3 Ways Influencers Drive Engagement for Nonprofits


In honor of our upcoming webinar on the Power of Influencer Engagement , we asked Jeanette Russell from Attentive.ly about ways influencers can raise the visibility of your nonprofit campaign, help to grow your list, and also retain your best people. influencersHere are her insights!

Influencer Interview: Lisa Chimola

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The post Influencer Interview: Lisa Chimola appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. This week, our very own Randy Hawthorne got to sit down with Lisa Chimola, a fab lanthropy expert, who specializes in working with nonprofits to hone their gift planning skills.


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What is Influencer Marketing?


Here I am with a short video on influencer marketing, filmed as part of Encore Alert ‘s League of Extraordinary Marketers series (*blush*). Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing. The post What is Influencer Marketing? Short answer – human to human interaction.

The Power of Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits

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Influencer marketing —spreading the word about one’s product through social media influencers—has become big business in recent years. Research suggests that up to 87 percent of shoppers nowadays were inspired by an influencer to make a purchase—and experts believe the influencer industry could be a $10 billion business by 2020. How influencer marketing works. Think of influencer marketing as an amplified version of word-of-mouth.

Instagram Influencers and What We Know About Them

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Online influencers are the most powerful force online today for moving awareness, advocacy, and giving. But who are the influencers you need to know, and what do we know about them? First, I’d like to recommend you look for micro-influencers in particular — i.e. those with substantial but not huge followings. As I wrote about engaging everyday influencers in a recent piece, millennials are closely tracking and taking inspiration from these everyday influencers.

2 Minute Influence Test

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Every wonder how your Twitter postings influences others? Try it out and see what ideas it may spawn… Influence. Tags: Education and Training Marketing and Awareness twitter klout influence Free online tools such as Klout analyze your use of Twitter and gives you recommendations to be more influential.

Test 106

Optimizing Student Prospecting Efforts with Social Listening and Influencers

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Learn why social listening is important and how to find and use the influencers among prospective and existing students, alumni, and parents. Tapping into social listening enables you to leverage your best social influencers to strengthen your online campaigns and ultimately build a stronger prospective student pipeline. The Untapped Potential of Influencers. Your social media influencers are power users who represent your institution online. Find Your Influencers.

How World Wildlife Fund Used Segmentation to Activate Social Influencers for Their Cause

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Identify your social media influencers: WWF used Attentive.ly Send Segmented Email Reminders: During COP21, WWF sent emails to these Twitter influencers and asked them to retweet some key tweets: Urging Senate leadership to support the Green Climate Fund. With this in mind, WWF used social segmentation to send a targeted text message to their social influencers. Watch this recorded webinar to learn even Acmore about how World Wildlife Fund activated their influencers.

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How Social Media Influencers Fuel your Fundraising Goals


Since we opened our first Facebook pages, we’ve known that social media users are very different in their interactions, but trying, as an organization, to identify and understand our social media constituents as well as social media influencers based on their levels of interactions and the amount of influence they have in their networks has been difficult. Key Influencers are one of those “super social” people who you want to know. Key Influencers champion your cause.

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How To Build Community & Social Influence With Twitter Lists

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How To Build Community & Social Influence With Twitter Lists : 'via Blog this

Expanding the Reach of Nonprofits Through the Power of Influencers [Guest Post]


Read on for insights from Roz Lemieux, CEO at Attentive.ly , on how your nonprofit stands to gain from better leveraging the power of influencers. guest post engagement

5 Ways to Build Your Internet Presence – Guide for Up and Coming Influencers

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Being an influencer can be one of the most rewarding works one can do. The post 5 Ways to Build Your Internet Presence – Guide for Up and Coming Influencers appeared first on PhreeSite.com. It’s true that you need to put in a lot of work but the gain is considerably big too.

Are Millennial Runners Influenced by Philanthropy?

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This study also sought to understand if or how philanthropy has an influence on runners’ attitudes and behaviors toward running events. Nearly 42 million Americans are considered runners/joggers today, and approximately 18 million of those are between the ages of 18 and 34 years-old.

Top 20 Instagram Influencers of 2021 | Follow a new Fashion Trend

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Wondering who are the best influencers on Instagram? So, here are the leading and most exciting influencers to follow. The post Top 20 Instagram Influencers of 2021 | Follow a new Fashion Trend appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Leading Together 2019 is a gathering of leaders in philanthropy and other influencers in business, government, and academia eager to connect, learn, and share with one another. It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! These conferences range in size, location, and topic.

Econ 201: Macro Influences Impacting Micro Fundraising

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As a fundraiser, you are well aware of your internal program’s performance metrics. Changes in average gift sizes, donor retention rates, and revenue can all be tracked back to changes in your campaign strategies. But are you also stepping back and looking at how larger, macroeconomic forces may affect your results? A variety of factors drive donors’ giving behavior, some related to your organizational decisions and some related to the world around you.

[Guide for Nonprofits]: How to Engage Social Media Influencers to Extend Your Reach and Drive Action

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Social media influencers aren’t elusive. The key to engaging social media influencers at scale (especially if they are already on your email list) is to treat them as a distinct segment. This Quick Guide Includes: Why your campaigns need influencer marketing. 3 types of social media influencers and how social scoring works. Examples of how influencers drive engagement. What to include in your email to influencers (and what not to send). VIP Influencers.

3 Quick Tips to Help You Become a Twitter Influencer


Yet, many people have been able to climb the Twitter chain and become some major influencers on this platform. Digital marketing strategist Kim Garst says that obtaining influencer status is partially achieved by getting on your followers’ lists. With 591k followers of her own, Garst shares that this alone can give you more visibility in a manner that is “weighed very heavily as a factor in the influence rating system.”.

How Social Media Influencers Fuel your Fundraising Goals | NetWitsThinkTank.com

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How Social Media Influencers Fuel your Fundraising Goals | NetWitsThinkTank.com : Fortunately, research is weighing in with some great information that gives us insight into our social donors and potentials. With a new concept called Social Scoring, we now have a way to indentify and categorize the social media constituents in our databases by their reach or influence across their networks.

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How to Influence the Conversation Around Your Next Campaign

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Join our webinar, Influencing the Conversation on March 2nd with Attentive.ly Leverage Your Social Media Influencers. Influencers can extend your social reach and raise campaign visibility while adding social proof that other people support the cause. Amnesty successfully identified influencers that had already used the hashtag and asked them via DM to tweet during their global day of action which raised the profile of the campaign. You’re not paranoid.

15 Tweetable Social Media Statistics To Influence Your Marketing Strategy - SocialBro

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15 Tweetable Social Media Statistics To Influence Your Marketing Strategy - SocialBro : "Stop. We spend a lot of time reading about the trends sweeping the marketing world, and the growing influence of social media on customers purchase decisions. If you’re looking for the latest in marketing insights, here’s a collection of inspiring stats that will influence your strategy." ''via Blog this

Want Influence? Eliminate Blind Spots

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In this guest post, Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies offers insight to "help nonprofits and volunteer-led groups of all sizes navigate a trail of influence by identifying—and eliminating—blind spots before they sabotage change strategies.". management strategic planning leadership

How Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Nonprofit

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Welcome to the world of social media influencers. A social media influencer is essentially someone with a large following on social media platforms who has the ability to influence their followers. An article by Simply Measured narrowed influencers down to three characteristics that give someone this influencing power: reach, resonance and relevance. With these, the influencer is able to post on social media and rely on their followers to take action. .

How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content


Content markets are alway looking for new ways to encourage field influencers to share their work. But how does your organization get the attention of these big name influencers? The post How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Successfully partnering with visible experts in your non-profit’s area is an excellent way to make your content go viral.

Leverage Your Supporters' Influence and Follow Engagement with Social Share Tracking


Organizations have enormous untapped potential in the form of their supporters’ social networks and influence. To tap into this, you need know who shares your content, but more importantly, you want to know who is succeeding at referring new people – and donations - to your organization. Online Actions now allows you to track referrers who share your forms, both if they click the share asks, and also if those shares generate any new submissions.

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How to Win (Online) Friends and Influence People (on Social Media)


(Much like a rocket launch, getting off the ground online requires preparation.). twitter engagement campaigns social media

Our EveryAction Hero: Rock the Vote


This is where all the content we create, our work with influencers, and the distribution of civic education pieces comes in. Rock the Vote has been mobilizing the youth vote for almost 30 years. From GOTV to grassroots organizing, their efforts have helped create unprecedented levels of engagement from young people. We called up Jen Tolentino, Director of Policy & Civic Tech at Rock the Vote to talk about their mobilization strategy and the role of technology in organizing.

The Future of Fundraising: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits


The Future of Fundraising: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits. Influencer marketing leverages the power of popular figures to engage new supporters and lend authority to your nonprofit. Influencers: global word of mouth marketing. If you know the term ‘influencer’, it might conjure up images of selfie obsessed girls promoting weight-loss shakes and bikinis. However, the world of influencers is rapidly expanding, and influencers now come in all shapes and forms.

Science-ing the Sh*t out of Influencer Marketing


Interested in the science behind influencer marketing and social networking theory? …Being well-connected or strategically positioned within a social network may impact one’s ability to influence others more than the size of one’s following. So marketers should focus on two other factors that measure influence in a social network: “betweenness centrality” and closeness. Get a handful of influencers with high betweenness centrality talking about it.

Why buying influence is bad business

John Haydon

Influence-Gating Facebook. Josh – obviously no dummy – states clearly the potential upside of the Klout app: “The real potential of the Klout app comes in offering rewards of different values to users with different levels of influence. But bought influence is not real. Build Community influence kloutAs you can guess from the picture above (photoshop kudos go to moi), this is the post where I make enemies and lose subscribers.

Who and what influences giving decisions?

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This research begins to answer a few of the pressing questions, including: Who and what influences giving decisions? Influence, exposure, insight. In the giving realm, particularly in the world of major gifts the concept of influence is widely known and leveraged. Having the right board member influence or make “the ask” is a common and very successful practice. Author: Tad Druart.

How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action

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In his 1984 bestseller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion , he sums up his findings on the topic in six principles: reciprocation, social proof, commitment and consistency, liking, authority, and scarcity. Dr. Cialdini explains that it’s the influence someone’s peers have on them. Studies have shown that just looking successful or in charge ( even when it’s an act ) helps increase influence. Anybody from business owners to politicians can increase your influence.

SocMetrics: A Better Standard for Influence


The concept of “influence&# is very hot among PR, social media and community management folks these days. Everyone wants to discover the secret formula for influence, and there are several tools that claim to accurately measure influence. Klout bills itself as “The Standard for Influence,&# yet only pulls data from Twitter and Facebook. You can pull a report of influencers in technology who are also moms.

How to Influence People in Online Communities


I would argue, and many others have too, that Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great primer for social communities and, more importantly, for defining your Code of Conduct. Remembering that online communities need to be human, clearly stating your vision for the community and providing relatable tenets that establish the ground floor and not the ceiling of human interaction can ensure your community grows, influences, and wins friends.

[SLIDES] How to Identify Influencers the Right Way


Nice deck on Social Influence by Danny Brown, co-author of Influence Marketing , the book I pointed to a few days ago. “Today, influence is determined by how high a social score you have. But that dilutes what true influence is, and places the attention on the wrong people. ” Influence and Focusing on the Customer from Danny Brown.

How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content - Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology

AFP Blog

How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content - Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology : "Content markets are alway looking for new ways to encourage field influencers to share their work. Successfully partnering with visible experts in your non-profit’s area is an excellent way to make your content go viral." ''via Blog this

6 direct marketing methods to gain social media influencers : Page 1 of 2 : Target Marketing

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6 direct marketing methods to gain social media influencers : Page 1 of 2 : Target Marketing : 'm a big fan of social media. but it didn't occur to me until recently that social media could help direct marketers by leveraging influencers. I jumped on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., In other words, I was a purist—I was communicating on social media for the pure joy of talking to people, meeting them and learning.

Method 130

3 Ways to Identify Influencers for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign


Once you have your blog implemented, and content ready to be consumed, you’ll need to figure how to identify which influencers with whom you’ll want to build relationships. So how do you go about identifying these influencers? Another type of third party web resource is a blog or influence ranker or even a web-site aggregator. These are resources that include features like an influence measuring algorithm or social listening functionality.

It's About Impact NOT Influence


As more nonprofits get aggressive with their social media outreach, they are starting to take cues from the business sector about their own influence and finding “those influentials&# that they think are going to produce magical results. “Is it even possible to measure online influence, divorced from offline influence,&# asks Tom Webster over at BrandSavant [link]. Do you think your organization has clout or Klout ?

[Cool Social Tools] Mattr Segments Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers


—————– Segment Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers with Similar Values. There’s a common question amongst marketers who are new to influencer marketing- how can these tools assist in increasing our brand awareness in new and exciting ways? All you marketers holding out on adding influencer marketing to your current strategy, take note! How would an influencer marketing app like Mattr benefit my organization?

8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]


Breaking down and quantifying the points that influence a project's success will allow the best candidates to rise to the top, and will save you time by eliminating those responses that don't make the grade when it comes to your basic requirements. When your nonprofit needs a new vendor or consultant, the standard course of action is to send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) - indicating that your organization is interested in receiving information from vendors.

Is Influencer Marketing Part of Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Strategy in 2018?

Beth Kanter

According to Lee Odom , influencer marketing is one of those trends. Before social media, “Influencer Marketing,” was a matter of finding a celebrity who had an affinity for your organization’s brand or programs and the goal was to get them to talk about it with their audiences. Social Media has created an opportunity for people are not world famous to influence other people in their networks. Not all influencers are the same. Step 2: Identify influencers.

Leveraging Twitter Influencers to Drive Social Good – a Success Story from Free The Kids

Connection Cafe

I’ve decided that one of the next areas I want to put some concerted focus around is the topic of “influencing your influencers,” an area that’s really caught my eye for the past year. There are influencers and evangelists among all social media networks. One of the most recent examples I've seen that exemplifies this concept is from the organization Free The Kids that used its influencers earlier this year when the earthquake in Haiti struck.