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Kraft Heinz Company Foundation Commits $12 million to Rise Against Hunger

NonProfit PRO

Extending a partnership that began in 2013, Kraft Heinz Company Foundation announced a major donation to an international hunger nonprofit organization to help alleviate world hunger.

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A powerful new tool to combat hunger and homelessness


The response was clear: In that moment, our donors were focused most on hunger and homelessness in the United States, two interwoven problems that have been greatly exacerbated by the ripple effects of COVID-19. . The severity of the hunger and homelessness crises varies by region, state, and community.

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122 million more people pushed into hunger due to multiple crises

Charity Village

According to the latest State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World Report, published by the United Nations, over 122 million more people are facing hunger in the world since 2019. Due to […] The post 122 million more people pushed into hunger due to multiple crises appeared first on CharityVillage.

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Food Bank For New York City: Working to End Hunger since 1983


Hunger-relief organizations are among the most supported types of nonprofits using DipJar. Over the course of her career – which includes multiple hunger-related organizations – she has seen firsthand the impact hunger has on communities, large and small. million New Yorkers currently facing food insecurity.

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2023 Nonprofit Professional of the Year: Erin McAleer

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Her dedication to the organization’s mission and efforts to eliminate hunger one Massachusetts resident at a time has earned McAleer NonProfit PRO’s 2023 NonProfit Professional of the Year Award. Erin McAleer wants to ensure everyone in her state has access to food.

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Addressing Hunger Together: Submit Your Ideas for the Next Impact Labs

Saleforce Nonprofit

That’s why hunger is such a complex and urgent issue. With 690 million people dealing with hunger — nearly nine percent of the global population — the impacts of inequitable access to food and nutrition have a ripple effect that reaches every corner of society. We Need Your Help: Share Your Ideas for Addressing Hunger.

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Feeding the World Together: Our First Zero Hunger Summit

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Last week, we hosted the first ever Zero Hunger Summit during Dreamforce. Food and nutrition insecurity is growing around the world, with over 690 million people dealing with hunger. The Zero Hunger Summit was one of those spaces. So, what comes after our Zero Hunger Summit? The Future of Food Assistance.

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