Posting User Social Media Guidelines

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Beth Kanter, who I’ve written about before ( 1 )( 2 )( 3 ), recently shared a copy of the AARP’s Facebook Community Guidelines. These are a set of guidelines letting people know what they may and may not post on the AARP Facebook page(s).

Ideal Company Culture Guidelines

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A few guidelines will ensure a level playing field for all team members as they pursue their individual goals." Christensen's recommended eight guidelines are: We respect each other.

Social Media Policy Guidelines for Nonprofits

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I was fortunate enough to serve on a committee of AFP International that brought together some social media gurus to hash out guidelines that nonprofit organizations can use to craft their own social media policies. Tags: Policy social media twitter guidelines

Eight Company Culture Guidelines

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A few guidelines will ensure a level playing field for all team members as they pursue their individual goals." Christensen's recommended eight guidelines are: We respect each other.

Really Great Team Communication Follows These 12 Guidelines

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These 12 guidelines by two leading communications experts can help you create really great team communication in your organization. Team-Communication

Learn Design Basics and Build Brand Guidelines for Your Nonprofit

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With a solid foundation, you can begin to implement good design practices and build some brand guidelines for your organization. understand why implementing brand guidelines creates value for your organization. identify practical ways to use organizational brand guidelines consistently.

The Salvation Army of Austin Advertising and Social Media Guidelines ? The Salvation Army of Austin

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The Salvation Army of Austin Advertising and Social Media Guidelines  The Salvation Army of Austin :The Salvation Army will support your third-party fundraising effort by enabling you to link your social media campaign to specified web page(s), our Facebook fundraiser page and retweeting your Twitter campaign.

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Social Media Employee Guidelines


People keep asking me for the link to my post about Intel's social media employee guidelines (and other examples) so here it is again. Their policy guidelines are so good that I have actually cut and pasted them into a Word doc in case the link goes dead again. Intel's link was actually not working a couple of days ago, so I got in touch with them and they totally fixed it. Awesomesauce!

Really good socmed employee guidelines


Check this out - it's Intel's social media policy/guidelines for employees. I would reprint some of it, but the whole thing is toally awesome. If you need to develop some for your own organization, I'd use this as a model - in fact, if anyone has specific ideas about modifying this to be more association-specific, please feel free to leave me some comments, and together we can create a really good association model for us to use.

What every social media marketer should know about the 2013 FTC guidelines


Great video by Andy Sernovitz on the FTC Rules. We all need to watch this asap. Notes below are from the Vimeo notes. Social Media Ethics Briefing: Staying Out of Trouble — presented by Andy Sernovitz from on Vimeo.

American Cancer Society High Plains Social Media Guidelines

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These are our Social Media Guidelines for staff here in the High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society. Tags: Economics Innovation Social Software Guidelines Online Networks Social Media Staff Thoughts Launch and learn right? We represent 7 states here in the US. Take a look and let us know what you think. The first 4 people to comment will win prizes. Feel free to adopt and modify them for your org just make sure you give us some credit and link love!

So You Think You Can Blog? Guidelines For New Bloggers


Your organization is starting a blog and you have all your ducks in a row. You're happy with the new blog design, you understand the platform you've chosen, you've gotten sign-off from above to move forward, and you've signed a surprising number of your staff up to serve as regular bloggers. You want to offer your bloggers some guidance and make them comfortable with the process since many of them are nervous about blogging and most have never blogged before.

Best Practices E-mail Guidelines For Effective Communication

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Here are some wise guidelines that Verizon Wireless has used to promote effective, efficient and responsible e-mail use within its company. You can find these guidelines in the new book, Managers, Can You Hear Me Now?

Did you write any social media policies or guidelines in 2011?


Laid out guidelines for how to clearly separate or inter-mix personal and professional social media presences. Idealware is working on creating a Social Media Policy Workbook to be released in April at NTEN’s 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference. To support the Workbook content (and to highlight in an upcoming NTEN:Change article) they are hoping to profile a number of different organizations who are dealing with tough social media policy issues.

Social Media Usage Guidelines: Don't moon people with cameras (or at least hide your face when you do)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What might be needed is a set of social media usage guidelines. A very smart colleague who works at a foundation helped me understand the distinction between social media policy and usage guidelines through a discussion on his Facebook wall. Smart Colleague: Here's some guidelines.

New on SSIR: You can has memesez?

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Whether it’s “Call Me Maybe,” “Sh*t People Say,” or any other meme that comes along, here are three guidelines you can use to decide when and how to get your nonprofit involved in an Internet meme. 3 Guidelines for Nonprofits.

Social Media Staff Guides: Another Example

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Timo Luege recently shared the new social media staff guidelines created at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Creating staff guidelines specific to online or social media use in organizations has been a hot topic for the last year or so and many organizations rely on examples of what other organizations or companies have created as a starting place for making their own. Why create social media staff guidelines?

December 2010 Community Builder’s Chat Wrap-up #CommBuild

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Laura Norvig shared the guidelines used for their email listserv: E-mail discussion lists hosted by the Resource Center are not moderated. And Claire Sale shared the British Red Cross guidelines: The British Red Cross values comments both complimentary and critical. Monthly Chats chat commbuild community builder guidelines social mediaIn this month’s chat,we had some good discussion around social media guildines and online community moderation.

NpTech Tag Cross Blog Discussion: What do those guidelines look like?

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" Michelle Murrain hints at a possible solution: "I think that it is certainly possible to disseminate some guidelines (that some people will pay attention to) for the use of the nptech tag that could increase the signal/noise ratio." " What do those guidelines look like? The Cross Blog Discussion of the NpTechTag has generated some comments and blog posts that I've summarized below.

Pre-order Your Social Media Road Map Today

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Strategy social media for non-profits social media guidelinesUnderstanding your audience, refining your nonprofit’s message, and knowing how to use various different social media channels can often be a confusing process.

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Technology Should Serve Inspiration, Not the Other Way Around (Video)

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Strategy culture social media guidelines technologyIn this short video, I share an experience I had working with a nonprofit to help them find the right people to represent the org online.

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Wild Apricot Blog : Web design and usability guidelines for non-profits: An interview with Jason King

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Kitchen rules for private communities

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Strategy policy social media guidelinesThere are unspoken rules on how online fundraising efforts are managed on Facebook Pages, blogs and private communities. Often these rules aren’t any different than the social rules we observe in our daily lives.

Community Leadership and Volunteering: A Gateway to Happiness


Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to successfully bettering your community Volunteering your time serves an important function in your community.

Facebook's resistance to RNIB's advert poses questions for charity campaigns | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian

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Facebook claimed the ad was “degrading” and broke its guidelines on language." 'via Facebook's resistance to RNIB's advert poses questions for charity campaigns | Voluntary Sector Network | The Guardian : "he news that Facebook had banned the Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) latest campaign advert about sight loss raises questions about the future of charity adverts on the social media platform.

Facebook Reverses Ban on Sight-Loss Charity's Video Ad - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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The company drew fire on social media for initially refusing the ad, saying it violates internal guidelines that favor "neutral or positive" messages and disallow "threatening" language." 'via

66% of next gen employees will ask you about your social business policy


Do you have social business guidelines? That lay out who owns the information shared? How do you share identity and affinity with your company? How do you mention partners or clients? Think about it. Implementation Risk and Social Media

AskIdealware: How Do I Get Started With Corporate Sponsorships?


What are the basic guidelines for online sponsorship? Andrea Berry explains in this AskIdealware video. -->. Trackback URL for this post: [link]. Fundraising

Content Marketing Training - How to Motivate Employees to Create Content - Reputation Capital: Content Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Inbound Marketing

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To minimize bad feelings and maximize productivity, follow these guidelines Content Marketing Training - How to Motivate Employees to Create Content - Reputation Capital: Content Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Inbound Marketing : It can be difficult to encourage busy employees to provide content in addition to their normal jobs (Whaddaya mean I have to do marketing? Isn’t that why we have a marketing department?).

AFP Releases Guidance for Members, Chapters on Social Media - About AFP - AFP

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In order to provide resources and guidance for members and volunteer leaders, and especially to support ethical guidelines that already exist, AFP AFP Releases Guidance for Members, Chapters on Social Media - About AFP - AFP: "AFP Releases Guidance for Members, Chapters on Social Media(Nov. 16, 2010) Social media is a fast-moving, fluid environment, with ever-shifting rules and new technology.

SEO Tools

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Here are links to the top 4 search engine’s guidelines for webmasters. These explain how to get your website listed and can help you get a higher search results ranking. Google. Bing (Microsoft). Yahoo.

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Running Facebook Contests Just Got a Lot Easier

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Actually, you won’t even have to–Facebook has changed those pesky Promotions Guidelines and made it easier to run and administer contests. Running Facebook Contests Just Got a Lot Easier : Congratulations, former Facebook promotions rule-breakers–it’s now officially ok to break those rules.

After Rebranding Your Nonprofit, Then What?

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They often equate brand to their logo, a cool color palette, and a set of identity guidelines—prioritizing consistency as the main objective. It’s more than a guidelines manual. And you have a shiny new set of brand guidelines.

7 Step Policy Guide for Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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Once an appropriate target amount has been determined for operating reserves, the board needs to draft a policy that establishes the fund and sets forth guidelines for using it. Implementation – Put into practice the guidelines established in the Operating Reserve Policy.

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Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Shortly after last's week's earthquake in Haiti, a group of students working in a laboratory in Colorado unveiled a project that makes it easier for victims and volunteers to tweet for help.The lab, at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Atlas Institute, produced a guideline for a 'help specific' Twitter syntax that allows tweets requesting.

Technology Evolves Fundraising, But Charleston Principles Remain Unchanged - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

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The attorney general cites the charity for being in violation of The Charleston Principles, a set of guidelines issued in 2001 by the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO), which 39 states and the District of Columbia rely on, to varying degrees, when governing online charitable solicitations.

Grant Writing Best Practices: 5 Tips from 5 Experts

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It’s best when you can connect the need and how you’ll address it to the funder’s guidelines/priorities. Rory Green — Make Sure the Guidelines are Clear. It may sound basic, but many charities don’t pay very close attention to the grantor’s wishes and guidelines. Grant writing is a great way to secure funding for your organization and has a multifaceted pathway to success.

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[New Report] Giving in an Uncertain Year

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Organizations continue to test and learn the balance between democratizing giving and setting guidelines that still allow them to represent their mission and connect with donors. Across the world, 2017 was a year defined by change and uncertainty.

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How to Build a Grateful Patient Program to Drive Lifetime Donors

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A well thought-out grateful patient program provides the guidelines to cultivate relationships with patients and turn those patients into lifetime supporters and donors. Today’s healthcare market is consumer driven.

How do you train staff on your social media policies?


Watch this great video introducing social media guidelines. Hat tip to Christina Stallings for the find! We are working with many organizations on their social media policies, including training staff on how to apply them.