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6 Tips for Better Grant Management

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When it comes to getting—and managing—grants, common pitfalls can be avoided with the proper tools and policies in place. Audits. Printing.

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9 Things to Look for When Evaluating a Grant Proposal

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Ensuring that your foundation makes impactful grants to the right nonprofit partners starts with a thorough proposal evaluation.

Welcome to the New Age of Accountability in Grant Management

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The grant world has changed. The new federal regulations add layers of additional accountability and complexity for grant recipients.

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Survival in the New Age of Grant Management

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This post is part 2 of our New Age of Grant Management series. No longer is grant funding free money with very few strings attached.

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How Fundraisers & Grant Managers Can Collaborate to Achieve Stronger Results

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As a former grant manager who works on a daily basis with grant-makers, the complex, creative, diverse world of fundraising has been incredible to me.

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3 Steps to Get More Grants

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There are some nonprofits who won’t apply for additional grant funding because they can barely manage the ones they have. Convey Impact.

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Grant Writing 101: Your GPS to Success

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I once ran my own grant writing business. Master this and you, too, can be a grant writing phenom. Have other grant writing tips?

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The Anatomy of a Great Grant Application

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When it comes to writing a gonna-get-the-gold grant application, it’s all about body language. Featured Grant WritingAnd open your heart!

4 Grant Writing Tips to Bolster Relationships with Foundations

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Grant writing is a time-consuming process. It can also be nerve-wracking if you’re inexperienced or working on a particularly important grant. Jeff Kutash, the executive director of the Peter Kiewit Foundation in Omaha, Neb, deals with grants on a daily basis. Featured Fundraising Grant WritingDon’t Get Trapped.

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How to Overcome the 4 Roadblocks Facing Your Grant Strategy

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Meeting the requirements can generate significant challenges and increased administrative burdens , but is essential for future grant consideration.

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3 Key Changes in Single Audit for Grant Managers

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The bar has been raised for grant recipients receiving federal awards. Change #1: Risk Assessments Increasingly Rely on Audit Results.

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5 Tips for Grant-Gazing|How to Determine Whether It’s a Star or a Black Hole

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Maybe you’ve experienced this scenario before: A well-intentioned member of your organization hears about an ‘amazing grant’ that could fund a new project. In a torrent of excitement, the staff member charges off at the chance to enhance their grant revenue. Does this grant & project fit within the long term strategic plan?

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Grant writer as chief collaborative officer

ASU Lodestar Center

Andrew Schwartzberg , Director of Grants. And all too often the staff grant writer will take this on because that was the initial expectation.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Use Excel to Manage Grants

Tech Soup Blog

Most nonprofits rely on grant funding to support their programs and services. That's where online grants management software comes in.

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Money for your nonprofit: Writing a grant proposal

ASU Lodestar Center

While most nonprofits find funding from a variety of sources, one of the staples of charitable support comes in the form of grants. Get another!

Starting Your Nonprofit Grant Application Story the Right Way

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The start of the grant process is similar to writing this article. Grants are out there just waiting for you.) Featured Grant Writing

Report: Rural-Based Organizations Receive Fewer Grants than Urban NPOs

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What the city slickers do get is grants—and they get them at a much higher rate than rural folks. Featured Grant Writingin 2010.

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How Much Is That Grant Really Worth?

Tech Soup Blog

Not all grants are created equal, and some aren't even worth pursuing. Fundamentally, it is: Grant Amount - Total Grant Cost = Net Grant.

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How to Prepare Your Back Office for Successful Grant Tracking

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Grants are an excellent and often heavily relied upon funding source for nonprofit organizations. This is a guest post from Carey Carleson.

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Happy Grant Professionals Week—Our Top 5 Grant Writing Articles

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Dear Grant Professionals, We salute you. Without grants, many organizations probably wouldn’t have the funds to succeed.

The One Secret to Winning Foundation Grants

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This isn’t meant to say that writing foundation grant proposals doesn’t require thought, persuasive writing skills and attention to detail.

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Finding Your Perfect Love: Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

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Grant writing is a lot like dating in college (I’m speaking from experience here). Non-Profit Guide’s Grant Writing Tools for NPOs.

Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant?


As a part of Google Grants, qualifying nonprofits can earn a free advertising budget of up to $10,000 each month to use on AdWords to help promote their website and cause. Others that do know, don’t understand how easy it is to get and use a Google AdWords Grant. Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant?

Google and beyond: How to master search engine research for your grant proposal

ASU Lodestar Center

Carolyn Owens , Grant Writer & Partner. Carolyn Owens has 15 years of experience in grant writing and program development. posted by.

The Free 2016 Guide to Grants Management Is Now Available

Tech Soup Blog

So what is new in grants management systems? Online grant applications, tracking, and reporting have become standard practice.

Nonprofit Heads Up: Google Grant Renewals


If your association has a Google Grant for AdWords, be on the lookout for a renewal form. From the Trenches Implementation

What Do Millennials, Shark Tank, and Grantmaking All Have In Common?

Connection Cafe

Every grant has an impact and foundations are interested in knowing what that is going to be. in 2012 had revenues exceeding $9M in 2015.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Tech Grant Proposal


Want to write better grants? These details were crucial in winning my trust (and the grant). Try walking a mile in your funder's shoes.

Using Data Effectively in Your Grants Strategy Development

Tech Soup Blog

utilize data to build cutting-edge grant requests. If you aren't using real-world benchmarks in your grant applications, your organization will have a more difficult time positioning itself among other similar organizations. How Data Can Improve Your Grantseeking. We want you to be able to. This Is the Data You're Looking For.

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How Every Nonprofit and Charity Can Use Google Adwords Grants

Wild Apricot Blog

ads mark hallman shim jason 10000 grant google-adwords

5 Best Practices for Negotiating Funding for a Thriving Nonprofit

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Therefore, citing the Code of Federal Regulations won’t help here—these funders aren’t subject to the Uniform Grant Guidance. Ready to thrive?

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The Year-End Survival Guide for Community Foundations

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Be sure to include the deadlines for cash gifts, stock donations, and grant recommendations. This is especially true for community foundations.

Celebrate International Grant Professionals Day

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They’re grant professionals, and today it’s all about showing them appreciation! Here are some of our favorite tips that are so easy to implement, you could do them today: Create and sign a proclamation among your chapter or in your community that declares March 18, 2016 International Grant Professionals Day. Featured Grant Writing

Heroes With A Heart Grant Rewards Nonprofit Volunteers!

John Haydon

What are the details of the “Heroes with a Heart” Grant? Build Community grantGood luck, Heroes!

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#GMN2016 Annual Conference| Observations from Day 1

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Dr. Young went on to say that grants management has evolved into a more strategic role that has a big impact on the entire organization.

Six Ways to Supercharge Your Google Grants Account


Even if you're bidding the maximum $1 price per click in your Google Grants account, odds are you aren't spending anywhere near the maximum. So you're excited that you've been approved for Google Grants : $10,000 a month of free ads! adwords Google Grants nptech nten Strategy Communications IT StaffDennis Yu.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] Beginner’s Guide to Google Ad Grants


The post [Cool Infographic Friday] Beginner’s Guide to Google Ad Grants appeared first on SocialFish. Thank you Kate Miller for the share!

How Will Tracking Outcomes Help Your Organization’s Story?

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Our focus was on: Dollars granted. Number of grants. What is different for those people that our grants support?”

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What I Learned From Adam Grant About Givers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Unpacking the Relationship Between Volunteering, the Brain and the Body ” featuring author Adam Grant, “ Give and Take.” Reduce the costs.

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Measuring What Matters: How Funders and Nonprofits Can Leverage Data and Technology for Impact

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