How to Create SEO-Friendly URL Structures for Your WordPress Site

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And doing so begins with ensuring that your WordPress site has a “friendly” permalink—also called a URL—structure that the search engines will find easy to categorize and display for those seeking the information, products or services you provide. In the past, however, WordPress sites defaulted to a URL structure that was decidedly unfriendly to search engines. When you’ve chosen or created your URL structure, be sure to save the changes. Search-engine optimization (SEO).

Which is better: structure or flow?

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Maybe you''re naturally a more structured person. When life doesn''t fit within the structure you created, you might feel anxious, scared, powerless, or stuck. Structure or flow? Neither. You need both.

Get Your Board on Board: Structuring Governance Based on Organizational and Lifecycle Needs

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The question then turns to this: how can nonprofits structure their governance based on their organizational and lifecycle needs? Challenging as it may seem, the payoff that comes from structuring governance according to organizational and lifecycle needs is well worth the time and effort.

Research Friday: Legal Structure Alternatives to Lead Social Change

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He suggests that all social entrepreneurs should balance the following four factors when deciding on a legal structure for their venture: Motivation: how strong is our motivation for a social mission vs. making a profit? research friday Karina Lungo nonprofit legal structures

How Does Organization Structure Affect Online Success?


For those of us who have responsibilities in online fundraising / marketing / technology, often our work doesn’t fit within the traditional department structure of most nonprofit organizations. For those of us who have responsibilities in online fundraising / marketing / technology, often our work doesn’t fit within the traditional department structure of most nonprofit organizations. Norman Reiss. Project Manager, Technology. Center for Court Innovation.

What Nonprofits Can Learn About Content Structure… from Pearl Jam


You probably know at least some of their lyrics, but are you familiar with Pearl Jam's content structure? Pearl Jam have been posterboys for a lot of things, but probably not structured web content. government – but given the breadth of coverage (and budgets) available to those entities, making the move to fully structured content may seem daunting in the nonprofit context. Brett Meyer. Content Strategist. ThinkShout.

Flow within Structure: Advice for a Young Artist

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is to be like a stream: flow within a structure. Life as a creative person is a constant dance between structure and flow. This post was written as part of a gift from wishstudio founder, Mindy Tsonas, to a young artist friend, M.

Increasing Organizational Buy-in When Building a Culture of Strong Internal Controls

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Here are 7 practices for building an internal control structure that will increase buy-in and stand the test of time. Nonprofit Management finance financial management grant management internal controls internal controls structure nonprofit culture transparency

Leading Great Board Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success

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Board Meeting Expert, Dr. Richard Lent shows how you can revitalize your board meetings to be perfectly productive, super structured, and extremely engaging

Structural Poverty and the Non-Adoption Tax

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This post originally appeared at TechSoup for Libraries. I recently spoke with Alice Loy, co-founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship. GCCE and the New Mexico State Library are partners in Fast-Forward New Mexico (FFNM), a BTOP-funded project. Among other things, the project provides for 64 hours of free Internet training in 17 libraries around the state.

Notes on Structure Lab: Legal and Financial Models for Social Entrepeneurship

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Last week, I attended Structure Lab , a half-day workshop on legal and financial structures for ventures for social good. The Structure Lab is set up as a "game" in which you explore cards in various categories (values, assets, financing, etc.)

Occupy & The NY Department of Education. The Peoples' Mic. Who Structures the Conversation?

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The people want to be heard. It is interesting that the officals are interested in breaking people into 14 rooms for feedback.(You You can hear the proposal in the background of the first 30 seconds) However, the people want to be heard (by media and the community) not just the leaders at the table.

Does your Group have the DNA of a dancer or campaign team? MIT management professor Tom Malone on collective intelligence and the “genetic” structure of groups » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism

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MIT management professor Tom Malone on collective intelligence and the “genetic” structure of groups » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism. And that knowledge, just as with the human genome, might help us gain an ability to manipulate group structures. This MIT study of group DNA is interesting and related to the advocacy mix in a network of people working on a campaign. Unpacking the right group DNA for specialized tasks is going to be most useful.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: Legal protection of control within public charities

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Like other successful entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs have the will and skill set to get things done and the traditional public charity structure and requirements may seem like burdensome barriers to moving forward. Alternative Structure. posted by.

The Future Role of the CIO in the NonProfit


Change Management changing role of CIO Leadership nonprofit management nonprofit technology leadership nptech Organizational Culture organizational structure Staffing Strategy IT Staff Michael Enos. Chief Technology Officer. Second Harvest Food Bank. Everything we thought that technology would do to democratize information is happening, and it’s happening in ways that we didn’t dream of. So do we still need an IT department, or a CIO?

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10 Breakthrough Planned Giving Insights from Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Latest Report


Training and team structure is key Another lesson learned by the Nature Conservancy over decades of planned giving work was that structuring their planned giving team around different types of planned gifts was more effective than dividing fundraisers based on geography.

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5 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs a New CRM


If you’re constantly bumping up against the rigid structure of your current CRM, it is probably time to consider a switch.

3 Questions Environmental Organizations Should Ask When Evaluating a CRM


A new solution will need to offer all of the unique features that you require, taking the specifics of your organization’s size, structure, and mission into account. Once you’ve made the decision to search for a new CRM for your nonprofit, the task can seem daunting.

Are you hiding behind your status?


We non-profits benefit greatly from our legal status, but we also need to be open to other legal structures that may not be non-profit, yet nonetheless allow for an awesome community impact.

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Discover how these and other factors are irrevocably changing the ways donors structure their largest gifts of a lifetime. It's finally here!

NetCentric Advocacy: Santa Fe Institute Research Topics - Physics of Complex Systems: Network Resources

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Is there a 3 dimensional structure equivalent to the power law? Generic questions include: How is the structure of a network related to its function and behavior? What mathematical and statistical models accurately capture the important aspects of a network’s structure? Much of SFI’s contribution to the physics of networks has focused on community structure, in which the network is organized into densely-connected clumps with sparse connections between clumps.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Structuring Major Gifts Conference. Discover how these and other factors are irrevocably changing the ways donors structure their largest gifts of a lifetime.

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Website Can Promote Planned Giving


Use stories to share a personal aspect Much of the information donors will find regarding Planned Giving is heavily technical and legal, as is necessary to explain the various financial structures available such as annuities or trusts. Planned Giving is a steadily growing area of focus for nonprofit fundraisers. Recent studies show that 33% of Americans are willing to consider making a bequest to a nonprofit organization, but only 5.3% of those over 50 have actually committed to doing so.

Together they turn any web page into a structured data source. rss ) Thoughts on URL Structure Recently I decided I wanted to create soom “quick launch&# bookmarklets for Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home links for 2006-12-08 links for 2006-12-08 Last Updated on Friday, 8 December 2006 08:24 Written by Steve Friday, 8 December 2006 08:24 openkapow openkapow, a mashup-focused developer community.

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Planned Giving 101: What Nonprofits Need to Know


This type of trust can be structured as either an annuity trust which pays out a fixed amount to the recipient each year, or a unitrust, which pays out a fixed percentage of the trust value which is recalculated annually.

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8 Organizations to Support this Black History Month


From recruiting, developing and sustaining Black teachers for schools, BTP works to develop recruitment strategies, create support structures and even conduct research to ensure long term sustainability for Black teachers. One of their current policy proposals hopes to to enact solutions that address the structural nature of racial disparities in the economy.

We've Built The Tools You Need for 2018


Organizations need a structured and effective way of following their grants throughout the grant's lifecycle so they can easily manage this revenue stream and track these funds in the same place as major gifts and other sources of revenue. Throughout 2017, our team introduced some of the most cutting-edge tools to help empower nonprofits to not only reach, but exceed their goals.

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Establishing a Grant Office at a Healthcare Organization

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How your grant office should be structured. In this article, I’ll explore each of these five factors and provide you with two models for structuring a grant office. . Structure: Basic and Full-Service Grant Office Models .

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How To Get Started With Mobile Giving To Reach Fundraising Goals

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When thinking about mobile and online fundraising solutions, typical cost structures include some of the components below: Flat fee per event/fundraising campaign. Depending on how often you plan on using your mobile fundraising provider, different cost structures will make more sense for you.

How to avoid the non-profit 'halo effect'


For too long we non-profits have benefited from undue credit for our legal status while for profits face undue criticism for theirs - join the conversation today as we discover that it''s much more effective to focus on impact than legal structure

Is Your State an Employment First State?

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Unfortunately, not every state has the resources or competencies necessary to implement the Employment First framework into their existing governmental structures. . . What is the EFSLMP?

The emancipation of the charity employee

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It’s already been a pretty damn good week. I gave a keynote on Monday at the Third Sector Social Media Convention ( #nfpsm ), and it was a huge thrill to be invited on stage by Jon Snow.

SEO For Nonprofits: A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing Success

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page speed, structured data, or inbound links). If you want to maximize the chances that visitors will remember and share your URL, then having a clean structure with your focused keyword or phrase is the best way to go. Structured Data (Schema Markup). Content Structure.

Infographic: Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring


Your nonprofit’s structure was laboriously built over years of tinkering, learning, and perfecting. So, it’s understandable that restructuring your nonprofit can be a daunting sometimes terrifying thought.

The Keys to Successful Nonprofit Digital Teams

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The Structures of Effective Digital Teams. Percent of organizations using each team structure. Hybrid teams are the most popular structure in small (50%), medium (41%), and large (33%) organizations.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Structure Content With An Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This is what makes structure such a critical component of any content marketing process. It’s not a sexy topic, but structuring your ideas is what constrains our thoughts to adherable guidelines.

Top 9 Software to Take Your Museum to the Next Level

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Of course, all museum software is not created equal, just like all museums have different missions and operational structures. Museums house artifacts from the past, but who’s to say your operations have to stay there, too? By implementing museum software, you can get smarter about fundraising, membership management, and collections. Art galleries will require different… Arts & Culture

Four Ways to Empower Your Nonprofit Board for Success

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Likewise, if a board member excels at process and structure, and has available time, they should be invited to contribute in various meetings and not expected to bring in high-value donors.

15 conversation starters for rebooting charity

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But charities are still structured for ‘transactions’ rather than for participation – yet less than 1 per cent of time online is spent transacting. I’ve been invited to give a keynote at the Third Sector Social Media Convention in June. I wanted to frame some of what I will talk about by asking a few open questions. Quite a few, actually.

Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

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Keep in mind, however, that all CRMs and donor databases are different – each has its own database structure, definitions of key terms, and attributes for handling certain data types. That depends on your organization’s structure.

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