Regional CAN Conference: Los Angeles


VisionLink''s Lois Ann Porter and Rene Alvarez are supporting lead staff from the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) today and tomorrow at a regional CAN Convening being held for representatives from the LA Region.

IHOP's National Pancake Day raises money for charity, crashes website | Chatter | Los Angeles Times

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IHOP's National Pancake Day raises money for charity, crashes website | Chatter | Los Angeles Times: "National Pancake Day has arrived and if one can judge success by a website, the fact that IHOP's site was down for hours is a testament to the delicious success of the promotion

Social Media Strategy: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles


Are you struggling with how to use social media? Or are you just beginning to explore how this new channel can help your nonprofit organization? Maybe you don’t even know what social media is yet? We can help you.

Using Social Media to Put a Face on Homelessness with Mark Horvath


My name is Mark and I live in Los Angeles which I affectionately call LaLa Land. Mark Horvath is a passionate guy with an incredible story.

Social Media for Nonprofits Conference August 14 in Los Angeles

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After 2011's sold out conference in Los Angeles, Social Media for Nonprofits is coming back on August 14 , featuring an all-star lineup sharing practical tips and tools for leveraging social media for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy. This guest post was authored by Ritu Sharma, Social Media for Nonprofits executive director and co-founder.

Nonprofit Organizational Culture Eats Big Data for Lunch

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

His views on the philanthropic world have appeared in The New York Times , The Washington Post , USA Today , The Los Angeles Times , and on National Public Radio.

Crowd Fundraising for the Arts: No Running, Walking, or Freezing Plunges Required

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The Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles launched a campaign to raise $66,000 in 60 days for their exhibition on Route 66 (they raised $61,000 – 92% of their goal). In 2011, in the name of raising money for the Special Olympics, I participated in the Polar Plunge.

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Start Your September with New Tech Skills

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Los Angeles, California: Nonprofit and Cause Marketing with Digital Media. Los Angeles, California: Too Important To "Go Viral" — How Bright Pink Scales Impact with Social Ads. Los Angeles, California: Can We Measure Social Impact?

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Find an Awesome Nonprofit Tech Training Near You

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The weather's getting cooler (except for our friends in Los Angeles!), Los Angeles, California: Can We Measure Social Impact? Los Angeles, California: Tech4Good Event. October is here, which means we can't ignore the fact that fall has arrived.

The #1 Reason You Need a Recurring Giving Program and 3 Expert Examples


Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The #1 Reason to Start a Recurring Giving Program. What’s the #1 Reason you need a recurring giving program, you ask? Let’s take a look. The lifetime value of an online acquired donor is roughly $128 dollars to your organization.

Tis the Season for Charity Gift Cards | Nonprofit Trends with.

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Tis the Season for Charity Gift Cards Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on November 9th, 2010 The Los Angeles Times had an article the other day called “Causes offers gift cards for charitable giving.&#

Can you make your cause this personal?

John Haydon

Yesterday at BlogWorld in Los Angeles, I had the awesome privilege of working with Stacey Monk (founder of Epic Change ) and Danielle Brigida (Social media Einstein at NWF ) on a panel about ways orgs can be more successful with social media. From Tanzania to Los Angeles.

How to Use Infographics to Bring Traffic to Your Site


Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Los Angeles who’s writing covers everything from social media marketing, to content development and web hosting. In order for your blog or website to stay alive and well, you need traffic.

Don’t Bring Your Phone in the Shower

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At the Durfee Foundation, we bring together nonprofit leaders from different fields to work on intractable problems in the Los Angeles region. Carrie Avery is president of the Durfee Foundation , a family foundation in Los Angeles, California. Flickr Photo by Helokee.

How non-profits become experts at Social Branding

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We First Social Branding seminar to be held in Los Angeles on February 1-2.

Breaking: Demographic Analysis of Your Instagram Audiences Is Now Possible


Top cities include New York (30.2%) and Los Angeles (7.7%), while top likes/interests include charity, yoga and wining/dining. Demographics Pro has just launched their new Instagram analytics tool.

13 Tools That Can Make Your Social Media Marketing Much Easier


———– Author Bio: Jessica Millis, a freelance writer and content creator from Los Angeles. The truth of the matter is that social media has transformed the way we do business and market our products.

Telling Your Story: NetSquared #Storymakers2017 Workshops for Nonprofits

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Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences. Los Angeles, California: Storymakers 2017 with TechSoup and Adobe Spark. Here at TechSoup, we're big on stories.

Start 2017 by Building Your Tech Skills and Community

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Los Angeles, California: Muslims in Tech. Los Angeles, CA: WordPress for Nonprofits — Tech Surgery.

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Non-Profit Leaders as Personal Brands

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Plus, if you order this week only (November 15 th – 21 st ), you’ll receive TWO free tickets to the Social Branding Seminar in Los Angeles, California in March 2013. Click to See Larger Image.

Finding a Community of Nonprofit Technology Experts

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Los Angeles, California: Creating Community with Digital Tech. Los Angeles, California: Digital Marketing Causes and Nonprofits. What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts?

Newly Released With “Look Inside!” Functionality! Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

11/10 :: Los Angeles, CA. Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits is now fully released to the public in both print and digital format. You can now also “Look Inside!&# to preview the first 11 pages.

Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits

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Los Angeles, California: Summer Social. Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences. NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings. but we all know that meetings are boring!

Familiarity Breeds Love…and a Desire for Things to Stay the Same: Guest Post by Karen Wise

Museum 2.0

Visitors in front of the African Elephant Diorama at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC photo) This guest post was written by Karen Wise, Vice President, Education and Exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. “I

5 Tips For Improving Your Nonprofit’s Instagram


The National History Museum of Los Angeles does a great job of highlighting their staff in their Instagram posts. Like it or not, social media is evolving. New platforms are arriving and garnering more attention and engagement than others. Instagram is a rising social platform on its way to becoming one of the most important social media outlets around.

Are You Being Left Behind as Technology Ushers In a Whole New Approach to Philanthropy? #CoFLA

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That was the topic floated in the fishbowl during the ”Post-Modern Communication for 21st Century Foundations” panel organized and facilitated by Barbara Osborn @libertyhill at the Council on Foundations Annual Conference in Los Angeles.

Getting Social with Your Local Nonprofit Tech Community

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Highlights this month include a happy hour in Durham , some social shenanigans in Los Angeles , and a summer social in Victoria. Los Angeles, California: Social Shenanigans. Webinars are awesome, and so are blog posts.

Treat Your Website Project Like an Investment Rather than an Expense

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It's also trusted by institutions like Greenpeace, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Red Cross, and the White House. Every day, cultural and nonprofit institutions face unique challenges while working towards a mission with a small technical staff and digital budget.

Upcoming Nonprofits Live: DIY Blogging

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Will describes himself as a "latte-drinking, bike-riding, taco-loving, media-making social justice do-gooder, originally from North Carolina now living in Los Angeles." " He has been an advocate and organizer with immigrants and refugees in Charlotte, New York/Newark, and Los Angeles, as well as in Zimbabwe and Great Britain, for organizations including Detention Watch Network.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

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Los Angeles, California: Data Visualization with Tableau Public and Power BI. Los Angeles, California: LGBTQ & Tech!

Need Hands-on Help? NetSquared's Free Workshops Are in Your Community

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Los Angeles, California: LGBTQ and Tech! Los Angeles, California: YouTube for Nonprofits. Technology helps nonprofits deliver on our missions more effectively, but it can also be fiendishly complicated.

How Helpful is Teaching Nonprofits How to Fish?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Likewise, our study last year of 263 nonprofits in Los Angeles County for the Weingart Foundation (see “ Fortifying L.A.’s Flickr Photo by Minarae.

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Six Things Nonprofits Should Know About Facebook Ads

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Are you a resource center for parents of children with Autism in Los Angeles, and looking to engage with college educated, stay-at-home parents? Note From Beth: Here’s some quick tips on using Facebook Ads.

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Social Media for Social Good e-Book Version Now Available for Download!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

11/10 :: Los Angeles, CA. I tell ya. It’s a surreal feeling to know that someone could be reading your book right now… on the subway, in a cafe, or at a park in any city, anywhere in the world.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Mentoring A Priority

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, I was an invited guest at an entrepreneurial program for underprivileged youth called In True Fashion that runs out of Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) in Los Angeles. Mentors: Bobby Deleon and Michel Daniel and students from ECHS - Speed Networking.

The Most Generous Online Giving Cities in the U.S.

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Los Angeles. Online fundraising continued its double-digit growth in 2013, retaining the mantle as the fastest growing fundraising channel, growing at 13.5% according to Blackbaud’s most recent Charitable Giving Report.

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Social Media for Nonprofits Conference Series Launches in SF

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is the launch event in a seven-city series, which is also touring Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta. On June 29, I’ll be participating at conference in San Francisco called Social Media for Nonprofits that launches a seven-city conference event focusing on answering the question: “How can resource-strapped community-based organizations seize the opportunities presented by this new landscape?&#.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Center for Nonprofit Management / Los Angeles, CA / Price TBA. Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) / Los Angeles, CA / Not available.

SocialCoding4Good: Mobilizing Technology and Volunteerism for Transformative Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

SocialCoding4Good will be attending Mashable’s Social Good Summit in New York September 22-24, and A Billion+ Change’s Envisioning the Future of Corporate Service event in Los Angeles on October 1. Benetech, like many nonprofit organizations building open source software for social good, often relies upon the contributions of experienced software developers to help its solutions grow and scale.

How to (or not to) Use Snapchat for Your Nonprofit

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Prices don’t vary by location either, so covering an entire block (about 190,000 square feet) in Los Angeles costs the same as a block in Lincoln, NE; under $10 for two hours. Like frosted tips and neon windbreakers, to most, Snapchat seemed like nothing more than a funky fad.