5 Reasons Sponsors Ignore Your Emails

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This article was originally published on The Sponsorship Collective website. Email is a fabulous tool to help warm up cold calls…except when it isn’t! I hear from clients and colleagues all the time that their e-mails are not producing results. They send out 1,000 emails and hear nothing back. I have had excellent results using email to help open doors and I see truly horrible examples of email marketing every day. Let’s talk about why nobody is replying to your emails. YOU TRY TO MAKE THE SALE.

Ready To Start Building Sponsor Partnerships?

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Here''s an overview of a new article in our Hub by Joe Waters designed to help non-profits start building sponsor partnerships. sponsors-Fundraising Is your non-profit or association taking full advantage of sponsorships?

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[FREE WEBINAR] How Your Nonprofit Can Recruit & Retain Digital Sponsors

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Nonprofits of all sizes are invited to join this webinar to learn how to recruit and retain digital sponsors for online events and campaigns. << View All Upcoming Webinars >> The post [FREE WEBINAR] How Your Nonprofit Can Recruit & Retain Digital Sponsors appeared first on Nonprofit Tech for Good. Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Presented by: Dana Bakich , Founder and CEO of Positive Equation.

The One Thing Every Sponsor Wants (And Nobody is Doing)

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There is one thing that your sponsors want more than anything else and nobody is doing it. Sponsorship Expert Chris Baylis tells you what that thing is and how to do it. sponsorship

Taking Event Sponsor Relationships to New Levels

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Here are some tips and ideas to help you take your event sponsor relationships to new heights. events sponsorship

The Five Things Corporate Sponsors Want From Nonprofits

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So how can you ensure a successful relationship with your corporate sponsor? The sooner you understand that the more you can advocate for your sponsor. Corporate sponsors want to see their logo anywhere and everywhere on event collateral. Corporate sponsors want to be recognized for their generosity: Acknowledge them in public speeches, board meetings and interviews with the press. Ask your staff to thank the sponsor on their individual social media platforms.

How Kids Are Heroes Gets Sponsors With Twitter (VIDEO)

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Success Stories Corporate Sponsors Kids Are Heroes TwitterKids Are Heroes is an organization I’ve been following, writing about and supporting for over three years now, and I finally got the opportunity to meet Gabe O’Neill, who helped his daughter Mary Margaret, create the organization. As we spoke he told me an amazing story about how he used Twitter to create a partnership with Kibooku, a social networking site for kids.

Treating Event Sponsors as Major Gifts Prospects

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Do you dismiss your event sponsors after your event is over? Instead of taking an event-centric approach, focus on cultivating long-term relationships with event sponsors. Many organizations are guilty of this practice and it can make an individual or business feel used, undervalued, and less than invested in your organization’s success. Give them the same… Education

Seeking Sponsors for 2019 Free Monthly Webinars, Tweet Chats, Instagram Takeovers, and Blog Posts

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1) Sponsored Posts . I’ll continue to post on occasion, but the majority of posts will be written by individual guest bloggers or sponsors. View: Sponsored Post Submission and Content Guidelines. View: Sponsored Posts on Nonprofit Tech for Good. Sponsors can help me do that and in the process reach thousands of nonprofit professionals. Sponsors can choose which webinars they’d like sponsor or in some cases, present their own webinar.

Storymakers 2014 Sponsors and Community Partners

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This campaign would not be possible without our sponsors and community support. Thank you to the following campaign sponsors for their support of Storymakers 2014. And thank you to our community sponsors. community storymakers2014 sponsors community digital storytelling Storymakers 2014 is here. TechSoup's annual digital storytelling campaign combines webinars, a global tweet-chat, expert-for-a-day visits, original content and a $13,000 award competition.

How Sponsors Are Not Mentors, And Why You Need A Sponsor

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"Sponsors are not mentors. Sponsors are powerful leaders who see potential in you and, provided you give them 110 percent, will go out on a limb to make things happen for you," explains author Sylvia Ann Hewlett in her new book, Executive Presence. She adds that because sponsors have a vested interest in how you turn out (your reputation now being linked with their own), they will give you the kind of feedback that mentors can''t or won''t.

eNews: Corporate Sponsors, Communication Mix, and Beyond


11 Ways to Improve your Sponsorship Packages with Online Perks If your organization works with corporate sponsors, you've probably put some thought into defining the different levels of sponsorship and what to include in each. Such perks can help lure new sponsors by offering a return on their investment beyond just a charitable contribution or can tempt existing sponsors to increase their donation. PublishDate: June 2012. June 2012.

1-On-1 With Nicole Walters: Relevance Rules In Engaging Members and Sponsors

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This is the first of two posts offering highlights of our interview with Nicole Walters of the San Diego Venture Group. Advisory-Series

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How to Move Your Nonprofit Forward During COVID-19 with Virtual Fundraising Events

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We then shifted all communications to an “Online Auction” event, transition ticket purchases into auction credit or donations, sponsor dollars into auction credit and online marketing, and schedule virtual happy hours every night of our 5 day auction.”. “[I]

Top 12 Features Membership Organizations & Associations Should Look for in a CRM

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CRM Fundraising Sponsored PostWritten by Findjoo , this is the first post in a series of three about best practices in digital marketing and fundraising for membership organizations and associations. Running an organization can be a big challenge.

How to Recruit Remote Volunteers During COVID-19 Using RemoteHub

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Sponsored Post Volunteer TechBy Julia Boyun , Marketing Manager at RemoteHub – a job and volunteer marketplace and community that connects and matches companies and nonprofit organizations with remote professionals.

8 Key Pain Points in Planning a Golf Fundraiser & How Technology Can Help

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It needs to be easy for players and sponsors to commit and submit payment, and easy for event organizers to manage inbound registrations and sponsor information. Fundraising Sponsored Post

Can Your Non-Profit Use Social Media To Add Value For Corporate Sponsors?

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This video is from the same event called “ The 140-Character Mission: Social Media & Entrepreneurship “, and shows Joe Waters talking about how Boston Medical Center uses social media to add value for their corporate sponsors. Tips Corporate Sponsors partnering with corporate donors I published a video last week of Brian Halligan talking about how non-profits can use Social Media.

5 Things That Nonprofits Wish They Knew Three Months Ago

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Don’t be afraid to reach out to event sponsors, grant funders and major donors to see if they’d be willing to work with you on how unspent funds are allocated, such as event table sponsorships. Fundraising Sponsored Post

The Science of Nonprofit Video Engagement: How To Use Emotion to Increase Social Sharing

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Sponsored Post Video MarketingBy Doug Scott , the founder of Tectonic Video , a leading video agency for nonprofits. He and his team work with nonprofits across the U.S. and around the world to create award-winning videos that drive results.

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DonorSearch sponsors Nonprofit Sector Leadership Report

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It was put together by the phenomenal Marc Pitman of The Fundraising Coach blog and sponsored by DonorSearch. Check out The Nonprofit Sector Leadership Report by The Concord Leadership Group. Check out the infographic below for some of the report highlights and visit this page to download the report in full. Education

3 Easy Ways to Get New Email Subscribers and Drive Donor Growth

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Email Marketing Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Josh Kashorek , Director of Marketing at Journity , and advocate for using data to create high-performance nonprofit marketing campaigns. Every nonprofit needs two things to drive sustainable growth: new contacts and new donors.

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The Top Charity Event Ideas to Know for 2020

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Paige Kutliek , SEO Manager at GoFundMe Charity – an easy-to-use platform that helps nonprofits raise money by offering robust fundraising features , such as custom branding, registration and ticketing, advanced data reporting, and customizable donate buttons.

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How Micro-Donations Can Make a Big Impact for Your Nonprofit

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Kaley Aposporos , Content Writer at GoFundMe Charity. In the nonprofit industry, we often hear the phrase “every dollar counts” or “together, we can make a big difference.” And there’s a reason for that. Time over time, we’ve seen what nonprofit communities can do when we rally together to support a cause. As large donors tighten their spending, you may be wondering how to get charity donations during a global pandemic.

Planning a Golf Fundraiser in Uncertain Times: Technology Offers Time Savings & Flexibility

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Promote your event through email, social media, and text messages by sharing a link to your website, where players and sponsors can register instantly. With an event website, players and sponsors can register online at their convenience. Plus, when you’re managing registrations from a web-based interface, teams, sponsors, and other information can be updated by your team or by the golf facility’s staff in real time. Fundraising Sponsored Post

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Embedded Philanthropy Blog Series, Sponsored by Telecom for Charity

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Social Actions is convening the "Embedded Philanthropy Blog Series, Sponsored by Telecom for Charity " in order to draw attention to the practice of embedding donations to nonprofits in the sale of commercial goods and services.

Best Practices for Golf Fundraisers: 10 Tips for Nonprofits

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Are you looking for meaningful ways to build relationships with donors and sponsors? Get on the radars of players and sponsors beginning at least a few months ahead of the event. This makes it easy for players and sponsors to commit, before they get interrupted or pulled away.

5 Call-to-Actions for Your Nonprofit’s Donation Confirmation Page

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Christy Noel , Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at MobileCause – a company that pioneered text-to-donate and also offers an extensive suite of online, mobile and event fundraising solutions.

3 Ways to Manage & Grow Major Donor Relationships

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They build wings in museums, sponsor new research at hospitals, and provide large amounts of financial support for special projects. You can link together the charitable sponsor (i.e; Instantly send personalized acknowledgements to big donors and charitable sponsors.

A Huge Thanks to Change the Web's Sponsors!

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Without the support of our sponsors & partners, this wouldn't have been possible! Change the Web's Host: Official Sponsors: Supporting Sponsor: Technology Partners: Media Sponsors While Social Actions' Change the Web Challenge is still ongoing (The Judges are in the midst of reviewing the 24 finalists + using the web for change is a constant campaign!) - the Challenge has undoubtedly been a huge success!

How Nonprofits Can Track Google Grant Conversions in Google Analytics

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Google Sponsored PostBy Grant Hensel , CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone – an agency that specializes in Google Grant management for nonprofits. Nonprofit Megaphone is Google Certified and supports over 300 nonprofit clients. The Google Grant gives nonprofits $10,000/month to spend on ads in Google Search. But as part of this award, nonprofits are required to set up and maintain conversion tracking on their website.

3 Ways to Spotlight Your Monthly Giving Program on #GivingTuesday

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Fundraising Sponsored PostThis post is part of Your #GivingTuesday Game Plan , a new nonprofit resource hub by DonorPerfect that offers interactive Giving Tuesday communication templates that you can fill in and integrate into your campaign. A monthly giving program is the most effective and effortless way to retain #GivingTuesday donor support beyond the 24-hour social media buzz.

5 Social Media Templates for Nonprofit Fundraising Events

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Fundraising Social Media Sponsored PostBy Emily Rose Patz , Senior Copywriter at DonorPerfect. Check out these social media post templates for ideas of post themes and content format for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. Just plug your content into the placeholders, and you’re good to go. 1) Introduce your event theme with eye-catching imagery.

Five Reasons Your Sponsorship Prospects Ignore Your Emails

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cold-call sponsor emails sponsorshipWondering why your emails asking for sponsorship aren't getting any responses? Chris Baylis, CEO of The Sponsorship Collective knows exactly why. Read his five reasons why your sponsorship emails are being ignored and what to do about it.

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8 Best Practices for Nonprofit Event Fundraising

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Fundraising Sponsored PostOkay, so you’ve decided you’re going to throw a nonprofit fundraising event… virtual high fives. Nonprofit fundraising events can be a great opportunity to bring the support of donors, volunteers, and fundraisers together in real life to rally around your cause, whether it’s through a nationwide 5k or a local bowl-a-thon. And while charity events can be important for raising funds for your cause, it’s no secret they can also be a lot of work.

5 Essential Free Online Courses for Nonprofit Professionals

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Sponsored Post TechnologyBy Alec Green , Chief Marketing Evangelist at NonprofitReady.org , an online hub of 400+ free online courses in topics ranging from fundraising to grant writing, leadership to program management. Too often, nonprofit professionals don’t receive the training they need.

How to Identify, Grow, and Retain Your Most Loyal Donor Base

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Fundraising Sponsored PostYour most loyal donors are your multichannel donors. Multichannel donors support you in every way possible. They follow you on social media, donate to your cause, rally their Facebook friends, and participate in your events. You should want all of your donors to interact with your organization the way multichannel donors do!

The Essential Tech Elements for Virtual Fundraising Events

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It acts as the central hub for both you and your donors by providing all the important information about your virtual event in one place, including call-to-action buttons for giving, sponsoring, supporting, volunteering and more. Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Christy Noel , Vice President of Digital Fundraising Services at MobileCause. In the new world of social distancing and limited in-person gatherings, nonprofits everywhere are embracing virtual fundraising events and campaigns.

Is Your Nonprofit Half Way to Your 2020 Fundraising Goal$?

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Christy Smaglio , Instructional Writer at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Raising funds for your cause takes constant dedication and focus, and nothing helps you gain focus better than setting a game plan. Creating measurable goals with actionable items is vital to a fundraising strategy, and just as important is checking in to see how you’re doing.

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Online Fundraising: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Do to Be Compliant

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Sharon Cody , Partnership Manager at Harbor Compliance , a leading provider of compliance solutions for nonprofits.

4 Tips to Increase Conversions on Your Online Giving Page

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Fundraising Sponsored PostBy Christy Noel , Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at MobileCause – a company that pioneered text-to-donate and also offers an extensive suite of online, mobile and event fundraising solutions. She advises nonprofits to accelerate their fundraising and engagement efforts through giving and marketing strategies via digital technologies.