This is What the Participatory Museum Sounds Like

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It invites visitors to make the museum better. When visitors share their brilliance, it brings the museum to life. I believe that every person who walks into our museum has something valuable to share. This is the participatory museum, played out loud.

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How Museum Hack Transforms Museum Tours: Interview with Dustin Growick

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A new company in New York, Museum Hack , is reinventing the museum tour from the outside in. They give high-energy, interactive tours of the Metropolitan Museum and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Today on Museum 2.0, How do you advertise Museum Hack?

Perspectives from the Charitable Giving Report: National World War II Museum

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At The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, fundraising is all about data and their data is all about their donors. The Museum uses their data to get know their donors at a deeper level: what they care about, what motivates them, and how to keep them engaged with their organization. “We

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The Opportunity Your Museum Can Offer

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So when I stumbled across Austin Museum Day , project of the Austin Museum Partnership, I loved discovering that this event is offering free admission to thousands of Austin residents who likely wouldn’t otherwise visit cultural organizations.

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Our Museum: Extraordinary Resources on How Museums and Galleries Become Participatory Places

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They wanted to help museums and galleries across the UK make significant, sustained changes in the ways they engage community partners and visitors as participants in their work. The result, Our Museum , is an extraordinary funding program with a focus on community participation.

The Event-Driven Museum?

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This is the casual attendance data from my first full month as the Executive Director of The Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz. This graph is making me change the way I think about what our museum is for and how we should market it. Museum of Art and History programs

Personal Mission and Renewed Motivation: Thoughts from the South Carolina Federation of Museums Conference

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the South Carolina Federation of Museums Conference in Florence, SC. Here’s what I learned: At the core of each museum is a personal mission. And that’s the core of a successful museum – personal mission.

Museum launches social media fund-raising campaign -

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Museum launches social media fund-raising campaign - : The Edwardsville Children’s Museum is trying to raise $100,000 by the end of the year through a social media campaign, #SaveOurMuseum

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Year Three as a Museum Director. Thrived.

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I''ve now been the executive director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History for three years. We talk a lot at our museum about empowering our visitors, collaborators, interns, and staff by making space for them to shine. institutional change Museum of Art and History

Museum 2.0 Rerun: Inside the Design of an Amazing Museum Project to Capture People's Stories

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Recently, we''ve been talking at our museum about techniques for capturing compelling audio/video content with visitors. It made me dig up this 2011 interview with Tina Olsen (then at the Portland Art Museum) about their extraordinary Object Stories project.

The Dallas Museum of Art Took a Major Risk, and The Outcome Has Been Remarkable.

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About a year ago, the Dallas Museum of Art did something truly innovative. The museum’s memberships have tripled in the past year. Dallas Museum of Art has taken the concept of website and email marketing metrics and made them analogue. The museum has taken Web 2.0

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Guest Post by Nora Grant: Lessons from A Year of Pop Up Museums

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This post was written by my colleague Nora Grant, Community Programs Coordinator at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. How can you take something as substantial and precious as a museum and add a pop up twist? guestpost Museum of Art and History participatory museum

On White Privilege and Museums

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I write this piece in good faith about the organizations I know best: museums. The vast majority of American museums are institutions of white privilege. I never saw comparable adjectives used in the European art labels at the museum.

Guest Post by Seema Rao: How Museums Can Resist Racism and Oppression

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Like Seema, I've been looking for ways to increase active resistance of racism, hate, and bigotry--both as an individual and as the leader of a museum. I had the extreme pleasure of being part of this year’s MuseumCamp hosted by Nina Simon at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

Year Five as a Museum Director: Good to Grow

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Five years ago, I left the consulting world to take the helm at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) at a time of crisis and change. institutional change Museum of Art and History

Being Open and Personal – Joining the Museum Trends of 2015

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Trendswatch 2015 , the annual forecasting report from the Center for the Future of Museums , is now available! In case you missed the event, here’s a recap of two of the top trends to watch this year: Open Museums and Content. Personalizing the Museum Experience.

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Museums Test New Ways to Captivate Patrons—With and Without Technology | Nonprofit Quarterly

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Museums Test New Ways to Captivate Patrons—With and Without Technology | Nonprofit Quarterly : 'via Blog this

The Event-Driven Museum, One Year Later

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A year ago, I wrote a post speculating about whether events (institutionally-produced programs) might be a primary driver for people to attend museums, with exhibitions being secondary. Many museums, big and small, thrive on events. This isn't true for every museum.

Guest Post: Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs

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Writing my masters thesis for Gothenburg University’s International Museum Studies program while also working four days a week as the Director of Community Programs at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History this spring was certainly a challenge but also an incredible opportunity.

Favorite Software and Hardware for Museums and History Organizations

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TechSoup offers many donated and discounted products for nonprofit museums and history organizations, such as historical sites and societies, of every type. Here's our guide to what's most popular with our over 8,000 museum TechSoup members.

ASKing about Art at the Brooklyn Museum: Interview with Shelley Bernstein and Sara Devine

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I’ve always been inspired by the creative ways the Brooklyn Museum uses technology to connect visitors to museum content. ASK is part of an overall effort to rethink the museum visitor experience. Many museums have tried arming staff with cheerful “Ask me!”

The Participatory Museum, Five Years Later

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This week marks five years since the book The Participatory Museum was first released. Across the museum field, the questions about visitor participation have gone from "what?" Over the past four years, I''ve been running a small regional art and history museum in Santa Cruz, CA.

Using Social Media to Bring Museum Exhibits to Life


In order to sustain this type of impact tech savvy art museums, zoos, historical sites, botanical gardens and many other types of arts and cultural nonprofits understand that technology is key to sustaining their growth. in rout to museums and/or while they are there).

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Tagging in Museums #blowinguppersonal #notwhatweplanned

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They position museums as social starting points, experiences worth sharing, braggable moments. They do something entirely different than what museums professionals thought tags might do for our institutions. Almost ten years ago, museum techies started to get excited about tagging.

A Radical, Simple Formula for Pop-Up Museums

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Pop-Up Museum [n]: a short-term institution existing in a temporary space. Over the past few years, there have been several fabulous examples of pop-up museums focusing on visitor-generated content. These are museums that last not for a day or weekend or month but for two hours.

How Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Sold 639 Memberships in 96 Hours

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Guest Post from Debbie McKenzie, Development Manager for Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. . Nonprofit Marketing Arts & Cultural Discounts Membership Museums ticketing

Center for the Future of Museums: Khan Academy & Cultural Understanding

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Center for the Future of Museums: Khan Academy & Cultural Understanding : Smarthistory at Khan Academy is used by museum visitors, independent learners, professors, teachers and their students. There are nearly 600 short-form art history videos created from conversations recorded on-site (in urban spaces, archeological sites, museums, churches and mosques), as well as hundreds of essays on art and art history.

Pranksters in the Museum

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Two recent events have got me thinking about pranks and unauthorized activities in museums. Improv Everywhere staged an event at the Metropolitan Museum in which an actor posing as King Philip IV of Spain signed autographs in front of his portrait, as painted by Diego Velazquez in the 1620s.

How Can a Museum Best Protect Its Assets?

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In this age of increasing hacks and cybercrime, the Norman Rockwell Museum has a lot of digital assets, museum operations data, and private patron data that need to be protected. About the Museum. The Museum's IT System.

Goodbye Consulting, Hello Museum of Art & History!

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Dear Museum 2.0 As of May 2, I will be the executive director of the Museum of Art & History at McPherson Center in Santa Cruz, CA (here's the press release ). I am closing down my consulting business at the end of April, but the Museum 2.0 Museum of Art and History

Museums Pursue Engagement With Social Media -

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Museums Pursue Engagement With Social Media - "SHELLEY BERNSTEIN lives with her computer. Most days she hunkers down in her spartan office at the Brooklyn Museum where, as chief technology officer, she invents ways to keep people visiting the museum and its Web site,".

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11 Ways Your Museum Should be using Twitter | npENGAGE

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11 Ways Your Museum Should be using Twitter | npENGAGE : recently read “The Social Media Police: Nonprofit Edition.” In it the authors discussed how you should use social media at a nonprofit and it made me curious about how museums are using Twitter. The Gibbes Museum of Art, for example, does a great job of using Twitter to share announcements about exhibits, raise awareness for their events, and start conversations with groups scheduled to attend the museum (see below)….

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What Does a Great Distributed Digital Museum Experience Look Like?

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Museum technology nerds: this post is for you. I've been thinking recently about distributed content experiences--ways for people to interact with museum content (art, history, science, etc.) as they make their way through the world outside the museum. At the museum?

Over 100 Museums and Historical Societies Use This #1 Museum Membership Software

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Museum Membership Software can take all the administrative and membership tasks at a museum and automate them completely while you focus on what’s important — your members and your collection

Dreaming of Perpetual Beta: Making Museums More Incremental

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When I started this blog in 2006, I made a multi-media introduction to the concept of "museum 2.0" Venue as content platform instead of content provider: the museum becomes a stage on which professionals and amateurs can curate, interpret, and remix artifacts and information.

8 Museum Apps Doing Good


This week we’ve found apps from museums. Mobile apps are an interesting way for museums to advance their educational missions beyond people’s expectations. ArtClix from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. Louis apps by Missouri History Museum.

Museum 2.0 Flashback: Threshold Fear

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This week, I was on the radio talking museum inclusion (with Michelle Obama!) A review of Elaine Heumann Gurian's essay on threshold fear and architecture program and planning from her book, Civilizing the Museum. Hard to imagine that some people don't find museums welcoming spaces?

Gender Differences in Participation: The Pocket Museum Example

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This morning, I checked in on the Pocket Museums on our museum's ground floor. The Pocket Museum activity could be more appropriate for women, many of whom carry bags or purses. Museum of Art and History exhibition design participatory museum social bridging interactives

Breaking the Museum 2.0 Mold

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I decided to give myself a gift this year: permission to change the Museum 2.0 But I also know there is huge potential to improve Museum 2.0. Thanks for being part of the continued journey of Museum 2.0.Dear reader, Today is my birthday.

2008 Tech Museum Awards Global Call for Nominations

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I wanted to put in a plug for the Tech Museum Awards. We've been a Laureate twice (for and Martus) in the past, and it's a great honor and a great event. If you know someone whose work embodies technology serving humanity, nominate them by tomorrow!

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