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Interactive Marketing: How Nonprofits Can Captivate in a Noisy World

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Nonprofit donors are increasingly immune to traditional marketing and advertising. Wherever we go, from billboards on the highway to pop-up ads on our favorite websites, countless brands vie for attention. As a result, we’ve learned to tune them out or avoid them. That's why interactive marketing is so effective.

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Design Your Website To Tell Captivating Stories


Smart web design allows site viewers … Continued The post Design Your Website To Tell Captivating Stories appeared first on Tech Impact. According to a recent post from Nonprofit Hub, nonprofits can use their website to tell stories about the organization’s mission and efforts, but only if it is designed correctly.

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Retaining the Pandemic’s Captive Audience May Be the Key to 2021’s Year-End Giving Strategy

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For New York City-based Smile Train, the largest cleft organization in the world, its year-end efforts last year presented challenges, yet valuable lessons learned that it will utilize as it moves forward. The COVID-19 pandemic halted its work around the world, but it soon found its voice, urging supporters that its work is still needed.

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Captive Audience

NCE Social Media

A new study by Experian found that Americans spend 2 hours and 12 minutes on Twitter each month. The average time per session was 13 minutes and 12 seconds. This is 26 times the 30 traditional second elevator pitch. How are you using this time? Are you engaging your constituency during this 13 minutes and 12 seconds?

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4 steps for launching a successful nonprofit video program


Nonprofit video stories captivate the hearts and minds of your donors, helping to drive meaningful results that support your cause. However, recent studies have shown that, due to increasingly shorter attention spans, audiences are more likely to engage with shorter, episodic videos, as opposed to one long piece of content.

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Upcoming Webinar July 31: How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website

Tech Soup Blog

In this free webinar, How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website , learn from more than 10 years of focus group research with nonprofit constituents and donors how to captivate and engage your audience. Join us next Thursday, July 31 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern) to learn more.

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Why You Need to Care About Documentaries in 2022

Association TV

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s 2013 tearjerker circles around an orca named Tilikum, who was captured at two years old and held captive in various aquatic zoos until his death 25 years later. But a great documentary changes the course of our culture, economies and public policy. Take Blackfish.

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