Deliberative Democracy at Work in North Quabbin, Massachusetts

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Photo from Audience Works Hands Across North Quabbin Network (HANDS) serves the nine-town North Quabbin region of north central Massachusetts and is a deliberative democracy project that seeks to bring members of the nine town North Quabbin community together to form a solution to community problems.

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Database comes to the Ethos Roundtable.

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For sale for a cause: Peony

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The yarn is a lace weight merino wool and silk blend that I bought in Massachusetts a couple of years ago. For more detail on what I’m doing this year, read this post first. If you get into lace knitting, sooner or later you have to try a Herbert Niebling.

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AFP Blog ::: "February 8, 2011 — Watertown-based Catalogue for Philanthropy today announced it will launch the Massachusetts Philanthropic Directory, the nation's first complete, systematic, statewide directory of charities, an effort aimed at raising philanthropy “to a new level

Colleges are going online to crowdsource donations, and they’re raising millions - The Washington Post

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Colleges are going online to crowdsource donations, and they’re raising millions - The Washington Post : "The small liberal arts school in Massachusetts did it without bombarding alumni with phone calls, sending out a batch of mailers or soliciting donations for seats at a gala event.

Big Data Era Will Help Mass. Nonprofits Thrive and Tell Their Story

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Nonprofits Thrive and Tell Their Story October 29, 2013 — Nonprofits are at the threshold of a new era in which, using extensive, detailed data and data analysis tools, they will be able to more fully and accurately measure their effectiveness and tell their story to key constituencies, Massachusetts sector leaders were told today :: : Big Data Era Will Help Mass.

Dyn’s Hackademy provides mobile apps for NH nonprofits | New Hampshire Business

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Dyn’s Hackademy provides mobile apps for NH nonprofits | New Hampshire Business : MANCHESTER — Twenty potential tech company founders, now attending schools in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts, assembled last weekend at Dyn to develop mobile apps for six New Hampshire nonprofits.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Massachusetts Nonprofit Network / Framingham, MA / $225. Thousands of nonprofit pros rely on our annual Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar to discover skill-building, strategy-slaying, network-enhancing nonprofit events. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017!

[PODCAST] INSPIRE with Jeff Nelson

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Jeff grew the organization from a small start-up in Chicago, with two staff members supporting 32 students, to a leading college access and success organization with a staff of 150 supporting 13,000 students in Chicago, Houston, New York, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and Bay Area. ::

AFP Blog ::: "ugust 19, 2010 — Given the ever-changing landscape of social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, finding the best form of social media—matched to organizational resources and goals—is vital in connecting with an audience, according to experts at Massachusetts nonprofits ::

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Nonprofits Build Their CapacityJuly 20, 2010 — The Massachusetts Nonprofit Database, an online tool that provides comprehensive information that nonprofits can use to build their capacity, the first of its kind in the state, is now available.A ::: "Database Available to Help Mass.

Charitable giving goes high tech - Business - The Boston Globe

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They run Internet auctions for causes, use Twitter and Facebook to spur giving, and find pro bono help for Massachusetts nonprofits and social enterprises. Charitable giving goes high tech - Business - The Boston Globe : But a handful of local tech companies and small start-ups are tapping into a burgeoning appetite on the Web for doing good.

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93 or 7?

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A new study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research also found that 97% of large charities have a Facebook page as of 2009. Did you know that 93% of charities have a Facebook page? The study found that charities adopted social media faster and the adoption was more widespread than for-profit use. Other facts uncovered in the study: 90% of charities had Twitter accounts. 65% had blogs. 36% had LinkedIn pages. 30% had MySpace pages.

Nonprofit Groups Outpace Businesses in Adopting Social-Networking Tools -

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Nonprofit Groups Outpace Businesses in Adopting Social-Networking Tools - "Nonprofit Groups Outpace Businesses in Adopting Social-Networking ToolsNonprofit organizations have long been labeled Luddites when it comes to adopting new technology.But a forthcoming study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research shows nonprofit groups are actually

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VisionLink’s Strategic Advantage Department Produces Complete College America’s National STEM Careers Academy


This Academy, the 13th Completion Academy produced for CCA by VisionLink’s Strategic Advantage department over the past five years, included teams from Massachusetts, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, and the District of Columbia.

KoboToolbox Gets $100K 'New Digital Age' Grant from Google

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and internationally, and the only one in Massachusetts, to receive the New Digital Age Grants, each valued at $100,000.

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Global laptop project raises its price again, almost double original $100 goal - International Herald Tribune

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Global laptop project raises its price again, almost double original $100 goal - International Herald Tribune: "he vaunted '$100 laptop' that Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers dreamed up for international schoolchildren is becoming a slightly more distant concept.

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Online Discussion on June 23: Using Social Networks to Promote Good Causes

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Previously she worked for the Future of Music Coalition and was a law clerk at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts. This Tuesday The Chronicle of Philanthropy will host another free online discussion about how nonprofits can use social media.

Transcript: Using Social Networks to Promote Good Causes

Robert Weiner

Previously she worked for the Future of Music Coalition and was a law clerk at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts. If you missed The Chronicle of Philanthropy's June 23 online discussion Using Social Networks to Promote Good Causes , the transcript is now available.

Fighting Arts Cuts in Bad Economy With Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Over the years, I remember some very devastating and painful US government arts funding cuts - from the National Endowment for the Arts to Massachusetts State Arts Council.

What's Really Going on with Events this Season?


The article quotes registration results from the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge , a two-day bike trip that requires a $4,200 fund-raising commitment, showing a drop by 10 percent from the same time last year A recent article in the Boston Globe, entitled “Downturn slows elite charity events” has been widely circulated around the event fundraising circles.

Less is More: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

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It’s hard to determine whether or not Mark Zuckerberg himself truly envisioned what his simple social media platform would become 12 years after he first launched the site from his college room in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Daily DoGooder: Young@Heart Trailer

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Change the world, one video at a time.Young@Heart Trailer | 2:15 Fox Searchlight/Young@Heart Young@Heart, tells the story of a musical ensemble of senior citizens as they prepare for a concert in their Massachusetts hometown. This is not a film about aging gracefully; this is a film about staring old age in the face and singing

The Best Social Media Marketing Resources For Nonprofits

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According to one study from the University of Massachusetts’s Center for Marketing Research , 71% of charities and nonprofits say social media is useful for driving online donations. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR NONPROFITS. 5 Nonprofits Winning At Social Media.

Volunteerism Keeps Proving Its Value (Especially When Skills Are Given)

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The news is out, and it’s good! What news? Volunteerism news, of course. For those of you who know me, that’s not much of a surprise. My favorite news days of the year are all about giving back: June 14—Giving USA ( you can stay tuned here ).

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How Salem State University Launched Its First Ever Giving Day

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Salem State University is located in historic Salem, Massachusetts. “We had been struggling with Giving Tuesday for a number of years, and our leadership just kept coming back to it.

Culture in the Cloud: The Case of Community Partners


When Community Partners, a now-defunct nonprofit that worked to reform healthcare in Massachusetts, first turned to the Cloud around 2003, staff struggled to accept the internal cultural changes it. An organization working to reform healthcare builds on its own successful Cloud implementation by advocating its benefits for the entire sector.

I found the way to San Jose.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

but left my laptop power source in Massachusetts. luckily Santa Clara has stores that sell universal power adaptors that fit my laptop. I'm famous for forgetting to pack something important on every trip. Usually it is something cheap to acquire like a toothbrush.

6 Web Tools to Help Small Organizations Thrive

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Ja-Naé is also CEO of Wild Woman Entrepreneurs, Ja-Naé Ventures, Co-founder of the Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, Founder of The Leaders and author of "How to Start Your Business with $100.".( This is a guest post by Ja-Naé Duane, artist, creative economist, social media strategist and a faculty member at Northeastern University.

11 Things You Need To Know About Social Media

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Here’s a presentation I’m giving today for the Foundation of Metrowest in Massachusetts. Social Media Is Not The Point. Your mission IS! Social media will not fix your organization if it’s broken. What you have to say matters, but what your constituents have to say matters more.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Binders Full of Women


Romney said that while he was Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007 he looked through binders full of women to find qualified women candidates to serve in his cabinet.

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The Five Nonprofit Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2016

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INBOUND 2016 , sponsored by Hubspot, will be hosted in Boston, Massachusetts and will run from November 8th to the 11th. You should think about attending the International Fundraising Conference hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Boston, Massachusetts. Jack Karako is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. Jack has 30 years’ experience within the charitable and philanthropic industry that he brings to the forefront with IMPACTism.

Social Media and College Admissions

Robert Weiner

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has just published Social Media and College Admissions: The First Longitudinal Study by Eric Mattson and Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D. The study compares adoption of social media between 2007 and 2008 by the admissions offices of all four-year accredited institutions in the United States. The findings include: 41% of US college and university admissions departments have blogs, compared to 13% of Fortune 500 companies.

The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Book Tour: You Are Invited To Join Us

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Georgetown University, Center for Social Impact Communication, 640 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20001.

Nonprofit Campaigners Take Center Stage at DCWeek


RSVP Required : Click here Event Page : View Full Details & Attendees Venue : UMC Conference Facility Address: 900 Massachusetts Ave., RSVP Required : Click here Event Page : View Full Details & Attendees Venue : UMC Conference Facility Address: 900 Massachusetts Ave.,

5 Reasons to Attend the 2015 mHealth Summit

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At the Wednesday session “The Connected Patient: The Mass General Hospital Experience,” Sarah Sossong of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) will give an overview of the hospital’s telehealth initiatives, including video-conferencing, SMS communications, and remote monitoring.

Help Support the Next Generation of Women in Tech


University of Massachusetts Amherst. University of Massachusetts Boston. University of Massachusetts Lowell. NextGen Tech Women is an effort organized by our friends Danny Brown , Geoff Livingston , Kami Watson Huyse , Allyson Kapin , and Julie Pippert.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

With the goal of promoting braille literacy, this landmark meeting brought together braille experts from around the world to Perkins’ campus in Watertown, Massachusetts. Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, VP and General Manager, Benetech’s Global Literacy Program.

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Building a Nonprofit Website on a Shoe-String Budget


That was the case when we started thinking about what to do for the volunteer-run Greater Boston Young Democrats (GBYD), a regional chapter of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts, which operates a 501c4 as well as a PAC.

Free Online Course Materials from MIT

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Did you know that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free online access to course materials? MIT's OpenCourseWare site is a remarkable resource for self-education — or for developing your own training programs for staff and volunteers, especially in the areas of management and communications.( read more ).

Celebrating The Nation's Founding


As is our tradition here at VisionLink, passing on holiday insights from Stan Stahl. His written words continue to underscore the importance and meaning of community-- we the people. Happy 4th of July! Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman VisionLink - Independence Day, 2012 Stan Stahl, Ph.D.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

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Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Doing a Data Dive to Find Data About Children and Families. Reading, Massachusetts: SeeClickFix Regional User Group: Massachusetts.

Need Hands-on Help? NetSquared's Free Workshops Are in Your Community

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Boston, Massachusetts: Monthly Pitch Night | BostonSpeaks/Impact Hub Open Project Night. Boston, Massachusetts: Community Class — Intro to Design Thinking and Prototyping. Milton, Massachusetts: Giving Nonprofit Life Seminar.