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Effective Nonprofit Communications Starts With ‘Why’

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The communications teams at the most successful nonprofits are laser focused on showing people how their work transforms lives — and they can clearly articulate their vision.

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Place Matters: How Collective Impact and Place-Based Investment Can Empower Communities to Lead

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The place-based approach gives communities and funders the authority to identify their own greatest assets and needs, and to articulate their own priorities. In philanthropy, a top-down approach and lack of lived experience has often led to funder-driven decision-making that lacks authentic community expertise and inclusion.

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Four Steps to Align Data with Your Mission and Goals

Association Analytics

SMART is an acronym people use to remember the five aspects of a well-articulated goal: SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. However, articulating the best leading indicators for a goal is not as easy as articulating KPIs. Formulate SMART Goals. It may feel like a bit of guesswork at first.

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Creating a Nonprofit Digital Strategy with ChatGPT: A Practical Guide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Utilizing ChatGPT, you can articulate these targets more effectively. Ask ChatGPT to assist in articulating these targets in a SMART format. The Results: 3) SMART Communications Targets: Precision in Objective Setting Crafting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) communication targets is crucial.

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Don't Let Association Data Myths Hold Back Your Analytics

Association Analytics

Again, it’s better to have organizational experience with data analysis and develop an understanding of your most relevant data-related processes before undertaking a significant project to fully articulate a data governance policy across all areas of your business. Myth 3: We Need a Data Strategy Before We Begin Analysis. Just Get Started.

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Give Joy!


We work with submitters on their pitches to help them consolidate their thoughts, articulate their propositions, and have the courage to defend their idea in front of the entire company. The concepts can range from technology tools to work environment and process improvement, but the request must be specific.

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Luck Is Not a Strategy: The Process of Effectively Securing Grants

Tech Soup Blog

It took me another 20 years before I realized the importance of actually establishing a fully realized grantseeking program built on clearly articulated goals and objectives, as well as the importance of creating a specific strategy around each and every project that required funding.

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