Tech Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace: Tips for Avoiding Collaborative Overload

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The session is designed to answer three questions: Why does collaborative technology overload lead to loss of nonprofit workplace productivity and what are the best practices to avoid it? What is Collaborative Overload? There are ways of working that can reduce collaborative overload.

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The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

The purpose of the conference is to expose future social sector leaders to a vibrant learning experience that promotes best practices, innovative thinking and awareness of the full scope of the sector. Presented in collaboration with African American Development Officers Network (AADO).

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Opportunity Collaboration. Opportunity Collaboration. Opportunity Collaboration / Cancún Yucatán, (Int.) New ways to collaborate with each other. Our institute will also provide opportunities for attendees to create meaningful connections and potential collaborations.

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The purpose of the conference is to expose future social sector leaders to a vibrant learning experience that promotes best practices, innovative thinking and awareness of the full scope of the sector. Collaborate with peers from across North America who understand your challenges.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Discover how these and other factors are irrevocably changing the ways donors structure their largest gifts of a lifetime. Opportunity Collaboration. Opportunity Collaboration.

4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy

Connection Cafe

Once you have decided upon your key messages, you’ll be able to structure your story in a way that ensures that this key message is central to the point of your story. You can also find a hardcopy template in my book, The Storytelling Non-Profit: A practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness. Of course, there may be other details that you want to include depending on your team structure and project management system.

How To Create Explainer Videos That Donors Will Love

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It follows a basic, yet effective structure – First, getting into the particulars of the issue and then portraying your solution. It’s not the same thing to bring awareness to climate change as to be working to provide shelter for the homeless.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Structure Content With An Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This is what makes structure such a critical component of any content marketing process. It’s not a sexy topic, but structuring your ideas is what constrains our thoughts to adherable guidelines.

Growth Hacking Your Mission With People Power

Connection Cafe

Anyone with a smartphone, passion for a cause and few hundred followers can raise awareness, mobilize support around an issue, and raise money from friends and family, and are already doing so. Radical Collaboration.

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Full Case Study Report from GiveToTheMax Day


But through collective, collaborative – and yes competitive – efforts limited to a short time frame, they can all work together for the good of the whole community and region. Remember Give to the Max Day, November 9, 2011?

Humanizing your organization creates amazing results. This is how.


Beforehand I had taken a fairly myopic view that, regardless of structure, a focus on behavior would do the trick. The heightened awareness of the results of this assessment underpin every experiment we have undertaken since.

What’s Black and White and Read All Over?


In doing so, he leaves no room for the discussion of other types of systems or power structures. There's even a place for comparing different organizational structures and how those have played a role in social movements. It seems to me that each successful social action is born of extremely specific circumstances, a perfect combination of awareness, support, political climate, and planning unique to each situation and movement. flickr: Brit. No, it's not the newspaper.

Innovate & Thrive or Stagnate & Die

Connection Cafe

I also do large scale collaborative events like Nonprofit Bar Camp and VideoCamp Texas. The key to success is getting your corporate culture right and then tapping into the new found potential with an efficient and effective structure designed to harness and act on the newly uncovered ideas. Get Aware! Set Your Structure! The most critical component of an innovation transformation is the structure that takes "ideas" and transforms them into "innovations."

Bringing on a Fundraising Consultant: A Nonprofit’s Hiring Guide


Once you’ve performed that internal review, you’ll want to define your project; think about strategic planning, project structure, and expenses. Plus, you’ll need your board’s collaboration to help decipher what you need from the consultant.

Ways that Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Can Build Virtuoso Listening Skills

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One area we cover is social awareness, the ability to recognize and understand the moods of other individuals and teams that we collaborate with professionally. Be aware of what they say, how they say it and body language. Flickr Photo by qwrrty.

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No longer in extremis.

Museum 2.0

At large, I am proud of the countless hours of cross-departmental and community collaborations that will inspire me forever, hand-in-hand with colleagues who have invested their best efforts on behalf of the people we are committed to serving. Today we must face our reality: It is not just the pandemic, the situation only exacerbated larger, systemic issues most staff are well aware of. The entire system and structure of this country has been built on racism.

What We Learned at Net:Work — It’s About People


While we have an incredible set of tools at our disposal now, management styles and even company structures will need to change to allow people to be their most productive and for our companies to flourish. How to Manage Consumer-Grade Collaborative Tools in the Workplace.

When Flexibility Becomes an Operating Principle: Lessons from a Nonprofit

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Practicing Flexibility As this insight was surfacing, we had also been talking with a number of different tech companies in Silicon Valley, where Benetech is based, with the hopes of building awareness of open source software for social good among their employees.

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Latest Association & Nonprofit Jobs – April 12


Our team members are passionate about growth, innovation and collaboration. The Member Journey Candidate will create meaningful experiences for members and potential members by coordinating the daily membership functions encompassing awareness, recruitment, engagement and retention efforts.

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Kids, Coercion, and Co-Design

Museum 2.0

I've written about different structures for participatory processes (especially in museums), and recently, I've been interested in how we can apply these structures to the design of public space. An example is a literally secret garden/ landscape that adults are not aware of.

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70:20:10: Aligning Learning Needs with Business Process


The collaborative appeal of social learning offers a new way to improve user intrigue by allowing for the convention of an additional system user, providing both expertise and a unique perspective towards a variety of experiences a user can encounter within a learning program.

Leading from the Outside-In


What new challenges and opportunities are emerging for them that they may not even be fully aware of? They are not weighed down by complex governance structures or layered decision-making processes. Collaborative Discovery.

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How can nonprofits attract and sustain corporate partnerships?

ASU Lodestar Center

As corporate social responsibility becomes integrated into the framework of society, best practices need to be in place to successfully unify the collaboration between the public and private sectors. posted by Hailey Farr Events Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona.

Net Smart: How To Thrive Online

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

They include: attention, crap detection, collaboration, networks, and participation. Some points that particularly resonated and that I have been working on myself are: Mindfulness is about becoming aware of how you direct your attention – both online and offline.

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Social Impact Investments

ASU Lodestar Center

At the same time, nonprofits should be aware of the challenges and limitations to this emergent form of funding. The organizational leaders should be prepared to invest time and effort to accommodate impact investments and collaborate with the investors.

Social Media, Networks, and Data in Patient Healthcare Networks

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Patient advocates play a critical role in setting research priorities, designing clinical trials and structuring appropriate clinical engagement with industry. A campaign that raised awareness and donations for ALS to epic proportions. Click for Twitter Transcript.

Guest Post: Restoration Artwork

Museum 2.0

In 2003, collaborator Stephanie Sherman and I “re-discovered,” the former store, declared nothing for sale, and began inviting artists to create works using the set, or collection of objects.

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Are Social Enterprises Viable Models for Funding Nonprofits?

ASU Lodestar Center

Researchers have often referred to social enterprise structures as the “fourth sector” (after private, public, and nonprofit) because they combine charitable missions, corporate methods, and diverse social and environmental philosophies in ways that surpass the traditional business and philanthropy models (Billitteri, 2007). They also facilitate the cross-sector collaboration of nonprofits, governmental agencies, and corporations.

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How To Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership

Eric Jacobsen Blog

An effective mentoring program demands structure. Be aware of any tendency to not speak up. Think about what you want to do next and make sure that people in control of those decisions are aware of your aims.

Can Nonprofit Organizations Work More Like Clouds? How?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One problem with NP's is that they took their governance structures from for-profit corporations and these are obviously not optimal for the type of work they do. As an Employee - become more aware of the changing nature of work, and the traditional structures of authority.

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Swept Up in a Google Wave


Google Wave might well be " Web 3.0 ", the step that breaks down the location-based structure of web data and replaces it completely with a social structure. The robot has access to Doe's medical record, is aware of a peanut allergy, and pops in with a warning. Photo by Mrjoro.

Sustaining Innovation Part 3: Interview With Sarah Schultz of the Walker Art Center

Museum 2.0

I honestly wasn’t aware of the book when it first came out. In my experience, innovation is about flexibility, capacity, and collaborative relationships. Innovative thinking is a balance between structured collaboration, happy accidents, and serendipitous conversations.

Turn Brand Strategy into an Effective Website

Tech Soup Blog

The process of creating a website is, by its nature, collaborative and multidisciplinary. by a framework that emphasizes collaboration and establishes clear goals for the team. The best place to start when developing a website is with a clear brand strategy.

Guest Post by Lina Srivastava: Building Cultural Engagement for Change Through Media and Narrative

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Creating a sustainable engagement platform within your existing structure takes time, creativity and dedication. Are you preaching to the "unconverted"-- that is, are you bringing in the previously disengaged or the merely aware to a social movement to strengthen its numbers and potential?

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Getting Tactical with the Open Government Directive


TSA’s "IdeaFactory" and State’s "Sounding Board"), but we are not aware of anonymous employee suggestion boxes that are also publicly accessible. Make open government practices part of employees’ incentive plans and reward structures. Raise awareness among the federal government workforce about the importance of transparency, accountability, and collaboration through a government-wide open government advertising campaign.

5 Things Oakland Taught Me about Civic Hacking

Tech Soup Blog

I was lucky enough to attend CityCamp Oakland earlier this month to see this collaboration in action. This inclusive spirit was also reflected in the structure of the event itself.

Crowdsourcing: Measuring the Impact of the Crowd in Funding and Doing

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At their best, they spread the awareness of a commercial brand and provide an opportunity for small nonprofits that don’t typically receive large amounts of funding to win dollars. Crowdsourcing 101. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

Buzz Director: help me write a job description

Rebooting Charity

But I reckon this awareness is unlikely to have yet ‘trickled up’ to the accountants. Be pivotal in mapping the organisational structure onto web innovation.

nfp 2.0 » Not-for-profit’s have the gift of stories

Rebooting Charity

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nfp 2.0 » Whose cause is it anyway?

Rebooting Charity

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NTEN Celebrates National Volunteer Week: Honoring NTEN Committee Members


Wendy Harman, Director, Information Management and Situational Awareness, American Red Cross. This invaluable bunch works with NTEN to design core curriculum tracks, conference structure, and thematic focus. Ariel Dekovic, Senior Programs Manager, The Collaborative for High Performance Schools. This week is National Volunteer Week !

Twestival: Are Fundraising Groundswells A Massive Opportunity or Distraction for Nonprofit Organizations?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Focus 24 hour event with broadcasts and all local partners participating to raise awareness (a sort of Blog Action Day on steroids). I guess I look at it like this: if you give a hundred people tools to lay bricks, you'll likely get a hundred small structures.

Is your software green?


It means that heavily used web data systems can still have customized, organizational mission aware features. Another part of the paper problem is that it also makes sense to organize shared resources in ways that don’t require printing everything: review your shared drive organizational structure, invest in indexing software, move to a web based system that allows tagging, use a wiki. Green consciousness around information technology continues to grow these days.

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