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes [VIDEO]


Google’s over 1 million computer servers in data centers around the world handle over 1 billion searches per day. That amounts to 7.2

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Three Overlooked Elements of Search Engine Optimization

Byte Technology

After all, today the web search when people seek out information, and your organization is no exception. Watch your Keywords. Build Context.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Search

John Haydon

When you think about search engine optimization, the first place your mind goes your website. And you to be at the top of these searches.

Google Search Results Now Prominently Feature Nonprofit Google+ Pages

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Data is pulled from multiple sources including Wikipedia , GuideStar and of course Google+ Pages. Feeding America :: Impact of GuideStar.

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

John Haydon

When supporters search for your organization on Google, you want them to see the best possible results on page one.

3 Reasons to Add Your NPO’s Phone Number to Google Search

NonProfit Hub

By using Corporate Contact markup on your nonprofit’s website, you can add your organization’s contact information to Google’s Knowledge panel in some searches. Knowledge panels can prominently display your customer service phone number, which will show up on a search results page next to your NPO’s name. How does this happen? A lot.

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Your Google Search History — The Fun and Creepy Truth

Tech Soup Blog

Last spring, Google made our entire search histories available for download and viewing. " Steps to View Your Google Search History.

Mobile-Friendly Searching: Getting Your Non-Profit’s Website Up to Speed

Byte Technology

If you’ve initiated a Google search anytime recently, you may have noticed a new designation underneath the listed results: “mobile-friendly.”

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Are you ready for Google’s next search algorithm update?

Beaconfire Wire

Because as of April 21st, Google will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. Thanks Google. Now what?

[Cool Infographic Friday] Google’s design for search


Interesting infographic about search engine result pages (SERPs). Read more here. Content Strategy From the Trenches

5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings

Tech Soup Blog

One of the most effective ways to gain exposure for a nonprofit is by appearing at the top of online search results. Type in the search box.

Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Search Ranking Kill Your SEO?

John Haydon

You’ve probably already noticed the “Mobile-friendly” designation in Google search results on your mobile phone. Google’s New […].

Facebook Graph Search – Five Things Nonprofits Need to Know

John Haydon

Facebook Graph Search is very different from Google search. Facebook events will be a primary result that appears in Graph searches.

What Google’s New Algorithm Really Means for Your Nonprofit

Connection Cafe

Again, just to be clear, these changes apply only to searches conducted on a mobile-device.). OK, that might be a slight exaggeration.

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Seven Secrets to a Successful Search for your Nonprofit’s Next Executive Director


Is your nonprofit about to embark on a search for a new Executive Director? For help on optimizing your chances of success, we turned to executive search pro, Marilyn Machlowitz. Seven Secrets to a Successful Search for your Nonprofit’s Next Executive Director. Executive Director searches start every day.

Google and beyond: How to master search engine research for your grant proposal

ASU Lodestar Center

I shudder when I think of how difficult it was in the dark ages prior to this uber useful search engine. Information search tips: Less is more.

Where Should You Invest Your Time: Google+, Search, or Email?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: Pew Internet. Like my colleague, Geoff Livingston , I disagree with that statement or hoping on bandwagons. I think [.] ROI Strategy

How Will Google’s Mobile-friendly Search Impact You?

Wild Apricot Blog

Recently, Google launched a new search algorithm that gives preference to mobile ready websites over non mobile ready sites in their search results. Here's a look at the implications for associations, clubs and non-profits. mobile Non-profit technology websites

3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results

AFP Blog

3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results : "3 Tips To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Search Results" 'via Blog this

Hack Your Content Marketing With Facebook Interest Lists and Graph Search


Use graph search to find relevant pages. This is where Facebook Graph Search comes in handy. Pages liked by people who like [your page].

3 Ways To Control Your Nonprofit’s Google Results


Nonprofits are facing a bevy of problems they never faced 10 years ago because of the internet and search engines. Image courtesy of Mashable.

6 Takeaways From ShareThis’ Study on Social Sharing


2) Search is Still King. Takeaway: Ensure your nonprofit website is optimized for Search Engines. clicks, 4.8 clicks, 4.3 clicks and 1.7

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Google’s new social search: +1

Beaconfire Wire

Instead of just sharing cool links on Facebook and Twitter, Google wants you to start marking useful links in your search results, so your friends can see them. 1′s may appear next to your Adwords ads as well as organic search results – another way for ads to help boost your influence. Search Engines Social Media

FB Graph Search – Implications for Brand Pages


“On January 15, 2013 Facebook launched Graph Search, an enhanced search functionality aimed at Facebook users.

The Key Performance Indicators and the Elephant


Interactive Online Fundraising Search Engine Optimization Web Design Goals online strategies setting goals

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More fundraising software = more data headaches

3rd Sector Labs

All that, and we aren’t touching on the implications of accounting, systems integrations, data warehousing, ad hoc databases, and search.

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[Guest Post] Avoid the Rabbit Hole! When to Stop Searching

Donor Search

This blog focuses on the world of prospect research and various related fundraising topics.

8 Steps to Prepare your Facebook Page for Graph Search


Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search. Both Google’s and Facebook’s search algorithms consider your page name, category, vanity URL and keywords within your About tab.

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Overcoming Declining Nonprofit Website Traffic

Connection Cafe

Was it search engine visits? Search Traffic. Below, we see it’s the volunteer page getting less search traffic.

5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know


Within this data we can delve deeper, such as specifically which pages users enter on, what are our top referring external websites and search engines.

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Infographic: The Evolution Of SEO


General Tech google nonprofit technology npTech ROI search engine search engine optimization SEO technology Is there a word more often used in the world of nonprofit technology? Maybe cloud. potentially ROI. But SEO is a strong contender for most used buzz word. From what started as just an idea that likely started in […].

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The Big 3: SEO, Email and Social


Search Engine Optimization. The trick here is to look for words and phrases that have low competition and high month global searches.

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3 Mobile Trends on the Horizon for Nonprofits

Connection Cafe

Google’s mobile algorithm factors your location into mobile search results. What else should they be aware of? Mobile Analytics.

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Data drives better digital marketing for nonprofits

3rd Sector Labs

Data Analytics Data Mining data data mining digital marketing donor data fundraising data analysis search Use small data (i.e. and again.

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7 Easy Fixes to Get Your Nonprofit Ranking Higher on Google

John Haydon

I’m sure you’ve heard a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO). It’s true, SEO is a complex topic with a lot of moving pieces.