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[Cool Infographic Friday] 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics


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Ten Tips for Creating Captivating Nonprofit Websites

Tech Soup Blog

Designing or redesigning your nonprofit's website? Wilkinson shared his web design wisdom in a recent TechSoup webinar. Tell a Clear Story. Images.

Design Your Website To Tell Captivating Stories


Smart web design allows site viewers … Continued The post Design Your Website To Tell Captivating Stories appeared first on Tech Impact. Everyone loves a good story. A good narrative captures people’s attention, and it can make them want to get involved. Blog Leadership Tech nonprofit online storytelling web design websites

How Storytelling Captivates, Convinces And Inspires Employees And Customers

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Three months into my first job out of college my boss brings me into the company cafeteria and tells me things just aren’t working out. I’m surprised.

Captive Audience

NCE Social Media

A new study by Experian found that Americans spend 2 hours and 12 minutes on Twitter each month. How are you using this time?

How to Design a High Holiday Appeal for the Attention Economy

See What's Out There

Even when your donors are a captive audience, design your stories for the very human experience of contributing to making the world a better place.

[Cool Infographic Friday] CMO Spend (on Digital)


Or in other words, how the other half lives. More like this. Cool Infographic Friday] How To Measure Your Content Marketing. Cool Infographic Friday

[Cool Infographic Friday] All You Need To Know About The Anatomy of Songs


I’ve just come back from ASAE14 in Nashville, and can honestly say if I never hear another country song again, it will be too soon. Potluck

How To Have a Conversation With The World


So how do you break through the noise and develop a captive diverse audience? Tim Samuel. Bridgeway Community Church. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

How to Build Great Organizations for Greater Societal Impact

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In February 2015, the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community published The Performance Imperative Campaign : A Framework for Social Sector Excellence.

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How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

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And it’s true, one of the most effective ways to captivate an audience is to tell a story worth hearing about your organization. Captivate interviews with awesome lighting, showing their “window to the soul.”. “If In our Hubinar with Jeremy Vest, we learned that video is powerful. Emotional Storytelling. Educational Information. link].

What I Learned About Fundraising from My Career in Recruiting

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” This is an example of a story that has the power to captivate and inspire people to be a part of your cause. Just ask!

[PODCAST] Reconstructing Content Marketing for Nonprofits | Ft. Robert Rose

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To me, the words “content marketing” are a mouthful of sand for something that’s supposed to be so captivating and delicious. The heart of content marketing for any company or organization is to tell captivating stories and add value to the reader to relay the impact of your efforts. Robert Rose appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

From a Millennial: Nobody Wants to Hear Your Stories. We Want to See Them.

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They were extremely captivating. One of the most captivating pictures that we came across was actually an ad for a nonprofit – charity:water.

Three New Ways to Delight Your Donors

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Well-crafted, professionally created explainer videos will captivate viewers and easily transform them into advocates. Get snappy.

Donor 112

How to Grow Offline Support by Executing Stronger Online Strategies

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Last week I kicked off the Blackbaud Power Hour series with a webinar on tips to get donors into the pipeline. Optimize your website for conversion.

It’s Time to #Showyourculture!

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More than almost any other industry, the arts and cultural industry has the ability to be extremely visually captivating. Good Luck!

Time 54

[Cool Social Tools] Awesome-ize your Instagrams and Vines with VideoSound


———-. A great video has to be accompanied by great music in order to deliver pure entertainment. VideoSound requires iOS 7.0

Music 27

[Cool Infographic Friday] How’s Your AMS?


Cool Infographic Friday] 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics. Are you an association professional using an association management database?

40 Twitter-iffic Event Day Ideas

Connection Cafe

Turn your Captivated Audience of Event Participants into a Social Media Army. Author: Robyn Mendez. Use photos in your Tweets! Lost Something?

Ideas 83

13 Marketing Strategies to Increase Donations This Holiday Season

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Remember to include a captivating call to action. Is your organization poised to maximize year-end donations? Spruce Up Your Website. ” 4.

How to Get Noticed and Turn Heads in the Digital World (and 3 Tips to Boost Donor Acquisition)

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You want to put out messages that captivate, resonate, and then inspire action. But being a head-turner requires effort. Write about it.

Donor 83

Around the Mug: What Happens After the Ice Melts?

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I think what is most captivating, and something that Slaughter and I discussed, is the statistic on Wikipedia searches. The notion that 2.5

Stats 74

The One Thing Successful Fundraisers Carry in Their Back Pockets

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Stories captivate the mind, engage the imagination, and humanize your mission. Katie had also been born with a cleft lip. Katie attended.

Teen 75

A Step-By-Step Guide to Nonprofit Inbound Marketing

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When it comes to making new friends, sometimes you meet a person and everything just clicks. This approach brings donors to your organization. Convert.

Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The book shares how and why our mind pays attention to some events, ideas, or people and not others. It is based on reciprocity. Books

22 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Schools Alumni on Facebook


Our focus was Facebook. With over 900 Million users Facebook is the top social media site on the planet. Especially those in the education sector.

Four Steps to Write the Right Content on your Nonprofit Blog

NonProfit Hub

Captivate with headlines. Maintaining a blog is like running a marathon. So how do you write the right content on your nonprofit blog?

Cool Association Jobs This Week – December 8


Here are some of the most interesting jobs you can find via the SocialFish job board ! million people annually. Don’t delay! photo credit ).

Job 30

Saving the California Condor: A Collective Impact Story

ASU Lodestar Center

Captive breeding at the zoos worked better than anyone could have hoped. posted by. Stephanie La Loggia, M.A. Manager of Knowledge Resources.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Does our story attract, captivate and motivate? Storytelling is catching on inside of association circles and beyond. What is going on?

Story 48

Story-Led Change: A Photojournalist’s Thoughts on the Power of Storytelling

Connection Cafe

His photojournalism has taken him to more than 60 countries, and his live shows and written works have captivated audiences within mainstream media, sports, politics, Fortune 500 companies and countless cause-minded organizations. Here are some highlights from our conversation: Q: Tell us a little about the work you do. Keep going.

6 Qualities A Nonprofit Database Management System Should Have


Smaller nonprofits, and even larger ones, are constantly evolving as they find their captive audience and grow their voice. Trust. Value.

A Social Media Reality Check


Communications staff and organizational stakeholders need to put these stats into perspective and not be so captivated by shiny object syndrome. Fear of Missing Out. If you work in Communications, escaping the latest hype around social media can be tough. The U.S. Population Does Not Spend Their Day Using Social Media. So 24% of the U.S.

Stats 23

#GivingTuesday: Just One Piece of the Puzzle


Use captivating photos, be creative, and feel free to have fun when sharing these moments. But, what about the long haul? Get specific.

Your Top 10 Tech Topics

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Refresh it with these 10 tips for creating captivating websites. Fiscal year end is a time of reflection here at TechSoup. Help Us Help You!

400 More Email Subject Lines from End of Year Fundraising

Connection Cafe

Elephants Held Captive. Here it is! The 2014 edition of my annual review of year-end fundraising email subject lines. Email by Date. tomorrow.

email 127

Mud, Color, Glow, Run, and Raise: The Rise of Multi-Charity Events

Connection Cafe

Let them act as your feet on the ground to bring new participants to the event through easy social media integrations and captivating stories.

5 Books To Read This Fall

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Stumped for what business books to add to your fall reading list? Most important, they put the listener in a mental learning mode. Edited by Edward T.

Social Media Lessons from 4 Generations of Canadian Donors

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Captivating messaging has motivated 23% to promote a charity cause on social networks. But, can you really raise money through social networks?