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Trends in Impact Evaluation That Can Work in Your Favor

NonProfit PRO

They may not take over your social media feed with witty memes or become the latest office buzz, but they are profoundly important for nonprofits. Trends in evaluation are worth paying attention to.

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SXSW 2022: Using Data to Advance Racial Equity featuring Ann Mei Chang and Meme Styles


In the second half of the talk, Meme Styles, founder and president of MEASURE , shares how having a Candid profile and adding to this broader data has improved funding and equity for the small nonprofits she works with in Austin. . Meme Styles, founder and president of MEASURE .

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Are Memes Really Just Slacktivism?


New memes get started everyday. Remember the FB meme challenge that asked women to post what color bra they were wearing that day? Many thought the meme was connected to raising breast cancer awareness, but that was not the intention behind it. Here’s the original meme: “Right girls let’s have some fun.

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Can Memes for Good Work for your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy? Not on Facebook!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This “ Keep Calm and Shine On ” t-shirt is a riff on the popular “ Keep Calm and Carry On ” meme used by Autism Speaks to help promote the annual World Autism Awareness Day. Even though you interact with these memes, we’ll help you be more sophisticated by not showing them to you.’

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Facebook Bra Color Meme: So, Did It Work?

Wild Apricot

Many women (and, apparently, some men) flooded Facebook with unusual status updates over the past two days in a meme calling on “girls” to post the colors of the bras they were wearing, ostensibly to raise awareness of breast cancer. read more ). read more ).

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Top 12 Internet Memes for Nonprofits


Who doesn’t love a good Internet meme? Those clever little images and captions …

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Infographic: How To Create An Awesome Meme


Memes are a great way to talk about your issue and use humor to get your message shared. For example, if your nonprofit is going to experiment with creating a meme, it's worth noting the following data, according to this infographic How to Cook Up A Winning Meme that examimed over 100 sucessful memes from 1980 to today.

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