5 Steps to Creating Effective Community Health Initiatives

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In this post, we will explore some of the major steps to creating effective community health initiatives, and share one case study. Join these authors for a webinar on creating effective community health initiatives.

The Anatomy of an Effective Fundraiser Letter

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That’s where being able to write an effective fundraiser letter comes into play. Effective fundraiser letters always include a ‘thank you’ to previous supporters. This will make your letter less effective. Social media is all the rage these days.

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7 Steps for Giving Effective Feedback

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The most effective feedback employs a process that considers the person and the message. Feedback is a gift. Those who know me have heard me utter this phrase a time or two…it might even be my official tagline. Every day, as the Director of Leadership Development at Blackbaud, I work with leaders to develop the skills needed to lead engaged, high performing teams. I also work directly with intact teams to enable them to operate more cohesively.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Your CRM


The most effective way to consistently communicate with your supporters is through email, a huge majority of Americans check their email at least once a day, and the number is only increasing. With effective testing, you’ll be maximizing the potential of your email program and your CRM. To engage your supporters effectively, it is crucial that you are able to segment lists based on their level of participation and address them with this in mind.

3 Tips to Write an Effective Nonprofit Business Plan

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So, to help you write an effective nonprofit business plan, we gathered together a few useful tips that will help you properly plan your journey to raising awareness about the cause you’re passionate about.

Be effective and efficient

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No matter where you work, we all want to work smarter, not harder—to be effective and efficient and to reduce the stress of the daily grind. Here are five steps to keep you focused on the stuff that matters. Fundraising Analytics Goals measure proactive process reporting simplify

How To Find Effective Database Solutions for Social Services Organizations


Effective fundraising, member engagement, and volunteer management all hinge on the ability to collect and easily utilize information about supporters in both online and offline interactions. For social services organizations such as food banks, shelters, and community centers, managing data well is a critical part of keeping their doors open to members of the community in need of their services.

The 5 ½ Principles of Effective Donor Surveys

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With cost-effective tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms, the only reason to use mail-in survey is if it’s best suited to your target audience (e.g., Do you know why your donors give? Is there consensus within your organization about the reasons they dip into their pockets to fund your mission? Or are there simply “best guesses” floating around that may or may not accurately answer that question? . Unless you ask your donors directly, your gut instincts are merely opinions.

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Effective Communication Begins With These 12 Golden Rules

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Here are the 12 golden rules of effective communication from Paul Falcone , as highlighted in his book, 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals. Communicating Communication Communications Books Communications Skills Effective Communication Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and ManagementAlways remember to: Recognize achievements and accomplishments often. Celebrate success.

Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness

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And yet, many non-profits aren’t leveraging one of the most tried-and-true methods of communication: an effective and well-planned email campaign. The post Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog. Today’s non-profit organizations have much at their disposal to connect and engage with supporters.

EveryAction Acquires DonorTrends


EveryAction offers a best-in-class Digital, Fundraising and Organizing SaaS products, with a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that effectively serves large and small nonprofits, as well as campaigns through its existing NGP VAN brand. DonorTrends is a leading fundraising analysis firm that has helped major nonprofits use actionable data to more efficiently generate additional revenue and more effectively engage donors.

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How To Be An Effective Listener

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Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership ListeningHere are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

How To Listen Effectively

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Active Listener Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Listening Michelle TillisHere are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

The 12 Golden Rules For Effective Communication

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Here are the 12 golden rules of effective communication from Paul Falcone , as highlighted in his book, 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The purpose of the Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium is to highlight current best practices, lessons learned from the field, and trends in effective nonprofit and philanthropic board leadership, as well as board recruitment and retention. The premise is that governing well is essential for strong nonprofits working efficiently and effectively to address critical needs in our communities. Grantmakers for Effective Organizing (GEO) / Seattle, WA / $1,250. It's finally here!

4 Steps to Making Planned Giving More Effective Than Ever, Right Now

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Here are four steps for making your planned giving program even more effective than it is in a normal year. Effective nonprofit fundraising leaders know that “wait and see” is not a plan, and many are moving much more quickly and nimbly than ever before. We’ve also seen that donors have more time and attention than ever before and are primed to think about collective action, making your marketing even more effective than it would be during a normal time.

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Nonprofit Website Effectiveness

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These top five lessons serve as a good starting point for evaluating the effectiveness of your organization’s website. Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2009: Evaluating Your Website’s Effectiveness. Admittedly, these lessons only scratch the surface of website effectiveness. Author: Emma Zolbrod. An obvious place to sign up for an email newsletter. A well placed donation button. A prominent photo that conveys your mission.

Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

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The post Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. With the seemingly endless proliferation of websites, social media and online resources, it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd no matter your particular niche.

How Foundations Can Use Storytelling to Effect Change

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The most effective communications aren’t about the person telling the story. A more effective path is to focus on the change your foundation wants to make – and then figure out who you need as partners to help you make that change. If you spend any time working with foundations, you’ll notice a central thread in the stories told by their leaders, in the content posted to their websites, and in the information they share with the news media. That thread is money.

GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program


You are eager to be as effective as possible, but you can’t do it all by yourself. If you work at a nonprofit, you know what it feels like to have too much on your plate. A thriving volunteer program can help maximize your organization’s impact. By evaluating your existing volunteer program and renewing your focus on recruitment and retention, you can build a thriving and sustainable volunteer program that will propel your work forward. Evaluating Your Existing Volunteer Program.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively


The post 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Voice over Internet Protocol is a hot-topic amongst small businesses and nonprofit organizations, because it provides greater utility compared to traditional phones at almost half the cost. However, not all organizations take advantage of the feature-rich phones of the future. Of course there is nothing wrong with using a VoIP phone, well, as a phone, […].

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


According to M+R, “If you want to reap the rewards of this emerging revenue source, your most effective path forward is to find ways to motivate supporters to start their own Fundraisers.”. The conventional wisdom that it is always more cost effective to retain a current donor than it is to attract a new donor continued to hold true this year. Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report , which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector.

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Email Program Stand Out Today [With Free Templates]


However, as all digital fundraisers know, effective email fundraising consists of far more than sending out an ask for donations. Showing donors that you value their support (and not just their money) can be an equally vital part of effective email fundraising. The volunteer recruitment email in our template pack will walk you through setting up an effective non-fundraising email to keep your donors involved.

EveryAction Acquires ActionKit


EveryAction offers a best-in-class Digital, Fundraising and Organizing SaaS products, with a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform that is able to effectively serve large and small nonprofits, as well as campaigns through its NGP VAN brand. Innovative Talent and Digital Product Add to EveryAction’s Rapid Growth. Washington, D.C.,

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How to Build an Effective Volunteer Management Plan in Six Steps

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Regardless of how many volunteers you have or what kind of work your organization does, here's why it's crucial to have a volunteer management plan, as well as how to create one

How To Write Effective Emails


Given the amount of communication platforms that are available these days, how much time are you devoting to putting together your email content? Do you have a habit of simply copying some direct mail text and wacking the whole thing out the door? If you’re not taking the time to consider the message as well as the medium, your emails may not be conveying the messages you think they are.

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12 Golden Rules Of Effective Communication

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Here are the 12 golden rules of effective communication from Paul Falcone , as highlighted in his book, 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals. Communicating Communication Effective Communication Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management LeadershipAlways remember to: Recognize achievements and accomplishments often. Celebrate success. Deliver bad news quickly, constructively, and in a spirit of professional development. Praise in public, censure in private.

How To Communicate Effectively In Eight Seconds

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How do you communicate effectively? According to a Microsoft study a few years ago, the average attention span for us ever-scattered humans is now shorter that a goldfish's; eight seconds. So, how do you stand out? How do you not waste time?

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 151: The Foundations of Effective Talent Management

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The building blocks to effective, aligned, coordinated talent management. White Paper: Blackbaud’s Strategic Guide to Effective Talent Management. What do you need to know about talent management to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your team? Today’s episode features an excerpt from part one of a three-part Blackbaud webinar about how better talent management can up your fundraising game featuring Eric Bowman, talent manager at Texas A&M Foundation.

How to avoid the non-profit 'halo effect'


For too long we non-profits have benefited from undue credit for our legal status while for profits face undue criticism for theirs - join the conversation today as we discover that it''s much more effective to focus on impact than legal structure

Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction


This network effect makes EveryAction donation pages some of the highest-converting in the industry. The Audubon Society's Porter Mason said that EveryAction's network effect "increased conversion rates by a magnitude of 5x to 20x". #2. Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more.

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know


Founded in 1981, NALEO Educational Fund achieves its mission through integrated strategies that include increasing the effectiveness of Latino policymakers, mobilizing the Latino community to engage in civic life and promoting policies that advance Latino political engagement. The Hispanic Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides an effective education forum for an informed and empowered Hispanic America.

5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


Testing different positions, colors, and more when it comes to those buttons and navigation options is important to ensure that your homepage is effectively converting traffic. For nonprofits, an effective call to action is paramount. There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits.

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6 Effective Donor Retention Strategies for Small Nonprofits

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This means that your nonprofit must first master the art of effective donor retention. . In order to effectively retain more donors, your nonprofit must consider strategies to achieve three main objectives. You can also use these records to analyze the effectiveness of your outreach. For instance, if you’re using email to ask for donations, you can track the open and click-through rates of supporters and get an idea of how effective they are. .

The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)


According to the 2 018 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report , the average donor retention rate was 45.5% As a general rule, retaining existing donors costs less than acquiring new ones. Current donors are a curated universe who have already demonstrated a belief in your organization’s mission, and willingness to take action toward it.

Measuring Conservation Effectiveness

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At a two-day event at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation on changing an entire movement. The people attending all believe that we have to focus much more on conservation outcomes: are there more tigers? are there more gorillas? Nick Salafsky used the death of George Washington as an example of what happens when you don't use evidence in making decisions. Apparently, when George got sick, one of the early treatments was to bleed him. When that didn't work, they bled him again. And again.

How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of A Training Program?


While it is important to ensure that the employees are put through a right set of training sessions, it is equally important to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. Here are some ways you can do it

7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing


Here are 7 tips to increase the effectiveness your nonprofit’s email marketing campaigns today. The post 7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of Devore Tech. Email, despite the criticism, is a powerful, if not your most powerful, advertising channel.

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How to Write Effective Web Copy (Part 1): Make It Readable

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Cutting copy often has this effect: injecting your wandering, meandering ideas with punch and dynamism. While the version on the left might be more enjoyable to read on print, the version on the right is far more effective on a screen. The Internet is bloated. Your users have miniscule attention spans. And nonprofit websites everywhere are filled with clichés and ambiguity. Words matter. The wrong words—or even worse, forgettable words—can cost you money and goodwill.

7 Keys to an Effective Social Media Ambassador Program

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As a beloved cause to many, you can find willing and effective influencers among your own ranks and volunteers. But, wait – before you go recruiting your most outspoken supporters to shout about you in their Instagram stories, make sure you know these 7 keys to an effective social media ambassador program: . 7 Keys to an Effective Social Media Ambassador Program. Summing up: An effective social media ambassador program is not just a numbers game.

7 Tips to Make This Year Your Best #GivingTuesday Ever


effective digital testing wherever possible, to fine-tune your messaging and maximize its impact with your audience. Email subject lines, donation page styles, and more can all be tested to determine the most effective styles for your universe. guide to effective annual giving campaigns , you'll find tips on keeping your annual campaigns like Giving Tuesday and End of Year fresh, exciting, and successful every year. #GivingTuesday is right around the corner!

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Optimized Mobile Donations Now with Apple Pay


The Romero Institute's donation page is simple and effective with minimal text, bold clear buttons and an easy to read multi step form. Mobile is an increasingly valuable medium for nonprofits. According to the M+R Benchmarks Reports , in 2018 mobile accounted for 48% of all traffic to nonprofit websites. Despite this increase in mobile traffic, up from 44% last year, mobile users accounted for just 30% of gifts, and 21% of revenue.

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The Power of Focus: Using OKRs to Turbocharge Your Foundation’s Effectiveness

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Google is known for defining a 70% success rate as success for evaluating the effectiveness of key results towards achieving a goal , with 100% signaling extraordinary performance. However, it is fair to say that writing effective OKRs is part science and part art. Even if you’re only 70% effective in achieving this objective, imagine the kind of impact the foundation mentioned above would have on the lives of the children and families they’re serving!