Measuring World Hunger Day

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Measuring World Hunger Day – a guest post by Geoff Livingston. As the lead social strategist for the World Hunger Relief Project a social fundraising giving day on World Food Day this October 16 , I was given two goals: Encourage 10,000 people to raise $200,000.

5 Important Marketing Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From The Hunger Games

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Fans’ obsession with the Hunger Games saga isn’t by chance. As a Hunger Games fanatic (if Disney creates a Panem-based theme park, I’ll be first in line to visit the Capitol), I’ve been thinking about how nonprofits can learn from the phenomenon and generate this type of dedicated following.

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A Free Agent for Hunger: Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Sue Kerr has put her social media savvy to work to fight hunger in the Greater Pittsburgh area and save the environment. We plan to repeat every September to honor Hunger Action Month.”

Fighting Hunger at the Holidays

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We're joining with VolunteerMatch to help fight hunger over the holidays. Here is some insight into hunger in North America and food banks that are easing hunger in our communities.

The Front Lines of Hunger

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on the hunger front lines of Thanksgiving Day Author: Blair Naylor. It’s that time of year when the holidays just start barrel rolling into one another and before you know it, they’re over and it’s 2012.

I'm Taking the Pledge Against Hunger, Won't You?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Foodbanks, soup kitchens, and many other nonprofits that address the hunger issue are being hit by a triple whammy. That's why I'm taking the pledge to end hunger because if we all do a little bit - it can go a long way. Write a blog post (if you have one) endorsing the Hunger Pledge.

Spotlight on We Can End This with Scott Henderson


We Can End This is a yearlong initiative focused on sparking innovation and broader engagement in the movement to end hunger in America. It's official kickoff went down at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2010 much like the Pledge to End Hunger did in 2009. On top of unvailing the new movement at SXSW a new website was launched and a frontpage promotion was put on

Fight Hunger: Video Contest

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media is a division of the UN World Food Programme set up to help end child hunger by 2015 which is part of the first Millenium Development Goal They have just launched a viral video contest and are looking for a short, upbeat videos about ending child hunger.

Achieving the SDGs: Taking Action for the 2030 Agenda In Your Community

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“We can end hunger around the world by 2030.”. When you consider a goal like ending hunger, you have a couple of choices. Now, back to our big “end hunger” goal. Something like ending hunger isn’t a challenge that’s confined to developing nations.

Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

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7 Feeding America: “Four faces of Hunger” (website). Pixel-perfect interactive design using a “long page” design with parallax for Feeding America explains hunger through the four composite characters of Jessica, Alicia, Martin and Harold. #8

Fight Hunger Viral Video Contest

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They are looking for an, "upbeat viral video that spreads the word about ending child hunger by 2015." hunger video contestIn 2006, 760,000 people in 118 countries and 420 locations walked as part of the Walk the World campaign.

Try Eating for $4 a Day. Join The Hunger Challenge

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I didn't, until I read about the San Francisco Food Bank's Hunger Challenge. Last year, 6 food bloggers and recipe developers tried to eat 3 meals on $3 per day during the 2008 San Francisco Food Bank's Hunger Challenge. Hat tip to Tyson Foods Hunger Relief 's post Hunger Twitterers ).

Fight Hunger's Click To Feed A Child Campaign Facebook App

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today I discovered the Fight Hunger's Click to Feed a Child. I also discovered a group called " I will donate $1 for every person that joins this group to Fight Hunger " which is being organized by some super activists high school kids.).

Second Life Joins Worldwide Effort to End Child Hunger

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On Sunday, 13 May 2007, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and partners are teaming up to call for an end to child hunger. Fight Hunger: Walk the World???

13 of the Best Nonprofit Videos from the Last 13 Years

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World Hunger: A Billion for a Billion. YouTube launched almost 13 years ago on February 14, 2005 and you got to give credit to the early adopter nonprofits active on YouTube in its early years.

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A Farm Bill Should Not Increase Hunger in America

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Our friends at Feeding America not only provide much needed meals to hungry Americans every day, they also work hard to protect anti-hunger programs like Food Stamps. Their efforts to ensure that these programs aren’t cut from the next version of the Farm Bill is the featured action of the day on Take a moment and contact your legislators and support them in their figh t. Advocacy Current Affairs Marketing Our Clients

Fight Hunger Announces Video Content Winner!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last month I interviewed the Web Team over at Fight Hunger I got an email from Cordelia SalterNour telling me that they've selected a winner for their video contest. A little bit NPTech blog kismet, someone just the other day raised the question: "What's good or useful about user-generated content and what's just entertaining or cute?" " Cordelia's answer: For us it's perfect - it combines all the messages we wanted to get across in a neat, engaging video.

NPO Event Blog: Hunger Walk

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Nancy White at Full Circle found a great example of a ngo event blog called "Walk the World. Thanks Nancy! Gotta track down Michael and interview him. perhaps after the event is over


Hunger Is A Global and Local Issue: Some Ways To Take Action

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" Hunger is not only local issue, but also a global one. obesity and chronic hunger and malnutrition. I've set up a the Social Actions Twitterfeed to search and post for hunger related campaigns and actions. Photo by Danamdefebbo.

A Round Up of Food Charities and Causes to Fight Hunger

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Send A Postcard from the Hunger site As we approach the annual Thanksgiving feast , there are more than 850 million people in the world who go hungry. I thought I'd highlight a few charitable organizations that are working to end hunger and some opportunities for donations.

Great reads from around the web on June 15th

Amy Sample Ward

" Case Study: Feeding America and the Spark Generator | Call2Action – Great case study about Feeding America's recent multi-channel campaign: "Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity.

Ending hunger is serious fun with Heifer Village: Nepal

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Heifer International, Beaconfire, and Forge FX have teamed up to launch Heifer Village: Nepal – an online game that takes players deep into the lives of Nepalese villagers who are striving to overcome poverty and hunger.

An Interview with the Web Team at Fight Hunger (4 out of 5 women)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Meet the Fight Hunger Web Team From left: Anna Yl??-Kauttu, It is a partnership of UN agencies, NGOs, businesses, schools, universities, communities and individuals who all believe that we can work together to end child hunger. Fight Hunger is using a lot of new web 2.0

How to Turn Regular People Into Fundraising Pro’s in 3.5 Minutes


In this three-minute video, FMSC is able to blend both messaging around their mission and the global hunger crisis with clear, easy to follow steps about how to participate as a fundraiser. “Go and do Good!”.

Dear Nonprofits, Be Fearless


It’s turned into the Hunger Games. This is our final installment of Nonprofit 2.0 keynotes. In the last couple of weeks, we were able to recap Majora Carter and Craig Newmark. And we finally have the workshop session notes up for you to check out.

Email Campaign Tips To Inspire Millennials


Try putting a call to action right up front, “Sign our petition to stop world hunger”, or “Donate $5 to Habitat for Humanity so we can build more homes!” Image courtesy of The EmailADMIN.

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No Kid Hungry’s #SaveSummer Campaign Wins a Blackbaud Impact Award

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A multi-channel campaign to end childhood hunger. As part of their mission to end childhood hunger in America, No Kid Hungry launched the 2014 #SaveSummer campaign to engage their supporters across the country.

Demystifying Outcomes Measurement: A Glossary for Funders 

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As an example, traditional funders may say “ We granted $10,000 to our local food bank to end hunger.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

According to the Food Research and Action Center , more than 36 million people lived in households in America struggling against hunger in 2007. Hunger isn't just a problem in America. So I thought how a couple of bloggers came together to fight hunger.

Can Nonprofits Really Raise Money With 5Ks?

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You are trying to cure sickness, end hunger, or advocate for the homeless. According to the 2015 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmark Study , 5K events are struggling to recruit participants and raise funds.

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[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


nonprofit fighting to end child hunger in America, wanted to increase registrations for its Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry , a national fundraising initiative that encourages people to host bake sales in their communities to help end childhood hunger. Guest post by Amanda Sides.

Zoetica Salon Summary: Feeding America’s Social Media Measurement Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Feeding America is the nation’s leading hunger organization with a network of over 200 food banks serving 37 million Americans struggling with hunger. At the end of the month, we could gauge our share of conversation in the hunger through listening tools.

17 Goals in 14 Years—This is Impact 2030. Let’s Build a Better World.

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That’s 14 years to end discrimination against women, to give everyone access to clean water, to achieve inclusive and quality education, to protect our oceans, to build safer and sustainable cities, to eradicate hunger, and to develop partnerships that make it all happen.

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Why You Need to Game Your Supporters


Whether your nonprofit is addressing more recent issues like the digital divide or societal ills as old as hunger, your mission can feel Herculean, even impossible. This is a guest post by Jesse Noyes. He’s a Corporate Reporter at Eloqua.

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The Power of the Email Address


Whether it’s to build a new playground in the park, or to end hunger in another country, a petition is one of the most shareable things online. Image courtesy of Amplifymm. Te value of the email address can not be understated.

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The Tyson Truck Arrived Today at the Boston Food Bank

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Tyson Foods was willing to donate 100 pounds of protein to the Boston Food Bank per comment on its Hunger Relief blog. (Tyson Foods has perfected a social media strategy that leverages blog comments for food donations as noted on the Fast Company blog.) . Tags: hunger

I'll Text for Food

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Hunger is a serious issue in America, especially in these hard times. President-elect Obama pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015 during his presidential campaign. Share Our Strength is the leading national organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.

Social Media and Cute Dogs Go Mobile And Other Cute Animal and Nonprofit Tales

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Oracle made donations for all online actions (likes, comments, RTs, photos, etc) during Hunger Action Month , reaching a maximum donation of $25,000. One of the campaigns for the Oracle effort during Hunger Awareness Month was “Hunger: Put a Fork in It.”

United Nations Sets a New Agenda for Global Philanthropy

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The previous UN Millennium Development Goals addressed eradicating poverty and hunger, combatting diseases, promoting maternal and childhood health, increasing primary education, and sustaining the environment. ending hunger.

How Skills-Based Volunteerism Creates Transformational Experiences

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The most prominent answers were hunger, poverty, racism, education, police brutality, and pollution. One of my core values, both personally and professionally, is to give back to my local community.