Philanthropy Is Dream-Driven

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Accountability Fundraiser Education fundraising Fundraising Best Practices PhilanthropyIt starts with the best of intentions. Your organization is focused on helping others — some in serious need. The money that’s required to close the gap on the critical project seems to be within your reach.

Revolutionizing Philanthropy with Technology


Our CEO and cofounder Joe Phoenix spoke with Karen DeMasters from Financial Advisor Magazine about how combining philanthropy and technology helps employers easily manage charitable giving and prepare to make a greater impact in 2021. Philanthropy is no different,” Joe said.


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What If Philanthropy Were Fearless?

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But it requires a fundamental shift in philanthropy, and the system of power and wealth in which it finds itself. Yet philanthropy – that bulwark erected to stem the tide of inequity that comes from unbridled capitalism – has not responded in any appreciable way.

Who’s Responsible for A Nonprofit’s Culture of Philanthropy?


If you’re a fundraiser bemoaning the lack of your nonprofit’s culture of philanthropy , you don’t get off that easily. . Because you are the one person, or one department, actually charged with living and breathing philanthropy on a daily basis. Nonprofit Culture Philanthropy

We need to support legislation on philanthropy’s crappy, inequitable practices

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philanthropy accelerate charitable efforts act charity stimulus payout rateHi everyone. This blog post may be a little wonky, but it is important, so thank you for reading it.

The ongoing revolution in philanthropy: An open-ended reading list

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Grant makers and nonprofit professionals are now talking openly about some very painful (and inter-related) issues in philanthropy, such as. The lack of inclusion and equity in philanthropy. Just Giving: Why Philanthropy Is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better.

Philanthropy and policing


This is a fraction of what philanthropy spends each year in support of education, for example, but it is something to build on. Foundations have a long history of supporting local police infrastructure and charitable activities that is as old as organized philanthropy itself.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 198: The Framework of Multi-Cultural Philanthropy


The story of philanthropy as multi-cultural people experience it is not being told. Today’s guest, Dr. Tashion Macon, is setting out to change the narrative and add nuance and truth to help evolve the philanthropy sector.

You Have The Power to Change Philanthropy

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Note: I wrote this post for the Center for Effective Philanthropy blog where it appeared last week. “An The same is true in the world of philanthropy. Scarcity thinking pervades nonprofits, but also (shockingly) philanthropy. Philanthropy nonprofit social change

20 subtle ways white supremacy manifests in nonprofit and philanthropy

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Hi everyone, this post may be less coherent and more serious than normal. I can’t stop thinking about the news. leadership nonprofit field Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion inclusion Tulsa race massacre white supremacy

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Presentation: Social Media & Philanthropy

Amy Sample Ward

This morning I had the great opportunity to present to the Next Generation Philanthropy course, a part of Institute for Philanthropy, here in London. Social Media & Philanthropy. Tags: presentation foundations philanthropy social by social social media It was a diverse set of participants and we probably could have talked all day had they not had a full day’s program to get through!

4 Ways Small Nonprofits Can Leverage Corporate Philanthropy

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Corporate philanthropy involves receiving assistance from businesses, and it’s a great way for small organizations to supplement their fundraising revenue.

Philanthropy and Social Media: New Whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy

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Earlier this week, I had the terrific opportunity to participate on a panel at the US launch event for “Philanthropy and Social Media”, a whitepaper from The Institute for Philanthropy and The Indigo Trust. Philanthropy has been able to move into the real time web, too. Impacts to Philanthropy. But what does all this mean for philanthropy? What does your real-time philanthropy or social impact look like? events future philanthropy

Breakthrough Philanthropy - Thiel Foundation event

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Breakthrough Philanthropy event put on by Peter Thiel's foundation, covered in the local press with articles like "Silicon Valley billionaire backs futuristic philanthropy" from the San Jose Mercury News. He acknowledged that many of these ideas struck many in the philanthropy field as weird. Benetech SENS Thiel philanthropy Foresight SFI Gell-Mann Kurzweil singularity XPrize Seasteading libertarian philanthrocapitalism

Philanthropy and Social Media

Amy Sample Ward

Topic : Philanthropy and Social Media. Description : To launch the whitepaper, Philanthropy and Social Media, presented by The Institute for Philanthropy and The Indigo Trust, this panel discussed the impact of social media on philanthropy and giving from various perspectives. Related Links : The Institute for Philanthropy. presentation Presentations from 2012 giving philanthropy social mediaDate : January 17, 2012, 6 pm EST. Location : New York, NY.

12 ways “all lives matter” manifests in nonprofit and philanthropy

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Hi everyone, before we get to this week’s topic, thank you to those of you who voted on the new. Donor Relations Fundraising Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion black lives matter equity inclusion nonprofit

Future-Proofing Your Fundraising: The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021 [REPORT]


The State of Modern Philanthropy is back for 2021. Download the State of Modern Philanthropy 2021. We’ve designed The State of Modern Philanthropy to make it easier than ever to apply key findings in a way that’s unique to your organization.

Philanthropy Delivers New Promise of Quality Education for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This topic was center-stage at this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum. This is where philanthropy comes in. Philanthropy plays a role beyond what governments could do—allowing for the testing of innovative models that are responsive to local cultural contexts—and then looks to government for scaling up successful efforts. But the 2014 Global Philanthropy Forum clearly highlighted the role that the philanthropic community can play in affecting this shift.

Giving Circles: A new and easy way to discover and join global communities of giving

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Grapevine and Philanthropy Together recently launched the first-ever Global Giving Circle Directory. giving circles Global Giving Circle Directory Grapevine Philanthropy Philanthropy Together

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Philanthropy Cloud Adds New Volunteer Management Capabilities for National Volunteer Week

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This new phase brings thousands of new volunteer opportunities to Philanthropy Cloud , with more being added in real-time as they are created by nonprofits. The post Philanthropy Cloud Adds New Volunteer Management Capabilities for National Volunteer Week appeared first on

32 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Philanthropy after 40 Years of Static Giving


With that in mind 35 influential leaders from across the nonprofit industry came together at the Growing Philanthropy Summit to develop an action-oriented agenda on growing philanthropy. Based on those themes Sargeant and Shang compiled a list of 32 recommendations to help guide the nonprofit industry in growing philanthropy in the coming years. 32 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Philanthropy in the U.S. Challenge the wealthy to plan their own philanthropy.

A New Generation Redefines Philanthropy

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Philanthropy is a changing! Who will be the "new generation of citizen leaders" and how will they impact the future of philanthropy? Some thoughts for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival. Fundraising Non-profits

5 Corporate Philanthropy Benefits (and How You Can Achieve Them)

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Corporate philanthropy benefits not only the community but your company and its employees as well. As society shifts toward more prominent social, environmental, and economic responsibility, the importance of corporate philanthropy has increased as well. This article will explore five business benefits of corporate philanthropy and provide practical recommendations for what your company can do to achieve them. 5 Business Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy.

7 Employee Engagement Ideas to Promote Philanthropy

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One of the most effective ways you can boost engagement at your company is through corporate philanthropy. When companies take part in corporate philanthropy efforts, it reflects well on them as a whole and encourages employees to get involved.

5 Corporate Philanthropy Examples to Inspire Your CSR Strategy

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To help you build your CSR strategy, we’ve gathered five corporate philanthropy examples that you can use for inspiration. The campaign donated a meal’s worth of money to food banks every time someone liked their Facebook page, combining philanthropy with social media marketing and brand awareness. First, it encourages employees to actively engage in corporate philanthropy by rewarding them for their volunteer times.

Embracing Next Generation Philanthropy


Next gen philanthropy is exciting, but requires some careful thinking. Mileage will vary, as each group and platform in next gen philanthropy is unique. Next gen philanthropy is tailor-made for new experiments like these. Don't let your next gen philanthropy push languish to the side of other initiatives – incorporate it into your social media and content plan, listen to what participants have to say, and respond as you learn more about them.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 154: How Responsive Philanthropy Can Advance Racial Equity

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And while this has also been a topic of discussion in philanthropy for some time, there is a real opportunity now for all social good organizations to really respond in a meaningful way that effects change. Steps that responsive philanthropy needs to take to advance racial equity.

Elevating Community Impact Through Healthcare Philanthropy

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The 2019 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Report on Giving identifies the top three healthcare areas supported by philanthropy were construction and renovation (20.5%); patient care program support (19.6%) and capital equipment (14.6%). Community Collaborative Philanthropy.

Trends in Healthcare Philanthropy Reveal the Need to Focus on Donor Retention


2020 brought an inflection point in history that is providing an exponential opportunity for healthcare philanthropy. The post Trends in Healthcare Philanthropy Reveal the Need to Focus on Donor Retention first appeared on npENGAGE.

Corporate Philanthropy: Adapting to a Changing World

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Thus, corporate philanthropy is on the rise. Now, corporations are using philanthropy as a business tactic. Increasingly, philanthropy is being used as a form of public relations or advertising. The post Corporate Philanthropy: Adapting to a Changing World appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. In today’s world, every company is expected to do some good with their profits. As younger generations become more socially aware, they expect their favorite brands to follow suit.

Trends in Philanthropy: 4 Ways Nonprofits are Changing

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The post Trends in Philanthropy: 4 Ways Nonprofits are Changing appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. We’re seeing significant changes in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted aspects of society that we never expected.

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Giving Circles: A nonprofit's new way to create community and engagement around giving

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giving circles Grapevine nonprofits Philanthropy Philanthropy Together The Fundraising Effectiveness ProjectThe median donor retention rate for all non-profits was 43.6% last year, according to The Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

Exploring Disaster Philanthropy: Part 2

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The largest theme that is constant in disaster philanthropy is partnership. New questions have also arisen around disaster philanthropy in 2017, and lessons learned today can guide future response efforts. Independent of disaster philanthropy, foundations have already shifted towards increased collaboration, transparency, and accountability with programs in place that track the outcomes of their programs. Click here to read part 1 of this series.

Corporate Philanthropy as a Business Driver: 2019 Trends and Tactics

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Both the three Cs and the three Ps are influenced by corporate philanthropy, a trend that will escalate in 2019 as workplace giving becomes an even more important business driver. The most successful companies in the marketplace have already recognized the importance of corporate philanthropy. 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Themes and Competitive Arenas. This is where corporate philanthropy enters the mix. Track How Corporate Philanthropy is Affecting Your Business.

Gratitude + Philanthropy = A Truly Inspired Grateful Patient Experience

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We’ve been talking about having a “culture of philanthropy” in the not-for-profit world for a very long time. Download this worksheet to determine the culture of philanthropy at your organization. . Understanding Gratitude and Philanthropy .

Does Your Business Need a Custom Corporate Philanthropy Platform?

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Corporate Philanthropy Drives Business Results. Other companies are using more diverse types of corporate giving – such as employee matching gift programs, volunteer opportunities, and non-cash donation drives – to increase philanthropy and improve their ROI. 4 Signs a Custom Philanthropy Platform Could Improve Your Business Results. Corporate philanthropy is historically time and resource-intensive, especially when private foundations are involved.

Apple Pay for Nonprofits: Frictionless Online Philanthropy

Beth Kanter

With more and more nonprofit donors transacting their lives on mobile phones and an increasing percentage of mobile donors, the ability to use Apple pay will mean the potential for “ frictionless philanthropy.” As we approach the kick off of the 2016 Giving Season with Giving Tuesday in two weeks, it will be interesting to observe and hear about best practices for frictionless philanthropy. Fundraising Mobile Philanthropy

4 Characteristics of High Impact Philanthropy

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High impact philanthropy. So how do you prepare yourself and organization for higher impact philanthropy? Cynthia Schaal, Chief Program Officer at Exponent Philanthropy, consults with many social good organizations on just how exactly to do this. Companies Foundations Nonprofit Outcomes + Impact community engagement grantmaking strategy high impact philanthropyIt sounds nice, like the right goal for every funder looking to make a serious difference.

10 Breakthrough Planned Giving Insights from Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Latest Report


In the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s recent report, 9 Trillion And Counting: How Charities Can Tap Into the Transfer of Wealth , researchers undertake a qualitative and quantitative study of the state of nonprofit planned giving programs. Chronicle of Philanthropy has termed the “windfall years.”

Giving 107

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 188: How Athletes Are Engaging in Philanthropy


In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Joanne Pasternack, president & chief impact officer at Oliver+Rose and creator of Athletes’ Voices, about her work with athletes who want to engage in philanthropy.

The Power of Information: New Technologies for Philanthropy and Development

Amy Sample Ward

Description : The Indigo Trust and Institute for Philanthropy, working closely with The Omidyar Network will convene this conference on how the developing world is using information technology to improve social outcomes. Institute for Philanthropy. presentation Presentations from 2011 conference development giveandtech innovation london philanthropy technologyDate : September 15, 2011. Location : London, UK. Topic : Fostering Innovation and Enterprise.

Philanthropy Is a Leadership Issue

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If you are like one of the nonprofit leaders in the study, you will love Philanthropy by the Numbers from Blackbaud’s npEXPERTS. Philanthropy is a leadership issue. Get that legal pad and get ready to take your philanthropy to a whole new level. Nonprofit Management Fundraising Plan marc pitman nonprofit leadership npEXPERTS philanthropy Philanthropy by the Numbers Strategy

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Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy

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So how should a non-profit, no matter its size, leverage corporate philanthropy? And as Weinger says, “these corporate philanthropy programs let companies donate to organizations where employees [already] volunteer time.” The post Courting Corporate: Utilizing the Opportunities of Company Philanthropy appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog.