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How Your Organization’s Structure Can Support Your Donor Journeys

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Bad structure and poor division of labor contributes to the creation of bad processes and systems which, in turn, creates inefficiency. This results in real harm to the economy of the organization and even more harm to the donor experience.

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Flat, Tall, or In Between—Is It Time to Evaluate Your Organizational Structure?


The organization may still be boxed into a structure that’s been the same for 20 years or more. How do you know that your organizational structure might need retooling? Each of these issues could signal that a more streamlined organizational structure is needed. It’s a structure that preserves accountability.

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New Bridgespan Report Examines Philanthropy’s Potential to Dismantle Structural Racism

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This is the focus of a new report, "Unlocking Social Progress by Addressing Structural Racism," authored by a team from The Bridgespan Group in collaboration with the Racial Equity Institute. How can funders give in ways that will foster an equitable society?

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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Balance Creativity and Structure

Blue Avocado

Learn how balancing creativity with structure can help your nonprofit foster innovation — without compromising your mission and goals. The post 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Balance Creativity and Structure appeared first on Blue Avocado.

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Develop Structure for Your First Contact With a Donor

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If you're a frontline fundraiser, you know that phone call or meeting where you are talking to the donor live really matters. Here is an easy-to-use checklist that ensures you won't miss a step when talking to the donors on your caseload.

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Training Employees: How to Structure a Learning and Development Program


Learn how to structure a successful learning & development program for your team with this step-by-step guide. Identify needs, measure impact & more.

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How to Structure Your Nonprofit’s Silent Auction Bid Sheets


Some aspects and structural details of your silent auction bid sheets will depend on your organization’s preferences and design capabilities. The post How to Structure Your Nonprofit’s Silent Auction Bid Sheets first appeared on The ENGAGE Blog. However, the five elements above are non-negotiable essentials for an effective bid sheet.