Report calls for shift to more equitable evaluation practices


A report from the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations highlights how foundations are working to integrate an equity lens into their evaluation practices. Reprinted from PND.

5 Steps to Evaluate Employee Learning Performance


Read the article to know the 5 steps organizations can follow to evaluate their Employee Learning Performance


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How can organizations build an effective performance evaluation system?


To improve the performance of employees, it is important to have the right standards on which their performance could be evaluated. Read more to know how organizations can build an effective performance evaluation system

Nonprofit Technology Assessment: Evaluate Your Tech

DNL OmniMedia

A nonprofit technology assessment is an evaluation of the digital maturity of your organization. The post Nonprofit Technology Assessment: Evaluate Your Tech appeared first on DNL OmniMedia, Inc.

Are You an "Accidental Evaluator?"


Director of Evaluation. Regardless of your personal or organization’s viewpoint on the use of data, you, like many nonprofit professionals, may be asked to serve as an “accidental evaluator:” you may not be trained in evaluation, but you are asked to do it anyway as part of your job. Data evaluation measuring impact Program Laura Beals. Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Boston.

Evaluating Evaluation: Behind the scenes of NTEN's new worksheets


"Check your assumptions at the meeting room door" and other lessons learned from NTEN's meta-evaluation process. Evaluating our evaluation. And in evaluating our evaluation process, we found that it was the people and not the data that needed to be addressed further. Data evaluation idealware Leadership Amy Sample Ward.

Evaluation and being a learning organization

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Beth Kanter tweeted about an article by Gale Berkowitz relating to evaluation, which I found really fascinating – it is a must read. In this article, Gale points to an interesting shift within her organization (the Packard Foundation): “Over the past four years we have been shifting from evaluation for proof or accountability (“Did the program work?”) to evaluation for program improvement (“What did we learn that can help us make the program better?”).&#.

Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

This call spurred the increasing demand for program evaluation. In your organization, this may look like negative attitudes toward evaluation, poor research designs and collecting data but not using the data. The root problem here is poor evaluation capacity.

Reflection and Evaluation

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Reflection and Evaluation March 10, 2008 Michele Martin, one of my fave bloggers, has a great post today on Reflective Practice. One question I asked all of them was about whether they had a process of reflection and evaluation of their work, as it was going on, and when the project was coming to a close.

“The Power of Dialogue on Nonprofit Data and Evaluation.”

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

I’m doing a happy dance, because the Foundation Center ‘s GrantSpace blog has published my article on “The Power of Dialogue on Nonprofit Data and Evaluation.” Happy dance. This is a blog article about a blog article.

How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of A Training Program?


While it is important to ensure that the employees are put through a right set of training sessions, it is equally important to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

Strategies for Program Evaluation in the 21st Century


The only way to know is to roll up our sleeves and evaluate. This article highlights a technology-based program evaluation strategy, using research from Idealware’s new report, Understanding Software for Program Evaluation. idealware Infrastructure Kyle Henri Andrei Leadership nptech nten program evaluation Strategy Program Kyle Henri Andrei. Research Analyst. Idealware. Does your organization know if your programs are working?

A Guide to Evaluating Networks

Beth Kanter

This was fairly early in the Foundation’s exploration of networks and Madeleine came in to discuss her approach to evaluating networks. Fast forward five years, Madeleine has published a new guide on evaluating networks. A Guide to Evaluating Networks – Guest Post By Madeleine Taylor. We now have thoughtful responses to evaluative questions such as: What are key factors for success in building a network? Three pillars of focus in network evaluation.

Getting Technology to Work for Your Evaluation Needs


Director of Evaluation. Your guide to choosing a database your evaluation goals can love. A few months ago, I asked, “ Are You an Accidental Evaluator ?” Luckily, there is a lot of available technology to support evaluation, but the process to determine what you need can be overwhelming and potentially very costly if you choose wrong. Data data analysis data culture evaluation IT Staff Laura Beals. Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Boston.

Evidence = Funding: A new blueprint for evaluation plans


The White House's Social Innovation Fund has developed a new program evaluation guide based on best practices. The Social Innovation Fund, one of the first of these tiered evidence initiatives, is committed to investing in evidence and evaluation that help prove and improve promising models. Data evaluation grantmaking social innovation fun Strategy Fundraising Michael D. Smith. Director. Social Innovation Fund.

Evaluating and Streamlining Your Annual Budget Process

Connection Cafe

Here’s a convenient checklist for evaluating and selecting the right budgeting solution for your organization. Mention the phrase annual budget review and you might hear a collective groan from department managers and the accounting department.

My ever expanding theory of change for nonprofit data and evaluation

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

collaboration nptech outcomes alignment analytics causal relationship causality data data analysis data analytics democratizing the data evaluation funders grant makers impact nonprofit nonprofit data strategy theory of change

How grant makers and nonprofit grant recipients can do great things together with data and evaluation

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

It took Tech Networks of Networks almost two years to organize and implement a series of candid dialogues about data and evaluation for grantors and nonprofit grantees, and now it’s complete. Talking about and planning the evaluation process well before the grant begins.

Grant 52

Human Services Nonprofits Reveal Struggle to Evaluate Their Outcomes

Tech Soup Blog

Of course nonprofits’ ability to accurately evaluate their impact is married to their funding. Grantee evaluation is a perennial hot topic in the foundation world, nonprofit evaluation is a lucrative industry in universities, and there is a whole high tech industry emerging to rate charities online led by Charity Navigator. How Much Time Is Spent on Evaluation? Obstacles to Evaluation. What struggles have you had with evaluation?

Software for Program Evaluation: What's Your Organization's Strategy?

Tech Soup Blog

Most nonprofits conduct some kind of program evaluation, whether it’s simply keeping track of how many people have been directly helped by an organization’s services or complex multi-year studies of a program’s effects on the larger community. There is a wealth of resources out there for a nonprofit looking to design a logic model or define indicators, and lots of smart people have plenty to say about program evaluation as a discipline.

Evaluating Networks and their Effectiveness

Beth Kanter

I entered the community as a foundation evaluator wanting to find the best strategies and tools for documenting and learning about networks but also for measuring those difficult-to-pin-down outcomes and impact. My list of new ideas and followup items gained from colleagues this week challenges me to think harder about not only WHAT to evaluate with networks but also HOW and WHY. Evaluation can also help foundations get the feedback they need to modulate their role and influence.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Kelly Fitzsimmons on a New Blueprint for Evaluation Plans


Smith described the White House''s Social Innovation Fund (SIF) , which has developed a new program evaluation guide based on best practices. Data grants management program evaluation Fundraising Program Kelly Fitzsimmons. Vice President, Chief Program and Strategy Officer. Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. How can a foundation understand *how* a program works, not just *if* a program works? In a recent guest article, Michael D.

Every nonprofit needs a theory of change for its technology.and for its evaluation process

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

This kind of thinking has lead to a lot of conversations (and a lot of anxiety) in the nonprofit sector about performance measurement, outcomes management, evaluation, and impact assessment.

How to check website Score using Evaluation Tools

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The post How to check website Score using Evaluation Tools appeared first on Are you want to get a better rank on Big G? Do You want to why your content not get ranked? We suggest you check your SEO score at first! It is a matter of concern for website owners when their website is not performing up to the mark. The most common issue for website owners.

Predictive Program Evaluation: Don't React, Predict


To truly understand the power of a predictive program evaluation solution, let's first discuss three common misconceptions that many nonprofit organizations have. Any type of program evaluation tends to be reactive: something went right, so we keep on doing it, or something went wrong, so we try to fix it. We call this predictive program evaluation, which is fueled by predictive analytics. Mary Grace Bateman. Market Manager.

My Notes from Next Generation Evaluation Meeting

Beth Kanter

The opening keynote by Hallie Preskill, Managing Director, FSG talked about the trends setting the stage for new evaluation methods, but also cautioned that these methods would not replace traditional methods. These methods included: Developmental Evaluation , Shared Measurement , and Big Data. These approaches have the potential to change how nonprofits and funders view of evaluation in a significant way. I followed the developmental evaluation thread most closely.

Guest Post by Gale Berkowitz: Evaluation for Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: This post, Evaluation for Learning , was originally published as a guest post on the Good blog as a response to “ How Might We Celebrate Learning through Evaluation? I'm republishing here because I think several of the principles for evaluation that Gale outlines are very important to approaching how you pilot, monitor, and improve your social media strategy over time so it has impact or ROI. In truth, evaluations rarely are either one or the other.

How Should Funders Evaluate Charities?


When I’m evaluating a charity for a client who is looking to make a significant donation to a nonprofit, I measure 4 key things: 1. The three powerhouses, Guidestar, Charity Navigator, and Better Business Bureau, that foundations, philanthropists, and donors use to seek out information and ratings about nonprofits released an open letter to the nonprofit and foundation world yesterday.

Next Generation Evaluation: Embracing Complexity, Connectivity, and Change

Beth Kanter

Last spring at the “ Advancing Social Media Measurement for Foundations ” meeting convened by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, practitioners from social media, measurement, evaluation, programs, communication, and philanthropy worked on a synthesis of these disciplines to address measurement. ” So, I’m very curious about what is next the generation of evaluation? These approaches have the potential to change how we view evaluation in a significant way.

Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth Kanter

Our session will share lots of great advice about what to do before , during , and after leading an effective technology training. Using the ADDIE for designing your workshop, you arrive at the “E” or evaluation. There are two different methods to evaluate your training. Evaluation is one of my favorite parts of the instructional design or training process. to define the four levels of training evaluation. Formative Evaluation.

Webinar Recap: Short Evaluations of Real Websites

Tech Soup Blog

On November 10, we had a different kind of webinar here at TechSoup called Short Evaluations of Real Websites. enough to offer their websites up to be evaluated in a public webinar. During the hour, web design experts Susanne Hempel and Steve Williams (both from SAP , a donor partner of TechSoup) took a look at four websites from various. organizations around the country. These organizations were gracious. forum, and I want to send my whole-hearted appreciation out to them.

Creating Your Own Lens: 4 Tips for Evaluating Fundraising Advice

Connection Cafe

Rather than ignore all advice or grow frustrated by the differing opinions, keep reading — it expands your mind—but create your own lens for evaluating advice. 4 Tips for Evaluating Fundraising Advice : Look at the credentials of the writers you respect. Evaluate it. If you’re like me, you probably receive a number of e-newsletters related to fundraising , as well as a print publication or two.

How To Evaluate Your Customer Service Phone Team

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Timm that you can use to evaluate your organization's customer service via the phone: 1. Every business leader should periodically call his/her company to observe how their customers are being treated by their employees -- because, all too often a phone conversation becomes a customer turnoff rather than a relationship builder. So, here's a checklist that is primarily from sales expert and author Paul R.

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How to Evaluate Your Fit with the Executive Director


From Giving Back : FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How to Evaluate Your Fit with the Executive Director. The post FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How to Evaluate Your Fit with the Executive Director appeared first on BoardAssist. Having a strong partnership with the Executive Director of the board you are considering joining is one of the most important things that influences whether someone has a rewarding board experience.

FAQ 50

Adventures in Evaluating Participatory Exhibits: An In-Depth Look at the Memory Jar Project

Museum 2.0

THE RESEARCH The challenge, of course, was to figure out how to evaluate the experience in a way that would help us identify the power of the project. I think most of us are familiar with interview and survey-based evaluation methods. Anna did two types of quantitative evaluation of the jars: she analyzed the jar contents, looking at how full the jars were. This was used to evaluate the amount of emotional energy dedicated to the jar activity.

Upcoming Webinar on November 10: Short Evaluations of Real Websites

Tech Soup Blog

Pacific time for Short Evaluations of Real Websites. Curious to see what website experts really think when they look at a website? Join us on Thursday, November 10 at 11 a.m. This free one-hour webinar is presented in cooperation with SAP , a TechSoup donor partner. During the hour, web design experts Susanne Hempel and Steve Williams will take a look at a succession of real nonprofit and library websites.

How To Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Eric Jacobson

How to Evaluate Your Leadership Style By Ken Blanchard, Co-author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life Today, I'm going to give a short, one-question quiz. When a person learns that you won't become defensive or hostile when he or she gives you an honest evaluation about your style, you'll find that you'll be given many nuggets of truth which are extremely valuable.

API Evaluation Framework is here! | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

» API Evaluation Framework is here! Posted Thursday, January 17th, 2008 at 3:22 pm by Michael Cervino (11 posts) An important and highly useful evaluation framework for APIs is now available from Idealware — Getting Your Systems Talking: A Framework to Evaluate APIs and Data Exchange Features. The API Framework includes an Excel evaluation tool you can use. What’s important to focus on in these evaluations. API Evaluation Framework is here! [.]

API 41

How To Evaluate Your Leadership Style

Eric Jacobson

Ken Blanchard , author of, Great Leaders Grow , shares today's guest post: How to Evaluate Your Leadership Style By Ken Blanchard, Co-author of Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life Today, I'm going to give a short, one-question quiz. When a person learns that you won't become defensive or hostile when he or she gives you an honest evaluation about your style, you'll find that you'll be given many nuggets of truth which are extremely valuable.

2009 NTC Preview: Karen Michaelson on Evaluation


Time is a luxury we don't have in our line of work -- which is why I think so many of us resist evaluation. Evaluation helps us do our work better, and we all want to do our work better. The trick for our sector is going to be moving evaluation from that thing you do when you can force yourself to sit down for a few minutes to that thing that happens as you do your work. As nonprofits, we're focused on action, all the time.

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Nonprofit Video ROI


It used to be that everyone was asking us for a “viral” video. Now everyone is asking us how to measure video Return on Investment (ROI). Video ROI is a topic we think a lot about at See3 and, unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer or one that fits every organization. Generally, we [.].

Week 5: Evaluation: Technology ROI


Questions: 7. Attempts allowed: Unlimited. Available: Always. Pass rate: 75 %. Backwards navigation: Allowed. Start quiz

9 Things to Look for When Evaluating a Grant Proposal

Connection Cafe

Ensuring that your foundation makes impactful grants to the right nonprofit partners starts with a thorough proposal evaluation. To help you better evaluate submissions so that you are set up for success, here are nine items you should look for in any grant proposal: Organization Background & Experience: Has this organization run similar programs in the past—similar budgets, focus area, geography?