Support for our fallen is down. I’m not driving a semi, but I’m joining the parade.

Connection Cafe

There are 240,000 headstones at Arlington, each one deserving of a wreath. No, they’re not headed to the North Pole – they’re on their way to Arlington National Cemetery. On Saturday, the week-long journey will culminate at Arlington in honor of National Wreaths Across America Day. The annual wreath laying continued as a simple company project until a picture of Arlington gravestones adorned with wreaths, covered in snow was picked up on social media in 2005.

Nonprofit Connects Volunteers Through New Web Design - Des Plaines, IL Patch

AFP Blog

They are the first group to complete the training at The Volunteer Center of Northwest Suburban Chicago, based in Arlington Heights Nonprofit Connects Volunteers Through New Web Design - Des Plaines, IL Patch : "ix volunteer recruiters from area nonprofit organizations learned how to use a new web portal to reach volunteers Wednesday.


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Trending Sources Texting donations brings in millions for Haiti

AFP Blog Texting donations brings in millions for Haiti: "Michael Nilsen, senior director of public affairs for the Association of Professional Fundraisers in Arlington, Va., compared the sudden jump in text fund raising to the way online giving broke into the public consciousness following the 9/11 attacks.“One One of the effects of an event like this is that the way people give jumps

Haiti 100

BBB Mobile Giving Foundation is Partnership of Two Leaders - BBB News Center

AFP Blog

BBB Mobile Giving Foundation is Partnership of Two Leaders - BBB News Center : February 21, 2012 (Arlington, VA) – Mobile giving is quickly becoming a critical tool for charities to raise much-needed funds, especially when disaster strikes.

Lame spam of the day: BBB service Re: Case # (various numbers)

Robert Weiner

Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. Arlington, VA 22203-1838. I got 7 versions of this today, at 2 different email addresses. They included an attachment called bbb_logo.jpg but no graphics in the message body. A friend posted about them on a listserve and said that clicking the link downloads a virus.

Spam 146

Just Click Your [Logo] Three Times… | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Typically I spend the days clicking away on my computer in the Beaconfire offices high above Arlington. Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed?

There’s a Moose Loose | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Wikipedia: the next research frontier » There’s a Moose Loose Posted Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 at 4:49 pm by Erika (9 posts) Our Beaconfire offices in Arlington have been undergoing something of a transformation lately. Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed?

Lame spam of the day: FDIC: About your business account

Robert Weiner

Arlington VA 22226. I got three flavors of this one today. The FDIC wrote about it , but doesn't say what happens if you click the link. I hope no one (except maybe a trained professional) tries to find out. Version 1: Sender: ::Federal Insurance Company:: ( Subject: FDIC: About your business account. Text: Dear Business Owner, We have important news regarding your financial institution. Please click here to find further details.

Spam 108

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America spread #GoSilent across the web for Memorial Day

Amy Sample Ward

The timing coincides with the President’s remarks in Arlington, but one minute of silence can be pledged at any time, really. Here’s an example of the Twitter stream following #gosilent where you can see a message from IAVA, someone sharing a video of Taps filmed in Arlington Cemetery, someone dedicating their moment of silence to classmates, and tweets in direct reply to each other giving thanks for service.

Iraq 192

Most Generous Cities in America

Connection Cafe

Arlington, VA. Author: Cheryl Black. How generous is your city? Check out the cities that made the top 10 for most generous online. Alexandria, VA. Cambridge, MA. Seattle, WA. Washington, DC. Berkeley, CA. Louis, MO. San Francisco, CA. Ann Arbor, MI. Minneapolis, MN. The ranking comes from 273 cities with total population of more than 100,000 based on per capita online giving and total amount donated online through Convio’s online marketing and fundraising suite.

Come celebrate Jamie’s recovery and the book launch with us!


Where: Higher Logic HQ’s – 1600 Wilson Boulevard Suite 400 Arlington, Virginia 22209. You’re invited to a very unusual event! It’s a strategic workshop! . We got our heads together with our friends at Epic PR to put together a strategic workshop, a book launch party, and a cancer fundraiser all rolled into one!

Top 10 Most Generous Cities in the U.S.


Arlington, VA. Ever wonder how charitable your city is? You’re in luck because Convio recently released their report on the 273 most generous cities across the United States. Convio analyzed cities with total population of more than 100,000 based on per capita online giving and the total amount donated through the Convio platform. The average gift size remained steady in 2011 at about $65 with more than $435M donated to charities.

This Week’s Coolest Jobs – November 16


Director of Marketing – George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government – The Schar School is located on the Arlington and Fairfax campuses of George Mason University and serves 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students, with approximately 13,000 alumni. This position is located on the Arlington campus. Here are some of the coolest jobs you can find via the SocialFish job board !

Job 65

New on SSIR: Can Giving Days Strengthen Your Community?

Amy Sample Ward

Live events included a training conference with nonprofit social media expert Beth Kanter as the keynote, and a series of seven simplified half-day training “boot camps” in Prince William County, Arlington County, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. My latest post on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog is now up. You can read it and join the conversation on the SSIR blog , or read the copy below.

Giving 138

The Secret to Better Web Writing


Take a 1-day course in Arlington, VA on April 4, 2017. It might not be what you expect. Last week I had the pleasure of teaching the Principles of Digital Writing to a group of content creators at a scientific society. And now you get to learn the secret I revealed to them. If you put text on a website or send emails as a form of business communication from your company, you are a writer. It’s time you started acting like one. The web is now everyone’s job.

Blog Post

Connection Cafe

Superstar Matthew Mielcarek presented again alongside Nick Ricci of AFP Arlington, VA. Author: Blair Naylor. Okay, my creative juices are a little stagnant right now (ex: blog post title) due to my fun O’Hare travel last night coming home from AFP International. And by fun I mean 3am arrival. But fun was definitely had at this year’s AFP conference. From speakers Blake Mycoskie, Queen Latifa, and Bill Clinton, one could not help but be excited about each day’s schedule.

Wired for Philanthropy

Connection Cafe

The Washington DC metro area makes both rankings with DC, Alexandria and Arlington on our list, as does the San Francisco Bay Area with Berkeley and San Francisco, also both on our list. Author: Sara Spivey.

The Most Generous Online Giving Cities in the U.S.

Connection Cafe

Arlington. Arlington. Online fundraising continued its double-digit growth in 2013, retaining the mantle as the fastest growing fundraising channel, growing at 13.5% according to Blackbaud’s most recent Charitable Giving Report. For many years now Blackbaud has published data on the most generous online giving cities in the United States. For the 2013 edition, we made the decision to significantly expand the amount of data in the analysis.

Giving 206

Upcoming Webinar April 30: Public Tech Instruction for Online Job Search Assistance

Tech Soup Blog

We will hear from Shannon Distel of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library about their successful services for job seekers, including resume assistance and access to online training materials. Do you help job seekers at your library or nonprofit? Supporting job seekers is a critical service provided by public libraries and community based workforce organizations. This free webinar on Wednesday, April 30 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m.

Latest Association-Nonprofit Social Media Jobs


Communications and Social Media Manager , American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (Arlington, VA) – “…Develop and implement social media strategy and communication plans to increase visibility of AAPS, AAPS programs and services, and the pharmaceutical sciences. Holy moly there are a LOT of social media positions out there! Didn’t we tell you the trend is UP for social media hiring?

Job 93

Conservation Planners Use Benetech's Miradi Software to Help Save Reefs in Guam

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Rare, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, uses Miradi in all its worldwide campaigns to promote biodiversity and has translated the Miradi software into Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Spanish. Elaina Todd, an environmental planner who develops social marketing campaigns with the nonprofit conservation group Rare, is profiled in our most recent case study for Benetech’s Miradi software.

Guam 116

Awesome Association MarComm Jobs – Week of August 30


We are located in Ballston, Arlington, VA. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. . Senior Vice President of Communications , 340B Health – 340B Health has an opening for a SVP of Communications at our growing non-profit health care trade association.

Job 73

Awesome Association Jobs This Week – February 2


NACAC offers competitive compensation, an excellent benefits & retirement package, and a convenient location situated between the Clarendon and Courthouse metro stations in Arlington, Virginia. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital.

Job 63

NetSquared: The Place for Free Nonprofit Tech Help

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts? What if there were regular gatherings where nonprofit techies could come together to drink, laugh, and network with their peers? Well, there are! TechSoup's NetSquared is the world's largest volunteer-driven network of in-person nonprofit technology training and peer support events.

Give2TheMaxDay November 9 – See who you could help!!


DC Central Kitchen , A-Span – a nonprofit helping the homeless in Arlington, VA – and Martha’s Table are just three more you may have heard of. Have you marked your calendar – November 9 – for Give2TheMax Day? Here are just a few of the nonprofits you can help in this massive one-day regional fundraising effort. Suited for Change helps low-income women (including battered women) back into the workforce.

Summer Conference Roundup (June - August 2012)


DMAW Social Summit Arlington, VA. ? Summer conferencing.happened so fast ? ? Summer conferencing.had me a blast ?. Our nonprofit events calendar for the summer season is heating up, and we're once again sharing our busy schedule for you to evaluate and decide which ones you'll want to attend in the coming months.

Where's the Care2 Team in June 2011?


Digital Media Conference Arlington, VA. There are conferences, and then there are e-conferences.and unconferences. and summits. conventions. forums. expos. banquets. dinners. galas. meetings. daycamp. bootcamp. rootscamp -- add these to the alphabet soup of acronyms and you've got a recipe for confusion!

Staff Survey: Best. April. Fools. Joke. Ever.

Beaconfire Wire

There’s nothing like starting your day with a surprise trip to Arlington Cemetery. Periodically, we do a survey of Beaconfire staff to get impressions on a variety of issues. All opinions expressed here are solely those of their authors. What was the best April Fools joke you’ve ever played or been a victim of?

Job Opportunity - Community & Product Manager,


Rare , an innovative global conservation organization based in Arlington, VA , is hiring! No - really. In these troubled times, you can still find a really cool job with a great organization and do good in the world in the process. Rare has recently launched , and online community for conservation practitioners, particularly those participating in Rare's Pride program.

A NetSquared Happy Holidays

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. NetSquared holds free or low-cost educational events for people and organizations who want to learn more about using technology for social good. Our events are powered by a global network of volunteers dedicated to building strong, self-sufficient, local communities of nonprofit technology practitioners.

Take a Walk…and Talk!

Beaconfire Wire

So we took to the mean streets of Arlington to walk and talk it out. The weather in DC is anything but predictable, so when the temperature rose before Spring had officially sprung, all I wanted to do was get outside and enjoy it. Unfortunately, this little thing called “work” was getting in the way. That’s when I remembered the infamous West Wing “Walk and Talk.” ” Are you familiar?

Supercharge Your Nonprofit Tech Powers with NetSquared

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. I bet you made all sorts of grand New Year's resolutions for 2015. If you're like me, then you swore that this year, you're finally going to learn to use technology to make yourself more productive at work. Unless you're Superman, you're probably already struggling. Keeping resolutions is hard. But don't worry, NetSquared is here to save the day. TechSoup's NetSquared is a global network of nonprofit technology meetups.

Free In-Person Events for Nonprofit Techies

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. NetSquared gathers together nonprofits and activists, tech leaders and funders, and everyone who's interested in using technology for social change. Every month, our meetup leaders host free in-person events in 60 cities. Find your closest group or apply to start a new group.

Find an Awesome Nonprofit Tech Training Near You

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. October is here, which means we can't ignore the fact that fall has arrived. The weather's getting cooler (except for our friends in Los Angeles!), and the leaves are starting to change color. But don't be afraid — huddle up for warmth and knowledge with your nonprofit tech friends at a local Tech4Good meetup. Our volunteer community leaders are holding free events across the US (and the globe).

The Deep Learning When Nonprofit Techies Get Together

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. (Please visit the site to view this video). NetSquared DC's Roshani Kothari on why she loves NetSquared. I've just returned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin and I'm pumped! I had the chance to connect with more than 25 NetSquared organizers during the week, and that face-to-face time was a powerful reminder of the deep learning that happens when nonprofit techies get together in a room.

NetSquared Celebrates Progress and Looks Forward to 2015

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth Nonprofit Geeks. TechSoup’s NetSquared community organizers connect nonprofits with local technology experts. Our volunteer-run events are live, free, and held monthly. The goal is to create strong, self-sufficient communities of nonprofit technology professionals (and accidental techies too!). With just one month left in 2014, now’s a good time to review NetSquared's progress.

This and That

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

But the posting is most noteworthy for the accompanying photo of me playing my fiddle at the Speedy Tolliver fiddle contest in Arlington VA a couple years back. As if you don't get enough of my holding forth here, Marshall Kirkpatrick interviewed me the other day for Techsoup's Netsquared project, and posted it here. We talked about the work of my company Members Only Software, and how I see emerging Internet technologies impacting the non-profit arena.

Love to Learn Tech Tips in Person? NetSquared Is for You!

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. Every month TechSoup's NetSquared community organizers volunteer to bring free and low-cost nonprofit technology events and workshops to more than 50 cities. If you want to network with your peers or love to learn at live, in-person events, NetSquared is the place for you! Our chapter leaders believe that we can bridge the digital divide by giving every NGO the tools and skills to accomplish its mission efficiently and effectively.

Learn Nonprofit Tech Skills at a NetSquared Meetup

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. Every month NetSquared volunteers hold free or low cost educational events for people and organizations who want to use technology for social good. With 50 groups in 20 countries, there's probably a NetSquared group near you (but if there isn't, we'd love to help you start a new meetup ). :-). Ever wanted to use open data in support of your advocacy campaigns? Or learn how to use Excel better?

What Does a NetSquared Event Look Like?

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably encountered one of my twice-monthly roundups of nonprofit tech meetups. But perhaps you're leery about attending an event because you're not quite sure what it will be like. Describing NetSquared events is difficult, because each one focuses on a different topic and has a unique flavor set by the organizing team.

Your #NPtech Community Calendar for July

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. Have you ever thought about hosting nonprofit technology events in your community? You should, because it's awesome fun. Not only will you be contributing your skills to local nonprofits, you'll also be building your reputation and connecting with your tribe. NetSquared is here to help you along the way with everything from slide templates to planning checklists. Not sure if hosting a NetSquared group is for you? Check out one of our events!

Supporting Nonprofit Tech Educators Across the Globe

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: Bi-Weekly Developers Call For the Joseph Storehouse Project. Arlington, Texas: Bi-Weekly Developers Call For the Joseph Storehouse Project. Here's your monthly roundup of free in-person #Tech4Good events. But first I'm going to show off on behalf of our NetSquared organizers. I have the very best job at TechSoup — I get to support our network of nonprofit technology event organizers.

Benin 46

Help a Nonprofit Cross the Digital Divide This Summer

Tech Soup Blog

Arlington, Texas: DFW Nonprofit Geeks. You're reading the TechSoup blog, so you're probably already comfortable with using technology in your work. But there are millions of nonprofit staffers who don't have the skills to use technology to do more good. In fact, you probably know a few of these beginners. You can help your tech-shy NGO friends cross the digital divide by bringing them to a nonprofit tech meetup.