Be effective and efficient

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No matter where you work, we all want to work smarter, not harder—to be effective and efficient and to reduce the stress of the daily grind. Here are five steps to keep you focused on the stuff that matters. Fundraising Analytics Goals measure proactive process reporting simplify

Key Findings From the Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Last week, our friends at AFP released the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report. Nonprofit Fundraising donor retention Donor Stewardship Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Welcome Series

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How To Listen Effectively

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Active Listener Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Listening Michelle TillisHere are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness

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And yet, many non-profits aren’t leveraging one of the most tried-and-true methods of communication: an effective and well-planned email campaign. The post Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog.

7 Keys to an Effective Social Media Ambassador Program

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As a beloved cause to many, you can find willing and effective influencers among your own ranks and volunteers. 7 Keys to an Effective Social Media Ambassador Program. Summing up: An effective social media ambassador program is not just a numbers game.

Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

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The post Attention Getters: Tips for Effective Email Marketing appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog.

How Effective Branding Helps Achieve Nonprofit Mission

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An effective brand can be a positive influence on an organization’s assets (human and financial). Additionally, having effective branding benefits nonprofits in other ways, such as credibility, authority, recognition and consistency.

The 5 ½ Principles of Effective Donor Surveys

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With cost-effective tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms, the only reason to use mail-in survey is if it’s best suited to your target audience (e.g., Do you know why your donors give?

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2 Proven Ways to Maximize Fundraising Effectiveness


Every nonprofit who relies on fundraising to accomplish their mission looks for more effective ways to raise money and improve donor retention. Fundraising effectiveness is an ongoing, evolving, and challenging reality. Get the full Fundraising Effectiveness Report here.

How To Write Effective Emails


Given the amount of communication platforms that are available these days, how much time are you devoting to putting together your email content? Do you have a habit of simply copying some direct mail text and wacking the whole thing out the door?

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Effective Listening

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Effective Leadership Effective Communication Effective Listening Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management ListeningHere are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.

How Can Elmo Make Your Nonprofit’s Meetings More Effective?

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No, I’m not talking about the cute red Muppet. ELMO stands for “ Enough! Let’s Move On.” ” It is a ritual or organizational norm that can used during meetings to avoid unnecessary discussions that don’t support the meeting objectives.

7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing


Here are 7 tips to increase the effectiveness your nonprofit’s email marketing campaigns today. The post 7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of Devore Tech.

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How to Write Effective Web Copy (Part 2): Make It Stick

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Read Part 1 of this series: “ How to Write Effective Web Copy (Part 1): Make It Readable ”. Stories are the most effective way to communicate ideas and prompt action. Any time your organization puts anything online—e.g., a website, email, social media post, etc.—your

How can nonprofits effectively recruit and retain high-performing employees?

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At the sector level, reports have provided data and recommendations; unfortunately, many of these ideas have not been implemented effectively into the field.”. Organizations previously tended to hire executives the same way we hire field staff, which is not effective.

6 Effective Ways to Thank Donors for a Lasting Relationship


To that point, we’ve compiled 6 effective ways to thank donors this giving season. This example gif by the United Nations Foundation is simple, clean, and effective. The Blue Green Alliance sends out this simple but effective monthly newsletter.

Is Your Nonprofit's Content Effective?


Are Google Analytics your best friend? Does data that gives you insight into your fundraising and advocacy strategy make you happy? If not, they should be. Analytics and metrics are what should be informing your content, your strategy, and your nonprofit campaigns.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Your CRM


The most effective way to consistently communicate with your supporters is through email, a huge majority of Americans check their email at least once a day, and the number is only increasing. With effective testing, you’ll be maximizing the potential of your email program and your CRM.

How to Write Effective Web Copy (Part 1): Make It Readable

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Cutting copy often has this effect: injecting your wandering, meandering ideas with punch and dynamism. While the version on the left might be more enjoyable to read on print, the version on the right is far more effective on a screen. The Internet is bloated.

Nonprofit Email Design: 20 Tips for More Effective Emails


Maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing includes understanding and leveraging the latest email design strategies and best practices. Email communications are a critical piece of every nonprofits engagement strategy.

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Golden Rules Of Effective Communication

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Here are the 12 golden rules of effective communication from Paul Falcone , as highlighted in his book, 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals. Communicating Communication Effective Communication Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Paul Falcone

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively


The post 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use VoIP Effectively appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Voice over Internet Protocol is a hot-topic amongst small businesses and nonprofit organizations, because it provides greater utility compared to traditional phones at almost half the cost. However, not all organizations take advantage of the feature-rich phones of the future. Of course there is nothing wrong with using a VoIP phone, well, as a phone, […].

7 Tips for Building an Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

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By writing an effective report, you can help ensure that your nonprofit has the support it needs in the year to come. The post 7 Tips for Building an Effective Nonprofit Annual Report appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Nonprofits are expected to provide the public with an annual report.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Elements of Effective Storytelling

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Let’s look at how you can take advantage of effective storytelling. Elements of effective storytelling in #MyGivingStory entries included all of the following features: The post [INFOGRAPHIC] The Elements of Effective Storytelling appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

Are You Engaging Donors Effectively?


Is your nonprofit effectively engaging donors? Are you moving donors up the ladder of engagement? And, if you were surveyed on your donor engagement, would your org fall under the good, the bad, or the ugly?

The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design

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For the past several years Google Analytics has been the go-to tool for parsing a website’s effectiveness for visitors. The post The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design appeared first on Byte Technology’s Non-Profit Web Design Insights Blog.

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How to Effectively Engage Lawmakers at Town Hall Meetings

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Town hall meetings held by Members of Congress in 2017 have been one part theater, two parts protest, and usually three parts crazy. Normally about 20 to 40 constituents attend the average town hall meeting held by a House member.

10 Simple Fundraising Tips Guaranteed to Improve Effectiveness


Looking to be a more effective fundraiser? Register for our monthly Event Fundraising eNewsletter to receive more practical fundraising tips like these in your inbox. Register Now ! Or, do you work for a nonprofit and need to find ways to equip those who fundraise on your behalf?

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10 Ways To Segment Donors To Improve Nonprofit Fundraising Effectiveness


It seems intuitive, but ensuring you’re sending millennials a text message alert or an email is far more effective than sending them a direct mail. Image courtesy of Fundraiser Help.

Three Metrics to Improve Receivables Effectiveness

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If you have a receivables balance of any type, using the following metrics can set the stage for improving your ability to collect receivables. Financial Management accounting accounts receivable collections

How to avoid the non-profit 'halo effect'


For too long we non-profits have benefited from undue credit for our legal status while for profits face undue criticism for theirs - join the conversation today as we discover that it''s much more effective to focus on impact than legal structure

10 Steps to a More Effective Nonprofit Website


It’s official; we launched our new full service creative agency for nonprofits this week – GUIDE Creative – Where we LOVE web design and making effective nonprofit website(s)! — Creating an effective nonprofit website isn’t easy.

5 Common Sense Approaches To Effective Nonprofit Digital Marketing


Being flashy and eye catching is important, but so is effective utilization of the advertising medium. The post 5 Common Sense Approaches To Effective Nonprofit Digital Marketing appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

The Keys to Effective Communication


And therein lies the catch—just because you feel the urge to say something, doesn’t mean the person or people you want to speak to is going to hear you—or if they do, that your message will have the desired effect. This is the latest guest post from Steven Worth of Plexus Consulting.

The Effectiveness and the Importance of Instagram Monitoring

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Effectiveness of Social Media Monitoring. With the effective implementation of the same the monitoring system will help in boosting the communicating pipeline of the brand. The customers worldwide have the perfect voice and they want to say things through the social media.

More Effective Nonprofit Websites in 2 Simple Steps (part 2)


Part two of our four part series on Effective Nonprofit Websites. Make sure to read part one if you missed it: Create a More Effective Nonprofit Website Using These 2 Simple Suggestions.

Effective Online Onboarding Strategies


The report’s Six Stages of an Effective On-boarding Strategy guides you through and answers these questions: Some of the key points that resonated for me were: You don’t have to target everyone. Here is (yet another) compelling reason for your organization to leverage digital channels: the next generation of donors are engaging more on digital platforms and are increasingly looking for a way to support and donate through these channels.

Measuring Conservation Effectiveness

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At a two-day event at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation on changing an entire movement. The people attending all believe that we have to focus much more on conservation outcomes: are there more tigers? are there more gorillas? Nick Salafsky used the death of George Washington as an example of what happens when you don't use evidence in making decisions. Apparently, when George got sick, one of the early treatments was to bleed him. When that didn't work, they bled him again. And again.

How To Find Effective Database Solutions for Social Services Organizations


Effective fundraising, member engagement, and volunteer management all hinge on the ability to collect and easily utilize information about supporters in both online and offline interactions.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of your LMS for Government Business Goals


The business world is moving at a fast pace, requiring government organizations like you to step up and respond with effective strategies that outrun the competition. This article will give insight guide on Learning Management Systems effectiveness for Government

Five Traits Critical To Effective Leadership

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A couple years ago, I was aksed, " What five most important traits must a leader have to be effective ?" That means effectively communicating timely and consistent messages during good and bad times. Effective Leadership Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Linkedin

Create Effective Nonprofit Websites Using 3 Simple Suggestions


— Now I’ll suppress my excitement about our launch for another passion – tips 5, 6 and 7 in our series of posts on effective nonprofit websites. Let’s get right into the next three best practices for effective nonprofit websites.

Effective Listening: Do's And Dont's

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Management Leadership General Management Skills Effective Listening Communications SkillsHere are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability.