How to Write Effective Headlines for Nonprofit Articles


Content marketers know the power of a good headline: it can sustain organic search traffic for years, drive viral shares on social media, and capture the attention of new audiences. However, people get their news from headlines in a way they never did in the past.

What’s in My Inbox | Shorter attention spans means you need to deliver with your enews

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Does it feel like your attention span is getting shorter? Attention spans have been falling over the years and are now at an all-time low. You’ve got to grab your supporters’ attention quicker and produce engaging material they want to read.

Upworthy Type Headlines: To Like or Dislike?


Upworthy, a site that focuses on curating social cause related videos and content has been receiving a lot of media attention for changing how bloggers write headlines. But is this a signal that people are growing weary of the “and you won’t believe what happened next” headlines? However, trying to amp up your creativity with headlines and testing them to see if they resonate with your audiences is something you should always be investing resources into.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Event Makes Headline News

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Let’s look at ways to make your event stand out from the crowd and grab some headlines. Walk into a coffee shop in any size town, and you will see a bulletin board chock-a-block with posters for charity walks, runs, and similar events. The charity 5K and walk is so common that municipalities struggle to schedule parks and roadways for these events every weekend. So how do you make the fact that you’re doing a 5K or walk into news that’s going to get reported?

What is rapid attention shifting?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Lamb links to another story: "wireless network might be used by terrorists," the headline screams. That's how much we pay attention when we're subjected to a long one-way lecture. Notice how for the first ten minutes our attention rises, then plummets and doesn't regain its original height. I think of blogs as a two-conversation where I'm engaging or paying more attention to the content. Photo in Flickr - CC "by/nc" license - Mr.GluSniffer.

Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

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In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Foundation Center’s Glasspockets Site ReLaunches with A Wealth of Data About Foundation Transparency. The Glasspockets Site has just been relaunched. It has a new sleeker look.

What Happens If You Breaks a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

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You don’t see boilerplate legal agreements splashed through the headlines every day, but nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”) have recently attracted a lot of media attention.

How to Recruit Remote Volunteers During COVID-19 Using RemoteHub

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Next, add a cover picture, company photo, headline, and description. Remember that the proper description and cover image in your nonprofit organization page and volunteer projects will help to attract attention from more volunteers.

Meet the EveryAction Team 2018


Sure, sometimes there’s a crunch to release something, or a customer support ticket that requires extra attention?—?but In the current news cycle, it seems like bad news makes it to all the headlines. At EveryAction we’re on a mission to provide nonprofits with best-in-class fundraising, engagement, and advocacy tools, but we like to think that we’re a pretty fun place to work, too.

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10 Powerful Online Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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It’s important to find creative ways to capture their attention mid-scroll. Connect your mission to headlines donors care about. It pays to pay attention.

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Less is More: The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

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Remember that Facebook users are bombarded with photos and videos constantly, and it can be hard to really grab a potential customer’s attention. For instance, hitting older age groups with an intense hard-sell headline accompanied by a fast-and-loud video won’t likely get you very far. Likewise presenting Gen x-ers with a too tame headline won’t hold their attention, and it’s unlikely you’ll see such efforts translate to sales.

6 Reasons SEO Is Important to Nonprofits and Why

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Use the “mullet” philosophy when writing website and blog headlines. Use your keywords in front (the business), and the rest of the headline (the party) in the back. 5) SEO can help you get local attention. Does your nonprofit do amazing work, yet you don’t get the attention you need or deserve to attract supporters and those much-needed funds? By Maryanne Dersch , a speaker, coach, and creator of the Superstar Fundraising Academy.

Sometimes All You Need is a Great Analogy

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Instead of talking about successes, I might have them create a magazine cover with key headlines and a big image on the front. It’s a different frame for something that really does require thoughtful attention. I love a great analogy.

Before Publishing Your Annual Appeal, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions


Their attention spans are short. There are only two headlines which, if read alone, give the following message: Bar pass rate continues to climb. There’s nothing else to break up the text or draw attention to important points.

Post-Pandemic: Rebuilding Your Volunteer and Financial Base


This shortfall of volunteer management is an area worth attention now, especially in light of the two thirds of volunteers having stepped away from their previous nonprofit duties. Reading the headlines it seems that the government has stepped in to help the nonprofits sector survive.

How to Maximize Success Stories Across Your Nonprofit’s Digital Channels

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Many of the issues they champion have taken a backseat in people’s minds this year, as our nation’s attention has been captured by one shocking event after another. There’s still time for your organization to secure important year-end gifts—if you can capture people’s attention and motivate them to support your cause. WFP USA has posted a nearly 650-word story of Rani on their blog with a big headline, full-size photos, large text, and bold quotes.

5 Design Techniques That Will Increase the Lifespan of Your Nonprofit’s Website

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If you want to make sure the announcement gets extra attention, change the colors or styles of the announcement from the typical design. Notice the similarities of the layouts: they have a headline, a description, an impactful statistic, and a link.

Here’s Where We’ll Be: Summer 2021 Edition


And for the first time this year, we are turning our attention to a key fact: sometimes, when the numbers speak, they do so with an accent. For nonprofit digital ads, the unmistakable headline of M+R’s annual Benchmarks Study has been continued growth. Read time: 4 minutes.

A/B Split Testing 101: Tools and Tips for WordPress Site Optimization

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In essence, it’s all about getting the most consistent and positive attention and building a loyal audience, no matter if the site is for a simple blog, a non-profit organization or an e-commerce concern. With it you can compare all sorts of different content, from themes to CSS variations to post titles and headlines. It also features clickmaps that clearly show which parts of your site are getting the most attention from visitors.

Communication Secrets For A Distracted World

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According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average attention span for us ever-scattered humans is now shorter that a goldfish's; eight seconds. Provide the headline news first, with details later, and only give details if asked.

3 SEO Strategies To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Online Reach


Here are a few tips from iATS Payments to help your nonprofit get more attention and clicks online. Your keywords should be evenly distributed between your content and your headlines to make the biggest impact online. Image courtesy of Vudu Marketing. Your nonprofit is only as successful as its reach, and in today’s internet focused marketplace your reach is driven by your online presence.

How to Write for SEO and Rank on Google

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The internet is a busy, crowded place, buzzing with almost 2 billion websites and millions of brands competing for attention. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and consider prioritizing the keywords they’re ranking for to aggressively compete with them. .

8 Seconds To Be Meaningful

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According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average attention span for us ever-scattered humans is now shorter that a goldfish's; eight seconds. Provide the headline news first, with details later, and only give details if asked.

Raise More By Avoiding “One Size Fits All” Email Appeals


2) A medical foundation exceeded their fundraising goals and averaged over $1,000 per gift when they personalized their email appeal by: Thanking people for last year’s gift (in the headline and first paragraph). Relevant content may be what catches their attention, establishes a connection and keeps them reading. Send too many “one size fits all” emails and you risk decreased interest, lower attention levels and, ultimately, less engaged constituents.

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How To Communicate Effectively In Eight Seconds

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According to a Microsoft study a few years ago, the average attention span for us ever-scattered humans is now shorter that a goldfish's; eight seconds. Provide the headline news first, with details later, and only give details if asked.

How To Effectively Communicate Your Message In Eight Seconds

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According to a Microsoft study a few years ago, the average attention span for us ever-scattered humans is now shorter that a goldfish's; eight seconds. Provide the headline news first, with details later, and only give details if asked.

This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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There’s writer’s block, competition for our attention in the form of social media or our phones, and who can forget about the 50 other responsibilities we have on our plate. There’s just one problem… You have about 8-seconds to grab and retain a visitor’s attention before they leave your site. I’ve found that in order to capture attention your introduction must have three key elements: An Agreement Statement.

6 Key Tips to Optimize Your Nonprofit Donation Page


On Classy, you can effortlessly maintain brand consistency by enabling domain-masking, plugging in photos or video, customizing your messaging, and elevating your email receipts with a unique headline, background image, and thank you note.

CNN says to Read This (about the Sleuk Rith Institute)

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Nestled between “landfill dogs’ face sad reality” and “this animal attacks, traps man in home”, was the headline “ Cambodia’s Stunning Genocide Memorial ” and a photo of the Sleuk Rith Institute. We were thrilled to design the website for the visionary project and happy to see it getting the attention it so richly deserves.

Four Quick Edits to Simplify Your Web Copy

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Writing effectively for the web isn’t always as easy as it sounds (see our comments on the human attention span below). Let’s make one thing clear: Your readers have limited attention spans. To put that in perspective, goldfish average a nine-second attention span.

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How to Get More Out of Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits


Google lets you write three headlines and two descriptions for each ad. However, each headline can only be up to 30 characters, and each description is only up to 90 characters. One mistake many people make is not paying enough attention to your landing page.

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How to Convert Your Nonprofit Website Visitor into a Donor

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The challenge is grabbing your visitor’s attention. A photo accompanied by a concise story or a short video with an attention-grabbing headline should be right there to introduce your visitor to the essence of your organization’s work.

11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

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Customize Your Headline. By default, LinkedIn uses the title of your current position as your “Professional Headline.” You can customize your headline and add more detail and personality by going to “Edit Profile.” When people browse connections on LinkedIn, it’s your headline that is displayed most prominently, so craft it to make a strong first impression and summarize your most valuable skills.

Content Curation: Are You A Fire Hose or A Focusing Lens?

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If that headline caught your attention, thank Robin Good , a virtuoso content curator, who will join me remotely from Italy when I do a talk on content curation at the next Social Media 4 Nonprofits Conference in January. Robin re-wrote the headline of this post from Seth Godin called “ The Trap of Social Media Noise. Part of that might revising a headline, summarize the main points, and relating it back to your point of view. Flickr Photo by Salendron.

Back to Basics: 5 Essentials Steps to Email Marketing

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Pay Attention to Your Subject Line and Headline. If readers open the email, the headline will make a large difference in whether they read the entire email or not. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy , but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Allow the headline to be as attention-grabbing as the subject line, and have it complement the rest of the email’s content.

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Get $10,000 for your nonprofit and a t-shirt!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I bet that headline got your attention. Yesterday, I facilitated a workshop at the Money for Your Mission Conference sponsored by CCSNYS. Katya Andresen was the keynote speaker and while I read her book and heard speak before, I'm always blown by her presentation skills - great stories, great visuals, and engaging. And, I always learn something. One thing I learned is that they just launched another widget fundraising contest over at - here's her blog post about it

5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings

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Load keywords in all the important places — page titles, meta descriptions, and headlines. You also need a headline that is similar to the page title. Make sure you properly format headlines with an "H1" (headline one) tag. A little attention can go a long way towards making your site pop in search results, and the rewards for attaining top three placement related to a cause or service can have a profound impact on any organization.

Romancing Your Donors: Showing the Love to Donors of all Levels

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Ask successful couples what their secret is and you’ll often year that effective communication and attention play an important role. Here are some great ways to communicate with and shower attention on donors for a long, happy relationship.

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Increase Open Rates and Click-Throughs with 5 Follow-up Email Techniques from Top Nonprofits


But so many more starving children need help” – The attention quickly shifted back to the urgent need. This approach is a great way to grab attention, draw readers in and make another ask. Not sure about you, but it usually gets my attention. The pig was featured throughout the email – header photo, headline and the clever subject line (“Make your honey happy as a pig in mud”).

10 Design Tips for Awesome Nonprofit Online Presentations

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Now, more than ever before, we need to secure the attention and devotion of our colleagues, most important donors, and supporters. The longer you keep a slide on screen, the greater the chance of losing your audience’s attention — no matter how good a speaker you might be.

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Nonprofit Advocacy: 4 Strategies You Should Consider

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This can be a sign to reevaluate your approach to some platforms or to consolidate your efforts and focus your attention where it has the greatest impact. Nonprofit advocacy campaigns give your supporters a new way to get involved while furthering your mission through grassroots action.

The Envelope(s), Please

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The Compelling headlines on the home page grab attention. In keeping with the grand tradition of creating innovative & award winning sites for our non profit clients, Beaconfire just won three Web Marketing Association 2010 Web Awards! Each site is judged on seven criteria, scored between 1-10: Design, Innovation, Content, technology, Interactivity, Copywriting, Ease of use.

What NOT To Do On Your Nonprofit’s Next Email Newsletter


It is your first chance to draw in a reader’s attention and get them interested in your your email;s content. Come up with some snappy titles and headlines that will attract clicks. Image courtesy of If your nonprofit has not edited its email newsletter in the last 6 months, it’s probably time. Your newsletter should be short, to the point, and have the capacity to quickly communicate an important message or update to the reader.