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6 Reasons Why Nonprofits & Golf Tournament Sponsors Love Digital Exposure

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Strategically designing sponsorships that include digital exposure boosts event revenue and keeps sponsors coming back year after year. Here are six reasons why both nonprofits and sponsors love digital. A professional, attractive event website that showcases sponsor logos provides instant credibility.

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Member Value Equals Sponsor Value


The post Member Value Equals Sponsor Value appeared first on.orgSource. One of my personal pandemic resets taught me that sometimes a sudden challenge is also an “aha moment”. Of the many shifts in strategy.orgCompanies made over the last year,orgCommunity’s approach to sponsorship […].

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Sponsor a Symposium

NonProfit PRO

You should consider sponsoring a symposium for a variety of reasons. Internal and external forces continue to cause dynamic shifts in the way we process and implement strategies for success. Most recently, I participated in a symposium that was successful.

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Finding The Right Sponsors For Your 2023 Golf Event

NonProfit PRO

Sponsorships are the bread and butter of a golf tournament’s fundraising power, but oftentimes organizations and fundraisers aren't sure where to start or who to target as sponsors.

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What is Sponsored Content and How To Make It (The Right Way)

Association TV

Welcome to the land of sponsored content. What is sponsored content? What is sponsored content? Sponsored content is what happens when those worlds collide like chocolate and peanut butter to make a delicious snack. You can see in the last line of text, this article is sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Allergan.

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Who To Target As Sponsors For Your Golf Event

NonProfit PRO

Find out what businesses are looking for when sponsoring golf events, who you should target, and how to get started. Sponsorships are vital to the success of your golf fundraiser, bringing in crucial revenue while opening doors for partnerships and longer-term support.

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How to Get Film Festival Sponsors

The Sponsorship Collective

Through my career in the sponsorship industry, one thing I realized many years ago is that attracting the right festival sponsors is an art in itself, whether that be film, music, food, or arts. It takes experience to become adept in this field, as the subtle nuances involved with film festival sponsorship are varied and […]

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