New Customer: 2-1-1 Wisconsin


We are pleased to welcome another new customer to the Visionlink network, 2-1-1 Wisconsin. There are seven 2-1-1 contact centers in Wisconsin, divided regionally. These professionals have created a comprehensive collection of vetted services that can support not only the people of the state, but also the health care professionals, probation officers, social workers, family members, neighbors and others assisting people in reaching the support and services that they need.

Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


Our EveryAction Hero this month is Feeding Wisconsin. With over 750 affiliate agencies across the state of Wisconsin, Feeding Wisconsin is dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving their community. Earlier this month, I sat down with Executive Director, David Lee, to learn how Feeding Wisconsin mobilizes their audience, advocates to their local and federal officials, and engages with their community.


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Farmers supporting the Wisconsin Protests

Nine Shift

80% of farmers in Wisconsin market their produce through some sort of cooperative arrangement, an arrangement also threatened by actions to take apart unions. Julie Coates Photo: 60 strong tractorcade in Madison on Saturday.

U. of Wisconsin Donor Offers $1 for Each New Twitter Follower

AFP Blog

Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education : But the University of Wisconsin at Madison may be the first college to get a donation for increasing its follower count. Through October 3, an alumnus will donate $1 for each new Twitter follower or Facebook “like,” up to $50,000. After four days, the university has raised almost $8,000 dollars with the project, called the Bucky Challenge. The money will be used for student scholarships

Join Us: Great Rivers Conference


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Great Rivers conference, May 23-26, in Madison Wisconsin!

Nucleus named data analytics solution of the Association Laboratory Research Alliance


Wisconsin SAE. Gravitate Solutions is pleased to report that Nucleus has been named the official data analytics solution for the Association Laboratory Research Alliance.

Facebook gets out the vote | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

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Feel Free | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed? 06/28/2010: User Expectations and Interface Response Times 06/16/2010: Making the most of conference hashtags: A tool for presenters 06/08/2010: Beaconfire Survey: Seductive Interactions 06/08/2010: Emailing with Convio – Testing Conditional Content 06/07/2010: Goin’ Barefoot?

Group 41

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Race Report: Lactic Edge Sprint Triathlon Race Report: Lactic Edge Sprint Triathlon Last Updated on Thursday, 14 August 2008 11:02 Written by Steve Thursday, 31 July 2008 07:27 Lactic Edge Sprint Triathlon, Steven’s Point, Wisconsin A week after the Wautoma tri we made the hour drive further north to Steven’s Point for the 19th annual (just missed the big round number) running of the Lactic Edge Sprint triathlon.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Killer Brick Killer Brick Last Updated on Thursday, 2 August 2007 02:29 Written by Steve Thursday, 2 August 2007 02:29 Just got back from vacation in rural Wisconsin. What a joy to run on rural roads! And how about this for a morning swim? It’s exactly a mile around the shoreline. And it’s 80 degrees… I didn’t have my bike, which was a real drag with the roads the just beckoning, so I ended up swimming every day.

When is Equal Pay Day for social sector leaders in your state?


Wisconsin. Equal Pay Day is a symbolic day created by the National Committee on Pay Equity to increase awareness about the gender wage gap. Specifically, this day marks how far into the year a woman must work to receive the same wage that a man received the previous year. This year, U.S.

VisionLink - Untitled Article


We have a busy year ahead, supporting new solutions in Washington (State 2-1-1 and Crisis Connections), Indiana (Real Services as well as the entire AAAA network across the state), a new Addiction Recovery site for Wisconsin 2-1-1, converting jmany current customers to our new platform, and and thousands and thousands of Social Determinant Assessments. February 11 is National 2-1-1 Day ! The next time you need help finding services go to , or dial 2-1-1.

Funding And Grant Resources For Nonprofits Serving The LGBTQ+ Community


Areas served: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin. Areas served: Wisconsin. Pride Month is a great time to celebrate and reflect on the work activists and nonprofit organizations are doing to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Grant 99

New Technology Developed to Amplify Community Voices for the Media

Non Profit Quarterly

The program launched in Madison, Wisconsin and New York, and has already covered key issues including the experiences of Muslims in Madison , health care affordability , and climate change. Cortico’s “digital hearth”. July 8, 2019; Nieman Lab.

Voice 67

Summer Internship Making an Impact

Forum One

Nicolas Dotson, Client Services Team – Nick attends the University of Wisconsin, double majoring in Journalism – Strategic Communications and Political Science. We are halfway through the year and nearly halfway through our 2021 Summer Internship Program at Forum One.

Improve Your Fundraising Approach and Skills at NetSquared Meetups

Tech Soup Blog

Naples, Florida, is hosting a meetup on tools for effective email fundraising ; Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, is hosting a series of Giving Tuesday brainstorming sessions ; and Chicago, Illinois, will explore how your CRM can save end-of-year fundraising plans. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin: Giving Tuesday Brainstorming. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin: Giving Tuesday Brainstorming. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin: Giving Tuesday Brainstorming.

Digital Platforms for Greater Impact: Examples for Foundations

Forum One

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, developed a data platform to address these information gaps and to engage local community leads in taking action.

Are Crowd Funding Platforms the New Patrons of Independent Media?

Beth Kanter

Wisconsin Rising trailer and Kickstarter Campaign from samayfield on Vimeo. And, this month, Sam is raising money to support a new documentary called Wisconsin Rising on the kickstarter platform. I am currently raising funds for a story that I believe needs to be told about the 2011 people’s uprising in Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Rising trailer and Kickstarter Campaign from samayfield on Vimeo.

Nonprofit Audit 101

The NonProfit Times

Nonprofit Audit 101: A Guide to The Fundamentals and More is a quick guide for nonprofit finance leaders and executive leaders, providing key fundamentals and know-how, first class best practices, and insight into how to optimize the nonprofit audit process at your organization.

Time 40

Winning the Midwest for SEIU


CHALLENGE: How can we mobilize infrequent Black and Latinx voters in Wisconsin and Michigan and defeat Donald Trump? In 2018, we worked with SEIU to flip the governor’s mansions in Michigan and Wisconsin. The Wisconsin primary was our first “dress rehearsal” for the general election.

Lessons from 2019 to maximize future disaster giving decisions


In 2019, we found one example, from the Wisconsin-based Eau Claire Community Foundation to the American Red Cross, with the description: “Hurricane Dorian relief, unrestricted.” .

?3 Reasons to Integrate Your Organization’s Systems

Saleforce Nonprofit

He earned his CFRE credential in 1999 and has business degrees from Washington University and the University of Wisconsin. . By: Stu Manewith, Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy at Omatic Software. The concept of ‘data-driven’ nonprofits is still as valid as ever.

TechSoup Honors Unsung Heroes

Tech Soup Blog

I'd like you to meet Kerry Thomson at Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, Indiana; Lori Chidgey of Corazon Ministries in San Antonio, Texas; Betty Martin of Cape Girardeau Public Library in Missouri; and the late Rory Foster of the Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minocqua, Wisconsin. " Dr. Rory Foster of the Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minocqua, Wisconsin. From time to time, we love to feature the great work of people and organizations that we admire.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day: A roundup of accessibility resources


Disability Rights Wisconsin. Recall a time when you encountered one of those websites where it was hard to read and navigate. You wanted to get some basic information or perhaps complete a simple transaction, and you ended up spending a lot longer than necessary, or maybe even left the site in frustration. For many people with disabilities, this is a daily reality when they encounter the common problem of non-accessible websites.

Youth Organizations Are Now Eligible for Flickr Pro

Tech Soup Blog

Here's an example from the Campaign for Wisconsin Public Libraries: We hosted a publicity event, "Wisconsin Libraries Say Cheese: a Day in Pictures," and libraries around the state host special events and load photos into the Say Cheese group in Flickr. Lisa Strand Executive Director Wisconsin Library Association Foundation.

Scholarships in the Time of COVID-19: A Conversation with UW Madison

Connection Cafe

It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of scholarship management this year.

11 Tips for Coordinating Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events


David Cohn, First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin. Peer-to-peer fundraising isn’t always limited to an online fundraising campaign. Sometimes, nonprofits get creative with peer-to-peer fundraising events; effectively raising money and engaging supporters at the same time.

Tips 64

Hannah Somers, CCChampions

Nonprofit Talent

Hannah, raised in Pittsburgh, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Political Science and Scandinavian Studies. Hannah Somers Job Title and Organization: Assistant Director, CCChampions E:

Flash Mob Gone Wrong. What if?

Network-Centric Advocacy

How does this change the way you organize as a teacher in Wisconsin? Flashmob gone wrong. This is interesting food for thought in 5:40 seconds. We know there have been flash mobs that lead to vandalism and muggings. We have seen international networks work to rescue people or foster hate crimes. We need to be thinking about the shifting ways people behave , the way people consume information and the complete distortion of time and scale that networks operate on.

Flash 43

How Financial Aid Professionals Can Get the Most Out of bbcon 2020

Connection Cafe

Keith Brown, Alison Rice, and Kevin Zalanowski, University of Wisconsin – Madison. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a large, decentralized campus environment, which has challenged scholarship awarding efficiencies, student communications, and updating student accounts. Gives First County-by-County Snapshot of Health in Each State

Forum One

The site was unveiled at an event on Wednesday in Washington by its sponsors, the University of Wisconsin's Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The data and content were provided by policy staff at the University of Wisconsin with support from Burness Communications. ALEXANDRIA, Va., 18 — , a new site produced by Forum One Communications, provides the first look at the overall health of every county in all 50 states.

Challenges for Solving

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This would be worth doing with someone like the University of Wisconsin's TRACE Center 7. We often brainstorm about things we would like to build. I was recently looking at the Rockefeller/InnoCentive partnership. InnoCentive is a place where you post problems you'd like solved. We came up with a similar list for Benetech. However, since our issues are all information tech issues, we don't fit the InnoCentive model (which is hard sciences).

Crowd Fundraising for the Arts: No Running, Walking, or Freezing Plunges Required

Connection Cafe

As a native Texan going to graduate school in Wisconsin, I signed up on a sunny September day not only to support the cause, but also because it seemed like something that would make for a good story one day. My graduate school class at the Wisconsin School of Business raised more than $10k for the Wisconsin Special Olympics. In 2011, in the name of raising money for the Special Olympics, I participated in the Polar Plunge.

Twenty "Fearless" Changemakers

Have Fun - Do Good

Jordyn Schara | WI P2D2 (Wisconsin Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal) | Reedsburg, WI Wisconsin Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal (WI P2D2) has collected over 900,000 pounds of un-used prescription drugs curtailing over-the-counter (OTC) drug abuse. As part of its Be Fearless initiative, the Case Foundation has chosen the 20 winners of Finding Fearless —a nationwide campaign to recognize, reward and inspire fearless changemakers.

Fun 66

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

NonProfit Hub

Wisconsin. Wisconsin business tax registration: $20. Wisconsin charitable registration: $15 ($0 if exempt). The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how. Building from the ground up, it’s often difficult knowing where to start. Questions arise like “What do I need” and “Why do I need it?” ” One of the biggest question marks comes up when it’s time to calculate the cost of your nonprofit.

11NTC Tip of the Day: Get out and See DC!


NW) Bureau of Engraving and Printing (14th and C Streets SW) National Cathedral (3101 Wisconsin Ave. The Nonprofit Technology Conference is now less than one week away! We've put together some tips for making the conference both memorable and valuable and we're them every day until the event starts. The fabulous Rob Cottingham, the NTC Official Cartoon Blogger, is helping us prep with some great cartoons -- you'll see them on our blog throughout the conference and at [link].

DC 49

#CelebrateAdobeCC — It's a Wrap!

Tech Soup Blog

Our winners represent a little glamour from the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, plus some creativity from Yerba Buena Gardens Festival and Literacy Services of Wisconsin. Our third place, bronze prize goes to Literacy Services of Wisconsin (LSW). The end has come. Round three of #CelebrateAdobeCC — our three-month contest highlighting how nonprofits use Adobe products to spotlight their work and mission — is a wrap.

Good Food Revolution: Will Allen of Growing Power

Have Fun - Do Good

He lives with his wife in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and is the author, with Charles Wilson, of The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities. Folks from every aspect of our society, and every profession are involved in the food system. As I vision ahead, I see this being a situation where hundreds of thousands of young people want to do this, but we have to quantify a lot of things to make this a reality for folks.

Fun 68

A History of How Modern ESG Came to Be


Apr i l 22, 1970 – Inspired by anti-war movements and a deep concern for the environmental future of America, junior Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin rallied 20,000,000 (10% of America’s population at the time!)

Humans@Work: How to Successfully Tackle HR Challenges

Top Nonprofits

JER HR Group has produced a delightful and informative curated paper tackling some of the most important—and challenging—HR issues facing leaders and HR executives today. David Moff, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, writes on how to best build trust between the HR team and employees in Jumping the HR Trust Barrier.

Get Help in Telling the Story of Your Nonprofit's Impact

Tech Soup Blog

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin: How to Tell Your Nonprofit Story with Spark. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin: Giving Tuesday Brainstorming. TechSoup's annual Storymakers campaign launches September 5. We know that good stories power fundraising and marketing, so join one of our free events to discover powerful case studies and connect with digital storytelling experts in your community.

Don’t Just Celebrate – Advocate. Getting back down to the Roots of Earth Day: Tips for CSR Professionals


Frustrated with the lack of concern around environmental issues, junior senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin came up with the idea for Earth Day. This year marks 51 years of Earth Day and one thing is for sure, our collective home needs us now more than ever before. COVID curtailed quite a bit of emissions due to lack of commuting and travel, but the pandemic’s impact certainly hasn’t been all positive for the environment.

3 Major Higher Ed Takeaways from bbcon 2020 Virtual

Connection Cafe

The scholarship team from the University of Wisconsin – Madison shared how the y utilize technology to streamline their scholarship awarding process across different offices on campus. We recently wrapped up our first fully virtual and truly global conference,? bbcon 2020.