How the Air and Space Museum is Using Virtual Docents

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Anyway, Project Hail Mary inspired me to take the boys to the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum. This museum is full of all types of vehicles that fly: planes, helicopters, amphibious ships, missiles and drones. What the museum instead was probably just as good.

VolunteerHub Helps Holocaust Museum Houston Increase Volunteers by 478%

Volunteer Hub

Holocaust Museum Houston needed a volunteer management solution to help them recruit, engage, and manage volunteers, following expansion. Opened in 1996, Holocaust Museum Houston has become a valuable resource for community residents and people around the world.


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How Museums Use AI and Tech to Improve Visitor Experiences


Specifically, AI can be applied in educational spaces like museums. Because museums are heavily reliant on the work of volunteers , it is difficult to have staff members continuously answering questions and engaging with visitors.

MuseWeb 2021: Amplifying the Museum Experience

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We are very excited to connect with the amazing people who work hard to amplify the online museum experience at this year’s virtual MuseWeb 2021 conference in April. Conversational Marketing: Can Chatbots Increase Engagement with Your Museum?

Doing Museum Work: Your Thoughts

Museum 2.0

This month, we're thinking about the way we do work in museums. As someone texted me recently, Art History grad school didn't teach us anything about working with others in museums. Sharing articles that work is a great reason to stay on Museum Twitter by the way.

Getting Forward to Normal: The Road Ahead for Museums and Cultural Institutions

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Few museums and cultural institutions have found fundraising innovation to be enough in these challenging times, but there are some innovations from the space worth sharing in the hopes of helping many of these venerable and venerated institutions pull through.

The Matter of Museums

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This month we’ve been thinking about “What is a museum?” (I'm I’ve been visiting museums my whole life. Does that make me the best judge of museums? People are the defining characteristics of museums. I’ve worked with and at plenty of museums that can sometimes feel empty. When the galleries are quiet, with my clipclop shoes the only sound, the museum feels dead. Her answer is what many a museum professional would want people to say. Museum matter.

Museum Work

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While many American museums require 37.5 The whole issue of wages gets at the heart of the faulty systems of capitalism, the culture of women’s work, and museums as privilege-concentrating institutions. Museums might earn their philanthropy partly through commercial enterprises, but for a very long time, their workplaces were run very differently. In the last twenty years, or so, professionalization has changed museum work. We are at that museum way more than 37.5

Content Strategy for Digital Collections: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

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Museums, archives, and libraries share many goals and functions. The items that museums, archives, and libraries collect reflect the human spirit. Archivists, librarians, and museum curators understand this in a very personal way because this is what curation is all about.

Q&A with sgLEADERS: H. Beecher Hicks, III, National Museum of African American Music


Beecher Hicks III, President & CEO of the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) in Nashville, TN. NMAAM is the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans.

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Hello Museum World!

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Or maybe hello museum world! Previously, I had worked at the same museum for 17 years.) So, when you visit more than 300 museums, parks, and historic sites, what do you learn? This week, I wanted to start with us, museum and cultural workers. Each label, I assure you, is a testament to the care of scores of museum workers. I attempted to do some of the interactives in the National Museum of Scotland with encouragement from the education staff there.

Why do we keep working in museums?

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TL;DR A lot of really shitty people hate museums and hate that museums would even attempt social justice therefore museums are okay, maybe. It is well documented that most jobs in museums pay poorly. Many museums perpetuate violence against marginalized people everyday.

Covid-19 and Museum

Museum 2.0

As a Historic Interpreter for Telfair Museums, I would lead visitors through the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters on a 45 minute guided tour of antebellum Savannah history discussing politics and urban slavery. When the Museum closed I was expecting the next few weeks to be different.

International Museum Day 2020: Tips To Engage Supporters

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Monday, May 18th is International Museum Day , the mission of which is to raise awareness of the fact that, “museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”.

Unleashing Museum 2.0

Museum 2.0

In the spirit of this belief, I’ve decided to unleash the Museum 2.0 For that reason, I’m thrilled to announce that over the next two months, I’ll be transferring ownership of Museum 2.0 Seema is a brilliant museum educator, a generous spacemaker, a prolific writer, and a creative troublemaker. She is committed to community participation, equity, and innovation in museums. I know Museum 2.0 I’m excited to reconnect in August and share more about what Museum 2.0

Injustice In Science [Museums]

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Nina Simon, Lauren Bentua, and many others would host us in the halls of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art. When we think about mapping these ideas onto an organization I think about how museum leadership can take these on personally as individuals (CEO, COO) and as departments (Human Resources, Education) and so on. Science museums are a forum and a space for communities to tackle issues that are important to them- climate change, poverty, food insecurity, air and water quality.

Museum Verbs and Defining Who are We.

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After the International Committee on Museums spent some time debating the definition of museums, many folks took up the charge on social media to give their own definitions. ICOM2019 #ICOMKyoto2019 — Dan Hicks (@profdanhicks) September 7, 2019 But this week I want to focus on a tweet by Dan Hicks who suggested instead of a definition we need museum verbs. I know I’m missing early innovators of interaction in museums; feel free to tell me who in the comments.)

Over 100 Museums and Historical Societies Use This #1 Museum Membership Software

Wild Apricot

Museum Membership Software can take all the administrative and membership tasks at a museum and automate them completely while you focus on what’s important — your members and your collection

How the Currier Museum of Art Prepared for Its Reopening

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After our complete closure on March 16, 2020 due to COVID-19 , our museum staff was busier than ever preparing to navigate these uncharted times. Carey Cahoon is the Database Administrator and Strategist at the Currier Museum of Art, overseeing and providing staff support for Altru.

How Museum Hack Transforms Museum Tours: Interview with Dustin Growick

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A new company in New York, Museum Hack , is reinventing the museum tour from the outside in. They give high-energy, interactive tours of the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). The tours are pricey, personalized, NOT affiliated with the museums involved… and very, very popular. Today on Museum 2.0, How did you first get involved with Museum Hack? Who is the audience for Museum Hack?

A Decade of Museums and Museum Work

Museum 2.0

I was thinking I’d do a few alternative histories of museums for the first post of the last month of the decade. As I imagined a world without the many museum tech projects of the decade, I felt inherently sad about the imagining away the successes that friends and colleagues have enjoying. As I imagined a world without Nina Simon ’s Participatory Museum , I felt sad about all the visitors whose voices (and post-it note comments) weren’t honored.

Worst of Museums for this Decade

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These two adages were both in my mind last week when I asked people for the worst museum trends. In this decade museums worst trends were in labor and tech: 1. Suse Anderson spoke about the drawbacks of professionalization: Moves to “professionalise” the sector that make an MA entry level + cost of grad school + systemic under compensation —> further embedding class stasis of who can work in museums, whilst making public arguments for DEAI that contradict institutional actions.

4 Important Membership Trends Every Museum Needs to Consider

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It’s 2019, and a whole lot is changing in the museum and nonprofit world. That’s not to mention how strained museums already are in terms of resources. According to the American Alliance of Museums, the average museum has 6 volunteers for every paid staff member , a ratio which s oars to 18:1 in museums with budgets under $250,000. Adding to this equation, more museums are starting to unionize.

Q&A with sgLEADERS: H. Beecher Hicks, III, National Museum of African American Music

Connection Cafe

Beecher Hicks III, President & CEO of the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) in Nashville, TN. NMAAM is the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans.

This is What the Participatory Museum Sounds Like

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It invites visitors to make the museum better. When visitors share their brilliance, it brings the museum to life. I believe that every person who walks into our museum has something valuable to share. This is the participatory museum, played out loud. creative placemaking Museum of Art and History participatory museum usercontent visitorsIt's late in the afternoon.

Sound 31

Using Data to Overcome a Museum Membership Myth


Museum of Science and Industry. The Museum of Science and Industry's membership program had a large gap where very few people were contributing. " After looking at past data and finding new ways to talk about membership, the museum was able to grow its membership base and encourage donors to give more. Chicago Museum of Industry Community Data Leadership Mark Mathyer nptech nten Strategy Fundraising Mark Mathyer. Development and Membership Services Manager.

Best of the Decade for Museums

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Written by Seema Rao Last month, I shared some of my thoughts about the best of museums over the last decades. (I I'll mention now, Kate Livingston, listed Museum Twitter as one of the best things, and I definitely thought this as I read people's responses.

The Event-Driven Museum?

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This is the casual attendance data from my first full month as the Executive Director of The Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz. This graph is making me change the way I think about what our museum is for and how we should market it. First Friday is not just a Museum event; it happens all over Santa Cruz and has grown tremendously over the past few years. More people come to the event who don't casually visit the museum than the other way around.

Opening Up Museums: My TEDxSantaCruz Talk

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It gave me a chance to really think about how we have been opening up our museum and what it means for our community. Museums can be incredible catalysts for social change. We're doing it in Santa Cruz and it has absolutely transformed our museum into a thriving community institution. We see every visitor who walks in the door as a contributor who can make our museum better. How can we make museum objects more like dogs? Museum of Art and History Core Museum 2.0

Favorite Software and Hardware for Museums and History Organizations

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup offers many donated and discounted products for nonprofit museums and history organizations, such as historical sites and societies, of every type. Here's our guide to what's most popular with our over 8,000 museum TechSoup members. Plus we've got some tips on some less well-known programs that are useful for museums. Nearly all museums and historical sites need Adobe Creative Cloud for developing compelling exhibits and educational web content.

How Hello Museum Builds Intimate Community in one of the Biggest Cities in the World

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We connect with people both professionally and personally, at the museum and on the street. This weekend, I got my answer in Seoul--the 18th biggest city in the world--at Hello Museum. Nestled in a forest of high-rise apartment buildings, this small museum connects children and families with contemporary art. Like the New Children's Museum in San Diego, Hello Museum creates building-wide interactive exhibitions with artists, on themes like nature and #NoWar.

Self Care in the Museum Workplace

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The following post was originally published on the Center for the Future of Museums blog. On Wednesday, August 8, over 300 museum professionals joined CFM director Elizabeth Merritt and Seema Rao, principal of Brilliant Idea Studio , to explore self-care in the museum workplace. Seema) In some museum work places, the culture of stress is tied to perceived effort, as you mention. Q: Do you know any museums that have implemented telecommuting successfully?

Apply Now for the World's Best Museum Job: Mine.

Museum 2.0

It's time to make your dreams a reality and apply to become the next executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). When you check out the job description , you'll see the MAH is not looking for museum-director-as-usual. Museum of Art and HistoryHey, you. Yeah you, generous community builder. You, brilliant manager. You, fearless fundraiser. You, playful leader.

How Can a Museum Best Protect Its Assets?

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In this age of increasing hacks and cybercrime, the Norman Rockwell Museum has a lot of digital assets, museum operations data, and private patron data that need to be protected. Find out why Frank Kennedy, IT manager at the Rockwell museum, chose Veritas Backup Exec to be a key part of the museum's security strategy. About the Museum. The museum now has 140,000 annual visitors, and 220,000 people view its traveling exhibitions each year.

Audience Engagement Conversation at Western Museums Association

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The Western Museum Association was kind enough to invite me to speak on a panel about engagement at their annual meeting in Boise. Phillip’s early remark about museums was an invocation for everyone. As an outsider, he immediately saw that museums were operating “under a business model that doesn’t work.” He then went on to note that we run museums with the hopes of being supported by philanthropy, when in fact we could have a product that people want.

4 Ways AI is the Next Big Game-Changer in Museum Membership & Attendance

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Museums and nonprofits can also reap huge benefits from employing artificial intelligence, particularly in their membership and development departments. Here are 4 ways AI can help museums and nonprofits deepen member engagement, increase attendance, more effectively communicate with donors, and drive revenue: Boost Your Staff’s Productivity. That’s why they can also come in handy in museums. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Museum 2.0 Rerun: Inside the Design of an Amazing Museum Project to Capture People's Stories

Museum 2.0

Recently, we''ve been talking at our museum about techniques for capturing compelling audio/video content with visitors. It made me dig up this 2011 interview with Tina Olsen (then at the Portland Art Museum) about their extraordinary Object Stories project. We ended up with a gallery in the museum instead. The other parts of the gallery are for experiencing the stories, and for connecting with the Museum collection. interview Museums Engaging in 2.0

2008 Tech Museum Awards Global Call for Nominations

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I wanted to put in a plug for the Tech Museum Awards. Here's the blurb from the nice people at the Tech Museum: Nomination Deadline: March 24, 2008 Nominations are being accepted for the 2008 Tech Museum Awards, an international Awards Program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity. We've been a Laureate twice (for and Martus) in the past, and it's a great honor and a great event.

Museum 100

Our Museum: Extraordinary Resources on How Museums and Galleries Become Participatory Places

Museum 2.0

They wanted to help museums and galleries across the UK make significant, sustained changes in the ways they engage community partners and visitors as participants in their work. The result, Our Museum , is an extraordinary funding program with a focus on community participation. In its first five years, Our Museum yielded real change at twelve diverse UK organizations. You could spend a day getting lost in the meaty, thoughtful writing and videos on the Our Museum site.

Year Three as a Museum Director. Thrived.

Museum 2.0

I''ve now been the executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History for three years. We talk a lot at our museum about empowering our visitors, collaborators, interns, and staff by making space for them to shine. A donor walked into the museum a few weeks ago, someone who supported me from day one, and she asked me, "why is this lobby still so cold and uninviting?" We''re investing a lot in a public plaza project outside of the museum.

On White Privilege and Museums

Museum 2.0

I write this piece in good faith about the organizations I know best: museums. The vast majority of American museums are institutions of white privilege. The popular reference point for what a museum is--a temple for contemplation--is based on a Euro-centric set of myths and implies a white set of behaviors. Three quick lenses on Whiteness and privilege in museums: Whiteness is in the language we use to describe the objects that we show and the programs we produce.

The Event-Driven Museum, One Year Later

Museum 2.0

A year ago, I wrote a post speculating about whether events (institutionally-produced programs) might be a primary driver for people to attend museums, with exhibitions being secondary. Now, a year later, I've seen the beginnings of how that question has borne out at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) , as well as hearing from folks around the museum industry about the interplay of exhibitions and events at their own institutions.

Guest Post by Nora Grant: Lessons from A Year of Pop Up Museums

Museum 2.0

This post was written by my colleague Nora Grant, Community Programs Coordinator at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Pop Up” has become an international buzz term to describe ephemeral, experimental projects--from pop up restaurants to pop up boutiques--but a “Pop Up Museum” is still somewhat mystifying. How can you take something as substantial and precious as a museum and add a pop up twist? We have created a free and downloadable pop up museum organizer’s kit.